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Packages beginning with letter A

abcm2ps-7.0.3-1 Converts ABC format music sheets into Postscript linux/i586
abcmidi-2012.02.01-1 abcMIDI is a package of programs developed by James Allwright for processing ABC music notation files linux/i586
abi-compliance-checker-1.98.3-1 API/ABI compatibility checker for C/C++ libraries linux/noarch
acetoneiso-2.3-2 CD/DVD Image Manipulator linux/i586
acoustid-fingerprinter-0.5.1-1 Music AcoustID fingerprinting application linux/i586
afce-0.9.0-1 Algorithm Flowchart Editor linux/i586
afio-2.5.1-1 Archiver program which writes cpio-format archives linux/i586
alexandria-0.6.8-1 GNOME application to help you manage your book collection linux/noarch
alien-8.87-1 Install Debian and Slackware Packages with RPM linux/noarch
alienarena-7.53-1 Multiplayer retro sci-fi deathmatch game linux/i586
alienarena-data-20120106-1 Data files for Alien Arena 2011 linux/noarch
alienarena-server-7.53-1 Dedicated server for alienarena, the FPS game linux/i586
amide-1.0.1-1 Program for viewing and analyzing medical image data sets linux/i586
amoebax-0.2.0-1 Action-Puzzle Game linux/i586
amule-2.3.1-1 File sharing client compatible with eDonkey linux/i586
amule-commandline-2.3.1-1 File sharing client compatible with eDonkey linux/i586
amule-webserver-2.3.1-1 File sharing client compatible with eDonkey linux/i586
andromeda-0.1-1 Qt file manager linux/i586
anki-1.2.9-2 Flashcard program for using space repetition learning linux/noarch
api-sanity-checker-1.12.9-4 Automatic generator of unit tests for C/C++ libraries linux/noarch
apngasm-2.6-1 Create an APNG from multiple PNG files linux/i586
apngopt-1.1-1 optimize APNG images linux/i586
arandr-0.1.5-1 Screen layout editor for xrandr 1.2 (Another XRandR gui) linux/noarch
archimedes-2.0.0-1 2D Quantum Monte Carlo simulator for semiconductor devices linux/i586
ardentryst-1.71-1 Action/RPG sidescoller linux/noarch
ardesia-1.0-2 A free digital sketchpad software linux/i586
ardour-2.8.12-2 Professional multitrack audio recording application linux/i586
arduino-1.0.1-1 An IDE for Arduino-compatible electronics prototyping platforms linux/noarch
arduino-core-1.0.1-1 Files required for compiling code for Arduino-compatible micro-controllers linux/noarch
arduino-doc-1.0.1-1 Documentation for the Arduino micro-controller platform linux/noarch
argyllcms-1.4.0-1 ICC compatible color management system linux/i586
ario-1.5.1-1 Ario is a GTK2 client for MPD linux/i586
arping-2.11-1 ARP Ping linux/i586
astromenace-1.2-1 Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities linux/i586
astromenace-data-1.2-1 Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities linux/noarch
astromenace-data-de-1.2-1 Russian localization of the AstroMenace game linux/noarch
astromenace-data-ru-1.2-1 Russian localization of the AstroMenace game linux/noarch
astyle-2.02.1-1 Reindenter and reformatter of C++, C and Java source code linux/i586
asunder-2.2-1 GTK+-based audio CD ripper and encoder linux/i586
atanks-5.4-1 Scorched Earth game clone linux/i586
atari800-common-2.2.1-2 Atari 800 Emulator - common files for all versions linux/i586
atari800-ncurses-2.2.1-2 Atari 800 Emulator - Ncurses version linux/i586
atari800-sdl-2.2.1-2 Atari 800 Emulator - SDL version linux/i586
atari800-x11-2.2.1-2 Atari 800 Emulator - X Window version linux/i586
atomicparsley-0.9.0-1 Command-Line Program to Read and Set iTunes-style Metadata Tags linux/i586
atool-0.39.0-1 A script for managing file archives of various types linux/noarch
audacious-3.2.4-1 A versatile and handy media player linux/i586
audacious-adplug-3.2.4-1 AdLib player plugin for audacious linux/i586
audacious-dumb-0.80-1 MOD player plugin for Audacious based on DUMB linux/i586
audacious-fluidsynth-3.2.4-1 Fluidsynth MIDI plugin for audacious linux/i586
audacious-jack-3.2.4-1 Audacious output plugin for the jack sound server linux/i586
audacious-plugins-3.2.4-1 Audacious Media Player core plugins linux/i586
audacious-pulse-3.2.4-1 Audacious output plugin for the Pulseaudio sound server linux/i586
audacious-sid-3.2.4-1 Audacious input plugin for C64 SID files linux/i586
audacious-smb-3.1.1-1 SMB/CIFS file system plugin for the Audacious media player linux/i586
audacious-wavpack-3.2.4-1 Wavpack input plugin for Audacious linux/i586
audiotag-0.19-1 Command-line tool for mass tagging/renaming of audio files linux/noarch
auteur-0.1a7-1 Lightweight video editor powered by mplayer and mencoder linux/i586
autossh-1.4c-1 Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels linux/i586
avalanche-0.4-2 Dynamic defect detection tool linux/i586
avarice-2.12-1 Program for interfacing the Atmel JTAG ICE to GDB linux/i586
avidemux-2.5.5-1 A free video editor linux/i586
avidemux-cli-2.5.5-1 A free video editor - command-line version linux/i586
avidemux-gtk-2.5.5-1 A free video editor - GTK GUI linux/i586
avidemux-qt-2.5.5-1 A free video editor - Qt4 GUI linux/i586
aweather-0.7-1 Real-time weather data viewer linux/i586

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