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RPM of Group Education

afce-0.9.0-1 Algorithm Flowchart Editor linux/i586
amadeus-0.95.0-1 Amadeus Learning Management System linux/i586
anki-1.2.9-2 Flashcard program for using space repetition learning linux/noarch
ardesia-1.0-2 A free digital sketchpad software linux/i586
childsplay-1.6-1 Games for children with plugins linux/noarch
ckumir- Console version of Kumir core linux/i586
curtain-0.2-1 Curtain is a tool that show a movable and resizable curtain on the desktop screen linux/i586
dokeos- An elearning and course management web application linux/noarch
educazionik-2.0.0-0.4mdv2011.0 Italian educational project linux/i586
fet-5.17.0-1 Free Timetabling Software linux/i586
gcompris-12.01-1 An educational game for children starting at 2 linux/i586
gcompris-9.6.1-2 An educational game for children starting at 2 linux/i586
gcompris-music-12.01-1 Background music for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-music-9.6.1-2 Background music for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-af-12.01-1 Afrikaans sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-af-9.6.1-2 Afrikaans sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-ar-12.01-1 Arabic (Tunisia) sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-ar-9.6.1-2 Arabic (Tunisia) sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-ast-12.01-1 Asturian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-ast-9.6.1-2 Asturian sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-bg-12.01-1 Bulgarian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-bg-9.6.1-2 Bulgarian sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-br-12.01-1 Breton sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-br-9.6.1-2 Breton sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-cs-12.01-1 Czech sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-cs-9.6.1-2 Czech sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-da-12.01-1 Danish sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-da-9.6.1-2 Danish sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-de-12.01-1 German sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-de-9.6.1-2 German sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-el-12.01-1 Greek sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-el-9.6.1-2 Greek sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-en-12.01-1 English sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-en-9.6.1-2 English sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-eo-12.01-1 Esperanto sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-eo-9.6.1-2 Esperanto sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-es-12.01-1 Spanish sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-es-9.6.1-2 Spanish sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-eu-12.01-1 Basque sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-eu-9.6.1-2 Basque sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-fi-12.01-1 Finnish sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-fi-9.6.1-2 Finnish sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-fr-12.01-1 French sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-fr-9.6.1-2 French sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-he-12.01-1 Hebrew soundsfor GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-he-9.6.1-2 Hebrew soundsfor GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-hi-12.01-1 Hindi soundsfor GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-hi-9.6.1-2 Hindi soundsfor GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-hu-12.01-1 Hungarian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-hu-9.6.1-2 Hungarian sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-id-12.01-1 Indonesian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-id-9.6.1-2 Indonesian sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-it-12.01-1 Italian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-it-9.6.1-2 Italian sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-mr-12.01-1 Marathi sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-mr-9.6.1-2 Marathi sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-nb-12.01-1 Norvegian Bokmal sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-nb-9.6.1-2 Norvegian Bokmal sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-nl-12.01-1 Nederland sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-nl-9.6.1-2 Nederland sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-nn-12.01-1 Norvegian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-nn-9.6.1-2 Norvegian sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-pa-12.01-1 Punjabi sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-pa-9.6.1-2 Punjabi sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-pt-12.01-1 Portuguese sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-pt-9.6.1-2 Portuguese sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-pt_BR-12.01-1 Brasilian Portuguese sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-pt_BR-9.6.1-2 Brasilian Portuguese sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-ru-12.01-1 Russian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-ru-9.6.1-2 Russian sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-sl-12.01-1 Slovenian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-sl-9.6.1-2 Slovenian sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-so-12.01-1 Somalian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-so-9.6.1-2 Somalian sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-sr-12.01-1 Serbian sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-sr-9.6.1-2 Serbian sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-sv-12.01-1 Swedish sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-sv-9.6.1-2 Swedish sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-tr-12.01-1 Turkish sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-tr-9.6.1-2 Turkish sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-ur-12.01-1 Urdu sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-ur-9.6.1-2 Urdu sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gcompris-sounds-zh_CN-12.01-1 Simplified Chinese sounds for GCompris linux/noarch
gcompris-sounds-zh_CN-9.6.1-2 Simplified Chinese sounds for GCompris linux/i586
gnutu-2.5-5mdv2011.0 Student's Schedule linux/i586
iTest-1.4.1-1mdv2011.0 Testing system linux/i586
jclic- Authoring and playing system for educational activities linux/i586
klavaro-1.9.3-2 Touch Typing Tutor linux/i586
kumir- Kumir Language Implementation (development version) linux/i586
kumir-pluginstarter- Starter to use Kumir Worlds without Kumir linux/i586
kumir-worlds-kuznechik- Grasshopper for Kumir and Pictomir linux/i586
kumir-worlds-painter- Painter for Kumir linux/i586
kumir-worlds-turtle- Tutle for Kumir and Pictomir linux/i586
kumir-worlds-vodoley- Aquarius for Kumir and Pictomir linux/i586
kverbos-2.0-1mdv2010.1 An educational program that helps people practice Spanish verbs linux/i586
mnemosyne-1.2.2-1 Flash-card learning tool linux/noarch
openteacher-2.2.1-2 An application that helps you learn a foreign language linux/noarch
perroquet-1.1.1-1 A listening comprehension tutor linux/noarch
pysycache-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 Educational point-and-click software for young children linux/noarch
pysycache-lang-ar-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 Arabic language pack for pysycache linux/noarch
pysycache-lang-cs-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 Czech language pack for pysycache linux/noarch
pysycache-lang-da-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 Danish language pack for pysycache linux/noarch
pysycache-lang-de-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 German language pack for pysycache linux/noarch
pysycache-lang-en-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 English language pack for pysycache linux/noarch
pysycache-lang-es-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 Spanish language pack for pysycache linux/noarch
pysycache-lang-fi-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 Finnish language pack for pysycache linux/noarch
pysycache-lang-fr-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 French language pack for pysycache linux/noarch
pysycache-lang-it-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 Italian language pack for pysycache linux/noarch
pysycache-lang-lt-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 Lithuanian language pack for pysycache linux/noarch
pysycache-lang-nl-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 Dutch language pack for pysycache linux/noarch
pysycache-lang-pl-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 Polish language pack for pysycache linux/noarch
pysycache-lang-pt-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 Portuguese language pack for pysycache linux/noarch
pysycache-lang-ru-3.1b-7mdv2011.0 Russian language pack for pysycache linux/noarch
qrq-0.3.0-1 Morse telegraphy trainer linux/i586
salasaga-0.8.0-0.alpha7.3 An Integrated Development Environment for producing Elearning linux/i586
sankore-3.1-1 The open-source software suite for digital teachers linux/i586
spotlighter-0.2-1 Spotlighter is a tool that show a movable and resizable spotlight on the desktop screen linux/i586
tagainijisho-0.9.2-1 A free Japanese dictionary and study assistant linux/i586
task-edu-1-2mdv2011.0 Task packages for games linux/noarch
tipp10-2.0.3-3mdv2011.0 German touch typing learning program linux/i586

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