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itask- RPM for i586

From Mandriva 2009.0 for i586 / media / contrib / backports

Name: itask Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 6mdv2009.0 Build date: Wed Mar 4 16:25:42 2009
Group: Toys Build host:
Size: 894467 Source RPM: itask-
Packager: Antoine Ginies <>
Summary: Application launcher and taskbar based on the good old engage
this is an application launcher and taskbar based on the good old
engage. the module requires that you have a composite manager
like kompmgr, xcompmgr or bling running. please have a look at the
README for setting things up. Check out Itask in action. I recommend
using the detour theme, since it makes e's internal border icons
zoom correctly.






* Mon Mar 02 2009 Antoine Ginies <>
  + Revision: 347459
  - adjust buildrequires
  - new SVN snapshot
    + Thierry Vignaud <>
      - rebuild
    + Pixel <>
      - do not call ldconfig in %post/%postun, it is now handled by filetriggers
* Sat Mar 01 2008 Antoine Ginies <>
  + Revision: 177178
  - add efreet-devel buildrequires
  - add gettext-devel buildrequires
  - fix name, to be able to submit it with youri
  - new snapshot
  - new SVN snapshot 20080301
  - first release
  - Import itask
    + Thierry Vignaud <>
      - rebuild
      - fix "foobar is blabla" summary (=> "blabla") so that it looks nice in rpmdrake
      - kill re-definition of %buildroot on Pixel's request
      - fix summary-ended-with-dot
    + Olivier Blin <>
      - restore BuildRoot



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