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pam- RPM for i586

From Mandriva 2008.0 for i586 / media / main / updates

Name: pam Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 6.1mdv2008.0 Build date: Sat Mar 21 14:16:58 2009
Group: System/Libraries Build host:
Size: 429042 Source RPM: pam-
Packager: Mandriva Linux Security Team <>
Summary: A security tool which provides authentication for applications
PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) is a system security tool that
allows system administrators to set authentication policy without
having to recompile programs that handle authentication.






* Sat Mar 21 2009 Oden Eriksson <>
  - P523: security fix for CVE-2009-0887
* Fri Sep 21 2007 Frederic Crozat <>
  + Revision: 91448
  - Update patch24 with latest fedora version
  - Patch25 (Fedora): do not ask for blank password when SELinux confined (Fedora #254044)
* Thu Sep 13 2007 Anssi Hannula <>
  + Revision: 84662
  - show notes only when upgrading from an older version
* Tue Sep 11 2007 Olivier Blin <>
  + Revision: 84153
  - make evdev mouse devices owned by console user (fix synclient, #32955)
* Tue Sep 04 2007 Frederic Crozat <>
  + Revision: 78627
  - Update patches 40 & 5 with latest version from RH (Fix Mdv bug #32741)
  - Patch44 (RH): fix homedir init with namespace module
* Tue Aug 14 2007 Olivier Blin <>
  + Revision: 62485
  - add scanner devices in the usb group (#29489, #29562)
  - make sure devices are accessible by their group if specified in console.perms (#29489)
  - remove mode definitions from mdvperms patch (will be done by a one-liner in the spec)
  - restore console settings for lp class (wrongly removed in rediff, #29562)
  - move lp class in 50-mandriva.perms
  - add compatibility symlinks for pam_unix_{auth,acct,passwd,session}.so
  - add /etc/security/opasswd file
  - add more module checks in check section (from Fedora)
  - move checks in check section
  - properly include /var/log/faillog and tallylog as ghosts and create them in post script (from Fedora)
  - add user and new instance parameters to namespace init (from Fedora)
  - fix typo in man pages
  - enable libaudit
  - rediff mdv perms patch
  - do not log an audit error when uid != 0 (from Fedora)
  - update to pam-redhat-0.99.8-1
  - adapt to new devel library policy
  - add signature
  - rename sources to match RH spec file
  - remove useless chmod
* Wed Jul 25 2007 Olivier Blin <>
  + Revision: 55033
  - update RH patches
  - package /sbin/unix_update
  - remove old packaging hacks
  - use new doc directory policy
* Sun Jul 22 2007 David Walluck <>
  + Revision: 54187
  - add config-util.pamd
* Wed Feb 07 2007 Olivier Blin <>
  + Revision: 117173
  - mark doc dir as docdir
  - fix doc installation
  - update pam_redhat to 0.99.7-1
  - allow more X displays as consoles (RH #227462)
* Wed Jan 24 2007 Olivier Blin <>
  + Revision: 112870
* Tue Jan 23 2007 Olivier Blin <>
  + Revision: 112280
* Sat Oct 21 2006 Olivier Blin <>
  + Revision: 71373
  - link pam_userdb with db4 (#26242 and #26572)
  - pam_loginuid is now in upstream sources
  - remove console reset patch, now handled upstream
* Sun Sep 17 2006 Olivier Blin <>
  + Revision: 61618
  - chown IR remote controls devices to console user (Anssi Hannula, #24785)
  - add /dev/scd* /dev/sg* /dev/cdrw* /dev/dvdrw* in burner devices list (#25371 and #24541)
* Thu Aug 31 2006 Olivier Blin <>
  + Revision: 58719
  - bump release
  - make cdrom devices owned by cdrom group
    + Anssi Hannula <>
      - add /dev/input/by-path/*-joystick to <joystick> class (fixes #23775)
      - make <sound> class devices accessible by audio group (fixes #24300)
      - make <v4l> and <dvb> class devices accessible by video group (fixes #24786)
* Sat Aug 12 2006 Olivier Blin <>
  + Revision: 55258
  - use ndbm from db1 to build pam_userdb
  - drop html, ps and pdf doc (pdf doc would require Apache's fop to be packaged)
  - make doc/txts directory (not provided upstream anymore)
  - namespace.init is now provided upstream
  - drop more sgml hacks (sgml not used upstream anymore)
  - remove pam-0.77-use_uid.patch (fixed upstream)
  - remove pam_keyinit patches (merged upstream)
  - remove pam- (applied upstream)
  - remove pam- (merged upstream)
  - remove sgml2latex patch, it doesn't apply anymore since xml is used instead of sgml in
  - really use pam-redhat-0.99.6-1
  - remove patch merged in pam-redhat 0.99.6-1
  - revoke keyrings properly when pam_keyinit called more than once (RH)
  - don't log pam_keyinit debug messages by default
  - drop ainit from console.handlers (RH)
  - add pam_keyinit to the default system-auth file (RH)
  - fixed network match in pam_access (from Redhat)
  - sync with pam-redhat 0.99.6-1 (and rediff mdvperms, RH merged a lot of our permissions)
  - import pam-
* Wed Jul 05 2006 Olivier Blin <>
  - Source500: add ttyACM* devices in the serial class (#23190)
  - Patch83 (from Fedora): add service as value to be matched and list
    matching to pam_succeed_if
  - use upstream redhat-modules patch
* Fri Jun 30 2006 Olivier Blin <>
  - Patch523: temporary patch to add namespace.init, which is missing from dist
    (extracted from RH old namespace patch)
  - package namespace files in /etc/security
  - Patch84 (from RH): pam_console_apply shouldn't access /var when called with -r
* Fri Jun 30 2006 Olivier Blin <>
  - from Fedora:
    o pam-
    o pam-redhat-0.99.5-1
    o add system-auth and config-util man pages
  - drop Patch523 and all pwdb bits
  - drop glib2-devel BuildRequires (pam_console_apply don't need it anymore)
  - rediff Patch500 (mdv perms)
  - drop Patch520 (merged upstream)
  - don't check for userdb module, we don't built it
    (it requires an internal libdb copy)
  - package pam_tally2



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