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vim-minimal-7.0-14mdv2007.0 RPM for x86_64

From Mandriva 2007.0 for x86_64 / media / main / release

Name: vim-minimal Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 7.0 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 14mdv2007.0 Build date: Mon Sep 18 23:38:55 2006
Group: Editors Build host:
Size: 564744 Source RPM: vim-7.0-14mdv2007.0.src.rpm
Packager: Gwenole Beauchesne <>
Summary: A minimal version of the VIM editor
VIM (VIsual editor iMproved) is an updated and improved version of the vi
editor.  Vi was the first real screen-based editor for UNIX, and is still
very popular.  VIM improves on vi by adding new features: multiple windows,
multi-level undo, block highlighting and more.  The vim-minimal package
includes a minimal version of VIM, which is installed into /bin/vi for use
when only the root partition is present.






* Tue Sep 19 2006 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 7.0-14mdv2007.0
  - Rebuild
* Tue Sep 12 2006 Guillaume Rousse <> 7.0-13mdv2007.0
  - buildrequires libxt-devel (should fix automatic rebuilds)
* Sat Sep 09 2006 Mandriva Linux Team <> 7.0-12mdv2007.0
  - Add missing }
* Thu Sep 07 2006 Frederic Crozat <> 7.0-11mdv2007.0
  - Rebuild to get GUI back
* Sat Sep 02 2006 Guillaume Rousse <> 7.0-10mdv2007.0
  - add update-desktop-database call in %post/%postun
* Tue Aug 29 2006 Guillaume Rousse <> 7.0-9mdv2007.0
  - rebuild manually on all architectures to get GUI...
* Sun Aug 27 2006 Nicolas Lécureuil <> 7.0-8mdv2007.0
  - Fix text/plain typo
* Fri Aug 25 2006 Guillaume Rousse <> 7.0-7mdv2007.0
  - drop usage of /usr/X11R6 tree
  - xdg menu
  - some spec cleanup
* Fri Jul 07 2006 Frederic Crozat <> 7.0-6mdv2007.0
  - rebuild again to really get GUI working
* Mon Jun 26 2006 Guillaume Rousse <> 7.0-5mdv2007.0
  - rebuild to get GUI working
* Sat Jun 24 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 7.0-4mdv2007.0
  - update up to official patchlevel 30
  - move the conflicts in common subpackage (#23068)
  - patch 30: add colorization for dhcpd (#21129)
  - source 3:
    o fix gvim not recognized as an editor in GNOME (#14228)
    o fix integration with Konqueror (#12331)
* Thu May 11 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 7.0-3mdk
  - fix harmless typo in conflict
* Thu May 11 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 7.0-2mdk
  - fix conflict with man-pages-{fr,it,pl}
* Wed May 10 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 7.0-1mdk
  - new release
  - update up to official patchlevel 1
  - update patch 26
  - patch 29: fix build
* Thu Mar 09 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 6.4-8mdk
  - update up to official patchlevel 8
  - enable ACL support for enhanced and X11 subpackages (#21447)
* Fri Jan 27 2006 Christiaan Welvaart <> 6.4-7mdk
  - drop BuildRequires: tclx tclx-devel
* Tue Jan 24 2006 Oden Eriksson <> 6.4-6mdk
  - rebuilt against perl-5.8.8
* Fri Jan 20 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 6.4-5mdk
  - Rebuild for new perl
* Sun Jan 01 2006 Oden Eriksson <> 6.4-4mdk
  - rebuilt against soname aware deps (tcl/tk)
  - fix deps
* Wed Oct 26 2005 Olivier Thauvin <> 6.4-2mdk
  - manual rebuild to have vim-X11 working on amd64
* Wed Oct 19 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 6.4-2mdk
  - Fix vim syntax error in Patch 3
  - Add gvimdiff symlink
* Tue Oct 18 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 6.4-1mdk
  - new release
  - redo patches 3 & 28
* Sun Aug 07 2005 Olivier Thauvin <> 6.3-21mdk
  - rebuild manually on amd64 to have X11...
* Sat Aug 06 2005 Olivier Thauvin <> 6.3-20mdk
  - _try_ to ensure gvim is really build with x11 extension
    the problem occur when the bot build the spec
    (E25: GUI cannot be used: Not enabled at compile time)
* Sat Jul 30 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 6.3-19mdk
  - update up to official patchlevel 86
* Sat Jul 30 2005 Guillaume Rousse <> 6.3-18mdk 
  - update spec mode to 3.0, and add missing documentation
* Wed Jul 13 2005 Olivier Thauvin <> 6.3-17mdk
  - --enable-rubyinterp (Andre Nathan <>)
  - --enable-tclinterp in same time
* Sun May 22 2005 Olivier Thauvin <> 6.3-16mdk
  - fix perl version eval
* Sat May 21 2005 Olivier Thauvin <> 6.3-15mdk
  - fix spec mode (update patch 3)
  - add --without gui
* Fri May 20 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 6.3-14mdk
  - Rebuild for new perl
* Tue Apr 19 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 6.3-13mdk
  - update up to official patchlevel 71
* Wed Feb 16 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 6.3-12mdk
  - update up to official patchlevel 62:
    o wrong text and crash using <C-R>= or <C-\>e in command line
    o window title wrong for specific multi-byte character
    o folds are not updated after a filter command
    o crash when zero columns room; can't compile without :vsplit
    o crash when editing a file with spaces and shell expansion
    o register name isn't checked for CTRL-R CTRL-O in Insert mode
    o display mess when multi-byte char at right edge of screen
    o ":normal! gQ" hangs
* Tue Feb 15 2005 Michael Scherer <> 6.3-11mdk
  - fix svn commit file detection
* Wed Feb 02 2005 Michael Scherer <> 6.3-10mdk
  - add missing BuildRequires ( python-devel )
* Tue Jan 11 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 6.3-9mdk
  - update up to official patchlevel 54
* Tue Jan 04 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 6.3-8mdk
  - update up to official patchlevel 53:
    o can't edit file with path separator in trail byte of last char
    o when <Space> is remapped abbreviations are not expanded
    o missing NUL for strings created with ga_concat()
    o (extra) missing NUL for list of server names
    o setting 'bg' in syncolor.vim may cause endless loop or crash
    o the BOM marker is written when appending to a file
    o crash in syntax highlighting code when inserting a line break
    o GTK 2: crash when 'enc' is set to "utf-8" and menus redefined
    o pressing Tab when entering a mapping may cause a display error
    o with Python 2.3 using threads doesn't work
    o mapping ending in two-char command doesn't restart Insert mode
    o ml_get errors when fold was deleted
    o (after 6.3.032) warning for unused variable
    o line numbers not updated when inserting a line above window
    o window count for a buffer was wrong after error handling
    o CTRL-X CTRL-E in Insert mode does not scroll fold correctly
    o 'hlsearch' highlighting sometimes disappears
    o some option values may cause trouble in a modeline
    o ":registers" doesn't show multi-byte characters correctly
    o (after 6.3.045) compiler warning for pointer type
    o a SIGHUP while already exiting may cause a crash
    o crash when 'wildmenu' set and completing multi-byte file name
* Sat Dec 04 2004 Michael Scherer <> 6.3-7mdk
  - Rebuild for new python
* Fri Nov 12 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 6.3-6mdk
  - Rebuild for new perl
* Sat Sep 04 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 6.3-5mdk
  - update up to official patchlevel 20:
    o default value of 'helplang' is wrong for Chinese and Taiwanese
    o the string returned by winrestcmd() may end in garbage
    o 'define' default had "\s" before #, breaks "[d"
    o "9zz" could place the cursor beyond the end of a line
    o ":0argadd zero" added the argument after the first one
    o crash during startup when compiled for debugging
    o "dw" doesn't work right for UTF-8 when 'delcombine' is set
* Tue Aug 17 2004 Laurent MONTEL <> 6.3-4mdk
  - Rebuild with new menu
* Wed Jul 21 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 6.3-3mdk
  - update up to official patchlevel 13:
    o utf-8 detection in translated help files is wrong
    o crash when using console dialog without default choice
    o too many hit-enter prompts when searching for long string
    o crash when searching with character offset in closed fold
    o the current directory is prepended to the ":breakadd" argument
    o swap file is not deleted for a "nofile" buffer after ":cd"
    o writing to a named pipe causes an error message for fsync()
    o crash when user command completion uses "normal :cmd"
    o lalloc(0) error for substitute command with multi-line pattern
    o crash when using CTRL-R = in command line uses "normal :cmd"
* Thu Jul 08 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 6.3-2mdk
  - Rebuild for new perl
* Fri Jun 11 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 6.3-1mdk
  - new release
  - disable command echo by default (olivier thauvin)
  - renew patch 23
  - update up to official patchlevel 181:
    o ":browse split" gives file selection dialog twice
* Wed May 05 2004 Luca Berra <> 6.2-17mdk
  - update source 5 and drop p29 (fix #6753)
  - kill evim (evil vim) manpage, add rview symlink
  - remove dangling symlinks in /usr/bin
* Wed May 05 2004 Michael Scherer <> 6.2-16mdk
  - fix #4688, by using a config file in /etc/
* Fri Apr 16 2004 Per Řyvind Karlsen <> 6.2-15mdk
  - rebuild
  - don't remove builddir in %clean
* Wed Jan 07 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 6.2-14mdk
  - update up to official patchlevel 180:
    o not all "find" versions accept "-or"
    o _Xmblen prototype still causes trouble
    o mouse click at hit-enter prompt only works in last line
    o setting 'backupext' in a *WritePre autocommand doesn't work
    o accented characters in help are not used in 'iskeyword'
    o VisVim: space in file name, random chars are executed
    o newbies can't figure out how to exit and try CTRL-C 
    o English message translations don't work
    o CVS directories still unecessarily installed
  - source 5: spec mode from Guillaume Rousse
* Mon Jan 05 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 6.2-13mdk
  - update up to official patchlevel 170:
    o "%p" in 'errorformat' uses a wrong column number
    o configure doesn't get the right compile flags for Perl
    o "undo" in 'foldopen' doesn't work with expression folding
    o crash with 'virtualedit' and selecting double-wide character
    o ":redraw" doesn't adjust the view before redrawing
    o "AAPDIR" directories should not be installed
    o  2html script still fails when css used
    o autoconf 2.57 cannot handle the configure script
    o the gzip plugin doesn't work when $GZIP contains -N
    o the Python interface may leak memory
    o Python interface: can't get the indices from a range object
    o get a warning for the _Xmblen() prototype
    o when using Sun Workshop 'autochdir' isn't set automatically
* Mon Dec 01 2003 Thierry Vignaud <> 6.2-12mdk
  - update up to official patchlevel 154:
    o adding filetype detection requires editing "filetype.vim"
    o warnings when compiling the Python interface
    o message for failed writing of viminfo file contains NULL
    o cscope tags can be listed in the wrong order
    o custom completion function gets zero instead of empty string
    o ":w ++enc=utf-8 !cmd" doesn't work
    o when 't_ti' is not empty "ZZ" may not clear the command line
    o length of multibyte string in the statusline is computed wrong
    o can't compile with Perl 5.8.1
    o words marked with ^^^^ in quickfix window don't line up
    o in Visual mode "g_" always goes to past the end of the line
    o ":verb set ts" should refer to "-c" and "--cmd" argument
    o "{" and "}" don't work very well with closed folds
    o CTRL-^ and ":bnext" don't respect the 'confirm' option
    o when 'sidescrolloff' is set 'showmatch' may not work correctly
    o ":set isk+=" adds a comma
    o (extra) #pragma's cause trouble for MingW compiler
    o dropping a file on Vim may cause following messages to scroll
    o a few invalid tags appear in the help tags file
    o "nnoremenu" worked like ":noremenu"
    o GTK version can't be compiled with tiny features
    o the message "Cannot go to buffer x" is confusing for ":buf 6"
    o changing 'insertmode' doesn't always have immediate effect
    o cannot generate prototypes when Perl interface is enabled
    o syntax highlighting can become very slow for big files
    o unmatched curly braces in table with options
    o crash in rare situation when using cindent()
    o tag searching gets stuck on a very long line in tags file
    o crash when giving German message for ignoring case in tag
    o compiler warning for Amiga compiler (and others)
    o a menu translation without encoding isn't always found
    o encoding "cp1251" is not recognized
    o "make clean" doesn't delete enough files in src/testdir
    o using ":startinsert" after "$" works like "a" instead of "i"
    o size of screen may be wrong when stdout is redirected
    o keypad problems on German keyboard with numlock set
    o breakpoints did not work in while loops
    o add columns to 'wrapmargin' for 'number' and other options
    o error message for 'imactivatekey' may be given at wrong moment
    o <> argument of ":command" is interpreted as <args>
    o ":e ++enc=utf8 newfile" did not set 'fenc' in a new file
    o "d%" can't be repeated when using the matchit plugin
    o code is repeated in two Perl files
    o "K" in Visual mode fails to include all bytes of last char
    o 2html script doesn't work correctly when g:html_use_css is set
    o undefining "bool" in vim.h doesn't work for some systems
    o warning for iconv() argument because of wrong prototype
    o substituting with "\=col('.')" always resulted in "1"
    o an insert action can't be partly undone; add CTRL-G u
    o display errors and a crash when using over 21,474,748 lines
    o when reading from stdin lines are broken at NUL characters
    o "--remote +startinsert" inserts commands as text
    o cursor() doesn't reset the offset for 'virtualedit'
    o Python bails out when giving a warning message



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