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drakxtools-newt-10.4.81-2.3mdv2007.0 RPM for i586

From Mandriva 2007.0 for i586 / media / main / testing

Name: drakxtools-newt Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 10.4.81 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 2.3mdv2007.0 Build date: Thu Mar 29 14:32:07 2007
Group: System/Configuration/Other Build host:
Size: 20681126 Source RPM: drakxtools-10.4.81-2.3mdv2007.0.src.rpm
Packager: Olivier Blin <>
Summary: The drakxtools (XFdrake, diskdrake, keyboarddrake, mousedrake...)
Contains many Mandriva Linux applications simplifying users and
administrators life on a Mandriva Linux machine. Nearly all of
them work both under XFree (graphical environment) and in console
(text environment), allowing easy distant work.

adduserdrake: help you adding a user

diskdrake: DiskDrake makes hard disk partitioning easier. It is
graphical, simple and powerful. Different skill levels are available
(newbie, advanced user, expert). It's written entirely in Perl and
Perl/Gtk. It uses resize_fat which is a perl rewrite of the work of
Andrew Clausen (libresize).

drakauth: configure authentification (LDAP/NIS/...)

drakautoinst: help you configure an automatic installation replay

drakbackup: backup and restore your system

drakboot: configures your boot configuration (Lilo/GRUB,
Bootsplash, X, autologin)

drakconnect: LAN/Internet connection configuration. It handles
ethernet, ISDN, DSL, cable, modem.

drakfirewall: simple firewall configurator

drakgw: internet connection sharing

drakkeyboard: configure your keyboard (both console and X)

draklocale: language configurator, available both for root
(system wide) and users (user only)

drakmouse: autodetect and configure your mouse

drakproxy: proxies configuration

drakscanner: scanner configurator

draksound: sound card configuration

drakvpn: VPN configuration (openvpn, vpnc)

drakx11: menu-driven program which walks you through setting up
your X server; it autodetects both monitor and video card if

drakxservices: SysV services and daemons configurator

drakxtv: auto configure tv card for xawtv grabber

lsnetdrake: display available nfs and smb shares

lspcidrake: display your pci information, *and* the corresponding
kernel module






* Thu Mar 29 2007 Olivier Blin <> 10.4.81-2.3mdv2007.1
  - move draksambashare in drakxtools gtk package
    (or else drakxtools-newt requires perl-Gtk2...)
  - install proper driver for voodoo cards (Tv, bug seen by Gérard Delafond)
  - draktermserv (Stew):
    o force unionfs, terminal-server2 (Stew)
    o include shadow and all passwd,group,shadow files in excluded files
    o patched for #27780 (fails when no change) and
        o fix for #28489 (user defined BLOCK_SIZE env var -> commas in df
  - finish-install: use standalone translations
  - drakconnect:
    o override pcitable driver with detected network driver
      (useful to detect ndiswrapper)
    o do not ask ndiswrapper firmware if already configured
      for selected device (#25968, #27850)
    o fix WEP keys quoting in wpa_supplicant.conf (#28119)
    o use a link detection delay for r8169
    o use a link detection delay for forcedeth and sky2
      (sync with cooker list)
    o try to find wireless driver if unknown (fix rt61 detection)
    o rt61 firmware support
  - drakroam:
    o write module alias in modprobe.conf
    o install required packages (useful for 3G connections)
    o show main window before wait message (fix window icon)
  - drakfont (Tv):
    o backport copying fonts fix (Martin Whitaker, #27506)
    o catch exceptions, thus fixing crashes (backport, #23344)
* Mon Nov 27 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.81-2.1mdv2007.1
  - kdesu needs a quoted string (#26383)
  - mirror API: enable edit-urpm-sources to ask for updates then distro
  - drakauth:
    o add encrypted home and pam_mount support (blino)
    o hide password when calling "net join" or "net ads join" (pixel,
      - drakbackup:
    o fix star/tar selection issue (stew, #26705)
    o fix archiver detection/config file replace for real
      (stew, #26705, #27180)
    o do not backup the backups (Adamw)
  - drakboot: support Xen with lilo using mbootpack (blino)
  - drakfirewall: really disable services (#27295)
  - drakvpn (blino):
    o add pkcs11 token support for openvpn
    o ask password/PIN if needed
  - drakconnect/drakroam:
    o detect wireless interfaces with unknown driver, e.g. rt61
    o do not check for ipw3945 kernel module packages
    o do not wrongly tell that acx100-firmware can be found in Club or
      commercial editions (#26475)
    o use iwpriv commands to configure WPA on rt2570 and rt61 chipsets
    o update madwifi URL (blino)
  - finish-install:
    o add encrypted home and pam_mount support (blino)
    o use system() instead of run_program, because of buggy sensitive
      arguments handling (blino)
  - printerdrake: due to changes in the format of HPLIP's device
    description XML files, scanners functionality were not recognized
    any more (till, #26567).
* Sat Sep 30 2006 Pixel <> 10.4.81-2mdv2007.0
  - XFdrake: disable GLX on some i965 on x86_64 
    when the subvendor is not Intel, otherwise kernel crashes
  - drakconnect (blino): 
    o add missing functions in bluetooth support (#26141)
    o try to find modems on /dev/ttyUSB* devices (#20674)
  - drakroam (blino):
    o fallback on signal level if no quality can be parsed
       from iwlist scan (useful for at76_usb)
    o up the wireless interface if needed before running iwlist scan
      (some drivers need the interface to be up to scan networks)
    o consider only 64-bits keys as hex for wpa_supplicant
  - newt backend: fix segfault (occuring sometimes on x86_64)
* Fri Sep 22 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.81-1mdv2007.0
  - harddrake: don't warn that we need some club packages if there's no
    non-free media but the needed packages are already installed (#26072)
* Thu Sep 21 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.80-1mdv2007.0
  - interactive layer:
    o more off screen layout fixes (#25894)
    o escape titles (blino)
  - drakbug, draksound, draksplash: use specific icons for window titles
  - drakconnect: improve firewire interfaces detection (blino, #25568)
  - finish-install: improved timezone layout (blino & me)
  - harddrake service: detect the fid flag in cpuinfo "flags" too (blino, #25723)
* Thu Sep 21 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.79-1mdv2007.0
  - more off screen layout fixes (#25894)
  - drakconnect: check if IP address is used only in interfaces started
    on boot
* Wed Sep 20 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.78-1mdv2007.0
  - drak3d, drakclock, finish-install: fix off screen layout (#25894)
  - drakboot: adapt to new gdm layout
  - harddrake: Chicony devices are not UPSes (#25558)
* Wed Sep 20 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.77-1mdv2007.0
  - really do not try to run dmidecode if not root (blino, #24478)
  - drak3d: don't try to detect glx capabilities with vmware driver (blino)
* Wed Sep 20 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.76-1mdv2007.0
  - harddrake:
    o do not detect SAITEK devices as UPSes (#21617)
    o only install package of priority 5 (#21945)
  - finish-install: show 3D desktop step only if supported (blino)
* Tue Sep 19 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.75-1mdv2007.0
  - drakconnect: don't set empty hostname (blino)
  - harddrake2: handle full rpmsrate formmat (#19952)
  - net_applet: make it able to guess name of hotplugged USB devices (blino)
  - printerdrake (till):
    o 64-bit fixes
    o be able to detect old printers or parallel port in
      mono-directional mode (#25799)
    o fix in file list for printing package installation (#25824 & #25835)
    o improved sorting of auto-detection results.
  - XFdrake: add module alias from nvidia to nvidia_legacy if a nvidia
    legacy card is configured and the nvidia_legacy kernel module is
    available (blino)
* Tue Sep 19 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.74-1mdv2007.0
  - add support for rpmdrake-3.5
  - fix some bogus translations
  - drak3d (blino):
    o don't allow to use Xgl with i810 and 16 bits
    o match on configured driver instead of probed driver (eg: nv) (#25864)
  - drakboot: fix parsing of vga= option in grub (blino, #25789)
  - drakconnect: fix loading firmware files from windows system (blino)
  - printerdrake: allow manual setup of local printers in beginners mode
    if auto-detection fails (till, #25799)
* Sun Sep 17 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.73-1mdv2007.0
  - make mirror API availlable to rpmdrake
  - drakconnect: don't write incorrect "No IP" and "No Mask" fields in
    ifcfg files (blino, #23939)
* Sat Sep 16 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.72-1mdv2007.0
  - use autostart file to start net_applet in KDE (blino, #25099)
  - diskdrake: fix rereading partition table on dmraid (pixel)
  - drak3d (blino):
    o add an help button (#24875)
    o don't run glxinfo for "nv" driver
    o follow desktop's button order
  - drakconnect, drakroam net_applet (blino):
    o fix detection of WPA access points when iwlist is used
    o remember roaming wireless mode (#21903)
    o more WIRELESS_IWPRIV fixes for old rt2400/rt2500 drivers (#21903)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o don't use ifplugd if no driver is defined (useful for
      br/tap/tun/... devices)
    o use a link detection delay of 6 seconds for tg3 and skge drivers (#18986)
    o don't try to set empty hostname
  - drakclock: translate zones in NTP servers list (blino)
  - drakproxy: remove vhost option in squid.conf (blino, #25424)
  - service_harddrake: enable rfswitch using acerhk on Compal CL56
    laptops (blino)
* Fri Sep 15 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.71-1mdv2007.0
  - load "ibm_acpi" on IBM and LENOVO laptops, and "hdaps" for LENOVO
    laptops (blino, #21597)
  - load "asus_acpi" in modprobe.preload for ASUS laptops (blino, #22387)
  - mousedrake: don't override special imwheel conf (pixel)
  - printerdrake (till):
    o mark the network as existing if broadcast ping doesn't work (#24879)
    o add support future versions of HPLIP (1.6.9 and newer)
* Fri Sep 15 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.70-1mdv2007.0
  - drak3d: don't run glxinfo on broken Xorg drivers, such as "sis"
    (#25160) & "tdfx" (#25388) (blino)
  - drakconnect: allow to configure ethernet interfaces that are not
    associated to a hardware device (blino)
  - finish-install: workaround "Previous" button behaving like "next" (#25349)
  - XFdrake: do not enable RenderAccel for nvidia legacy driver (#24999)
* Fri Sep 15 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.69-1mdv2007.0
  - fix drakxtools-http require
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o fix and enhance VPI/VCI parsing from previous PPP peer file
    o drop old iwpriv flags if the device needs rt2x00 workarounds
    o really write module alias for wireless and cable connections (#24384)
    o warn if some packages can't be installed
  - drakfont: add support for Japanese truetype collection (.ttc) and
    opentype (.otf) fonts (#13145)
  - drakfirewall: better upgrade to shorewall 3 by adding (blino, #24990)
  - drakups: exit if one refuses to install the needed packages (#24871)
  - harddrake service: "handle" restart (#25696)
  - mousedrake: install linuxwacom only when needed (pixel)
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o adapt to nvidia/nvidia_legacy/ati/libmesagl1/lib64mesagl1 now
      using update-alternatives
    o handle nvidia_legacy/
* Wed Sep 13 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.68-1mdv2007.0
  - adapt to kernel changes in sysfs (blino)
  - workaround for cciss detection (aginies)
  - autosetupprintqueues: fixed loop to wait for desktop login in the
    Plug'n'Print script (till)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o enable PEERDNS if DNS addresses are specified as well
    o improve ndiswrapper & usb support
    o improve thirdparty explanations for ndiswrapper devices (#24838)
    o install dhcp client if required
    o install tools before firmware (ndiswrapper requires it)
    o set RESOLV_MODS to yes when DNS addresses are configured
    o write DOMAIN setting (search domain)
  - drakfirewall (blino):
    o don't rewrite shorewall setting if the interface is already in
      shorewall interfaces list
    o handle upgrade to shorewall 3 by removing the FW variable in
      shorewall.conf (#24990)
  - drakgw (blino):
    o adapt to squid 2.6 syntax for transparent proxies (#25424)
    o don't add interface to net zone twice in drakgw
  - drakroam (blino)
    o allow to disconnect if no network is selected
    o don't preselect first device is default connection isn't found
    o don't show empty device (#25554)
    o pre-select current network when none is selected (#24061)
    o pre-select selected network after network refresh
  - XFdrake: handle a little better 915resolution installed but not used
* Tue Sep 12 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.67-1mdv2007.0
  - add support for rpmdrake-3.2:
    o fix crash (#25352)
    o kill most gtk+ warnings (#23720)
    o scroll tree view to its top when clearing/refilling its attached
      model (#25207)
    o update status bar on package selection (#24673)
    o use busy cursor when selecting a package through the keyboard
  - disable automatically running drakbug on segfault
    since $SIG{SEGV} is unreliable (#18087)
  - fix some l10n issues (#25346)
  - bootloader-config: add --add-resume2 (but not mentionned in usage)
    for kernel-multimedia (pixel)
  - drak3d: use _libdir/mesa as LD_LIBRARY_PATH when needed (blino)
  - drakclock: enable ntpd if required (blino, #25348)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o allow to go on if some packages are optionnal (#22742)
    o add thirdparty settings for the nozomi driver (3G cards)
  - drakroam: add support for 3G (blino)
  - drakvpn: make net_applet reload its configuration when a vpn is
    started from drakvpn (blino, #25341)
  - mousedrake: install linuxwacom if needed (pixel, #20928)
  - net_applet: don't list an empty "[]" wireless network (blino)
  - XFdrake: fix 3D for "Radeon (fbdev)" driver (pixel)
* Fri Sep 08 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.66-1mdv2007.0
  - diskdrake: mkfs.xfs doesn't handle -c (pixel, #13471)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o allow to select VPN connection
    o install the ppp package for cellular connections
    o use a scrolling window for wireless/cellular network list
  - drakroam (blino):
    o allow to select VPN connection
    o add cellular connections support 
  - harddrake2: detect more devices as bridges rather unknown
  - harddrake service: try harder to detect SCSI controllers
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o allow choosing 3D acceleration when specifying driver explictly
    o allow to configure SWCursor on savage cards
    o fix handling error installing x11-driver-video-xxx
    o use HWheelRelativeAxisButtons instead of HWheelXAxisMapping (adam williamson)
* Thu Sep 07 2006 Pixel <> 10.4.65-1mdv2007.0
  - mousedrake: 
    o fix error occuring when configuring a mouse and imwheel
    o configure imwheel for "Microsoft Internet Explorer"-like mice
  - localedrake: modify kde config files in /var/lib/mandriva/kde-profiles/common/share/config instead of /usr/share/config
  - XFdrake: handle auto-configuration with no configured mouse in /etc/sysconfig/mouse
  - drakboot: fix installing grub on dmraid
  - drakconnect (blino): fix firmware path for zd1211
  - po updates
* Tue Sep 05 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.64-1mdv2007.0
  - fix configuring cpufreq on some PPC
  - drak3d: HIG
  - drakconnect (blino): 
    o really read/write DNS settings
    o use iwlist to scan networks even if no interface is specified
    o write hostname (#24012)
  - finish-install: really don't display "release notes" button if none
    availlable (#23304)
  - net_applet (blino): 
    o display IP address and gateway in tooltip (#23800)
    o monitor all wireless interfaces, not only the first one
    o show interface type with an icon (#23767)
    o use signal strength from iwconfig output for current AP (#24498)
    o use new icons
* Sat Sep 02 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.63-1mdv2007.0
  - diskdrake: don't timeout when formating big fses (pixel)
  - drakproxy: configure mozilla so that it can be overridden by user
    config (blino)
  - keyboardrake: fix japanese keyboard configuration (UTUMI Hirosi)
  - localedrake: fix garbaging the config (pixel, #24635)
  - mousedrake, XFdrake (pixel):
    o use info from usbtable to know wether to use evdev
    o use imwheel-1.0.0 to handle thumb buttons (and more)
* Fri Sep 01 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.62-1mdv2007.0
  - drakclock (blino):
    o configure three {0,1,2} NTP server addresses when
      a NTP pool is used (#10659)
    o handle user edited ntp server address
    o initialize ntp server combobox according to configured server
    o use Retry/Quit buttons for the ntp sync error window (#17037)
    o warn if ntp package installation fails (#12147)
    o warn if no NTP server is entered
* Fri Sep 01 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.61-1mdv2007.0
  - drak3d (blino):
    o allow to disable 3D desktop even in not supported
    o allow to run in console mode
    o don't preselect compiz when not supported
    o prevent fglrx to hang at next login in Xgl
  - drakproxy (blino):
    o remove spaces in no_proxy list (#24651)
    o no_proxy support for mozilla-firefox and gconf
    o no_proxy support for shell and KDE (Emmanuel Blindauer, Vincent Panel)
  - finish-install: improve UTC/local time selection (blino, #23275)
  - harddrake service: fix no more using the proprietary driver if
* Wed Aug 30 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.60-1mdv2007.0
  - fix broken embedding (pixel, #24876)
  - drakproxy: configure mozilla-firefox proxy settings (blino, #10875)
* Tue Aug 29 2006 Olivier Blin <> 10.4.59-1mdv2007.0
  - drak3d:
    o fix default compiz selection when Xgl is used
    o improve glx detection by using glxinfo output with and without Mesa
      libraries (#24855)
  - drakconnect: update udev net-config rules (using udev scripts)
    so that configuration is consistent
  - drakboot (Thierry):
    o use insensitive checkbox for APIC instead of hiding it
    o rephrase ACPI/APIC strings by using positive verbs (#24355)
  - diskdrake (Pixel):
    o log HDIO_GETGEmore return values on dmraid devices
    o more fuzzy match to handle dmraid nvidia_with_subsets
* Tue Aug 29 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.58-1mdv2007.0
  - drakconnect: write GATEWAY settings (blino, #20169)
  - drak3d: fix layout when embedded
  - drakinvictus: don't write world-readable ucarp.d files, they contain
    passwords (blino)
  - XFdrake:
    o use XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps for i810 and ati (blino, #24628)
    o re-enable RenderAccel by default on nvidia proprietary driver (pb
      fixed with version 8774) (pixel)
* Sun Aug 27 2006 Olivier Blin <> 10.4.57-1mdv2007.0
  - drakids:
    o make it start again (#24589)
    o display an message when the daemon isn't started at all
      (instead of dying silently)
  - drak3d:
    o really ensure that task-3ddesktop is installed
    o only do no_Window_Manager tricks when no window manager is detected
* Fri Aug 25 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.56-1mdv2007.0
  - drak3d: new tool (blino)
  - diskdrake: we now handle raid6 (pixel, Luca Berra, #24637)
  - drakfirewall: don't write icmp rules for IFW (blino, #24645)
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o allow specifying EXA on i128 ati sis trident via savage
    o allow setting BIOSHotkeys on radeon
    o Clone is the default on ATI, allow forcing no Clone (fix buggy
      detection of the CRT)
  - net_applet (blino):
    o allow to run drakvpn from VPN submenu
    o move configuration button in wireless submenu
  - drakinvictus/drakroam/drakvpn (blino): use new icons
  - finish-install (blino): 3D support
* Thu Aug 24 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.55-1mdv2007.0
  - fix titles brown paper bag bug
  - drakinvictus: initial Invictus Firewall support (blino)
  - XFdrake:
    o write all lower resolutions when using Modes (for RENDER) (pixel)
    o update files when switching back to free drivers as
      well (blino)
* Thu Aug 24 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.54-1mdv2007.0
  - add support for rpmdrake-3.1
  - do not try to run dmidecode if not root (#24478)
  - drakbug drakconnect manage interface, drakfont, drakhosts, drakxservices,
    draknfs, logdrake: HIG-ize
  - draksplash: check that a valid theme name and image are selected
    (blino, #24591)
  - drakvpn: allow to use specific UDP port (blino)
  - harddrake: HIG-ize fields description dialog
  - printerdrake (till):
    o updated instructions for faxing with HP MF devices.
    o fix generating two fax queues for one HP MF device being
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o enabling "Composite" on every drivers except proprietary drivers
    o really ensure task-x11 is installed (#24529)
* Fri Aug 18 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.53-1mdv2007.0
  - autosetupprintqueues: wait for firmware upload (till)
  - interactive layer: fix annoying scrollbar appearing sometimes
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o fix modem support
    o add interface alias in modules conf for ethernet/wireless devices (#24384)
    o make sure rt2570 devices reporting themselves as rtusb are detected (#24461)
  - XFdrake: only enable Composite by default on i810 (pixel)
* Thu Aug 17 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.52-1mdv2007.0
  - diskdrake:
    o fix crash
    o ensure we don't die computing the number of cylinders
     (pixel, #24096, #24042)
  - mousedrake: add support for mice with an horizontal wheel through
    evdev (pixel)
* Thu Aug 17 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.51-1mdv2007.0
  - avoid segfaulting if an ala printf string is passed to c::syslog (rafael)
  - general look:
    o fix some bad alignments
    o remove some bad looking separators
    o set meaningfull titles
    o set missing titles
  - drakboot: fix startx.autologin location (pixel)
  - diskdrake:
    o beautify some dialogs
    o display more info in some dialogs
    o misc other GUI improvements
    o handle /dev/disk/by-label/xxx symlink in fstab (pixel)
    o workaround detecting some SCSI DAT (pixel)
  - drakconnect:
    o "Configure Internet": align the widgets
  - drakTermServ: adapt to new kernels (pixel)
  - harddrake2:
    o do not detect dummy PCMCIA controllers on desktop machines
    o introduce a "USB mass storage" class in order to catch some
      devices (#21836)
  - net_applet: fix label alignment (#23766)
* Fri Aug 11 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.50-1mdv2007.0
  - drakconnect: install rp-pppoe for pppoe connections (blino, #24249)
  - finish-install: 
    o don't show the "releases notes" button if empty (#23304)
    o display mandrake-release's releases-note if availlable
  - harddrake2:
    o display PCI/USB ids as hexa like lspcidrake does (#21220)
    o fix trying to install nothing (#23327)
  - harddrake service: enable to disable hardware probing per class (#24071)
  - printerdrake (till):
    o added automatic setup for firmware file istallation for the HP
      LaserJet 1000, 1005, 1018, & 1020
    o automatic download ICM color profiles for printers driven by the
      "foo2zjs" driver
    o made duplicate detection of the same printer being recognized also
      with HPLIP 1.6.7 and newer
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o get rid of weird chars (#24078)
    o handle evdev (keyboard or mouse)
* Thu Aug 10 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.49-1mdv2007.0
  - fix inactive "close" button in "About" dialogs (#23266)
  - drakconnect:
    o make it work (#24244)
    o adatp to new atmel wireless drivers naming (blino)
* Wed Aug 09 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.48-1mdv2007.0
  - drakclock (blino):
    o fix ntp parsing when coubtry name contains a space (#24215)
    o default to NTP pools from instead of hardcoded NTP
  - drakhosts, draknetprofile, draknfs: use window icon
  - drakxtv: use /usr/bin/xvt (Nicolas Lécureuil, #24213)
  - finish-install: use treeview to ask timezone (blino)
  - harddrake: fix crash due to drakconnect refactoring (blino, #24236)
  - net_applet (blino):
    o don't show a VPN connection button if no VPN connection is
      configured (#24203)
    o show VPN sub-menu even if only one connection is configured
* Tue Aug 08 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.47-1mdv2007.0
  - drakconnect: fix bad window sizing (#23552)
  - drakproxy: ask to logout after proxies settings have been modified
    (blino, #20052)
  - harddrake2: do not display unknown driver for "MEMORY_OTHER" class
  - net_applet (blino):
    o allow to connect/disconnect VPN from net_applet (#20949)
    o display old interface name in bubble on disconnection, not new
      default interface (#23943)
* Sun Aug 06 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.46-1mdv2007.0
  - harddrake service: try again to detect legacy floppy drives, or else
    harddrake will unconfigure them at boot (blino)
  - XFdrake: adapt to new font path
* Sat Aug 05 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.45-1mdv2007.0
  - drakfont: adapt to new font path
  - package missing drakvpn files
* Fri Aug 04 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.44-1mdv2007.0
  - drakvpn (blino):
    o renewed tool
    o add openvpn & vpnc support
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o install wireless-tools for wireless devices if needed
    o refactoring
* Wed Aug 02 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.43-1mdv2007.0
  - diskdrake:
    o reiserfs doesn't support checking for bad sectors (#24028)
    o suffix small sizes with "B" like for biggers sizes (#18147)
  - drakbug:
    o allow to report drakroam bugs (blino)
    o fix parsing new packages fullnames (tropikhajma, #23066)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o allow to configure non-broadcasted ESSID (#24040)
    o misc metric fixes (#23948)
    o use "wext" wpa_supplicant driver for ndiswrapper as well
      (ndiswrapper >= 1.12)
    o warn if a wireless encryption key is needed
  - draksec: rephrase label and help for 'MAIL_EMPTY_CONTENT' and
    'enable_pam_wheel_for_su' (blino, #7314)
  - drakfirewall: allow not to log firewall messages in system logs (#23690)
* Mon Jul 24 2006 Olivier Blin <> 10.4.42-1mdv2007.0
  - drakroam:
    o refresh networks on every network status event (#23862)
    o use a 20 seconds timeout for status messages
    o fix --ap option to use default connection
    o some WPA fixes
  - common layer: use --noignorebutton option instead of --ignorebutton
    for kdesu (for KDE >= 3.5.3, patch from Nicolas Lécureuil)
* Fri Jul 21 2006 Olivier Blin <> 10.4.41-1mdv2007.0
  - drakroam:
    o add a status bar and display network event messages (#19290)
    o reload interface settings before configuration (#23803)
  - harddrake: tag systems with ipw2100/2200/3945 devices as laptops,
    they are Mini-PCI (Express) adapters
  - fix selecting the first network in the list
* Thu Jul 20 2006 Olivier Blin <> 10.4.40-1mdv2007.0
  - drakroam:
    o grey Configure/Refresh buttons when no device is selected (#23818)
    o change label to Connect is selected network isn't current network (#23819)
    o select the first interface that doesn't have a slow network scan  (#23794)
    o allow to select interface from command line (#23794)
    o add step labels and use them (#23796)
    o always activate first combo entry (which is empty most of the time)
    o don't allow to configure if no network is selected
    o don't connect when Configure is clicked
    o write settings after configuration, not only before connection
      (partial fix for #23803)
  - drakconnect: use new step labels
  - network layer:
    o acx100 firmware support
    o supplement IP settings only if IP address is valid
    o fix NETMASK configuration
    o re-read ssid configuration each time it is accessed (#23803)
    o don't allow to modify ESSID if a network with a valid ESSID is selected
  - XFdrake (Pixel):
    o move choosing GLX or not after choosing proprietary driver or not
    o remove XFree 3.3 configuration
* Wed Jul 19 2006 Olivier Blin <> 10.4.39-1mdv2007.0
  - drakroam: add group labels to separate advanced settings (#23796)
  - net_applet: fix signal level (#23799)
  - drakgw: test caching-nameserver using /usr/sbin/named
  - XFdrake (Pixel):
    o use Modes instead of Virtual by default
    o allow toggling Composite extension (on by default), and RenderAccel
      proprietary nvidia option (off by default)
    o handle in /usr/$lib/dri
* Tue Jul 18 2006 Olivier Blin <> 10.4.38-1mdv2007.0
  - miniserv.pam: don't use pam_stack anymore
  - draksound : use modprobe.conf instead of modules.conf in help message
  - drakroam:
    o grey the Connect button when no network is selected (#20168)
    o allow to disconnect (#20168)
    o use icon for window decoration as well
    o warn when device isn't ready (i.e. RF Kill)
    o center wait messages and popups
    o fully switch to generic layer (and misc related bug fixes)
  - net_applet: don't show bubble at applet startup
* Tue Jul 18 2006 Olivier Blin <> 10.4.37-1mdv2007.0
  - drakconnect:
    o check if network interface is present before configuring network interface
    o switch to generic layer for LAN and wireless
    o handle prism2 drivers using thirdparty layer
    o zd1211rw support
    o use generic firmware extraction support for speedtouch
    o bcm43xx firmware support
  - net_applet:
    o show notification bubble on state change
    o drop stderr of iwlist/iwgetid (to prevent .xsession-errors flood)
  - drakroam:
    o fix connection to AP passed as argument (#23628)
    o allow to select the wireless interface
    o move buttons at bottom
  - draknetprofile: add details about profile modification (thanks Chty)
  - harddrake:
    o don't fail when preload modules can't be loaded (#23674)
    o fix matching "power management" field in cpufreq module
    o make isLaptop() return true if Type is "laptop",
      using dmitable entries for example (#23197)
  - XFdrake (Pixel): allow to choose the non-proprietary driver
  - drakauth (Pixel):
    o rewrite writing in yp.conf (for NIS)
    o differentiate local auth and NIS auth (by reading yp.conf)
  - XDG menu (Nicolas Lécureuil)
* Mon Jul 10 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.36-1mdv2007.0
  - handle new centrino model (blino, #22914)
  - diskdrake: misc GUI improvements (#18840, #21361, ...)
  - drakconnect (blino)
    o allow to configure an unlisted network:
    o fix typo in ueagle-atm fir,mare path (#23398)
    o remove zeroconf configuration step (#21625)
    o misc refactoring
    o don't take VPI/VCI settings as hex (#23557)
    o warn if RF kill switch is disabled
  - ugtk2: support for new rpmdrake
  - drakclock: sort ntp server list by country (blino)
* Thu Jun 29 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.35-1mdv2007.0
  - drakconnect: remove "Track network card id (useful for laptops)"
    option (done by default through udev) (blino)
  - drakbackup: fix freeze at CD/DVD media selection (stew, #23368)
  - harddrake service: configure CPU frequency modules (blino)
  - localedrake, keyboardrake: new variant: "Catalan (Valencian)" (pablo)
* Fri Jun 23 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.34-1mdv2007.0
  - misc banners fixes
  - harddrake service: don't try to autoconf mice on first boot
* Thu Jun 22 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.33-1mdv2007.0
  - drop devfs support (pixel)
  - don't guess the wrong PCMCIA driver for multi-function devices (blino)
  - autosetupprintqueues: 7.x fix (till)
  - bootloader-config: create/remove symlink "source" for kernel-source
    (Thomas Backlund, #22827)
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o minimal changes for davfs2 support (#23024)
    o create files needed by ext3 quota
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o add support for bluetooth & 3G/GPRS
    o support new ipw2xxx firmware
  - draknfs:
    o enhanced layout for advanced help
    o check directory to share (antoine)
  - draksambashare: use a dialog box instead of a wizard to add a share
    entry (antoine)
  - harddrake2:
    o better label (#4136)
    o display the correct description for PCMCIA controllers (blino)
  - harddrake service:
    o don't try to load PCMCIA controller when none is configured (blino)
    o do not try to detect legacy floppy drives, which result in a
      warning message
    o fix forced reconfiguration of laptop related services (blino, #23072)
    o unlink pcmcia preload.d file if there is no PCMCIA controller
  - localedrake: use UTF-8 by default (except for chinese for now)
  - net_applet: fix crash on profil change (blino, #23169)
  - printerdrake: some LaserJets were miss recognized (till)
* Wed Jun 07 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.32-1mdv2007.0
  - bootloader-config: handle rootnoverify (pixel, #22912)
  - diskdrake: install "quota" when needed (pixel)
  - drakfont: fix font directory (#22898)
  - printerdrake: renaming a printer did not work after having changed
    the PPD to a CUPS-autogenerated one (till, #22935)
* Fri Jun 02 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.31-1mdv2007.0
  - draksambashare: fix canceling "add printer" & "add share" wizard
* Thu Jun 01 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.30-1mdv2007.0
  - add draknetprofile (blino)
  - interactive layer: first improvments for nicer GUIes
  - drakboot, keyboarddrake: first steps in moving towards GNOME's HIG
  - draksplash:
    o fix labels' case
    o move a lonely option out of its big empty notebook page
* Wed May 31 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.29-1mdv2007.0
  - reexport a function used by rpmdrake
  - XFdrake: switch to Driver "kbd" instead of "keyboard" (pixel)
* Wed May 31 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.28-1mdv2007.0
  - stop preventing pasting from a TextView
  - bootloader-config (pixel):
    o add support for "laptop" kernels
    o minimal adaptation to mdv extension (eg: 1mdv instead of 1mdk)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o make sure guessed domain names really contain a name, and not just
      a TLD (#22480)
    o don't overwrite user-provided domainname by the one we guess
    o fix crash (#22756)
  - drakroam: adapt to new keyring image location in usermode (blino, #22813)
  - drakxservices: handle LSB description tags (blino, #20998)
  - printerdrake:
    o add a welcome screen to fax queue setup wizard
    o improve/update instructions for faxing with HP multi-function devices
    o let faxing instructions also appear in the fax queues help window
  - XFdrake: small GUI nits for xorg7 (pixel)
* Thu May 25 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.27-1mdk
  - drakconnect: more refactoring (blino)
  - harddrake service: write PCMCIA controller in
    /etc/modprobe.preload.d/pcmcia instead of /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia
  - net_applet: adapt to new keyring image location in usermode (blino, #22495)
  - printerdrake (till):
    o let "Refresh" button also re-read list of local queues (#22160)
    o fix network printer setup dialog not distinguishing choosen
      auto-detected printer from a manually entered printer IP
    o popup to configure optional hardware add-ons if needed when
      installing via Plug'n'Print or in recommended
    o option setup dialog: more options, GUI nits
    o handle having two choices with the same menu entry in a an option
      in the PPD file
  - XFdrake:
    o use default driver options for non-ALPS synaptics touchpads (blino)
    o fix mouse configuration (pixel)
* Tue May 23 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.26-1mdk
  - move Xdrakres from /usr/X11R6/bin to /usr/sbin (pixel)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o more refactoring
    o factorize xDSL and PPP settings
    o use new generic layer for xDSL connections in the wizard
  - drakfont: fix untranslated "about" dialog
  - drakfont, draksambashare, harddrake2, printerdrake: use standard
    Gtk+ About widget
  - draksambashare: set window icon
  - harddrake service misrequired hwdb-clients instead of harddrake-ui
  - harddrake-ui: fix untranslated license
  - keyboardrake, printerdrake: xorg7 has moved (blino)
  - printerdrake (till):
    o some GUI improvements
    o do not install gutenprint-ijs and gutenprint-foomatic any more
    o show all important Gutenprint optionsof without needing to click
      the "Advanced" button
    o use "CUPS + Gutenprint" and not "GhostScript + gutenprint-ijs"
      PPDs in beginners mode
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o install more xorg7 packages
    o add misc fonts as a fallback to xfs not running
* Fri May 19 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.25-1mdk
  - drop support of kernel 2.4 (pixel)
  - bootloader-config (pixel):
    o handle kernel-tmb's new naming more nicely
    o handle /boot/vmlinuz being a file and not a symlink
  - diskdrake: handle no geometry (pixel)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o allow to manually select the speedtouch microcode
    o allow to use atmarp with ueagle-atm as well (Free degroupe)
    o refactoring (WIP)
    o drop eagle-usb support, switch to ueagle-atm
    o handle new speedtouch firmware
    o use sysfs to get PCMCIA devices and modules.alias to match modules
  - harddrake: fix detecting some webcams (#22452)
  - localedrake: don't die when failing to install SCIM pkgs (pixel)
  - mousedrake: fix testing panel (pixel)
  - printerdrake: set up correctly HP printers with different model
    names in "hp://..." and "usb://..." URIs being with HPLIP (till)
  - XFdrake: quick adaptation to xorg7 move and splitting (pixel)
* Fri May 12 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.24-1mdk
  - package network::wireless:* too (#22402)
  - drakboot (pixel):
    o handle a little more cleanly /boot/vmlinuz being a file and not a
    o skip makeactive when comparing entries
  - XFdrake: alter bootsplash on resolution change (pixel)
* Thu May 11 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.23-1mdk
  - fix encoding in graphical tools not using
  - drakbackup: remove some gtk+ warnings (stew, #22310)
  - drakroam:
    o use new wireless backend (blino)
    o handle hidden networks when wpa_supplicant isn't used as well
  - XFdrake: lower the max hsync to disallow 1024x768@60hz 133.5 MHz,
    95.3 kHz doublescan (pixel)
* Sat May 06 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.22-1mdk
  - fix interactive layer (#22296)
  - drakconnect: clamp the TCP MSS to 1412 for PPPoE connections (useful
    if the connection is to be shared on a LAN) (blino)
* Fri May 05 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.21-1mdk
  - diskdrake: offer to check bad blocks when formatting in expert mode
  - drakboot: display disk name in "Root" entry (pixel, #21524)
  - drakboot, bootloader-config: fix handle global "vga=" (pixel)
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o propose to install 915resolution when we detect a pb
    o fix 3D config when using a OSS driver whereas nvidia or ati
      drivers are intalled too
    o fix screen resolution for some screens
* Fri Apr 28 2006 Till Kamppeter <> 10.4.20-1mdk
  - printerdrake: Fixed handling of printers being detected twice by
    CUPS (e. g. the HP printers on USB are detected both by the "usb"
    and the "hp" CUPS backends).
  - bootloader-config: add Xen support (pixel)
* Fri Apr 28 2006 Till Kamppeter <> 10.4.19-1mdk
  - drakconnect:
    o handle ipw3945 (blino)
    o update ADSL provider DB (Benoit Audouard)
  - drakmonitor: fix signal quality detection (blino)
  - localedrake: add support for Oxim (tv)
  - XFdrake: support both legacy nvidia non-legacy nvidia drivers
  - Updated printerdarke for the new CUPS 1.2 generation
    o Fast SNMP broadcast network scan (for TCP/Socket, IPP, and LPD
      network printers) based on the new "snmp" backend
    o Printers can be excluded from being broadcasted into the network
      individually, so on one server some printers can be shared, others
    o Use of IEEE-1284 also with ready-made PostScript printer PPDs and
      with network printers => more reliable auto setup of printers
    o Support for PPD files generated by CUPS on-the-fly PPD generators
      (in /usr/lib/cups/driver)
    o Plug'n'Print adapted to CUPS 1.2
  - Improved dialog to set up network printers: TCP/Socket, IPP, and LPD
    are done in one dialog, protocol auto-recognition.
  - Host name/IP of a network printer can now also be manually entered
    in recommended mode (bug 20617)
  - Automatic setup of fax queues for fax-capable HP multi-function devices.
  - Optimized printer model recognition
* Thu Apr 06 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.18-1mdk
  - drakfirewall (blino):
    o allow to have multiple interfaces in net zone (#16917)
    o write shorewall rules in rules.drakx and allow user modifications
      to be kept in /etc/shorewall/rules (ask for confirmation if
* Tue Apr 04 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.17-1mdk
  - drakconnect: add "Germany|Alice DSL" provider (Gotz Waschk, #21786)
  - draknfs, draksambashare: display banners while embedded since they
    provide their own menu bar
* Wed Mar 29 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.16-1mdk
  - reupload b/c of build issue
* Wed Mar 29 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.15-1mdk
  - localedrake: new default font for Armenian, Azeri, Cyrillic, Greek &
    Hebrew (pablo)
  - draknfs, draksambashare: fix some GUI oddities (consistency,
    untranslatable strings, ...)
  - draksambashare: fix another crash
* Wed Mar 22 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.14-1mdk
  - draksambashare:
    o fix GUI disapearing in mcc (#20295)
    o fix untranslatable string
    o cleanups
* Tue Mar 21 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.13-1mdk
  - don't loop when dmidecode returns only "# No SMBBIOS nor DMI entry
    point found, sorry." (pterjan)
  - drakboot: fix old installed kernels not added to lilo (pixel,
    - drakfont: misc GUI improvements
  - harddrake service:
    o detect AGP devices prior to video cards because of DRM vs AGP
    o enable/start pcmcia service if needed (blino)
  - keyboardrake (pablo):
    o old XKB layouts no longer used
    o keyboardrake: add two keyboards: "ng" and "mao"
  - net_applet: use "Active interfaces" menu label for network
    interfaces list, and use checkboxes instead of radio buttons (blino,
* Thu Mar 09 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.12-1mdk
  - adduserdrake: sanitize the GUI (pixel)
  - autosetupprintqueues: fix Plug'n'Print: Name of user logged in on
    the desktop is in /var/run/console/console.lock now -til()
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o allow to modify xbox partitions on non-xbox (stew)
    o better management of reiserfs4
    o enable creating a md with only one device (#21214)
    o fix untranslated messages (me, #21326)
    o load ide-generic as a fallback (me)
  - drakboot:
    o enable/disable acpi/acpid services when needed (blino, #21316)
    o display disk names (pixel, #21524)
  - drakbackup: create index files for direct-to-tape too clean up some
    issues with direct-to-tape that came with the star additions
    compress the index files (stew)
  - fix listing themes (blino)
  - finish-install (blino):
    o ask license after language (#21266)
    o ask for timezone (#21271)
    o allow to rename an old user instead of creating a new one
    o fix country selection
    o reload sys clock from hc once we know the real timezone (#21511)
    o don't try to destroy potentially non-existent wizard window (if
      some steps are skipped for example)
  - harddrake: sync v4l lists with latests kernels
  - service_harddrake:
    o autoconf bluetooth controllers (blino)
    o autoconf laptop services when switching between laptop and desktop
      and toggle the numlock service (blino)
    o fix adding storage controllers
    o manage hardware_raid too
    o really detect firewire controllers (blino)
    o update shorewall interfaces list when a new interface is detected
      (blino, #21252)
* Wed Feb 15 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.11-1mdk
  - do require msec anymore (installed by draksec)
  - diskdrake: enable to resize big ext3 fs
  - drakfont:
    o handle *.ttc fonts too
    o fix some confusing labels
    o enable to select fonts with upcase letters in file extensions
  - draksambashare: small bug fix (aginies)
  - harddrake: fix detecting some ATA devices (#21034)
* Fri Jan 27 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.10-1mdk
  - add support for new snd-als300 sound driver
  - handle new dmidecode output (pixel)
  - diskdrake: handle partitions bigger than 2TB (up to 100_000TB)
  - drakboot (pixel):
    o read all per entry entries (esp. makeactive)
    o write makeactive
    o have makeactive for windows entries (#20081)
  - drakkeyboard: updated list of console keyboards (pablo)
  - draksound: prevent some "unlisted sound card" error messages
  - drakTermServ (stew):
    o add tooltips (#20384)
    o check/sanitize user input MAC addresses
    o more support for TS2
  - drakxtv: sync with kernel-2.6.16-rc1-mm2
  - fileshareset (pixel):
    o put kde's enhancements (backward compatible)
    o multi distro
    o new variables in fileshare.conf
  - harddrake: typo fix resulting in undetected sound cards (#20355)
  - harddrake service:
    o convert parallel init to LSB (blino)
    o not an interactive service
    o require dkms (blino)
  - printerdrake:
    o fixed HPLIP setup when setting up a printer without auto-detection  (#20231)
    o give priority to custom PPD file if printer queue record in
      printerdrake is broken, use "Postscript" if Foomatic driver is
      wrongly set to "PPD" (#20028.)
    o make sure that when a user supplies an updated PPD file, the new
      file and not the old one from the system gets used
    o moved button for daemon-less CUPS client mode to the top of the
      CUPS configuration dialog to catch accidentally enabling
    o improve and fix printer model/driver listing:
      * fix handling of PPD links in Foomatic printer XML files
      * Avoid duplicate PPD entries for Foomatic-generated PPDs and
        identical pre-generated Foomatic PPDs when hplip-hpijs-ppds is
       * some polishing of list entries
  - scannerdrake:
    o load kernel modules before the port checking step (the device file
      is usually generated when the module is loaded)
    o support for loading kernel modules only in case of a certain
      connection type (SCSI, USB, Parport)
    o let kernel module only be added to /etc/modules and
      /etc/modprobe.preload if loading of the module with "modprobe"
    o do not die when loading of a kernel module does not succeed
  - XFdrake:
    o defaulting to 1024x768 instead of 800x600 when the monitor size is
       unknown (pixel, #20304)
    o 1024x768@70Hz monitor is too high (pixel, #20304)
    o option IgnoreEDID is no more needed with nvidia driver
* Mon Jan 02 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.9-1mdk
  - diskdrake: be more tolerant with devices we cannot guess all info
    about (#20340)
* Mon Jan 02 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.8-1mdk
  - drakTermServ (stew):
    o add support for custom kernel args in initrd
    o add support for future unionfs/TS2
  - drakfirewall: don't install and configure mandi-ifw if ifw is
    disabled (blino)
  - harddrake service: add parallel init support (Couriousous)
  - XFdrake: search harder for nvidia driver (blino)
* Mon Dec 19 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.7-1mdk
  - diskdrake: handle kernel-2.6.14+
* Sun Dec 18 2005 Pixel <> 10.4.6-1mdk
  - autosetupprintqueues (till)
    o Removed "localhost" from the DISPLAY veriable, it broke
      the authorization to pop up the printerdrake window 
      on the user's desktop when a new USB printer was plugged.
  - net_applet: replace sprintf_fixutf8 with simple sprintf
  - fix running lilo (
  - allow drakxtools-backend tools to work without perl-Locale-gettext
* Thu Dec 15 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.5-1mdk
  - drakbackup (stew):
    o fix some instances of 100% cpu on combo-box 'changed' in "Advanced When"
    o add drakbackup man page
    o update drakbackup.conf man page with new options
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o add user_xattr (useful for beagle, #15068)
    o lilo handles / on RAID1, so don't warn in that case (#20021)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o don't overwrite ONBOOT setting when writing adsl configuration
    o fix default metric setting for wifi interfaces
    o fix firewire not being loaded in automatic mode
  - drakproxy: add support for https proxy (blino, #19666)
  - finish-install: ask for license agreement before doing anything else
  - use Locale::gettext (pixel)
* Wed Nov 30 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.4-1mdk
  - drakboot: fix getting raid-extra-boot (pixel, #19965)
  - drakfirewall: update zones file for shorewall 3.0 (blino)
  - draksound: automatically install packages
* Fri Nov 25 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.3-1mdk
  - drakconnect: preselect first ISP of user's country
  - finish-install:
    o allow to blacklist steps in /etc/sysconfig/finish-install (blino)
    o be able to set up keyboard (pixel)
  - drakfont: fix the need to press twice the "close" button (blino, #14314)
* Mon Nov 21 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.2-1mdk
  - diskdrake: handle missing dmraid (pixel, l#19849)
  - draksound: install aoss when switching from OSS to ALSA
* Fri Nov 18 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4.1-1mdk
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o add button "Label" (in expert mode) to set the "volume label" (and
      so get LABEL= in fstab and lilo.conf)
    o dmraid log is mixed with valid data (#19654)
    o handle "users" the way "user" is handled
    o handle dmraid-1.0.0 RC9 (#19654)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o don't screw up eagle-usb devices if the firmware is already loaded
    o fix zd1201 devices detection as well
  - drakroam (blino):
    o don't crash if mandi isn't started (#19608)
    o fix wireless network list using iwlist (#19742)
    o remember 'restricted' wireless mode
* Mon Nov 07 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4-0.3mdk
  - requires perl-suid for fileshareset and filesharelist (#17123)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o don't duplicate variables (MTU, NETMASK, IPADDR) in ifcfg files
    o don't let interfaces with unknown drivers be configured
    o temporary workaround to have device-independant config files in
    o use standard 'mac' modifier in iftab for IEEE1394, EUI64 and IRDA
    o workaround missing "device" link in sysfs for rt2400/rt2500
  - net_applet: misc small fixes (blino)
  - printerdrake: fix setting up printers with pre-made Foomatic PPD in
    /usr/share/cups/model (till, #19524)
  - XFdrake: properly handle switch between nvidia & nvidia_legacy
* Wed Oct 19 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4-0.2mdk
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o separate hpfs and ntfs entries (even if they both use the same
      type id in partition table) (#19322)
    o use vol_id in order to find device type
    o fix using mdadm 1.12.0
  - harddrake2:
    o do not merge AGP section into BRIDGES one
    o Club integration for proprietary drivers
  - net_applet: use disconnected icon if no route, even if wifi is
    associated (blino)
* Tue Oct 18 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.4-0.1mdk
  - drakauth: hide the password (pixel, #18800)
  - drakbackup (stew):
    o avoid wiping out user cron
    o extended ACL support user star (#17761)
    o multiple email recipients
    o fix restoring with file in 2 archives
    o profile support (#17566)
    o enhance cron support
    o weekday ranges (#18290)
  - drakboot: use compact by default (pixel, #8752)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o set hostname only after packages have been installed, thus
      preventing graphical urpmi may fail
    o restart ethernet interface for PPPoE connections
  - drakfont: fix layout
  - drakhelp: fallback nicely, trying english if i18n doc not available (pixel)
  - drakproxy: better explanations (#17261)
  - draksound: do display the driver description (#5403)
  - drakTermServ (stew):
    o install mkisofs if needed
    o refuse to creates images without a NIC
  - harddrake: properly report no configurable parameter (#17579)
  - keyboarddrake (pablo):
    o add "fo" keyboard
    o synchronize XKB keyboard names with what is in latest xorg
  - net_applet: show IFW button even if not connected (blino, #18708)
  - printerdrake (till):
    o do not auto-install "sane-frontends" for MF devices
    o let parallel HP printers be set up with HPLIP
    o removed HPOJ support (HPOJ obsolete, now completely replaced by HPLIP). 
    o warn if an HP printer is connected via a port not supported by
    o fix freezing when choosing a machine as remote CUPS server (for
      daemon-less client) which does not exist or does not run CUPS.
    o let network printer detection also work if the DNS is
    o hide "Printer options" entry in printer editing menu only if there
      are really no options (also for Sagem MF3625 with empty
      manufacturer name in the PPD)
    o fix raw queue being shown with "driver: PPD" (not "driver: raw")
    o do not use "Unknown model" and "Unknown Model", this somtimes
      broke identifying a print queue as being for an unknown printer
    o fix loop of determining the HPLIP device URI for local printers in
      the "printer::main::start_hplip()" function
  - XFdrake:
    o handle nvidia_legacy
    o don't run ldconfig when not needed
    o prevent x11 segfaulting with nvidia driver (loading both
      Xorg's glx and nvidia's glx)
    o prevent GL apps from segfaulting when using nv driver while nvidia
      packages're installed
* Tue Sep 20 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.64mdk
  - drakconnect:
    o really restart ethernet interface for PPPOE connection (blino)
    o fix hostap/orinoco driver detection (#18294)
  - net_applet: force menu refresh when interface status is modified
    (blino, #18636)
* Mon Sep 19 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.63mdk
  - add sr_mod in modprobe.preload if needed (blino, #18641)
  - drakconnect:
    o use ifplugd with b44
    o don't use ifplugd for ethernet devices associated with a
      pppoe/pptp connection (blino)
    o fix probing the PPPOE login name (blino)
    o keep changed made by modem tools run by drakconnect
  - drakbackup: remove unclear text (stew, #18619)
  - drakroam (blino):
    o increase timeout after a wireless network is selected
    o fix crash
  - draksec: ensure wait dialogs contents is showed on applying msec
  - harddrake:
    o display parallel port controllers in the "system" section rather
      than in the "unknown" one
    o display the vendor name rather than "printer" in the left tree for
  - net_applet: fix crash when only one interface is configured
  - printerdrake (till):
    o handle new HPIJ
    o fix list of displayed printers
  - XFdrake: don't load "glx" with "fbdev" (pixel)
* Fri Sep 16 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.62mdk
  - bootloader-config: fix entry "linux" when removing a kernel (pixel)
  - diskdrake: check if resize2fs failed (pixel)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o fix start/stop of interfaces that are not set to start on boot
    o fix device path for HCF modems
    o fortify PPP configuration
    o install madwifi drivers if needed
    o restart hsf/hcfpci services when needed
    o rewrite shorewall config at end of setup
    o support AVM FRITZ!Card DSL USB v2.0
  - drakconnect/drakroam (blino):
    o better handling of ASCII WEP keys (#18558)
    o write wireless settings in wireless.d/ as well
  - drakfirewall: read shorewall net interface from configuration file (blino)
  - drakgw: fix untranslated messages (blino, #17969)
  - drakroam (blino):
    o don't automatically refresh networks list
    o show refresh icon if network isn't connected
  - harddrake GUI: show the main window earlier (thus fixing 
    windows' icons)
  - harddrake service: write /etc/iftab if needed (blino)
  - keyboarddrake: fix some keyboards (fredl)
  - localedrake:
    o do not force font name since fontconfig handle it perfectly
      (funda wang)
    o fix --apply managment (ennael, misc)
  - net_applet (blino):
    o allow to up/down any network interface
    o refresh wireless networks every minute only
  - net_applet/drakroam (blino):
    o fallback to wpa_cli or iwlist/iwconfig when wpa_supplicant is not
      used (#18516)
    o adjust signal level given by wpa_supplicant
  - XFdrake: use nvidia legacy drivers for TNT2/GeForce/GeForce2 (blino)
  - require gtkdialogs for urpmi --gui (rafael)
* Tue Sep 13 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.61mdk
  - drakboot: misc fixes (pixel)
  - drakperm: check if path, username & group are valid
  - localedrake:
    o use SCIM for vietnamese
    o im-ja supports gtk-immodule but not qt-immodule (Yukiko Bando)
    o install scim-tomoe for japanese
  - XFdrake: sync kbd list with current Xorg (fredl)
* Tue Sep 13 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.60mdk
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o keep modem specific stuff in ifcfg-*
    o list and configure wireless interfaces for which the firmware
      isn't available (#18195)
    o misc tweaks for 3rd party drivers
  - localedrake: use qtimmodule again
* Sat Sep 10 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.59mdk
  - drakboot: misc fixes (pixel)
  - drakconnect: support soft modems through ALSA (blino)
  - draksplash: fix adjustments creation (blino, #18295)
* Fri Sep 09 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.58mdk
  - drakids: allow to blacklist/whitelist from the log
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o fix ISDN configurations
    o do not use wrong orinoco driver (#18214)
* Fri Sep 09 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.57mdk
  - drakfirewall: don't enable custom IFW rules (blino)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o disable roaming for rt2400/rt2500
    o really read system kppp configuration
    o do not let modem settings be overriden by previous ppp0 settings
    o misc fixes for 3rd party drivers
  - harddrake service: prevent wiping /etc/modprobe.preload (#16181)
  - localedrake: unset QT_IM_MODULE due to unsatisfied qtimmodule
    support in KDE (funda wang)
  - logdrake: insensitive categories for which file is missing, thus
    preventing crashing (#16935)
  - net_monitor (blino):
    o really preselect default interface
    o show ppp/isdn interfaces as well (#18303)
  - printerdrake: fix setup of HP's multi-function printers on 64-bit
    boxes (till)
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o when changing the card/monitor, ensure the resolution is still
    o when switching to fbdev, ensure we have a bios resolution
* Thu Sep 08 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.56mdk
  - harddrake service: blacklist audio too (#12731)
* Wed Sep 07 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.55mdk
  - drakfirewall: fix port range parser (blino)
  - draksec: install chkrootkit if needed (#17896)
  - harddrake service: fix status message (#16925)
  - printerdrake (till):
    o make it work on 64-bit systems
    o only install "desktop-printing" when "gnome-panel" is installed
    o fixes in handling unknown printers
    o fix endless loop when clicking "Back" in model selection and when
      no model was automatically found.
    o do not set margins in CUPS for HPIJS driver
* Tue Sep 06 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.54mdk
  - drakauth, finish-install: handle required package(s) not installed
    correctly (pixel, #18180)
  - drakconnect: set SSID for rt2400/rt2500 cards using WPA with an
    iwpriv command (blino, #18205)
  - printerdrake (till):
    o fix printer list filtering in the main window
    o prevent auto-refreshing to happen while refreshing
    o auto-refresh the list of remote printers in the main windows every
      5 seconds.
* Sun Sep 04 2005 Olivier Blin <> 10.3-0.53mdk
  - printerdrake (Till):
    o let also network printers be found which do not answer to a
      broadcast ping (most newer HP), this is done only in class C
      and smaller networks, to not scan too many machines
    o made reloading of parallel port kernel modules (for auto-detection)
       also working if "ppdev" module is loaded
    o make building of main window of printerdrake much faster
    o check for CUPS daemon running without console output
* Sat Sep 03 2005 Olivier Blin <> 10.3-0.52mdk
  - drakhelp: prefix file path with file://
    (mozilla-firefox needs a valid url)
  - net_applet: don't exec new binary on update (#16051)
  - printerdrake (Till): use printer name determined by HPLIP to
    auto-select PPD file of a network printer where the model name
    was not determined by SNMP
* Fri Sep 02 2005 Olivier Blin <> 10.3-0.51mdk
  - drakfirewall: allow to install and configure Interface Firewall
  - net_applet:
    o run drakids on click if an alert is still available
    o don't display keyring icon if the wireless network doesn't
      need a key (thanks to Couriousous)
    o allow to use vlan/alias interfaces (thanks to Michael Scherer)
  - drakconnect:
    o fix include path (#18103)
    o don't blacklist madwifi_pci for ifplugd
    o fix isdn config in manage interface
  - drakroam: fix embedded mode (#18113)
  - mygtk2:
    o fix return value in window method
     (fix net_monitor crash, #18136, Pixel & me)
    o improve progress bars and banners (Pixel)
  - XFdrake (Pixel): drivers/fglrx_drv.o is now drivers/
  - drakboot (Pixel):
    o handle "=" between keyword and value (esp. useful for reading
      Conectiva's menu.lst) (bugzilla #18090)
    o ensure /boot/message-text exists
      (useful when switching from grub to lilo)
  - drakauth (Pixel & Vincent Guardiola):
    o allow Active Directory even on non corporate product
    o change definition for Active Directory with SFU and
      Active Directory Winbind
    o remove idmap ldap backend for winbind AD (obsolete, see Samba 3.0.20)
    o remove default_tgs_enctypes, default_tkt_enctypes, permitted_enctypes
      from /etc/krb5.conf for winbind configuration (#15232)
  - printerdrake:
    o added recording of IEEE-1284 device ID string, for USB printers
    o fix parallel printer auto-detection
    o pre-select newly added PPD file in the printer/driver list
    o fix recognition of alredy set up queues for auto queue setup
      (for several Xerox Phaser printers, the user was asked again and again)
    o support for HPLIP URIs with "?device=..." (#18041, #18053)
  - draksplash (Warly): add a lot more settings (text and progress bars)
* Wed Aug 31 2005 Olivier Blin <> 10.3-0.50mdk
  - drakroam: rewrite it to use wpa_supplicant and mandi
  - net_applet:
    o use new wireless icons
    o display wireless link icon in tray icon if connected
      through wireless
    o check wireless every 20 seconds only
    o detect use vlan/alias interfaces (thanks to Michael Scherer)
    o rephrase IFW interactive/automatic checkbox label in
      the settings menu
  - generic wireless:
    o configure wpa_supplicant correctly for shared or passwordless
    o wpa_supplicant may list some networks twice, handle it
  - drakconnect:
    o restart associated ethernet device for dsl connections needing it
    o rephrase "DSL connection type" message, the preselected type
      has better to be kept
    o don't blacklist ifplugd for pcmcia interfaces
    o use lower case 'i' for iwconfig/iwpriv/iwspy (#18031)
  - draksplash: restrict mouse motion to image
  - drakfont: allow to import Windows Fonts (#15531)
  - printerdrake (Till):
    o when setting up new queue with HPLIP old HPOJ, delete config
    o restart CUPS after installing HPLIP for a network printer
    o autosetupprintqueues: use correct language
    o disable margins with Gutenprint
    o removed "Do not print testy page" in test page step of add printer
      wizard (bug #15861)
    o fix message window in the case that no local printer was found
      when running the add printer wizard in beginner's mode (bug #16757)
  - drakhosts/draksambashare/draknfs (Antoine Ginies): use new icons
  - draknfs (Antoine Ginies):
    o in case of all_squash use anongid=65534 and anongid=65534
    o create dir if it does not exist
    o fix typo (#17978)
  - draksambashare (Antoine Ginies):
    o add popup menu to easily modify/remove share
    o add printer support, notebook support, and user tab
  - interactive layer (Pixel): fix "Cancel" in ask_okcancel
  - bootlader-config (Pixel):
    o vga_fb expects the vga mode, not a boolean
    o propose to create a default bootloader configuration when no
      bootloader is found
    o conectiva 10's grub detection
    o install grub stage files in install_grub(), not write_grub()
      (#17830, thanks to herton)
  - XFdrake (Pixel): handle nvidia's being now in extensions/nvidia
  - drakTermServ (Stew): reverse xdm-config logic for XDMCP
  - drakfirewall (Thierry): use banner and icon
  - harddrake (Thierry):
    o add more icons
    o sync with latest saa7134 driver
    o ldetect runs gzip now, reduce time spent by using a cache
    o find driver of host controller from sysfs in all cases (not just usb-storage)
  - diskdrake: (Thierry)
    o document 'encrypted' option (#13562, Per Oyvind Karlsen)
    o Grub really is named GRUB (it makes the pull-down more consistent)
* Thu Aug 25 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.49mdk
  - interactive layer: do not crash when given an empty list (blino, #17718)
  - diskdrake, XFdrake: misc bug fixes (pixel)
  - drakbackup: enable tape hardware compression (stew, #17565)
  - draknetconnect (blino):
    o fix network restart condition for 6to4
    o use wext driver for ipw cards in wpa_supplicant
  - drakids (blino):
    o add log tab
    o allow to clear logs
  - drakTermServ (stew, Diogo):
    o don't use "X -ac" for thin clients
    o clear main window on tab change
    o offer to install i586 kernel for old clients
    o progress display while creating all kernel images
    o move dhcpd config to more logical area
  - net_applet (blino):
    o allow to whitelist attackers in popup
    o show attacks of unknown type
    o stop icon blinking when drakids is run or clear logs, or when an
      Interactive Firewall alert isn't processed
    o present drakids window on click on menu if drakids is already run
  - printerdrake (till):
    o fixed problem of current printer/driver not chosen in the printer
      editing menu (in expert mode and with manufacturer-supplied PPD)
    o support for one pre-built PPD:
      * for non-PostScript drivers (eg: PCL-XL PPDs from Ricoh)
      * being linked from multiple printer database entries
* Tue Aug 23 2005 Olivier Blin <> 10.3-0.48mdk
  - from Pixel:
    o mousedrake: don't use a udev rule, this doesn't always work
      for input/mice, and never for ttySL0
    o fix Mandrivalinux to Mandriva Linux in description
      (Eskild Hustvedt)
    o diskdrake: enhance grub parsing (#17732)
* Sun Aug 21 2005 Olivier Blin <> 10.3-0.47mdk
  - net_applet:
    o use Gtk2::NotificationBubble for IFW
    o do not crash when unexpanding details in IFW window
    o do not fail to start if messagebus is down
    o do not show drakids in menu if IFW isn't available
  - drakids: display protocol as text
  - drakconnect: install bpalogin if needed only
  - localedrake (Thierry): enable to select scim+pinyin
  - drakTermServ (Stew): ignore config file for First Time Wizard,
    assume defaults (#17673)
* Sat Aug 20 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.46mdk
  - drakconnect: only install bpalogin if needed (blino)
  - drakTermServ (stew):
    o client tree edit fix (#17653),
    o write to floppy (#17655)
  - harddrake service: use the new way to blacklist modules (#12731)
  - harddrake GUI: only install HW packages of high priority
  - net_applet: cosmetic fixes (blino)
  - printerdrake: removed stuff for automatic print queue setup when
    starting CUPS (till)
* Fri Aug 19 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.45mdk
  - rpmlint fixes
  - diskdrake: better reiser4 support (pixel)
  - drakids (blino):
    o use "Allowed addresses" instead of "Attacker" in whitelist
    o improve list removal workaround using a copying grep
  - keyboardrake: revert removal of keyboard layout weight of zh.
    (Funda Wang, #16873)
  - printerdrake: misc enhancements
  - net_applet (blino):
    o use balloons to notify attacks
    o show attack window on balloon click
* Fri Aug 12 2005 Flavio Bruno Leitner <> 10.3-0.44mdk 
  - changed requires from modutils to module-init-tools
* Thu Aug 11 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.43mdk
  - diskdrake: fix misc bugs with encrypted folders (pixel, #16893 & #17142) 
  - harddrake service: speedup startup on some old machines
  - mousedrake: do write an udev rule for serial mice (pixel, #17114)
* Wed Aug 10 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.42mdk
  - localedrake: fix switch to a language that need an input methd (#17352)
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o differentiate (nfs)servers on ip first to have less dups (#17236)
    o fix update boot loader on renumbering partitions (#16786)
    o write /etc/mdadm.conf when creating a new md (#15502)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o do not write aliases interfaces in iftab
    o handle access point roaming using wpa_supplicant
    o initial IPv6 support (6to4 tunnel)
    o keep MS_DNS1, MS_DNS2 and DOMAIN variables in ifcfg files
    o overwrite previous wpa_supplicant entries with same SSID or BSSID
  - drakhosts, draknfs: do not crash when config file is empty (antoine,
* Sat Aug 06 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.41mdk
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o allow to use WEP keys in wpa_supplicant
    o use ifplugd for wireless interfaces
    o use ifup/ifdown with the boot option to handle ifplugd
  - draksplash (blino):
    o handle progress bar color
    o install jpegtopnm if needed
  - drakTermServ: GUI enhancements (stew)
  - drakUPS: do not detect some keyboards as UPSes
  - drakxtv: fix configuring drivers other than bttv
  - autosetupprintqueues: fix logs (till, #17264)
  - harddrake:
    o do not detect PCI/USB modems twice (as modems and as unknown
    o run keyboardrake for keyboards
    o do not offer to configure driver of keyboards and mice (#17254)
  - localedrake: fix global KDE config when switching locales and when
    font changes whereas KDE charset doesn't (Mashrab Kuvatov)
  - printerdrake: Added special handling for the "capt" driver (Canon
    LBP-810/1120 winprinters) (till)
  - scannerdrake: fix detecting scanners
  - XFdrake (pixel): don't have empty ModeLines lying around (#16960)
* Thu Aug 04 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.40mdk
  - do not write rules conflicting with udev ones
  - don't package dbus stuff && finish-install in drakxtools-backend
  - diskdrake: minimal reiser4 support (pixel, #15839)
  - drakclock: add some ntp servers from brazil (pixel, #16879)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o apply gateway modifications (#17260)
    o fix applying DNS change (#17253)
    * fix for new sysfs tree architecture
  - drakgw: make sure shorewall gets enabled (blino, #17238)
  - draksound: handle a couple more drivers
  - net_applet: put wireless items in a submenu (blino)
* Sat Jul 30 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.39mdk
  - do not detect WingMan & Logitech devices as UPSes (#16995, #16994)
  - drakconnect: fix testing network connection (blino)
  - draksound: emphasize if drivers are OSS or ALSA based (#15902)
  - localedrake: fixed KDE font for extended cyrillic languages (pablo)
  - net_applet: add support for active firewall (blino)
  - printerdrake (till):
    o fix configuring sane
    o print queue auto setup
* Thu Jul 28 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.38mdk
  - enforce GNOME button order when not under KDE
  - make more dialogs transient if possible
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o fix ISDN configuration
    o fix writing module aliases
    o write hosts in correct order in /etc/hosts (#15039)
    o do not kill mcc (#17024)
  - drakfirewall (blino):
    o don't write alias interfaces in shorewall interfaces file
    o run shorewall clear if firewall is stopped (#17046)
  - drakhosts, draknfs: improved GIU (antoine)
  - draksound: fix intel support (#16944)
  - mousedrake: fix alps touchpads detection (blino)
  - net_applet (blino):
    o enable activefw
    o misc wireless enhancements
  - XFdrake: adopt to new mandriva-theme package naming schema (Funda
    Wang, #16977)
* Wed Jul 20 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.37mdk
  - fix layout for programms embedded with their menubar (eg: harddrake,
    printerdrake, rpmdrake) (#13931)
  - draknfs: remove ipnet/32 in access_list (antoine)
  - harddrake2: really reap zombie children and let be able to run a
    second config tool again (#16851)
  - net_applet: misc improvments (blino)
* Tue Jul 19 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.36mdk
  - drakconnect: write firewire mac_addresses again (oblin)
  - draknfs:
    o fix displaying help the second time
    o make sub dialogs modal and transcient to their main window
    o advanced options' help:
      * improve layout
      * fix text phrasing
      * make it consistent with the GUI (ensure labels are named the
        same way on buttons and in help) and speak about labels not
        actual option names in config file
  - drakhosts:
    o make sub dialogs modal and transcient to their main window
    o improve layout (hidden buttons)
  - draksplash: do not die if loaded file isn't an image (blino, #16829)
  - drakxtv: really display sg when there's no card (blino, #16716)
  - require perl-Net-DBus (for net_applet and drakids) (blino)
* Sat Jul 16 2005 Olivier Blin <> 10.3-0.35mdk
  - net_applet: initial wireless support
  - drakgw: move wait message after package installation
    (or else the interface isn't active)
  - draknfs (Antoine):
    o move menu above banner
    o use expander to show/hide advanced options,
    o remove empty value in advanced option
    o change draknfs tittle (thx Fabrice Facorat)
    o add exit on ok button
    o ensure nfs-utils is installed
  - drakTermServ (Stew): add/remove entries to default PXE config
* Tue Jul 12 2005 Olivier Blin <> 10.3-0.34mdk
  - really write modem/adsl ifcfg files (fix ONBOOT setting)
  - don't restart network service at drakconnect startup
  - draknfs (Antoine):
    o always display ok_cancel button
    o add a checkbox to enable/disable advanced options
  - drakTermServ (Stew):
    don't try to manipulate PXE stuff if the directory isn't present
* Sat Jul 09 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.33mdk
  - drakboot: add support for graphical grub (Herton Ronaldo Krzes)
  - draknfs: various adjustement in main windows (antoine)
  - drakvpn: fix untranslated strings (#16736)
* Fri Jul 08 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.32mdk
  - drakconnect: do not restart network to apply modifications, run ifup
    or ifplugd instead (blino)
  - draknfs, drakhosts: GUI improvements (antoine)
* Wed Jul 06 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.31mdk
  - drakfloppy: do not package it anymore since kernel is too big
  - drakhosts, draknfs: new tools (antoine)
  - harddrake service: fix faillure on startup
* Sat Jul 02 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.30mdk
  - diskdrake:
    o misc LVM enhancements (pixel, the "Anne" effect, #16168, #16176,
        o enhanced dmraid support (pixel)
    o don't allow labels on "/" for !extX fs since mkinitrd only handle
      ext2/ext3 labels (pixel)
    o describe "grpquota" and "usrquota" mount options (#15671)
  - drakbug: fix reporting bugs for "Standalone Tools" and prevent shell
    parsing unquoted bugzilla URL(blino & me, #16580)
  - drakfirewall (blino):
    o add 'routeback' option for bridge interfaces in shorewall
      interfaces file
    o don't write loc to fw ACCEPT rules, we always reset the policy to
      accept (#16087)
  - draksplash (blino):
    o write progress bars in bootsplash config files
    o update crossbars when scale values are modified
  - net_applet: reduce memory footprint (#15308)
* Fri Jul 01 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.29mdk
  - do not load librpm when not needed (rafael, me)
  - diskdrake: enhanced dmraid support (pixel)
  - drakboot: handle no bootloader configuration found (pixel)
* Tue Jun 28 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.28mdk
  - drakxtv:
    o enable to configure cx88 driver
    o update card lists from kernel-2.6.12
  - net_applet: reduce fork()/exec() pressure on system (blino)
  - service_harddrake: fix switch from nvidia to nv for
* Sat Jun 25 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.27mdk
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o enhanced dmraid support
    o some free space computing for LVM
    o support labels for more file systems
  - drakauth (blino, pixel):
    o fix crash (#16564)
    o fix NISDOMAIN
  - localedrake: add scim-ccinput support (funda wang)
  - net_monitor: fix crash (blino)
  - more PXE infrastructure (blino)
* Tue Jun 21 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.26mdk
  - drakconnect: don't strip VLAN and MTU fields from ifcfg files (blino)
  - diskdrake: initial dmraid support (pixel)
  - fix some programs after cleanups:
    o drakconnect, drakvpn (blino, #16505, #16502)
    o harddrake2 (#16472)
  - XFdrake: fix 3D on ATI cards
* Sat Jun 18 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.25mdk
  - drakboot:
    o make it use stage1_5 thus enabling to survive disk change, ie
      geometry alteration (pixel)
    o fix reading config with new grub (thus fixing detectloader,
      bootloader-config & installkernel)
  - harddrake: make it load mouse modules on change, since
    modprobe.preload is read before harddrake is run, thus fixing
    synaptics (blino)
* Thu Jun 16 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.24mdk
  - fix banner widget breaking rpmdrake and the like
  - XFdrake: prevent loading/unloading twice the same glx module on non
    NV cards
* Wed Jun 15 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.23mdk
  - drakauth: stop messing with likeauth and nullok options and keep
    them on the pam_unix line (pixel, #12066)
  - drakboot:
    o adapt to new grub
    o don't drop "shade" and "viewport" lines (pixel, #16372)
  - drakconnect: add senegal ADSL provider entry (daouda)
  - XFdrake: protect quotes in monitor names (pixel, #16406)
* Thu Jun 09 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.22mdk
  - drakfirewall (blino):
    o do not crash when restarting shorewall
    o do not write buggy shorewall masqfile when connection sharing is
* Wed Jun 08 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.21mdk
  - bootloader-config, drakboot, diskdrake: fix some LABEL bugs (pixel)
  - drakauth: read existing authentication conf (pixel)
  - drakbackup: tape backup/restore fixes to work with new .backupignore
    scheme & other bug fixes (stew)
  - drakboot: keep read-only, read-write and label as verbatim as
    possible (pixel)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o big code base cleanups
    o keep NETWORKING_IPV6 and FORWARD_IPV4 variables in
    o fix old ISDN modems
    o fix calling s2u on system hostname change
  - drakedm: get list of DM from /etc/X11/dm.d/*.conf (pixel)
  - draksplash: misc fixes (blino)
  - finish-install: add language selection to finish-install
* Tue May 31 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.20mdk
  - handle more DVB cards
  - drakconnect: third party support update (blino):
    o point the user to the relevant packages/documentation/url if
    o do not allow to configure a device if its requirements aren't
  - harddrake service: load drivers for newly added devices so that they
    work out of the box on first boot after card plugging (AGP, IDE, DVB,
    SCSI, TV)
  - printerdrake: support for PPD file names with spaces (till, #16172)
* Sat May 28 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.19mdk
  - drakedm: handle /etc/X11/dm.d/* entries (as proposed by Loic Baudry)
  - localedrake:
    o display SCIM combinaisons in a sub menu
    o enable to select extra SCIM combinaisons: scim+anthy, scim+canna,
      scim+fcitx, scim+m17n, scim+prime, and scim+skk;
* Sat May 28 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.18mdk
  - drakgw, drakshorewall: misc fixes (blino)
  - draksplash (blino):
    o use scrollbar in preview window
    o try not to be larger than screen size minus toolbars size
    o close_window -> close_all
  - harddrake: fix misdetecing USB mass storage devices (#13569)
  - localedrake:
    o enable to select scim+uim again
    o install needed packages for kinput2
  - net_applet: let user call drakroam (blino, #16019)
* Wed May 25 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.17mdk
  - drakgw (blino):
    o wizardify
    o allow not to enable DNS, dhcpd and proxy servers
    o allow not to enable CUPS broadcast
    o use network interfaces instead of network addresses in CUPS
  - harddrake: use mousedrake to configure tablets & touchscreens
* Mon May 23 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.16mdk
  - interactive layer: fix canceling managment in text mode
  - XFdrake: only run ldconfig if needed (aka only if GL config was
    altered), thus speeding up auto-config of X in harddrake service
  - fix joystick detection (pixel, #16099)
* Fri May 20 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.15mdk
  - drakconnect, harddrake: detect all ADSL modems of each kind
  - harddrake GUI:
    o detect yet more webcams and USB audio devices
    o DVB support:
      * list DVB cards in their own category
      * install needed packages for DVB
    o list tablets and touchscreens in their own category
    o fix detecting joysticks
    o really list ATM devices
  - harddrake service: install/remove DVB drivers if needed
* Fri May 20 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.14mdk
  - interactive layer: handle canceling wizards in text mode
  - hardware support:
    o detect more webcams
    o detect more ADSL USB modems (needs further drakconnect work)
  - harddrake:
    o create new categories for USB audio, ATM, Bluetooth, WAN, and radio devices
    o split joysticks category into real joystick and gameport controller ones
  - localedrake: clarify "other countries" vs "advanced" label depending if the
    language is spoken in several countries and if the language needs an IM method
* Wed May 18 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.13mdk
  - drakboot (blino):
    o add the "Create new theme" button back
    o allow to choose between "text only", "verbose" and "silent"
      bootsplash modes
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o use iwpriv for WPA with rt2x00 drivers (since they don't support
    o keep # and * characters in phone number (#16031)
  - drakroam:
    o fix perms on /etc/wlandetect.conf (#16020)
    o really write waproamd config files (blino)
* Tue May 17 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.12mdk
  - fix GtkTextView wrapper
  - drakups: do not detect MS joystick as UPS (#15930)
* Fri May 13 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.11mdk
  - diskdrake: default to "Custom" when group fileshare exists (pixel, #15917)
  - drakbackup (stew):
    o drop webdav support (can be mounted as a normal net filesystem
      these days)
    o remove translation on "tape" media selection (#15437)
    o rework .backupignore handling (#12352)
  - drakconnect: reorder drakconnect first screen (blino)
  - drakups: fix detecting Wingman gamepad as UPS (#15750)
  - harddrake: ensure wait message is centered on mcc
  - harddrake service: fix PCMCIA breakage (#15742)
  - fix serial controllers detection (#15457)
* Wed May 11 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.10mdk
  - draksplash (blino):
    o improved layout (separate window for image previews, notebook to
      split silent/verbose/console settings)
    o update scale factors when the theme name is changed too
    o use default jpeg image path in config file for both silent and
      verbose images
    o force the exact image size when writing a theme
    o write bootsplash v3 configuration files (progress bar still
    o allow to modify progress bar and console box by dragging the mouse
    o really get default vga mode
    o shrink preview window on resolution change
    o handle both silent and verbose images
  - localedrake (UTUMI Hirosi):
    o add support for iiimf
    o do not install anymore uim-anthy for japanese users
* Thu May 05 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.9mdk
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o fix displaying number of logical extents
    o allow resizing ext3 LV if not mounted
    o allow resizing reiserfs LV even if not mounted
  - drakbackup (stew):
    o clarify quota message, optional delete old backups (#15066)
    o optional mail "From" address (#15293)
    o fix automagic addition of /root to backups when not desired
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o ask wireless settings before boot protocol selection
    o remove useless warning in install, we never override configuration (#10827)
  - draksplash (blino):
    o fix theme creation
    o preview theme in real time, cleanups
    o use default values for scale settings
    o draw a cross inside the text box
  - drakTermServ (stew):
    o update for new etherboot
    o predict NBI disk space usage and check
    o catch failed NBI creation (#13902)
    o catch failed dhcpd.conf creation (#13943)
    o misc small bug fixes
* Tue May 03 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.8mdk
  - ensure most sub dialogs reuse the icon of their main window
  - drakboot: improve layout
  - drakconnect: fix USB devices detection for ndiswrapper (blino)
  - harddrake: fix SATA & hw RAID detection (detect them pior to detecting PATA)
* Sat Apr 30 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.7mdk
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o don't write /etc/ppp/options anymore, adjust options in peer files
    o display VPI/VCI values in decimal
    o configure pppoe connections in a ppp peer file
  - drakroam (blino):
    o do not write blank ESSID
    o exit and warn when no wireless interface is found (#15244)
  - drakups: do not detect IR devices as UPSes (#15495)
  - XFdrake: if one prefer using "Modes" instead of "Virtual", keep it
    as is (pixel)
* Tue Apr 26 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.6mdk
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o fix WPA key (#15621)
    o allow to disable WPA even if no key is used
    o handle errors in wireless packages installation
  - drakroam: fix Signal Quality parsing (blino)
* Fri Apr 22 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.5mdk
  - mandrakesoft is now mandriva
* Fri Apr 22 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.4mdk
  - drakconnect: basic tokenring support
* Fri Apr 22 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.3mdk
  - drakbackup, drakfont, draksplash: switch to gtk+-2.6's new file selector
  - drakbackup, drakroam: fix layout
  - drakfont: filter file list so that only fonts are displayed
* Thu Apr 21 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.2mdk
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o merge wireless steps and move advanced settings in advanced mode (#15501)
    o configure wpa driver in drakconnect, wpa_supplicant init script is dropped
    o fix default wireless mode to be "Managed" instead of "Secondary"
    o really use given encryption key
    o improve ndiswrapper driver configuration (allow to select driver,
      device and many errors handling)
    o fix fallback sysfs if ethtool failled
    o do not write zeroed MAC addresses in iftab, it confuses ifrename
    o do not crash if modprobe fails
    o unload ndiswrapper first so that the newly installed .inf files
      will be read
    o allow to choose the wireless encryption mode between "None", "Open
      WEP", "Restricted WEP" and "WPA Pre-Shared Key"
  - drakfirewall: fix automatic net interface detection (blino)
  - drakroam: fix SSID listing (blino)
  - keyboardrake: update keyboard list for next xorg-x11 (pablo)
  - mousedrake (blino):
    o preselect synaptics touchpad if no external mouse is present
    o better detection for touchpad
    o append evdev in modprobe.preload if a touchpad is detected
    o always configure an universal mouse so that USB mices can be hotplugged
    o always set synaptics touchpad as secondary and don't list them in
  - net_applet: increase network check timeout to lower the load (blino)
  - XFdrake: suggest 1280x1024 instead of 1280x960 which causes pbs (pixel)
* Sat Apr 16 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.3-0.1mdk
  - drakbackup: fix direct-to-tape backup/restore issues (stew, #15293)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o use sysfs as fallback to detect wireless interfaces (eg:
    o allow to modify METRIC settings in the wizard
    o fix displaying wifi data in manage interface
* Wed Apr 13 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-24mdk
  - drakconnect: fix connection establishment (rafael)
* Tue Apr 12 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-23mdk
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o fix error reporting for ndiswrapper package installation (#15373)
    o handle spaces in ndiswrapper drivers path
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o fix empty ModeLine lines
    o 1152x864 needs more modelines than the poor 1152x864@75Hz builtin
      xorg (#11698)
* Sat Apr 09 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-22mdk
  - drakconnect: always restart slmodem, even if it was already
    installed (blino)
  - harddrake: fix harddrake crash with USB/PCI DSL modems (blino, #15034)
* Fri Apr 08 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-21mdk
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o fix support for fix h[cs]f modems
    o create correct /dev/modem && install correct package for HCF modems
  - drakroam (blino):
    o don't truncate default gateway (#15247)
    o hide roaming frame by default
  - net_applet (blino):
    o really allow users to start connection without having to type the
      root password
    o fix refresh
* Wed Apr 06 2005 Olivier Blin <> 10.2-20mdk
  - mousedrake: really apply specific ALPS touchpad settings (#14510)
  - drakconnect:
    o install dkms packages if found
    o support more slmodems
  - net_monitor: improve wifi detection
  - drakroam:
    o do not crash if no essid is selected (partially fix #15244)
    o hide unavailable features, add close button
  - drakboot (Pixel): apply patch from bugzilla #15216, adding support for
    "password=..." and "restricted" at per-entry level (thanks to jarfil)
  - misc charset fixes (Pixel, Pablo)
* Tue Apr 05 2005 Olivier Blin <> 10.2-19mdk
  - drakconnect:
    o only switch up wireless devices during detection
    o do not reupload firmware for eagle-usb modems if already done
    o disconnect internet interface before trying to connect
  - mousedrake: configure wacom devices with synaptics touchpads too
  - printerdrake (Till):
    o Fixed bug #4319: Printer options cannot be set after renaming the
      printer or changing the connection type
    o Fixed bug of PostScript printers with manufacturer-supplied PPD
      cannot be renamed at all
    o Fixed bug of print queue being deleted when renaming fails
    o Fixed bug of printerdrake trying to open a message window when
      non-interactive queue generation fails
    o Fixed pre-definition of $printer->{ARGS}, this bug made printerdrake
      crashing sometimes
  - diskdrake (Pixel): add /usr/local and /opt to suggestions_mntpoints
* Sat Apr 02 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-18mdk
  - drakconnect: enable ethernet interfaces during detection, thus
    fixing Ralink wireless detection (blino)
  - harddrake: fix crash
  - mousedrake: configure wacom devices with synaptics touchpads too
* Fri Apr 01 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-17mdk
  - drakconnect: do not use ifplugd for wireless cards (and don't allow
    to enable it) (blino)
  - drakfirewall: make it usable (pixel, #15116)
  - drakups: do not detect USB joystics as UPSes (#15131)
  - harddrake:
    o do not try to install packages that are not availlable (#15106)
    o do no try to install too generic hw packages (#15101)
    o do not detect USB joystics as UPSes (#15102)
  - localedrake: do not try to logout wm (pixel, #15087)
* Thu Mar 31 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-16mdk
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o fix speedtouch microcode url (#15095)
    o fix sagem modem config
    o try to use the country specific CMV for sagem modems
  - harddrake:
    o list hardware RAID controllers in their own section (so that they do not
      appear in the unknown one)
    o ensure we detect all known SATA controllers and all known sound cards
    o fix optical mice detection (#15082)
  - net_applet: really load network configuration at start (blino)
  - printerdrake: do not mis-detect some USB keyboards as printers (till)
* Wed Mar 30 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-15mdk
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o fix eaglectrl path (#15033)
    o detect more Bewan devices
    o fix support for sagem modems not using pppoa
  - harddrake: add an option in harddrake to probe imm/ppa (pixel,
    - localedrake:
    o fix russian size (pixel, #14988)
    o "unicode" checkbox is visible only in expert mode
  - fix tools' crash when drakconf is not installing (#13392)
* Fri Mar 25 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-14mdk
  - drakroam:
    o do not crash (blino)
    o fix translations
  - net_applet (blino):
    o ask for root password if needed when setting a new profile
    o force refresh if asked by user from the menu
* Thu Mar 24 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-13mdk
  - banners: make banner be RTL aware (aka follow language direction and
    display itself mirrored for RTL languages) (#11910)
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o ensure we use/propose a free md when creating a new one
    o after "mdadm --assemble" there can be some inactivate mds busying
      devices, stopping them
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o make Bewan PCI modems work again
    o add support for modems using pppoatm (e.g. SpeedTouch) and ISP
      using RFC 1483 Routed VC MUX (e.g. Free Degroupe)
* Wed Mar 23 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-12mdk
  - XFdrake: fix probing on neomagic (pixel)
  - harddrake: package rpmsrate so that installing hw packages works
* Tue Mar 22 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-11mdk
  - drakconnect: do not list wifi* interfaces (blino, #14523)
  - harddrake2: install packages needed for hw support
  - keyboarddrake: run dmidecode only once we acquired root capabilities
    (pixel, #13619)
* Mon Mar 21 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-10mdk
  - drakboot: enhance yaboot macos entry handling (cjw, #14642)
  - drakconnect: disable network hotplug for the via-velocity driver
  - drakups:
    o fix driver for APC UPSes for auto USB probing
    o set extra parameters if present
  - net_applet (blino):
    o force start from menu (#14858)
    o don't modify autostart config file value if started with --force
  - XFdrake (blino):
    o use new recommended settings for synaptics-0.14.0
    o use specific Synaptics settings for ALPS devices (#14512)
* Fri Mar 18 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-9mdk
  - drakTermServ: detect all NIC that're know to drakconnect
  - drakups: fix device path when manually adding an UPS (#12290)
  - logdrake: fix explanation mode only displaying last line (#14368)
* Fri Mar 18 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-8mdk
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o fix remove on LVM in newt interface (#14254)
    o remove the lvm if destroying it succeeds (#14249)
  - drakboot: handle grub file names that do not correspond to a mounted
    filesystem (pixel, #14410)
  - drakconnect: remove other mac address occurrences in iftab (blino)
  - drakTermServ (stew):
    o lose the "system" calls
    o use pxe.include now
  - drakperm:
    o do not ignore groups with empty password field (#14777)
    o better looking GUI: span groups & users on several columns (up to 3)
  - localedrake: always warn the user to logout, even if we can't help
    (pixel, #14403)
* Thu Mar 17 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-7mdk
  - drakconnect:
    o fix localized sorting (#14634)
    o manage interface (blino):
      * allow to modify non configured devices
      * really detect wireless devices
  - harddrake: fix adsl devices detection (blino, #14747)
  - logdrake: fix save dialog (blino)
  - printerdrake: fix queue name auto-generation, it sometimes hanged in
    an endless loop (till, #14426, #14525, #14563)
  - XFdrake (pixel): 
    o instead of having xorg.conf symlinked to XF86Config, do the
    o use monitor-probe-using-X
    o remove the "ratio" combo and have the resolutions from current
      ratio by default and allow "Other" to see all others
* Wed Mar 16 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-6mdk
  - drakboot: fix dropping line macos in yaboot.conf (pixel, #14642)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o allow to display multiple instances of the similar adsl devices
    o fix unicorn packages installation
  - interactive layer: fix some nasty bug
  - localekdrake:
    o preserve utf-8 setting (#12308)
    o properly set UTF-8 for HAL mount options if needed (#13833)
    o enable to enable/disable utf-8
    o install scim-input-pad when switching IM for japanese
    o ensure there's never a "previous" button on first step (even when
      stepping back)
  - printerdrake: fix setting of default printer on daemon-less CUPS
    client (till, #13940)
  - XFdrake: probe DDC, then fallbacks on DMI
* Tue Mar 15 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-5mdk
  - diskdrake: add support for XBox (stew, pixel)
  - drakboot: don't die when we have no entries in grub menu.lst (pixel)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o allow not to set gateway device (#14633)
    o fix and force CMVs symlink creation for eagle-usb
  - drakfirewall: allow connections from local net to firewall (blino,
    - XFdrake (pixel):
    o for 1400x1050, put the resolutions (60 and 75Hz are already in
      extramodes, but they are GTF modelines, we can overrule them) 
    o don't add modelines for 1280x1024, they are already in standard
      vesamodes (builtin Xorg)
    o when adding gtf modelines, sort them with high frequencies first
      (since Xorg prefer the first matching modeline (!))
* Thu Mar 10 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-4mdk
  - harddrake2: enable to upload the hardware list
  - XFdrake:
    o fix crash when called from hwdb-clients
    o skip the 4/3 detailed_timings otherwise they conflict with the
      Xorg builtin vesamodes (pixel)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o use a higher timeout for modem dialing (#10814)
    o make wpa_supplicant.conf readable by root only
* Wed Mar 09 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-3mdk
  - drakconnect:
    o workaround buggy sk98lin kernel driver (#14163)
    o write selected dhcp client in ifcfg files (blino)
  - draksec: fix setting null values (#14364)
* Tue Mar 08 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-2mdk
  - drakconnect (oblin):
    o scan hidden ssid
    o manage interface:
      * handle more DHCP options
      * move DHCP settings in a notebook page
  - XFdrake: choose a 4/3 resolution by default (pixel)
  - XBox support (stew)
* Mon Mar 07 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-1mdk
  - diskdrake: allow live resizing of reiserfs on lvm (pixel)
  - drakboot: fix detecting yaboot (pixel)
  - drakconnet (blino):
    o configure CMV for sagem modems
    o delete gateway:
      * if reconfiguring the gateway interface to dhcp
      * if gateway device is invalid (#11761)
      * if needed when configuring DSL devices (#13978)
    o manage interface:
      * detect all ethernet interfaces
      * allow to modify DHCP settings
  - localedrake: let's be able to setup gcin (funda wang)
  - printerdrake: detect if the user has manually edited
    /etc/cups/client.conf (till)
  - XFdrake: still improving monitors support (pixel)
* Wed Mar 02 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.35mdk
  - drakboot (pixel):
    o fix corrupted "Precise RAM size" field (#13874)
    o handle boot-as and master-boot (#13846)
  - drakconnect: workaround buggy kernel (#12609)
  - net_applet: refresh every second, and do not reread network conf on
    each refresh (blino, #11467)
  - printerdrake (till):
    o add possibility to add a remote LPD printer in beginner's mode (#13734)
    o fix incorrect display of accentuated characters in PPD options
      also for boolean options (#13928)
    o let detected LPD printer model be shown in a pop-up window and not
      in the add printer wizard
    o let detected socket printer model be shown if the IP/port was
      manually entered
    o fix selection of test pages
    o ensure that recommended driver is preselected in expert mode, even
      if the recommended driver is a manufacturer-supplied PPD with
      language tag
  - ugtk2 layer: misc fixes
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o add a ratio choice, and restrict the resolutions to this choice
    o add 1280x600 for VAIO PCG-C1M (#5192)
    o fix section with only comments
    o "keyboard" InputDevice can also be called "kbd"
    o do not only add modelines not defined in xorg, otherwise xorg will
      prefer the modelines we provide (eg: it will use 1024x768@50
      whereas it could have used 1024x768@60)
  - configure iocharset and codepage option for hal (pixel, #13833)
* Tue Mar 01 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.34mdk
  - diskdrake: allow to choose encryption algorithm (blino, #13472)
  - drakhelp, drakbug: use www-browser (daouda)
  - printerdrake: fix "add printer" wizard chen embedded in the MCC (#13929)
  - XFdrake: further monitor fixes (pixel)
* Tue Mar 01 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.33mdk
  - drakconnect: enhance "wrong network mask format" message (blino, #10712)
  - drakTermServ: sort list of nbis (stew, #13998)
  - keyboardrake: set compose key as "rwin" if not set (pablo)
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o replaced by use monitor-edid instead of ddcxinfos
    o add many resolutions
    o set the "Monitor preferred modeline" from EDID in xorg.conf
    o handle lower than 640 resolutions
    o set better resolution
* Mon Feb 28 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.32mdk
  - drakboot: make sure /boot/grub/ is 755 (pixel)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o allow to alter DHCP timeout (# 11435)
    o add support for PEERDNS, PEERYP and PEERNTPD (#9982)
    o workaround broken ethtool from hostap drivers (#13979)
    o handle USERCTL settings for modems too
  - net_applet (blino):
    o add menu entry (#11898)
    o netprofile support (#12094)
    o allow to select watched interface
  - printerdrake: let country and not language decide about default
    paper size (till)
* Fri Feb 25 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.31mdk
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o allow users to start the connection (#12837)
    o pre-detect modem device
  - keyboarddrake: new default keyboard is "us" for Chinese (pablo)
  - printerdrake: driver "oki4w" was renamed to "oki4drv" (till)
* Fri Feb 25 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.30mdk
  - drakconnect :allow to select "unlisted" provider in adsl provider
    list (blino)
  - drakfont: fix uninstalling fonts (#9324)
  - drakproxy: do not update kde config file if kde isn't installed (blino)
* Thu Feb 24 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.29mdk
  - drakconnect:
    o add norwegian ADSL providers (Eskild Hustvedt)
    o remove all non-digit characters in phone number (blino, #10813)
    o minimal WPA support (blino)
  - drakxtv: scan TV channels for TV cards that do not require any
    driver configuration (#13865)
  - drakups:
    o fix crash due to latest perl-Libconf 
    o fix reading UPS db
  - net_applet: fix name of mcc tool (blino & me, #13896)
  - printerdrake:
    o enable to alter options of a not set up non-Foomatic queu
    o fix accentuated characters in PPDs not correctly reproduced in the
     printer options dialog
  - GUI layers:
    o fix displaying "Advanced" instead of "Basic" in advanced_state by
      default (pixel, #13944)
    o force to open file selector as a modal window (rafael, #13942)
* Tue Feb 22 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.28mdk
  - drakfont: allow to select multiple files (blino)
  - localedrake:
    o adapt to new uim splitting (UTUMI Hirosi)
    o adapt to new scim packages splitting (Funda Wang)
    o fix koi8-u font size (Funda Wang, #13809)
  - keyboardrake: handle lb locale (pablo)
  - printerdrake: if a printer is set up with HPLIP and has still an old
    HPOJ configuration, it will be automatically removed (till)
  - scannerdrake (till):
    o display unsupported scanners as such in the scanners list (#12049)
    o load kernel modules (and make them loaded on boot) if specified in
    o tell user if his scanner requires manual editing of config files
      to work (the appropriate scanner models are marked in ScannerDB)
* Wed Feb 16 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.27mdk
  - drakboot: make it more robust (pixel)
  - drakproxy: set up KDE too (blino)
  - harddrake: list usb mice that are not listed in usbtable (#13575)
  - interactive layer: use the new gtk+ file chooser (pixel)
  - keyboarddrake: make keyboard layout more user friendly
  - printerdrake (till):
    o force only ASCII letters, numbers, and underscores being used in
      print queue names
    o wait for CUPS being ready before querying the printer states for
      the printer list in the main window
  - reduce drakxtools-backend's requires (pixel)
* Mon Feb 14 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.26mdk
  - draksound, service_harddrake: handle more sound cards
  - localedrake: alter font settings for zh_CN and zh_TW (funda wang)
  - printerdrake (till):
    o allow HPLIP setup also when setting up the print queue manually
    o fix undetection of network printers without DNS hostname entry
    o longer timeouts for "ping", as some network printers were missed
  - service_harddrake: handle removal of cards (#7049)
* Fri Feb 11 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.25mdk
  - harddrake service: fix removing PCMCIA controller
  - hardware support: detect & load modules for RNG (crypto hw)
* Thu Feb 10 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.24mdk
  - drakxtv:
    o only offer to configure tv cards that (may) need to be configured
    o do not complain about no tv cards when there're but they do not
      require any configuration beyond loading proper module (#7443,
      - harddrake:
    o detect more webcams
    o do not detect speakers as keyboards
  - printerdrake: misc fixes (till)
* Thu Feb 10 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.23mdk
  - printerdrake (till):
    o add automatic setup of HP printers with HPLIP
    o fixes for embedded mode
  - drakconnect:
    o add support for ACP (Mwave) modems
    o fix stepping back from lan interface step with ndiswrapper
    o fix ndiswrapper installing
  - interactive layer: fix selecting a file (eg: ndiswrapper's drivers)
  - hardware support:
    o detect & load modules for:
      * toshiba driver for some laptops
      * some multiport serial cards
      * DVB
      * joysticks
    o add support for multiple different AGP controllers
    o handle a few more special serial port cards
* Wed Feb 09 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.22mdk
  - localedrake: switch arabic font for KDE from "Roya" to "Terafik"
    that supports ascii glyphs (pablo)
  - ugtk2: API changes for rpmdrake (rafael)
* Wed Feb 09 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.21mdk
  - drakboot: fix ACPI checkbox (pixel, #13335)
  - drakkeyboard: synchronized keyboards with X11 (pablo)
  - harddrake service: prevent adding spurious empty lines at end of
    /etc/hotplub/blacklist on stop
  - printerdrake: updates
* Tue Feb 08 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.20mdk
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o add basic ndiswrapper support
    o select manual adsl connection type if the network interface was
    o add missing protocol for Free and Telecom Italia in ISB DB
  - drakproxy: support gnome proxy (blino)
  - printerdrake (till):
    o adapt to new printer drivers packages
    o limit automatically generated print queue names to 12 characters
      and warn user if he manually enters longer names (which will make
      the printer unaccessible for some Windows clients) (#12674).
  - allow upper case letters in users' real names (rafael)
  - net_applet: automatically start in fluxbox and XFce4 too (blino)
* Fri Feb 04 2005 Olivier Blin <> 10.2-0.19mdk
  - drakconnect: add bpalogin support for cable connections
* Thu Feb 03 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.18mdk
  - drakconnect: fix CAPI kernel drivers installation (blino)
  - drakfirewall: port 445 is used for Samba (w/o NetBios) (blino)
* Fri Jan 28 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.17mdk
  - diskdrake: fix autocheck flag in /etc/fstab for / (pixel, #13283)
  - drakbackup: Wizard, System Backup configuration problems (stew, #13235)
  - harddrake service:
    o fix PCMCIA autoconfig
    o make --force force harddrake to reconfigure everything
* Wed Jan 26 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.16mdk
  - diskdrake: use the new option auto=dev instead of auto=yes when
    configuring mdadm (pixel)
  - drakTermServ (stew):
    o drop quasi-pxe setup in dhcp.conf as we can use real pxe now
    o portmap check, dhcpd.conf.pxe.include (#13138 & #13139)
  - package installation: use the new --gui option to urpmi for the
    drakxtools to ask for media change (rafael)
  - mygtk2 related fixes (pixel)
* Fri Jan 21 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.15mdk
  - fix mygtk2 for drakloop (pixel)
  - printerdrake: fix main loop (daouda)
* Fri Jan 21 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.14mdk
  - drakconnect: update ISP db (baud)
  - harddrake: fix pcmcia controllers detection
* Fri Jan 21 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.13mdk
  - keyboarddrake: minimal XkbModel support (pixel)
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o don't write /etc/mdadm.conf when no raid
    o use option "auto=yes" in mdadm.conf to ensure mdadm will create
      /dev/mdX devices when needed
  - printerdrake:
    o fix subdialogs when embedded in mcc
    o fix banner's title by initializing l10n domains before ugtk2
* Wed Jan 19 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.12mdk
  - diskdrake: progress bar when formatting ext3 (pixel)
  - drakauth: fix switching back nsswitch.conf to local authentication
    (pixel, #13024)
  - drakbackup: custom cron configuration (stew, #13056)
  - drakboot: do not create a maping table when uneeded (#12307)
  - drakconnect: fix bug introduced by mygtk2 (pixel)
  - drakfirewall: fix ethernet card detection (pixel, #12996)
  - harddrake2: fix crash on opening help windows
  - interactive layer: separate alignement for basic and advanced
    entries (pixel)
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o when reading an existing X config file, ensure it is not too bad,
      otherwise propose to start from scratch (#8548)
    o set up framebuffer in standalone mode too
    o for fbdev, advise to reboot instead of restarting X server
* Wed Jan 12 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.11mdk
  - harddrake2: display the menubar and the banner when embedded
* Wed Jan 12 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.10mdk
  - drakbackup, drakTermServ: silent install of terminal-server (urpmi
    --X is deprecated) (rafael)
  - localedrake (Funda Wang):
    o install scim-chewing for zh locale
    o fix font setting for zh_CN
  - printerdrake: show banner when embedded
  - write in lilo.conf the global root= (pixel, #12312)
* Thu Jan 06 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.9mdk
  - diskdrake: display a progress bar while formating (pixel)
  - localedrake: fix UIM config b/c of new UIM-0.4.5
* Wed Jan 05 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.8mdk
  - drakauth: "Administrator (root)" is more user-friendly than "root"
  - drakbackup (stew):
    o directories with spaces Mandrakeclub
    o perms on tarballs too (#12861)
  - drakconnect: update ADSL ISPs list (baud)
  - drakfirewall: "Samba server" is better named "Windows Files Sharing
    (SMB)" (pixel, #10585)
  - draksound, harddrake service: handle a couple of new ALSA drivers
  - handle handle spaces in SMB username (pixel)
  - keyboardrake: handle various new keyboard layouts (pablo)
  - localedrake: do not localize console in japanese (Funda Wang)
  - remove codepage= option for fs types which don't handle it (eg:
    ntfs) (pixel)
* Thu Dec 23 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.7mdk
  - detect more floppies when dmidecode is supported (pixel)
  - drakconnect:
    o do not crash when configuring a modem
    o fix NETMASK autofilling
  - localedrake: do not localize console when using jp (Funda Wang)
  - XFdrake: make "XFdrake --auto" fully automatic (pixel)
* Wed Dec 15 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.6mdk
  - handle more PCMCIA/CardBus cards
  - do not try to load floppy module if there's no floppy drive (#8211)
  - drakTermServ: misc GUI enhancements (pixel, stew)
  - harddrake service: configure PCMCIA host controller if needed
  - new package drakx-finish-install (pixel)
  - new mygtk2 layer
* Fri Nov 26 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.5mdk
  - diskdrake: handle common geometry XXX/240/63 is quite common thus
    fixing yet another infamous "XP doesn't boot" (though it should
    already be fixed via EDD) (pixel)
  - XFdrake: don't write X config when there is none (otherwise we write
    a partial and broken X config)
* Thu Nov 25 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.4mdk
  - diskdrake: more intelligent sort of fstab to handle loopback files
    or bind directory (pixel, bug anthil #1198)
  - drakboot: detect on lilo on floppy (pixel, #12213)
  - drakconnect: in "ADSL provider" step, reset the protocol on provider
  - draksound: handle new sound drivers from kernel-tmb and kernel-multimedia
  - drakupdate_fstab: fix /dev//dev/foobar in /etc/fstab (pixel, #12224)
  - harddrake service:
    o fix setting scsi and usb probell in live CD (thus fixing
      mousedrake --auto with USB mice on live CD)
    o do not die if sound never was configured (aka on first boot from a
      live CD)
* Wed Nov 17 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.3mdk
  - bootloader: let be kernel-i686-up-64GB aware (pixel)
  - diskdrake: LVM/DM/MD fixes (pixel)
  - drakupdate_fstab: use the right encoding when creating an entry for
    /etc/fstab (pixel, #12387)
  - PPC fixes (Christiaan Welvaart, pixel)
  - service_harddrake: on startup, redo ethX aliases
* Fri Nov 12 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 10.2-0.2mdk
  - Rebuild for new perl
  - drakauth (pixel):
    o correctly restore pam.d/system-auth when setting "local" authentication 
    o no use_first_pass on "auth sufficient" line for pam_castella
  - localedrake: switch zh_CN to GBK (Funda Wang)
  - logdrake: speed it up
* Wed Nov 10 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.2-0.1mdk
  - drakauth: add SmartCard authentication (pixel)
  - drakbackup: advise user about anacron (stew, anthill #1134)
  - drakconnect:
    o add support for Philips Semiconductors DSL card (blino)
    o security fix: let ifcfg files be readable only by root when a WEP
      key is set (blino, #12177)
    o update/add ADSL ISP entries (baud)
  - drakTermServ (stew):
    o create cfg dir if needed
    o use xorg.conf
    o touch /etc/dhcpd.conf.etherboot.kernel if missing
    o ignore vmnet for broadcast address
    o start reworking PXE support.
  - harddrake2: display more information about memory
  - localedrake: fix configuring fcitx IM (Funda Wang)
  - XFdrake: do not detect smartcards (pixel)
* Fri Oct 29 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-27mdk
  - bootloader: run grub chrooted (gwenole)
  - diskdrake:
    o show older partition types (eg: ntfs) on x86_64 (gwenole)
    o newly created raids must have a fs_type (pixel)
  - drakconnect:
    o add support for freebox v4 ADSL modem with USB link
    o show correct strings for freebox and n9box ADSL modems
  - drakups: fix again MGE USB UPSes
* Wed Oct 13 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-26mdk
  - bootloader-config: in grub menu.lst, keep previous "serial ..." and
    "terminal ..." lines (pixel, #12054)
  - drakconnect:
    o fix crash in delete wizard
    o workaround more buggy drivers that returns a bogus driver name for
      the GDRVINFO command of the ETHTOOL ioctl
* Tue Oct 12 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-25mdk
  - drakconnect: workaround buggy prism2_usb that returns a bogus driver
    name for the GDRVINFO command of the ETHTOOL ioctl
* Tue Oct 12 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-24mdk
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o delete wizard: remove /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ethX files
    o ADSL configuration:
      * remove /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ethX files that may have
        been created by sagem scripts
      * don't write ifcfg-ppp0 for static/dhcp connections
* Sat Oct 09 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-23mdk
  - drakconnect:
    o fix encapsulation for chinese ISPs (Funda Wang, #10965)
    o fix H[CS]F modems configuration (adapt to new kernel packages
    o start slmodemd when installing it (thus preventing the average
      user to have to restart his machine in order to get a working
    o try /dev/ttyS14 too for serial modems (ie internal PCI modems that
      don't need any driver but export a serial port instead)
* Sat Oct 09 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-22mdk
  - bootloader-config: on a recent kernel, remove any existing devfs=
    kernel option in order to enable udev (pixel)
  - drakconnect: add chinese ISPs (Funda Wang, #10965)
  - XFdrake: fix parsing fully commented Section (pixel)
* Thu Oct 07 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-21mdk
  - bootloader-config: fix installing kernel- (pixel)
  - drakups: fix brown paper bug in USB detection
* Wed Oct 06 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-20mdk
  - drakups:
    o fix port for MGE's USB UPSes
    o fix drivers for MGE UPSes
    o fix installing nut
    o add support for "American Power Conversion" UPSes
    o restart upsd daemon once nut config is written
    o write config in pure wizard mode
    o when manual adding an UPS:
     * fix reading driver DB
     * fix reading driver from the list
  - diskdrake: do not fail with c0d0p* devices (pixel)
  - drakconnect: applying changes can be quite time expensive,
    especially with ppp and wifi connections thus let's show a "wait"
  - drakfont: fix closing import dialog (#11052)
* Wed Oct 06 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-19mdk
  - drakconnect: 
    o ADSL DB (baud):
      * add a few new ADSL ISPs
      * fix wrong VCI which wasn't in hexa for brazililan Velox/Telemar ISP
    o manage interface (blino:
      * recompute NETWORK and BROADCAST fiels
      * use both type and device name in non-ethernet interfaces list
      * do not crash if BOOTPROTO is empty, use 'none' by default (#11899)
* Tue Oct 05 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-18mdk
  - drakconnect: do not lose GATEWAYDEV if it is a non wireless one and
    a static wireless card is configured (and vice versa) (blino)
* Tue Oct 05 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-17mdk
  - 64-bit fixes (gwenole)
  - drakconnect: write wlan-ng config files for prism2 drivers (blino)
  - harddrake service: 
    o do not disable glx when switching from nvidia driver to nv
      (indirect support, #11285)
    o do not fail when hw db is corrupted
* Tue Oct 05 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-16mdk
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o only write TYPE field in ifcfg files for xDSL connection
    o do not lose ONBOOT setting for manual/DHCP DSL connections
    o fix the "IP %s address is usually reserved" warning
    o sagem modems:
      * fix again DHCP/static connections with sagem
      * write static IP in eagle-usb.conf if needed
      * load specific modules/programs before config is written
      * do not reset IP address when configuring
      * automatically guess gateway for static connections
* Sat Oct 02 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-15mdk
  - fix serial UPS detection
* Sat Oct 02 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-14mdk
  - mousedrake, harddrake service: do not crash with touchpads (blino)
  - harddrake service: on stop, blacklist snd-usb-audio (#8004)
* Sat Oct 02 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-13mdk
  - diskdrake: don't die when device-mapper is missing (eg on 2.4
    kernel) (pixel, #11834)
  - drakconnect : call the scripts in
    /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/hostname.d like the network scripts
    are doing when changing the hostname (fredl)
  - drakups:
    o add --wizard option in order to directly run the wizard
    o do not show banner when embedded
  - harddrake:
    o list tablets with mice
    o fix UPS devices listed in both "UPS" and "unknown" classes
    o provide more data on UPS
  - localedrake:
    o set KDE in m17n emvironment if needed
    o split its menu entry in two (one for user config, one for system
      embedded in mcc)
* Fri Oct 01 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-12mdk
  - disable the new gtk smart search which display an entry box (pixel)
  - preload nvram on laptops
  - print translated usage message (#5657)
  - bootloader-config, drakboot: add raid-extra-boot=mbr when installing
    on mdX (pixel, #11699)
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o fix LVM2 support
    o fix "Illegal division by zero" when installing lilo (#11738)
    o skip unopenable devices when looking for device geometry
  - drakperm: list users rather than groups when requested for (anthill #1161)
  - drakroam: specify device to iwconfig when applying settings (blino,
    - localedrake:
    o fix KDE font names to match currently shiped Xfs font names (pablo)
    o fix setting fonts at install time
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o all linmodems (including Hsf and Hcf ones) are now supported with
      2.6 kernels
    o ask to connect for modem/isdn connections again
    o better default connection detection
    o check if IP address is already used for static interfaces
    o handle madwifi (fredl)
    o try to detect default connection in adsl > isdn > modem > ethernet
  - drakups: really fix refreshing UPS list when adding a new UPS though
    the add wizard
  - harddrake: list all mice and keyboards (thus lowering unknown
    hardware in hwdb-clients)
  - mousedrake, XFdrake: use input/mice instead of psaux for synaptics
    touchpads with 2.6 kernels (blino, #11771)
  - net_applet (blino):
    o do not destroy/re-create menu if state hasn't changed, or else the
      menu may disappear without any reason
    o fix again running processes detection
  - net_monitor (blino):
    o fix start/stop
    o check every 5 seconds (instead of 20) for new or disconnected
      interfaces (#11780)
  - printerdrake: misc fixes (pixel)
  - XFdrake: use driver "keyboard" instead of "Keyboard" (fix Xorg-6.8
    support) (pixel)
* Sat Sep 25 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-11mdk
  - handle aes-i586 instead of aes (pixel, #11588)
  - bootloader-config: fix typos in usage (pixel)
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o get geometry from EDD
    o don't add /dev/pts line in fstab anymore (already done in initrd
      and by udev)
    o log more explanations
    o remove every PVs when destroying a VG (#11579)
    o handle renamed devices (eg: hde->hda or hda->sda)
    o silently ignore encrypted filesystems with no encrypt_key
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o zeroconf:
      * really enable zeroconf if zeroconf is requested
      * write blank zeroconf hostname if zeroconf is disabled
      * fix disabling zeroconf
      * do not disable not installed (prevent warnings in console)
      * zcip isn't a service,
      * stop tmdns service if zeroconf is disabled,
    o move "Start at boot" step for lan-like adsl/cable connections
    o do not disable ifplugd support for wireless cards
    o do not let speedtouch-start launch connection
    o fix installing kernel packages for winmodems
    o fix /dev/modem symlink on ttySL0 (#8947 again)
    o use avmadsl option for capi cards to use settings generated by
    o PPPoA: fix reseting vpi and vci if vpi equals zero
    o ADSL provider DB: rename "Télé2 128k " as "Télé2"
  - drakupdate_fstab: allow SYNC=no option in /etc/sysconfig/dynamic
  - drakups:
    o refresh UPS list when adding a new UPS though the add wizard
    o fix automatically detect/add an UPS
    o default to automatic detection
  - localedrake:
    o add support for SKIM IM
    o install x-unikey when switching to vietnamese
    o always use "Sazanami Gothic" font in japanese
  - mousedrake: prevent a broken X configuration to break mouse
    configuration (pixel)
  - net_monitor: remove connection time timer if connection fails (#11590)
  - XFdrake: allow ignoring X config file when it contains errors (pixel)
* Sat Sep 18 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-10mdk
  - drakbackup: use radio buttons in media selection (wildman)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o better looking description list in drivers list (me)
    o remove the "speedtch off" alias (fix mdk10.0 upgrade)
    o don't write aliases for pcmcia cards, thus fixing the pcmcia
      service startup
    o stop capi service before new config is written so that capiinit
      can unload the old driver
    o make isdn over capi work again
    o do not ask which driver to use when only capidrv is supported
    o install unicorn-kernel package for Bewan modems if available
    o add "Unlisted - edit manually" entry in modem provider list (#11549)
  - harddrake service (blino):
    o probe firewire and pcmcia network devices too
    o update iftab when new ethernet devices are detected
* Thu Sep 16 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-9mdk
  - drakconnect:
    o don't create empty pppoe.conf if the package isn't installed
    o load modules and run start programs
  - bootloader-config: fix crash when when removing some break entries (pixel)
  - keyboarddrake, XFdrake: better turkish support (pablo)
* Wed Sep 15 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-8mdk
  - localedrake: offer to select IM if language has one preselected
    (eg: CJKV, else option is only availlable in advanced mode)
  - harddrake service: adapt to new nvidia driver location
* Wed Sep 15 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-7mdk
  - add man pages for drakbackup and drakconnect
  - drakauth: misc fixes (stew)
  - drakconnect:
    o misc cleanups (blino)
    o setup slmodem (blino)
    o workaround buggy eth1394 that returns a bogus driver name for the
      GDRVINFO command of the ETHTOOL ioctl (so that we set a
      sensible name for firewire network adapters in GUIes)
* Wed Sep 15 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-6mdk
  - drakconnect: install firmware if needed for CAPI devices (blino)
  - harddrake:
    o detect not yet supported ethernet cards too
    o detect more bridges and the like
  - scannerdrake: try harder not to detect non scanner USB devices (#7057)
* Wed Sep 15 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-5mdk
  - drakbackup:
    o fix crashes in CD/Tape setup (stew)
    o fix wizard's UI behavior (Nicolas Adenis-Lamarre)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o handle CAPI drivers
    o add support for xDSL over CAPI (eg: AVM cards)
    o fix pppoe configuration
  - draksec: move help from tooltips into separate page (#9894)
  - scannerdrake: fix "dynamic()" in scannerdrake to do not contain
    anything interactive (till)
* Tue Sep 14 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-4mdk
  - drakbug_report: fix crash
  - XFdrake: adapt to new proprietary package naming (pixel)
* Sat Sep 11 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-3mdk
  - net_applet (blino):
    o fix crash on connect/disconnect (#11389)
    o refresh status on every 5 second
* Sat Sep 11 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-2mdk
  - description
    o split drakxtools description in drakxtools and drakxtools-newt
    o describe missing tools
    o sanitize tool names
  - drakconnect: do not ask twice if network should be started on boot
    for ADSL modem (blino)
  - keyboarddrake, XFdrake (pablo):
    o fix compose:rwin
    o fix some keyboard layout on xorg in order to match to match
* Sat Sep 11 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-1mdk
  - fix console UIs (pixel)
  - drakboot: do not kill the whole bootsplash wizard when embedded (blino)
  - drakconnect: fix cnx status in "internet" interface (blino)
  - harddrake service: autoconfigure mice if needed
  - localedrake: fix ENC setting when IM is disabled
* Fri Sep 10 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.27mdk
  - localedrake:
    o really reset IM on language switch
    o set ENC and locale specific stuff even when IM is disabled
    o fix thai IM
* Fri Sep 10 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.26mdk
  - bootloader-config: handle raid-extra-boot (pixel, #11350)
  - drakboot: handles more cases where lilo wants to assign a new Volume
    ID (pixel)
  - localedrake:
    o install miniChinput when configuring chinput
    o fix miniChinput configuration for Singapore 
    o handle languages with default IM w/o any configured IM (aka keep
      "none" user choice) but default to per locale default IM when
      switching between locales
    o fix configuration of IM when altering depending on encoding (eg:
* Fri Sep 10 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.25mdk
  - bootloader-config (pixel):
    o fix regexp to work with "linux-"
    o handle lilo "static-bios-codes" option
    o prevent LILO from reading from tty
    o only expand symlinks when renaming "linux" into the kernel version
      based label (eg: "2681-10")
  - drakboot:
    o ensure ~/.dmrc is owned by user else GDM complains about
    o handles the lilo case where it wants to assign a new Volume ID (pixel)
  - drakconnect: 
    o ignore rpm's backups (#10816)
    o always update iftab when config is written (blino)
    o detect slamr, slusb and ltmodem modules for modems (fredl)
  - drakupdate_fstab: handle options in any order (fix harddrake service
    regarding amove media as well as regarding cdroms, burners and dvds)
  - harddrake service: log which tools are runned
* Thu Sep 09 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.24mdk
  - drakboot (blino, #11282):
    o update splash when removed too
    o use Mandrakelinux theme by default
    o don't give theme name to remove-theme
  - drakconnect: fix empty "manage interface" (blino, #11287)
  - drakperm: fix freeze (#11274)
  - harddrake service: fix X11 autoconfiguration
* Wed Sep 08 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.23mdk
  - bootloader-config: take care of symlink based bootloader entries (pixel)
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o ignore first line of /proc/swaps
    o partially handle /udev/xxx device names in fstab
    o ignore rootfs "device"
    o don't warn for loopback files
  - drakbug: fix --report and --incident (daouda)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o "delete network interface" wizard:
      * use long device names
      * be aware of internet service -> regular ifcfg files
    o misc fixes (especially regarding sagem ADSL modems)
  - harddrake service: really autoconf TV cards
  - more synaptics fixes (blino)
  - use "users" options for removable devices (so that users can unmount
    them if the devices were mounted by root) (blino)
* Tue Sep 07 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.22mdk
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o detect linux software raid magic
    o detect LVM2
    o misc fixes
    o fix displaying "mdmd0" instead of "md0"
  - drakboot: ensure we do not enable autologin w/o any user
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o fix detection in 2.4 kernel for net devices with high traffic
    o only complain about kernel-2.4.x for h[cs]f modems
    o fix kppp config reread
    o read kppp config when user dir is configured
    o use /dev/modem if no modem was detected (do not crash when we edit
      a connection whose modem is unplugged)
  - harddrake service: everything should be done automagically now
  - localedrake:
    o list specific packages to install for japanese when using SCIM
    o install scim-m17n as well for generic SCIM configuration (more
      input methods)
    o log more explanations
    o set QT_IM_MODULE too since it's needed by Qt-immodule-20040819
      (UTUMI Hirosi)
    o disable translations on console for kn, pa, ug too (pablo)
* Tue Sep 07 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.21mdk
  - misc GUI enhancements
  - diskdrake: be more failsafe with half broken existing raids (pixel)
  - drakconnect: fix crashes (#11100)
  - harddrake service: really add module for storage controllers, AGP
    controllers, TV cards
  - mousedrake, XFdrake: fix synaptics configuration (blino)
* Sat Sep 04 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.20mdk
  - detect more devices
  - misc GUI cleanups
  - netconnect: support DHCP and static for sagem devices (blino)
* Fri Sep 03 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.19mdk
  - add icons to most tools' windows
  - drakboot: do not crash if default autologin or default desktop
    doesn't exist (blino)
  - drakupdate_fstab: do not use supermount by default for removable
    devices (blino)
  - localedrake:
    o enable SCIM for Amharic language
    o fix missing banner title
  - net_applet: tell when internet connection is not configured (blino)
  - printerdrake: misc enhancements (till)
  - service_harddrake: add modules to conf files if a tv card is detected (blino)
* Wed Sep 01 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.18mdk
  - drakclock (warly):
    o check if the ntpdate command succeed or not
    o do not perform a date command when we use ntpdate
    o fix hour setting though mouse on the clock
    o make the hour tick shorter
    o repaint the calendar (especially when the day changed)
  - drakconnect:
    o fix crashes (#11100)
    o misc fixes (blino)
  - drakfirewall: use the loc zone in sharewall policy only if the loc
    interface exists (florin, #10539)
  - harddrake2:
    o add UPS class (fredl)
    o be more enable friendly regarding themes (eg font size properly
      adapt to theme changes)
  - net_applet: make it start again
* Tue Aug 31 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.17mdk
  - drakclock: fix layout so that NTP frame is not badly cut on small
    resolution (#10971)
  - net_applet:
    o allow to connect/disconnect from net_applet
    o launch net_monitor once
    o launch net_monitor in background
  - printerdrake:
    o add column to show whether the printers are enabled or disabled to
      the list of available print queues in the main window
    o add command to the edit-printer window to enable and disable print
    o fix managment of "--expert" command line option
* Mon Aug 30 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.16mdk
  - drakconnect: add metric support according to connection type (blino)
  - drakroam (Austin):
    o fix "Add" button behavior
    o don't show channel 0 for auto mode
    o move DHCP column to left for better sizing
  - drakupdate_fstab: do not mount and add/delete in fstab when many
    partitions (blino, #11005)
  - logdrake: fix displaying only last parsed file
  - printerdrake (till):
    o add support for daemon-less CUPS client
    o fix graying out of buttons/menu entries in the main window
    o fix unrecognized local queues when the spooler daemon is not
      running during printerdrake startup
  - XFdrake: fix crash on resolution change
* Sat Aug 28 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.15mdk
  - GUI cleanups:
    o drakboot: fix canceling first step
    o localedrake: let's look & behave like a wizard (fix cancel on
      country choice)
  - drakconnect: detect Intel & ATI PCI modems
  - localedrake: really install proper packages depending on (locale,
    input method) tuple (and not just those depending on IM)
  - XFdrake: add dell D800 specific modeline and resolution (Olivier
* Fri Aug 27 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.14mdk
  - fix ddcprobe for other archictectures
  - drakconnect: restart network for non ethernet adsl devices (blino)
  - harddrake service:
    o add --force parameter (#9613)
    o do run configurator
    o restore bootsplash (blino)
  - printerdrake: prepare support for daemonless CUPS client (till)
  - XFdrake: fix synaptics configuration (blino)
* Thu Aug 26 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.13mdk
  - fix modules conf parsing (blino)
  - ddcxinfos: extensive rewrite and cleanups to use the new int10
    interface and a last-resort means to get VBE/EDID information from
    special -BOOT kernel during early boot (gwenole)
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o add Siol (the bigest ADSL provider in Slovenia) in ADSL providers
      DB (Gregor Pirnaver)
    o allow multiple aliases per host
    o always add an hostname alias and add it on the loopback device
    o do not ask the user to do an inifinite looping in MCC ...
    o prevent recognize ppp0 as both modem and adsl (#10772)
  - drakroam: fix crash when config directory does not exist (#10935)
  - listsupportedprinters (till): introduce it for auto-generation of
    Mandrakelinux hardware support DB
  - localedrake: 
    o fix country selection (blino, #10938)
    o install proper packages depending on (locale, input method) tuple
  - mousedrake, XFdrake (blino):
    o synaptics touchpad support
    o fix wacom support
  - printerdrake:
    o fix crash
    o handle print queues with the "lbp660" and "ml85p" drivers (which
      directly communicate with the printer instead of sending the
      output to a CUPS backend) (till)
    o prevent queues using "lbp660" and "ml85p" from opening message
      windows when the print queues are auto-generated by
      dynamic/hotplug (till)
    o if the user gets an error/warning message during setup of a
      lbp660/ml85p queue, he is automatically put back to the previous
      step in the add-printer wizard (till)
    o do not embedd warning messages in the add-printer wizard, as they
      have no "Previous" button (till)
* Tue Aug 24 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.12mdk
  - really fix drakxtools build for ppc & sparc
  - use sysfs to detect firewire devices thus fixing eth1394 detection
  - drakconnect (blino):
    o ensure iftab is always up-to-date
    o fix spurious ifcfg-ippp0 creation
  - net_monitor (blino):
    o do not assume internet isn't configured if obsoleted cnx scripts
      do not exist
    o fix connect button sensitivity
    o watch connection time, not disconnection time
  - printerdrake:
    o added fully automatic, non-interactive, X-less print queue set up
      by the "autosetupprintqueues" command, preferrably to be started
      by hotplug
    o fix file check for package installation
    o fix problem of Brother laser printer on parallel port not showing
      its name in auto-detection result.
    o let printer name, description, location be entered after
      determining the model in the add printer wizard
    o let default print queue name be derived from the model instead of
      being "Printer", "Printer1", ...
    o simplify print queue name generation in non-interactive printer
    o fix "Previous" button in the test page step of the add printer
  - XFdrake: do not set DRI mode anymore which is not needed anymore
    with latest PAM
* Fri Aug 20 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.11mdk
  - drakconnect: use mac_ieee1394 descriptor in iftab for firewire links
    (WIP) (oblin)
  - fix drakxtools build for ppc & sparc
  - keyboarddrake: fix it not modifying xkb (pixel)
  - printerdrake:
    o fix crash
    o prevent potential crashes (blino)
    o do not ignore some internal errors (blino)
    o fix unloaded "usblp" kernel module before local printer
      auto-detection (blino)
    o do not install anymore gimpprint (included in gimp2_0) (till) 
    o do not configure GIMP and which were patched so
      that they do not need anymore to be configured regarding print
      queues (till)
    o text fix for scanners in HP's multi-function devices (till)
  - service_harddrake: check usb controllers on boot (oblin, #9613)
* Thu Aug 19 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.10mdk
  - drakconnect (oblin):
    o do not write 'ifcfg-Manually load a driver' file
    o fix sagem pty in pppd config
    o prevent boot from timeoutingforever if modem can't be synchronized
  - localedrake: fix default IM setting when switching language (#10831)
  - net_applet: fix tooltip's messages
  - harddrake: add a PCMCIA controllers class
* Wed Aug 18 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.9mdk
  - drakboot:
    o install acpi and acpid if needed (pixel, #10760)
    o allow to choose net profile in advanced mode (oblin)
    o enable to allow to choose a video mode if boot is not graphical
      while configuring bootsplash (oblin)
  - drakbug: better wrapping
  - drakconnect (oblin):
    o do not use noipdefault pppd option for pptp connections
    o fix pppoe with sagem ADSL modem
    o write MAC addresses into /etc/iftab
    o pppoe/pptp fixes
  - drakroam: support multiple roaming daemons support (oblin)
  - drakupdate_fstab: fix adding usb medias (oblin, #10399)
  - drakvpn: do not assume drakvpn is already configured if the tunnel
    file is made of comments only (oblin)
  - localedrake: handle turkmen and tatar (pablo)
  - net_monitor:
    o let's be more l10n-friendly
    o fix default connection time (Fabrice FACORAT)
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o do not use XF86Config-4 anymore
    o handle /etc/X11/xorg.conf
  - typo fixes (#10713, ...)
* Thu Aug 12 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.8mdk
  - bootloader-config: log command on mkinitrd faillure
  - drakbug (olivier):
    o update product list and fix case (bugzilla is case sensitive)
    o fix product, component and version for bugzilla
    o fix bugzilla url
  - drakhelp (daouda):
    o use webclient-kde instead of konqueror
    o add epiphany browser
  - drakroam:
    o initial import of wlandetect version, from Austin Action
  - mousedrake, diskdrake: create /etc/udev/conf.d/xxx.conf as well as
    devfsd rules (pixel)
  - net_monitor:
    o add a horizontal separator in stats to prevent visual disguts
      between supposed non aligned labels
    o fix looking aka vertical alignment of labels (Fabrice FACORAT, #10300)
    o fix resizing (Fabrice FACORAT, #10300)
  - XFdrake: s/XFree/Xorg/ (pixel)
* Tue Aug 10 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.7mdk
  - diskdrake: switch from raidtools to mdadm (pixel)
  - drakboot: sort themes, users and WMs lists
  - drakupdate_fstab: do not complain about ips in /etc/fstab (pixel)
  - localedrake:
    o changed default font for gb2312 (Funda Wang)
    o rename the "More" button as "Other Countries" (pixel)
  - net_applet:
    o do not die when gateway canot be guessed (Joe Bolin)
    o fix status toolip
    o allow multiple instances, but only one per user (Joe Bolin)
* Sat Aug 07 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.6mdk
  - add a 6px border around scrolled TextViews (Fabrice FACORAT, #10561)
  - drakbackup: fix crash when selecting an entry in pull down menus
  - localedrake:
    o fix configuring IM
    o fix x-unikey support (Larry Nguyen)
* Sat Aug 07 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.5mdk
  - drakclock: if ntp is used, get the new time before updating the
    hwclock (Emmanuel Blindauer, #10537)
  - drakconnect (oblin):
    o install kdenetwork-kppp-provider when configuring a modem
    o fix external ISDN modem configuration (Anthill #1033)
    o use ifup/ifdown rather than restarting the network service for
      ADSL & ISDN
  - draksound:
    o add support for ALSA on PPC and SPARC
    o update sound drivers list
    o map dmasound_pmac <=> snd-powermac (Christiaan Welvaart)
  - fix autologin somewhat (pixel)
  - localedrake:
    o add x-unikey support for Vietnamese
    o switch korean to scim-hangul IM by default
  - update ppc support (Christiaan Welvaart, pixel)
  - XFdrake: replaced XFree86 and XFree with Xorg (pixel, #10531)
* Thu Aug 05 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.4mdk
  - don't set /etc/sysconfig/desktop anymore, configure ~/.wmrc,
    ~/.gnome2/gdm and ~/.desktop instead (pixel)
* Wed Aug 04 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.3mdk
  - bootloader-config (pixel):
    o try to keep the order of kernel options
    o don't allow unknown kernel names to mess everything
    o handle win4lin kernels
  - draksec: sanitize GUI:
    o upcase fields values
    o fix spacing issues
  - localedrake:
    o fix current IM setting reading
    o reset IM setting when switching to a new IM
    o support nabi input method too
  - net_applet: automatic launch for KDE, GNOME and IceWM (daouda)
  - misc typo fixes
  - diskdrake: fix LMV resizing (anthill #994) (pixel)
  - service_harddrake: fix nuking config on 2.4.x <-> 2.6.x kernel
    switch (#10487) (pixel)
* Sat Jul 31 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.2mdk
  - drakbackup (stew):
    o fixes Anthill #1009 and #1010 (DVD recording, disk quota)
    o direct-to-tape enahancement
  - drakconnect:
    o do not restart the network service if ethernet modem
    o only restart network for ADSL if we use an ethernet modem
    o fix sagem ADLS modem support (olivier)
  - draksec: sync with msec-0.44
  - draksplash:
    o do not crash when the image format is unknown
    o fix preview refresh
  - localedrake:
    o enable to choose input method in advanced mode
    o support im-ja input method too
  - service_harddrake: do not offer to configure mouse if we've already
    automatically reconfigure it b/c of 2.4.x vs 2.6.x switch
* Fri Jul 30 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10.1-0.1mdk
  - diskdrake: fix Compaq Smart Array support (pixel)
  - drakauth: misc (vincent)
  - drakbackup, drakTermServ: fix crashes on append_set (stew)
  - drakbug: (daouda)
    o scroll down text while typing
    o many cleanups
    o stable releases are 'Official' and 'Community'
  - explanations: only log succesfull renamings
  - harddrake GUI: do not automatically configure removable media but
    use diskdrake
  - modules: read modutils or module-init-tools config depending on
    which kernel is run (pixel)
  - net_monitor: save/restore options
* Thu Jul 22 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-57mdk
  - drakauth (vincent):
    o restart services if needed
    o describe authentification kinds
    o modify nss_path one to sub config winbind for AD
  - drakconnect: misc bug fixes (olivier)
  - localedrake: fix xmodifiers setting which is broken since
  - net_monitor:
    o fix GraphicalContext memory leak (olivier)
    o translate connection type (Fabrice Facorat)
    o fix spacing (from Fabrice Facorat, #10300)
* Tue Jul 20 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-56mdk
  - bootloader-config (pixel):
    o save prior boot loader config file (#10072)
    o don't unset prompt when timeout is undefined (and don't care when
      timeout is 0)
    o also add long name when adding add short name
  - net_monitor:
    o add a border spacing of 5 pixel (Fabrice Facorat, #10299)
    o disable the connect button if up interface is found (there is
      currently no reliable way to find the gateway interface)
      (olivier blin)
    o use ifup/ifdown to connect/disconnect (olivier blin)
    o no need to be root to monitor connection (olivier blin)
  - drakconnect (olivier blin):
    o make connection status check work as non root
    o do not write wireless encryption key if empty
    o use blacklist too for adsl connections
* Sun Jul 18 2004 Daouda LO <> 10-55mdk
  - remove historical consolehelper files (pam.d and console.apps)
* Fri Jul 16 2004 Olivier Blin <> 10-54mdk
  - drakboot: use bootloader and Xconfig instead of detect-resolution
  - net_applet:
    o use drakconnect to configure network
    o use 'ip route show' to find the gateway device when no GATEWAYDEV
      is defined
  - drakauth: add "Active Directory" through winbind (pixel)
  - bootloader-config: fix installation on floppy (#10260) (pixel)
  - drakedm: typo fix (lost -> lose) (rvojta)
* Fri Jul 09 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-53mdk
  - bootloader-config (pixel):
    o nicer "usage: ..." 
    o add actions "add-entry" and "remove-entry"
    o add option --label
    o add option --chainload
    o rename --vmlinuz to --image
    o remove unneeded spaces in append=" foo"
    o handles "optional" in LILO
  - drakbackup: fixes for Anthill #927 & #929 (filenames with spaces,
    .backupignore, gui behavior)
  - drakboot: update bootsplash even if framebuffer was disabled (oblin)
  - XFdrake: add 1024x480 (pixel, #5192)
  - redo modules managment (prepare for reading either modprobe.conf or
    modules.conf based on the running kernel version) (pixel)
  - fix build with new glibc
* Tue Jul 06 2004 Pixel <> 10-53mdk
  - drakxtools-backend needs ldetect-lst (for complete_usb_storage_info())
* Tue Jul 06 2004 Pixel <> 10-52mdk
  - ensure proper upgrade: explictly tell urpmi that old drakxtools-newt
    conflicts with drakxtools-backend
  - drakauth: more features (vincent guardiola)
  - drakconnect: pptp support (#6515) (olivier blin)
  - localedrake: configure menu-method's language too so that altering
    language is done for KDE menu entries too (instead of just programs'
    messages) (Thierry Vignaud)
* Fri Jul 02 2004 Pixel <> 10-51mdk
  - create package drakxtools-backend
  - bootloader configuration: misc fixes (pixel)
  - XFdrake: fix typo causing multiple "Keyboard" entries in XF86Config
    (pixel, #10163)
* Fri Jul 02 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-50mdk
  - drakupdate_fstab (oblin): fix moving mount point (#6982, #10175)
  - drakauth: for Active Directory, allow: Kerberos, SSL/TLS, simple and
    anonymous (pixel)
  - net_monitor (oblin):
    o always display a speed label for transmitted graph
    o allow the user to use different scales for received and
      transmitted (#10177)
    o always draw an arrow next to transmitted amount
* Wed Jun 30 2004 Pixel <> 10-49mdk
  - add bootloader-config (used by bootloader-utils and bootsplash scripts)
  - drakboot (pixel):
    o major backend rewrite b/c of code sharing with new installkernel
    o when adding a new kernel, have a nicer new name for conflicting
    o when modifying kernel parameters in all entries, skip the
      "failsafe" entry (#10143)
    o when modifying a symlink, ensure we also use the long name for the
      old symlink in the existing entries
  - drakconnect (Olivier Blin):
    o never disable "DHCP host name" entry box, it shouldn't be linked
      with "Assign host name from DHCP address" checkbox (#2759, #9981)
    o unblacklist sis900 since its link beat detection works with latest
  - draksound: remove unneeded "above" lines in modules::write_conf
    (Olivier Blin) (#8288)
  - ugtk2 layer: catch missing wizard pixmap, otherwise we end up with
    unshown windows and error messages can't pop up (pixel)
  - don't require mkbootdisk
* Thu Jun 24 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-48mdk
  - drakboot (oblin):
    o ask for bootloader choice when framebuffer isn't configured (#9925)
    o do not update bootsplash in autologin wizard
  - drakclock: be mouse wheel aware (oblin, #9926)
  - drakconnect (olivier blin):
    o blacklists the sis900 driver (#9233) for network hotplugging
    o properly handle ascii WEP keys (#9884)
    o rephrase zeroconf dialog (cybercfo)
  - drakxtv: fix tv driver not loaded on boot (oblin, #9112)
  - localedrake: new default IM for CKJ
    o set up SCIM for chinese
    o set uo SCIM+UIM for japanese
  - mousedrake: load usbhid instead of hid is now named (pixel, svetljo)
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o better auto monitor config
    o sync with bootsplash's detect-resolution
* Wed Jun 23 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-47mdk
  - add net_applet (daouda)
  - drakconnect: update ADSL ISP database (baud <>):
    o default to pppoa method whenever encapsulation is 6 (PPPoA VCmux),
    o default to pppoe method whenever encapsulation is 1 (PPPoE LLC)
    o add new ISP entries : Belgium ADSL Office, Brasil (4 ISP),
      Bulgaria ISDN/POTS, Greece, Switzerland BlueWin / Swisscom Telecom
      Italia/Office Users, Turboline Austria Telstra,
  - harddrake2: do not display version number in title bar
  - shorewall configuration: accept from fw to loc (florin)
* Tue Jun 22 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-46mdk
  - harddrake service:
    o do not uselessy fork shells
    o faster auto mouse reconfiguration on major kernel switch
    o fix logs of newly added hardware
    o fix mouse autoconfiguration done on every boot instead of on 2.4.x/2.6.x
    o handle newly added wireless network card (broken since early 2004/02)
    o log error when we cannot run the config tool or when it isn't executable
    o only log about nv <-> nvidia swtich only if we do have to perform it
  - harddrake GUI:
    o display media type for mass storage devices
    o enhanced data for mice and hard disks
    o fix undisplayed fields
    o show disk ID if we cannot guess its vendor string from it
    o show splited vendor and description fields for USB hard disks too
    o really ensure that "identification" section is displayed first
* Sat Jun 19 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-45mdk
  - authentication: more LDAP work (pixel)
  - drakbackup: fix .backupignore issue (stew)
  - drakupdate_fstab: add support for floppies
  - harddrake service:
    o mouse: autoreconfigure it when switching between 2.4.x and 2.6.x kernels
    o network: automatic config with DHCP of new cards
    o removable media: automatically config
    o x11:
      * do not automatically swtich from nv to nvidia driver (b/c the
        nvidia driver is buggy on some machines)
      * automatic configuration of new card
    o only stop the boot progress bar if we've a non automatic tool to run
  - harddrake GUI:
    o show more data on SCSI disks
    o do not display USB disks in both harddisks and unknown sections
    o fix cpu and SCSI hd help
    o show right driver for USB devices (from /proc/bus/usb/devices)
    o enhanced help
    o show detailled data on bus connection
  - interactive layer: display "cancel" button instead of "previous" in
    wizards' first step
* Tue Jun 15 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-44mdk
  - diskdrake: fix hde devfs link (pixel)
  - drakconnect: start to make strings more helpfull
  - drakperm: enable drag 'n drop (only when looking at customized settings)
  - draksec: do not show empty pages in notebook if security level is not set
  - draksplash: make it work again...
  - harddrake2:
    o do not list usb hard disk as unknown (fix doble entries)
    o fix misdetection of nvidia nforce ethernet cards (broken since forcedeth
      replaced nvnet on 2004-01-21 in MDK10's ldetect-lst)
    o ethernet card detection: only rely on driver for matching ethernet cards,
      thus preventing mislisting of other/unwanted devices and enableing to catch
      ldetect/ldetect-lst/detect_devices bugs where some devices are *not* seen by
      drakx and drakconnect.
    o display more data about hard disks (geometry, number of primary/extended
* Thu Jun 10 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-43mdk
  - drakauth: add "Active Directory" authentication (WIP) (pixel)
  - drakbackup: (stew)
    o deal with kernel ring buffer that is flooded with msgs for tape
      device detection (#9877)
    o GUI fixes
    o enforce binary ftp transfers
  - drakconnect: (poulpy)
    o switch ONBOOT to on/off for isdn and adsl connections
    o new way to specify how to up connection for pppoe(xDSL) and
    o rename /etc/ppp/peers/adsl as /etc/ppp/peers/ppp0 as we now use
      ifup-ppp for adsl, it will look for ppp0
  - drakservices: add descriptions for NFS and SMB (#9940) (pixel)
  - harddrake service: run it earlier (aka before network service)
  - XFdrake: add resolution 1920x1200 called WUXGA (used by Dell Laptops
    Inspiron 8500, 8600 and Latitude D800) (#6795) (pixel)
  - XFdrake, drakedm: switch to  (pixel)
* Wed Jun 02 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-42mdk
  - handle the nfs/smb service disabled (Olivier Blin)
  - drakconnect:
    o handle interface w/o ip addresses
    o make LAN wizard more user friendly: move "manual choice" after 
      detected interfaces
    o detect again ethernet interfaces that are down (got broken in 10-38mdk)
  - drakboot:
    o do not write partial GRUB config file (thus garbaging previous config) if an
      error occured
    o fix "two windows appears on canceling after an exception" bug
* Sat May 29 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-41mdk
  - drakconnect:
    o fix protocol switching from manual to DHCP when stepping back in
    o read VLAN and IP aliased interfaces config too
  - drakbackup: fix typo in tape restore (Federico Belvisi).
* Sat May 29 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-40mdk
  - drakconnect:
    o blacklist loopback interface in new detection scheme
    o switch from internet service to regular ifcfg files (poulpy) (WIP)
    o fallback on sysfs in order to get driver and card description when
      ethtool is not supported (eg: ipw2100 driver for intel centrino)
* Fri May 28 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-39mdk
  - diskdrake (pixel):
    o allow /home on nfs (#7460)
    o disable package instead of removing nfs-utils or samba-server
      (when "diskdrake --fileshare" disables a export kind) (#9804)
* Fri May 28 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-38mdk
  - detect aliased network interfaces too
  - drakfirewall: handle BitTorrent (robert vojta)
  - keyboardrake (pablo):
    o support more keyboards
    o Nepali uses devanagari script
  - localedrake: handle Latgalian language (pablo)
  - net_monitor: ignore sit0
  - switch Japanese input method to "uim" (pablo)
* Wed May 26 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-37mdk
  - drakbackup: fix dropped .txt files when running mkisofs (stew)
    (Anthill #799)
  - drakconnect (#9669):
    o prevent identification mismatch on ethtool results
    o fix card name lookup when driver does not support GDRVINFO command
      from ETHTOOL ioctl and there's only one card managed by this
  - switch from deprecated OptionMenu into new ComboBox widget
* Tue May 25 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-36mdk
  - ugtk2:: still provide compat stuff for OptionMenu widget (#9826)
  - drakTermServ: add /etc/modprobe* mount points for client hardware
    config (stew)
* Thu May 20 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-35mdk
  - authentication:
    o fix winbind configuration and do the same for LDAP
      and NIS (vincent guardiola, pixel)
    o install autofs for nis authentication (florin & fcrozat)
  - diskdrake: handle LABEL=foobar in /etc/fstab (pixel)
    (ex2/3 only for now, no xfs)
  - drakclock: do saner check for ntp package (Robert Vojta)
  - drakconnect:
    o fix speedtouch ADSL model (using kernel mode) (poulpy)
    o better LAN vs wireless filtering by using SIOCGIWNAME ioctl)
    o handle ipw2100 wireless driver
    o do not offer to set DOMAINNAME2 since it is never saved nor read
    o kill "speedtouch and ISDN only work under 2.4 kernel" warnings
  - drakfirewall: open more ports for samba
  - harddrake service: do not run XFdrake in automatic mode
  - misc cleanups & bug fixes (pixel)
  - scannerdrake: fix firmware installation (till)
  - XFdrake (pixel):
    o can now configure monitors on heads > 1
    o do not succeed automatic configuration (not auto_install) when
      there is many cards (as requested by Joe Bolin)
    o speed-up monitor choosing dialog when {VendorName} is undef
    o vmware doesn't like 24bpp (#9755)
    o defaults to the greatest depth rather than 24
  - do not prefer devfs names when reading /proc/mounts (which uses
    devfs names) (pixel)
  - ugtk2 layer: transparently replace obsolete OptionMenu widget by the
    new ComboBox widget
* Wed May 05 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-34mdk
  - drakconnect:
    o fix last step of interface destruction wizard
    o wizard: take ISDN protocol into account for people outside Europe
      to use it (poulpy)
  - drakupdate_fstab: fix adding twice an entry in fstab, one with the
    old name, one with the devfs name (pixel)
  - XFdrake: kill XFree86 3.x support (pixel)
* Sat May 01 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-33mdk
  - create ~/tmp if needed when running a program
  - device managment: fix sdX <=> scsi devices mapping (especially for
    USB devices) (pixel)
  - drakclock: time is displayed as HH:MM:SS with RTL languages
  - drakconnect (poulpy):
    o manage interface: more gui layout fixes
    o try harder to locate firmware on windows partition (#3793)
    o no need to up ippp0 in net_cnx_up, it's been up'ed at startup
  - harddrake gui: list SATA controllers in their own category (anthill
    - harddrake service: log removed/added hw
  - localedrake: use utf8 if any of the languages chosen is utf8, not
    only the main one (pixel)
* Sat Apr 24 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-32mdk
  - diskdrake, XFdrake: make --auto really not interactive
  - drakconnect:
    o wizard: fix ISDN support (poulpy)
    o manage interface: smoother layout
  - drakxtv:
    o fix brown paper bag bug regarding tv cards detection
    o sync card and tuner lists with 2.6.6-rc2
  - harddrake GUI: split USB sontrollers and ports
    o new data structure
  - harddrake service: autoconfigure X11, sound and removable media
  - log more actions regarding modules managment in explanations
* Wed Apr 21 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-31mdk
  - drakbackup: some drives don't return "ATIP info from disk" (stew)
  - drakclock: check /etc/init.d/ntpd instead of /etc/ntp.conf for ntp
    installation (daouda)
  - drakfont: fix font importing (#9423) (dam's)
  - drakconnect (manage interface): fix insensitive IPADDR, NETMASK and
    GATEWAY fields by default are not sensitive by default in DHCP
    (broken by #8498 fix) (poulpy)
* Fri Apr 09 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-30mdk
  - fix inverted translations in french catalog (#8217)
  - fix drakxtools postuninstall script
  - drakbackup (stew):
    o remove config-info (will be in a man page)
    o reuse more code from ugtk2 layer regarding cursors managment
    o combine/rework restore code
  - drakTermServ (stew):
    o do not move existing dhcpd.conf
    o add an include for terminal-server instead
  - drakups: update to new libconf-0.32 API (dam's)
  - harddrake service: log nv<=>nvidia switches
  - localedrake: set default font to use in KDE for devanagari and
    malayalam scripts
  - ugtk2: fix faillure with perl-Gtk+-1.04x (#9411)
* Tue Mar 30 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-29mdk
  - harddrake service: skip nv/nvidia test when there's no nvidia card
* Tue Mar 30 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 10-28mdk
  - harddrake service: fix disabling nvidia driver (#9300)



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