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pbzip2-0.9.6-2mdv2007.0 RPM for i586

From Mandriva 2007.0 for i586 / media / contrib / release

Name: pbzip2 Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 0.9.6 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 2mdv2007.0 Build date: Wed Aug 9 19:41:15 2006
Group: Archiving/Compression Build host:
Size: 40507 Source RPM: pbzip2-0.9.6-2mdv2007.0.src.rpm
Packager: Olivier Thauvin <>
Summary: Parallel implementation of bzip2
PBZIP2 is a parallel implementation of the bzip2 block-sorting file
compressor that uses pthreads and achieves near-linear speedup on SMP






* Wed Aug 09 2006 Olivier Thauvin <>
  + 08/09/06 17:41:05 (54942)
  - rebuild
* Wed Aug 09 2006 Olivier Thauvin <>
  + 08/09/06 17:36:11 (54938)
  Import pbzip2
* Sun Feb 12 2006 Olivier Thauvin <> 0.9.6-1mdk
  - 0.9.6
* Sat Dec 31 2005 Olivier Thauvin <> 0.9.5-1mdk
  - 0.9.5
* Fri Apr 29 2005 Olivier Thauvin <> 0.9.2-1mdk
  - mdk adaptation
* Sat Mar 12 2005 Jeff Gilchrist <>
  - Created workaround for a major pthreads problem (on Linux at least) that would cause segfaults and missed signals in the pthreads, Increased size of BZIP2 header match from 56 bits to 72 bits for more accurate detection, Modified some buffers to use the vector class for easier memory management and to eliminate one read pass of the input data for decompression so should be slightly faster, Now checks if input file exists before checking if output file already exists (when not using -f), Now checks to ensure input is regular file and not a directory before processing, Now deletes input file only if output file exists and is greater than 0 bytes (-k will always preserve input file), Now checks input file for bzip2 header before trying to decompress file, Minor code cleanup
* Sat Jan 29 2005 Jeff Gilchrist <>
  - Fixed bug: -c switch now implies -k so input file is not deleted when data is output to stdout
* Mon Jan 24 2005 Jeff Gilchrist <>
  - Added -c switch for data output to stdout, Added -t switch to test integrity of compressed data, Added autodetection for # of CPUs on supported platforms and made detected value default # CPUs to use, Fixed bug where pbzip2 processed 0 byte files, Tried to make program exit codes the same as bzip2
* Sun Jan 09 2005 Jeff Gilchrist <>
  - Added support to maintain file metadata, added signal handling to cleanup partial files, added support to process multiple files
* Tue Nov 30 2004 Jeff Gilchrist <>
  - Added support for large (2GB+) files, added version info, made command line input more like bzip2, now checks if file is already .bz2 first
* Sat Nov 27 2004 Jeff Gilchrist <>
  - Fix pthread bug, now works on OSF1, code cleanup
* Thu Oct 28 2004 Bryan Stillwell <>
  - Initial packaging



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