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mondo-doc-2.0.9-1mdv2007.0 RPM for noarch

From Mandriva 2007.0 for i586 / media / contrib / release

Name: mondo-doc Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 2.0.9 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 1mdv2007.0 Build date: Wed Aug 9 17:58:31 2006
Group: Archiving/Backup Build host:
Size: 45607741 Source RPM: mondo-doc-2.0.9-1mdv2007.0.src.rpm
Packager: Bruno Cornec <>
Summary: Documentation for Mondo Rescue
Documentation for Mondo Rescue






* Wed Aug 09 2006 bcornec
  + 08/09/06 15:58:05 (54841)
  Use of %{1}mdv2007.0
* Wed Aug 09 2006 bcornec
  + 08/09/06 09:48:39 (54665)
  import mondo-doc-2.0.9
* Fri Aug 04 2006 Bruno Cornec <> 2.0.9-2.20060mdk
  - Updated to 2.0.9
  - Preliminary build process working for Debian and Gentoo (Bruno Cornec)
  - New NFS/PXE support. start-nfs is now a fixed script. Allow more possibilities at restore time (Bruno Cornec)
  - Fix some compiler warnings for 64bits mode (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - Fix various screen corruption for 'Configure LVM'/RAID sync (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - SuSE RPMS now use bzip2 (Lars Rupp/Bruno Cornec)
  - Exclude ClearCase mvfs type of filesystem from mondo backup ( Cornec)
  - Improved .spec Requires (Fedora/SuSE feedbacks) (Bruno Cornec)
  - Indication for users of IDE burners and 2.6 kernels (Christopher Moriarity/Bruno Cornec)
  - remove df -P during restore as busybox doesn't support it (Bruno Cornec)
  - nfsmount option added to allow redeployment from another NFS server (Bruno Cornec)
  - This version should work a bit better with files having special char bug #7421 - but more to come (Bruno Cornec)
  - Fix Debian Bug #369321 by increasing MAX_TAPECATALOG_ENTRIES to 8192 and bkpinfo->optimal_set_size to 16MB (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - Fix problem with BurnProof+DVD (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - Fix bug #7820: mondo should now support files > 2GB ( Cornec)
  - Replaced all occurrences of egrep with 'grep -E' and of fgrep with 'grep -F' (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - Optimize grep usage - fixes Debian bug #222052 (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - Avoid false alerts about growisofs not running under sudo (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - Increase PPCFG_RAMDISK_SIZE to 350 MB (Thomas Börkel/Bruno Cornec)
  - Removed useless mondo-makefilelist (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - Fix a segmentation fault in parse_mdstat() (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - Fix gcc 4.1.2 warnings (Andree Leidenfrost)
* Wed Jun 07 2006 Bruno Cornec <> 2.0.8-3.20060mdk
  - Updated to 2.0.8-3
  - Fix a bug in -I and -E handling !!  (Paolo Bernardoni <>/Bruno Cornec)
  - Fix permissions for autorun (Bruno Cornec)
  - Fox delivery problems for tar files with too restrictive umask (Bruno Cornec)
  - Fix parsing of DHCP information in start-nfs script (Andree Leidenfrost)
* Fri Jun 02 2006 Bruno Cornec <> 2.0.8-2.20060mdk
  - Updated to 2.0.8-2
  - PXE mode now supports change of NIC for redeployment (Bruno Cornec)
* Thu May 25 2006 Bruno Cornec <> 2.0.8-1.20060mdk
  - Updated to 2.0.8-1
  - new build process (Bruno Cornec)
  - Fix a bug in .spec for RPM build (%attr now unused) (Bruno Cornec)
  - Support of dm and LVM v2 (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - New mr_strtok functionn added and used for dm support (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - Complete doc is now a separate package. mondo still contains the man pages and howto in minimal useful formats (Bruno Cornec)
  - HOWTO now contains a new chapter on unattended support for mondo
  - Increase size (4 times) of include|exclude variables
  - Fix a bug on -I and -E not working with multiple parameters
  - Fix a bug in verify for NFS by swapping nfs_remote_dir and isodir when assembling name for image file to verify (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - Fix mondo when restoring filenames containing blanks (still a problem for filenames with ') (Bruno Cornec)
  - Fix a RPM generation bug for rh7.3 (i386-redhat-linux prefix for binaries) (Bruno Cornec)
* Fri Mar 10 2006 Bruno Cornec <> 2.0.7-1.20060mdk
  - Updated to 2.0.7
  - useless cat, sort|uniq commands removed (Bruno Cornec/Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni)
  - Doc cleanup (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - Add the actual  to messages after calls to function is_this_a_valid_disk_format() about unsupported formats.  (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - Abort|Warn when one of the include|exclude dirs (-I|-E) does not exist (Bruno Cornec/Jeffs)
  - Replaced partimagehack with ntfsclone from ntfsprogs package. (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - use df -P everywhere (Bruno Cornec)
  - Paypal incitations removed (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - mondo now uses /usr/share for the restore-scripts (Bruno Cornec)
  - rpmlint cleanups (Bruno Cornec)
  - no shared librairies and no X11 anymore (were useless) (Bruno Cornec)
  - files > 2GB are now really supported (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - new SGML based Mondo Rescue documentation + new Web site (Bruno Cornec/Andree Leidenfrost)
  - mondoarchive aborts when 'mindi --findkernel' gives a fatal error (See also Debian bug #352323.) (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - /tmp not excluded anymore from backup (Bruno Cornec)
  - New RPM Build environement (Bruno Cornec)
* Fri Dec 23 2005 Bruno Cornec <> 2.06-1.20060mdk
  - Updated to 2.06
  - better error handling of failed commands/mindi (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - fix compiler warnings (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - -p improvements for NFS/PXE/ISO modes (Bruno Cornec)
  - support of default route and netmask for PXE/NFS (Bruno Cornec)
  - fix for restoring mondo backups on md-raid systems (Philippe De Muyter)
  - remove excessive 'cat' commands (Philippe De Muyter)
  - fix to force growisofs to use speed=1 for DVD burning (Philippe De Muyter)
  - now handles cifs correctly (Bruno Cornec)
  - fix issue where mondoarchive ejects CD/DVD despite writing iso images (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - Add -P option to df calls (Andree Leidenfrost/Chuan-kai Lin)
  - fix usage of joint -B and -m options (Andree Leidenfrost/Efraim Feinstein)
  - Quadrupled ARBITRARY_MAXIMUM from 500 to 2000 for mondorestore's filebrowser (Andree Leidenfrost)
  - remove the renice of mondoarchive (Hugo Rabson)
  - relocate what was under /usr/share to /usr/lib (FHS compliance) (Bruno Cornec/Andree Leidenfrost)
  - manage non ambiguous delivery under /usr (packages) or /usr/local (tar ball) (Bruno Cornec)
  - disable x11 build by default (Bruno Cornec)
  - remove sbminst (Bruno Cornec/Andree Leidenfrost)
  - use parted2fdisk everywhere (Bruno Cornec)
  - exports MONDO_LIB (Bruno Cornec)
  - RPM build for fedora core 4, sles9, redhat 7.3, rhel 3/4, mandriva 2006.0, mandrake 10.2/10.1 (Bruno Cornec/Gary Granger)
  - interactive mode now asks for image size and prefix in NFS mode (Gallig Renaud/Bruno Cornec)
  - iso-prefix should be read in iso mode even when -H not given (Stan Benoit)
  - VERSION/RELEASE Tag added (Bruno Cornec)
  - many code cleanup, small fixes, PXE/NFS code improvements (Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni/Bruno Cornec)
* Sat Nov 19 2005 Bruno Cornec <> 2.05-1.20060mdk
  - Updated to 2.05
  - -p options works better for NFS cases  (Bruno Cornec)
  - ia64 is now working for rhel3  (Bruno Cornec)
  - delivery process to BerliOS improved (Bruno Cornec)
  - now handles cifs correctly (Bruno Cornec)
* Sun Oct 30 2005 Bruno Cornec <> 2.04_berlios-1.20060mdk
  - Updated to 2.04_berlios
  - Add -p option to generate ISO images file names with prefix. The new default name for ISO images is mondorescue-1.iso, ... For PXE environment, you have to use the prefix option on the command line (read README.pxe) (Bruno Cornec)
  - Mandrake 2005 support (Bruno Cornec)
  - NFS patches (Yann Aubert <>)
  - mondorestore shouldn't now ask final questions with -H (this is an unattended mode) (Bruno Cornec)
* Tue May 03 2005 Bruno Cornec <> 2.04-1.20060mdk
  - Updated to 2.04
  - made mondo more clever about finding its home. Avoids mondo considering directories like '/usr/share/doc/momdo' as its home.
* Wed Sep 29 2004 Bruno Cornec <> 2.03-1.20060mdk
  - Updated to 2.03
  - better SLES8 support
  - test user-specified temp dir's sanity
* Wed Jul 21 2004 Bruno Cornec <> 2.02-1.20060mdk
  - Updated to 2.02
  - instead of using 'dd' to erase partition table, delete existing partitions w/ the same call to fdisk that is used to create the new partitions; this should avoids locking up the partition table
  - set bootable partition in the above same call to fdisk, for the same reason (avoids locking up the partition table)
  - better software RAID support
  - mount ext3 partitions as ext2 when restoring - better for Debian
  - better star, ACL support
  - added ACL, xattr support for afio users
* Mon Jun 21 2004 Bruno Cornec <> 2.01-1.20060mdk
  - Updated to 2.01
  - fixed cvs for SuSE systems
  - fixed NTFS backup/restore bug relating to partimagehack log file overflow and NTFS v non-NTFS differentiation
  - more reliable extraction of config info from CDs, floppies
  - better support of ISO dirs at restore-time (Conor Daly)
* Fri Jun 18 2004 Bruno Cornec <> 2.00-1.20060mdk
  - Updated to 2.00
  - first 2.0 release
  - updated grub-install.patched to support SuSE and Red Hat
  - added kdelibs as xmondo dependency (Joshua Oreman)
  - better find_cdrom_device(), to cope w/ multiple CD writers
  - added xmondo pixmap installation
  - fixed -m and -Vc flags
  - fixed NTFS support!
  - bootable CD uses native, not El Torito, support now
  - added -devel package
  - made xmondo a second package
  - added ability to specify --without xmondo at build time
  - Clean up, added spanish translation
  - Set prefix to be /usr
  - added/fixed Requires
  - remove CVS directories prior to building
  - added 2.6 kernel support
  - if 2.6 kernel, insist that the user specify CD device
  - drop Embleer; insist on ms-sys and parted if Windows partition
  - added support for boot/root multi floppies
  - call 'mt' to set block size to 32K before opening in/out tape
  - updated mondo-prep.c to create each disk's partitions all at once (one call per drive) instead of one call to fdisk per partition
  - when extracting cfg file and mountlist from all.tar.gz (tape copy), use block size of INTERNAL_TAPE_BLK_SIZE, not TAPE_BLOCK_SIZE
  - added star and rudimentary SELinux support
  - fixed lots of bugs
  - all logging now goes to /var/log/mondo-archive.log, with symlink to /tmp/mondo-restore.log for restore-time log-tracking
  - added grub-install.patched
  - removed embleer & other binaries
  - added '-b' to specify block size
  - added '-R' for star support
* Mon Mar 29 2004 Bruno Cornec <> 1.75-1.20060mdk
  - Updated to 1.75
  - fixed chmod/chown bug (Jens Richter)
  - ask user to confirm NFS mountpoint in Interactive Mode
  - rewritten format_everything() to make sure LVMs, RAIDs and regular partitions are prepped in the correct order
  - better magicdev support
  - rewritten external binary caller subroutine
  - DVD support added
  - better backup-time control gui; offer to exclude nfs if appl.
  - fixed multi-tape support
  - re-implemented -D and -J
  - fixed bug in extract_config_file_from_ramdisk() which affected tape+floppy users
  - updated is_incoming_block_valid() to make it return end-of-tape if >300 flotsam blocks
  - unmount CD-ROM before burning (necessary for RH8/9)
  - fixed some stray assert()'s
  - fixed bug in grub-MR (Christian)
  - make user remove floppy/CD before restoring interactively from tape
  - fixed bug in am_I_in_disaster_recovery_mode()
  - added code to nuke_mode() to make sure NFS (backup) share is mounted in Nuke Mode
  - improved tape device detection code
  - better GRUB support
  - better logging of changed bigfiles at compare-time
  - better NTFS support, thanks to partimagehack-static
  - better logging
  - rewrote tape-handling code, breaking compatibility w/ previous versions
  - fixed ISO/CD biggiefile verification bug in mondoarchive
  - fixed bug which stopped boot/compare-time changelist from popping up
  - replaced mondo-makefilelist with C code - faster, cleaner
  - tweaked GUI - better feedback
  1.74 (2003-09-24)
  - fixed biggiefile atime/ctime restoration bug 73
  - fixed 'default boot loader' detection bug (Joshua Oreman)
  - use single-threaded make_afioballs_and_images() if FreeBSD
  - fixed mondoarchive -Vi multi-CD verify bug (Tom Mortell)
  - superior get_phys_size_of_drive() (Joshua Oreman)
  - fixed RAID-related bug in where_is_root_mounted()
  - ISO tweaks
  - fixed silly bug in load_filelist() which stopped funny German filenames from being handled properly
  - misc fixes (Michael Hanscho's friend)
  - added rudimentary support for SME
  - added better label support
  - fixed various calls to popup_and_get_string()
  - fixed spec file
  - reject -E /
  - added partimagehack to the mix
  1.73 (2003-05-04)
  - mark relevant partitions as bootable _after_ unmounting them
  - resolve boot device (-f) if softlink
  - post_param_configuration() --- store iso-dev and isodir
  - added post-nuke-sample.tgz to package
  - Nuke Mode now checks mountlist against hardware; offer user opportunity to edit mountlist if insane; if user declines, abort
  - added lots of assert()'s and other checks
  - ran code thru Valgrind to catch & fix some memory leaks
  - made mondo-restore.c smaller by moving some subroutines to common/libmondo-raid.c and mondorestore/mondo-rstr-compare.c
  - added '-Q' flag, to let user test mondoarchive's ability to find their boot loader and type
  - improved which_boot_loader()
  - when burning or comparing to a CD, defeat autorun if it is running, to avoid confusing mondoarchive and the user
  - if original backup media no longer available at boot-time then offer user chance to choose another media source
  - when booting, type 'nuke noresize' to nuke w/o resizing mountlist to fill your drives
  - add 'textonly' when booting, to avoid using Newt gui
  - run nice(20) to prioritize mondoarchive at start
  - don't pause and wait for next blank CD at backup-time unless necessary (e.g. previous CD has not been removed)
  - get_phys_size_of_drive() --- better support of older drives
  - don't eject if "donteject" is in kernel's command line
  - cleaned up segfault-handling
  - added Conor's strip_path() to improve file list display
  - added Herman Kuster's multi-level bkp patch
  - added Joshua Oreman's FreeBSD patches x3
  - fixed interactive/textonly support
  - fixed support for subdir-within-NFS-mount
  - fixed "Can't backup if ramdisk not mounted" bug
  - try to work around eccentricities of multi-CD drive PCs
  - misc clean-ups (Steve Hindle)



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