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RPM of Group Networking/IRC

BitchX-1.1-7mdv2007.0 Textmode IRC client linux/i586
cwirc-2.0.0-1mdv2007.0 X-Chat Morse plugin linux/i586
eggdrop-1.6.17-3.1mdv2007.0 Eggdrop is an IRC bot, written in C. linux/i586
eggdrop-1.6.17-3mdk Eggdrop is an IRC bot, written in C. linux/i586
epic4-2.2-3mdv2007.0 Another popular Unix IRC client linux/i586
ircd-2.10.3-12mdk IRC server from linux/i586
ircd-hybrid-7.0.3-2mdk Internet Relay Chat Server linux/i586
ircd-hybrid-7.2.2-3mdv2007.0 Internet Relay Chat Server linux/i586
ircd-hybrid-devel-7.0.3-2mdk Development headers for ircd-hybrid linux/i586
ircd-hybrid-devel-7.2.2-3mdv2007.0 Development headers for ircd-hybrid linux/i586
irssi-0.8.10-10mdv2007.0 Irssi is an IRC client linux/i586
irssi-perl-0.8.10-10mdv2007.0 Perl plugin for irssi linux/i586
irssistats-0.71-1mdk This tool generates HTML IRC stats based on irssi logs linux/i586
konversation-1.0.1-6mdv2007.0 A user friendly IRC Client for KDE linux/i586
konversation-1.0-1mdv2007.0 A user friendly IRC Client for KDE linux/i586
kvirc-3.2.2-0.20060420.3mdv2007.0 Visual IRC client linux/i586
muh-2.1-0.rc1.4mdk A full featured irc bouncer linux/i586
pisg-0.68-2mdv2007.0 An IRC channel statics generator linux/noarch
rhapsody-0.28b-1mdv2007.0 Text mode irc client with menu interface linux/i586
seamonkey-irc-1.0.7-3mdv2007.0 IRC support for SeaMonkey linux/i586
seamonkey-irc-1.0.5-1mdv2007.0 IRC support for SeaMonkey linux/i586
supybot-0.83.1-2mdv2007.0 A flexible IRC bot linux/noarch
weechat-0.1.9-1mdv2007.0 Wee Enhanced Environment for Chat linux/i586
weechat-lua-0.1.9-1mdv2007.0 Weechat lua plugins linux/i586
weechat-perl-0.1.9-1mdv2007.0 Weechat perl plugins linux/i586
weechat-python-0.1.9-1mdv2007.0 Weechat python plugins linux/i586
weechat-ruby-0.1.9-1mdv2007.0 Weechat ruby plugins linux/i586
xchat-2.8.0-1mdv2007.0 Graphical IRC client linux/i586
xchat-2.6.6-5mdv2007.0 Graphical IRC client linux/i586
xchat-2.6.6-3mdv2007.0 Graphical IRC client linux/i586
xchat-dbus-2.6.6-5mdv2007.0 XChat DBUS plugin linux/i586
xchat-dbus-2.6.6-3mdv2007.0 XChat DBUS plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-0.12-2mdv2007.0 Graphical IRC client for the GNOME desktop linux/i586
xchat-gnome-autoaway-0.12-2mdv2007.0 XChat Autoaway plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-dbus-0.12-2mdv2007.0 XChat DBUS plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-devel-0.12-2mdv2007.0 XChat header for plugin development linux/i586
xchat-gnome-notification-0.12-2mdv2007.0 XChat Notification plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-notifyosd-0.12-2mdv2007.0 XChat On Screen Notification plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-perl-0.12-2mdv2007.0 XChat Perl plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-python-0.12-2mdv2007.0 XChat Python plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-soundnotification-0.12-2mdv2007.0 XChat Sound Notification plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-tcl-0.12-2mdv2007.0 XChat TCL plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-urlscraper-0.12-2mdv2007.0 XChat URLscraper plugin linux/i586
xchat-osd-1.1-3mdv2007.0 An osd plugin for xchat linux/noarch
xchat-perl-2.8.0-1mdv2007.0 XChat Perl plugin linux/i586
xchat-perl-2.6.6-5mdv2007.0 XChat Perl plugin linux/i586
xchat-perl-2.6.6-3mdv2007.0 XChat Perl plugin linux/i586
xchat-python-2.8.0-1mdv2007.0 XChat Python plugin linux/i586
xchat-python-2.6.6-5mdv2007.0 XChat Python plugin linux/i586
xchat-python-2.6.6-3mdv2007.0 XChat Python plugin linux/i586
xchat-ruby-1.1-7mdv2007.0 XChat Ruby plugin linux/i586
xchat-systray-integration-2.4.5-6mdv2007.0 Systray (Notification Area) Plugin for XChat linux/i586
xchat-tcl-2.8.0-1mdv2007.0 XChat TCL plugin linux/i586
xchat-tcl-2.6.6-5mdv2007.0 XChat TCL plugin linux/i586
xchat-tcl-2.6.6-3mdv2007.0 XChat TCL plugin linux/i586

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