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From Mandriva 2006.0 for x86_64 / media / main

Name: Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 1.1.5 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 2mdk Build date: Mon Sep 19 06:50:34 2005
Group: Office Build host:
Size: 22166042 Source RPM:
Packager: Giuseppe GhibÃ⊃ <>
Summary: Basque help data for is an Open Source, community-developed, office
suite. This package contains localized help files in Basque.






* Mon Sep 19 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.5-2mdk
  - added templates to mime-types and provide icons for
    mimelnk/application/*.desktop files (fix bug #10908).
* Thu Sep 15 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.5-1mdk
  - Release 1.1.5 final.
* Wed Sep 14 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.5-0.rc4.3mdk
  - Added Patch935 (bug #18029).
  - Added fix (Cavassin) for bug #18535 to
* Sat Sep 10 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.5-0.rc4.2mdk
  - replaced string "Português do Brasil" with "Portuguese Brazilian" in
* Tue Sep 06 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.5-0.rc4.1mdk
  - Updated Source0 to 1.1.5rc4.
  - Added application/ to GenerateMenu impress (bug #17645).
  - Disabled Patch1060 (use system font for GUI, because of problems with
    Chinese, bug #13654).
  - Updated Patch1098 (fixes bug #18192).
  - Updated Source25 (fixes bug #18192).
  - Added Patch2385 to get compiling with latest compiler package.
* Wed Aug 24 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.5-0.rc3.1mdk
  - Updated Source0 to 1.1.5rc3.
* Mon Aug 01 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.5-0.rc2.1mdk
  - Updated Source0 to 1.1.5rc2.
  - Removed Patch935,936 (merged upstream).
  - Removed Patch1102 (merged upstream).
  - Removed Patch1112 (merged upstream).
  - Rebuilt Patch1099.
* Sat Jul 09 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.4-9mdk
  - Added Patch1114 (fix IZ#50771).
  - Added Patch1115 (fix IZ#49228).
  - Enabled Patch1113.
  - Updated vclplug patch set.
* Thu Jul 07 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.4-8mdk
  - Added Patch1112 for security bug CAN-2005-0941.
  - Added Patch1113 to increase graphics cache limit size (IZ#46215).
  - Re-enable %patch1060.
  - Cleaned SPEC file: 
    - Removed Patch1045 (sw-ms-fmt-import, unused/merged upstream)
    - Removed 64bit patches 500->599 (unused/incomplete).
    - Removed Patch1020 (linux26-nptl, unused).
    - Removed Patch1100 (crash-sw-redline, unused).
    - Renamed Patch12XX => Patch22XX (gcc341).
  - Added %build_vclplug compilation Tag (testing).
  - Added VclPlug|GnomeVFS|FilePicker patch set (1120-1369) from go-ooo.
  - Added Patches (2265-2384) for compiling with gcc401 
    and %use_gcc401 conditional building flag.
* Wed Mar 16 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.4-7mdk
  - Added Portuguese and Turkish help files (Source117, 118).
  - Disabled Patch1060 (now default for
    Accessibility/Use system default user interface font option is
    false/unchecked) for bug #13654.
  - Updated Patch935 (czech).
* Fri Mar 11 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.4-6mdk
  - Added Patch970 for fixing bug #13440 (use Newsung fonts).
* Tue Jan 18 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.4-5mdk
  - Enable compiling with -fvisibility-inlines-hidden.
* Tue Jan 18 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.4-4mdk
  - Added Patch1111 ( soname).
* Sat Jan 15 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.4-3mdk
  - Updated Patch1030 (no-splash-takeover).
  - Added Patch1102 (fix transex3 merging).
  - Added Patch1103 (print preview exit with Escape).
  - Added Patch1104 (disable optimization on ucblockbytes).
  - Added Patch1105 (fix crash for bug IZ#36280).
  - Added Patch1106 (Calc keyboard shortcuts, IZ#38108).
  - Added Patch1107 (default optimal page wrap).
  - Added Patch1108 (fix crash in online layout mode).
  - Added Patch1109, Patch1110 (fallback to english template files).
* Mon Jan 10 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.4-2mdk
  - Fixed Patch1261 to avoid unpacking binary mozilla
    libraries based, and define 
  - Added build_mozilla SPEC flag.
* Sat Jan 08 2005 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.4-1mdk
  - Release 1.1.4.
  - Rebuilt Patch37 (mdkfonts).
  - Rebuilt Patch400 (system-db).
  - Rebuilt Patch960 (sazanami_fonts).
  - Rebuilt Patch1062 (db42).
  - Removed Patch1052 (solar-fork), merged upstream.
  - Removed Patch1056 (swriter-crash), merged upstream.
  - Removed Patch1058 (swriter-flylay-crash), merged upstream.
  - Added Patch1101 for fixing RTF import (i35653).
  - Added Patch936 for fixing slovak thesaurus langcode.
  - Updated slovak help file.
  - Updated slovenian help file.
  - Added Patch1262 for building with gcc 3.4.3.
* Mon Dec 06 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-6mdk
  - Use j2sdk 1.4.2_06.
  - Recompile against gcc 3.4.3.
* Sat Dec 04 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-5mdk
  - Updated Patch26 (psprint-cups).
  - Updated Patch1211 (for newer Patch26).
  - Updated Patch1250 (for newer Patch26).
* Sat Dec 04 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-4mdk
  - Use gcc 3.4.1 (merged Hanno Meyer patches).
  - Disabled mozilla.
  - Removed Patch1022 (merged upstream).
  - Reverted Patch26 to old version.
  - Renamed Patch11XX-1199 => 12XX-1299.
* Thu Oct 07 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-3mdk
  - Updated Patch26 (psprint-cups).
* Wed Oct 06 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-2mdk
  - Use 1.1.3-1 source.
  - Removed Patch1302 (i34117, merged upstream).
  - Removed Patch1304 (boost, merged upstream).
* Mon Oct 04 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-1mdk
  - Use jdk 1.4.2_05.
  - 1.1.3 final.
  - Removed Patch1301 (merged upstream).
  - Added Patch1304 (boost) for getting 1.1.3 sources compiling.
  - Added missed myspell-hyph package dependency for l10n-hu package.
* Mon Sep 27 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-0.20040915.3mdk
  - Added HUNG to l10n.
* Sat Sep 25 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-0.20040915.2mdk
  - Updated Patch920 fixing further typos in italian localization.
  - Added Patch921 for fixing translation of FontOOo Wizard.
  - Added Patch960 for providing Basque translation for FontOOO Wizard strings.
* Mon Sep 20 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-0.20040914.1mdk
  - Updated to cvs SRX645_m47.
  - Merged cws_srx645_jloo113 and cws_srx645_defsymcvt (Patches1301, 1302).
    This will basically means OOo 1.1.3rc.
  - Removed Patch1022 (i23684-font-kerning), merged upstream.
  - Removed Patch1049 (i18n-calc-encoding).
  - Rebuilt Patch1074 (gui-toolbox-large-icons1).
  - Rebuilt Patch920 (lang-typo-italian).
  - Rebuilt Patch935 (lang-czech-fixes).
  - Rebuilt Patch940 (lang-estonian-fixes).
  - Rebuilt Patch950 (lang-welsh-fixes).
  - Updated Patch32 (bmp32).
  - Added Patch1099 (fix checkbox field crash, IZ#33980).
  - Added Patch1303 (fix doc import crasher, IZ#29731).
  - Added Requires: drakoo.
  - Updated (Thierry Vignaud) for supporting drakoo
  - Don't expand %{Source20} (basque archive). Now should be merged.
* Thu Sep 09 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-0.20040820.9mdk
  - Modified Patch101 (ooo-ms-defaults) so to support env var
    for setting the default saving format (Thierry Vignaud).
  - Updated Mandrakelinux splash screens (David Baudens and Élisabeth).
  - Applied patches to (Thierry Vignaud).
    default openoffice.conf and set to "NATIVE".
* Wed Sep 01 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-0.20040820.8mdk
  - Added Patch1098 for Mandrakelinux splash screens.
* Tue Aug 31 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-0.20040820.7mdk
  - Added Patch1094 to use www-browser as default browser
    (requested by David Baudens).
  - Added Patch1095 to fix doc load crasher (Ximian).
  - Added Patch1096 to fix security problem with tmp files (IZ#33357, CAN-2004-0752)
  - Added Patch1097 to fix a spellcheck crash in impress (IZ#32320).
* Fri Aug 27 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-0.20040820.6mdk
  - Added Patch950, fixing welsh localization for FONTOOO|DICOOO (Rhoslyn Prys).
  - Added Patch960 for using Sazanami fonts instead of
    Kochi and added patch to helpcontent_81_unix.tgz too (Utumi Irosi).
  - Use Requires instead of BuildRequires for libstdc++3.3.
  - Added Afrik, Zulu to l10n packages.
* Wed Aug 25 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-0.20040820.5mdk
  - Added Patch1091 (sw-crash-fix).
  - Added Patch1092 (get KDE font weight and size, Ximian)
  - Added Patch1093 (Fix ugly rulers with larger font sizes, IZ #22098).
  - Use Ximian icons also for menus.
* Tue Aug 24 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-0.20040820.4mdk
  - Added Slovenian l10n/help package.
* Tue Aug 24 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-0.20040820.3mdk
  - Re-enabled Basque l10n/help packages (without external patches).
  - Added Wales l10n package.
* Mon Aug 23 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-0.20040820.2mdk
  - Added Patch1090 (startup-fix, IZ#18970) for startup notify.
* Fri Aug 20 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-0.20040820.1mdk
  - CVS 1.1.3 (CWS oo113fix2) updated to 20040820.
  - Removed Patch1024 (neonctrl), merged upstream.
  - Added Ximian icons (Source21).
  - Enable sysui fonts by default (Patch1060).
  - Updated Patch102 (bmp32).
  - Added Patch1089 to avoid registration dialog at startup
    (requested by David Baudens).
  - Added Patch1063->1075 for new Ximian icon set.
  - Added Patch1076 for adding 'merge & center' toolbar button (Ximian, IZ#33126).
  - Added Patch1087 for remembering file path in print dialog (Ximian, IZ#17967).
  - Added Patch1088 for warning about printer errors (Ximian, IZ#17966).
  - Modified scale-icons script so to match MDK matte gray color.
  - Updated Patch1016 (IZ#33074).
* Tue Aug 17 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-0.20040815.1mdk
  - CVS 1.1.3 (CWS ooo113fix2) updated to 20040815.
  - Added Norwegian localizations (NORBOK and NORNYN).
  - Updated Patch1054 (xinerama-nostatic).
  - Removed Patch1057 (glyph-overlap), merged upstream.
  - Updated sk helpcontent.
  - Temporary removed basque patches.
* Sat Aug 14 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.3-0.20040814.1mdk
  - CVS 1.1.3 (CWS ooo113fix2).
  - Removed Patch1025 (stlport-compile-frmpage_cxx), merged upstream.
  - Removed Patch1051 (shellexec-allowparams.patch), merged upstream.
  - Removed Patch1032 (security-sonames), merged upstream.
  - Removed Patch1065 (lingucomponent-memleak), merged upstream.
* Sat Aug 07 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.2-5mdk
  - Added Patch945 to fix some bogus translation in UI.
  - Added Patch1063 for fixing crashes when reconfiguraing the status-bar
    (crash-statusbar, IZ#31837).
  - Added Patch1064 (for libdb42).
  - Added Patch1065 (lingucomponent-memleak, IZ#30486).
* Wed Jul 28 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.2-4mdk
  - Fixed share/template permissions to 644.
* Thu Jul 22 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.2-3mdk
  - Added russian help file.
  - Added Patches for gcc 3.4.1 compiling (incomplete).
  - Added 1 build flag.
  - Updated Patch10 (mdkconfig) to support ARCH_FLAGS_*.
  - Added Patch1056 for fixing swriter crash (swcrash, IZ#27243).
  - Added Patch1057 for fixing mismatched charwidth for overlapping glyphs
    (glyph-overlap, IZ#28567).
  - Added Patch1058 for fixing swriter crash (swriter-flylay-crash, IZ#29004).
  - Added Patch1059 for using pt not px as menu font unit
    (gui-ft-pt-not-pixel, IZ #15507).
  - Added Patch1060 for using system font by default for UI (equivalent to
    enable Tools/Options/Accessibility->Use system font for user interface)
    (.gui-ft-use-system-font, IZ#16683).
  - Added Patch1061 for not using ugly X11 bitmap fonts (no-xfonts).
  - Updated helpcontent_42_unix.tgz (Czech), helpcontent_43_unix.tgz (Slovak)
  - Added helpcontent_50_unix.tgz (Slovenian).
  - Added Estonian l10n package.
  - Remove compiling with LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1.
  - Added Patch1062 (workaround for Autopilot bug
  - Added conditional build flag to use ccache (suggested by Pavel Janik).
  - Added Patch930 (fixes russian localization strings).
  - Added Patch935 (fixes czech localization strings).
  - Added Patch940 (fixes estonian localization strings).
* Sat Jul 10 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.2-2mdk
  - Added Patch1027 to allow using of JDK 1.4.2_04, and use %jdkver macro.
  - Added Patch1028 (use Mozilla instead of Netscape).
  - Added Patch1029 (gui-splash-redraw, IZ#19646).
  - Added Patch1030 (no-splash-takeover, IZ#23609).
  - Added Patch1031 (thread-yield, IZ#9277).
  - Added and rebuilt new patch set from Ximian (Patch 1032->1053).
  - Added Patch1032 (security sonames).
  - Added Patch1033 (fix svtools build deps, IZ#28379).
  - Added Patch1034 (parallel build).
  - Added Patch1035 (defensive coding for mapmode, IZ#19496).
  - Added Patch1036 (fix bugs for exported documents, IZ#26747).
  - Added Patch1038 (scaling as Xft dpi, IZ#15507).
  - Added Patch1039 (antialias min size).
  - Added Patch1040 (font size unbreak, IZ#16882).
  - Added Patch1041 (default font size).
  - Added Patch1042 (default bullet larger, IZ#21829).
  - Added Patch1043 (bullet symbol as fields, IZ#21916).
  - Added Patch1044 (symbol defaults, IZ#15512).
  - Added Patch1045 (doc with more than 4095 styles, IZ#26550).
  - Added Patch1046 (improve MS import/export, IZ#8276).
  - Added Patch1047 (hide spellchecker underlined words, IZ#21440).
  - Added Patch1048 (avoid DNS lookup FQDN conversion).
  - Added Patch1049 (fixes wrong encoding strings, IZ#29504).
  - Added Patch1050 (Don't pack .orig/.back files in en help content).
  - Added Patch1051 (allow parameters for external programs, IZ#28720).
  - Added Patch1052 (fork signalling in solar.c, IZ#17241).
  - Added Patch1053 (use KDE default programs for helper).
  - Added Basque languages (Patch1009, Patch1010, Patch1011).
  - Updated Source20 (Basque archive).
  - Change basque code in from 54 to 10.
  - Added Patch1054 (Don't link Xinerama lib statically)
  - Added Patch1055 (mark the files in share/template/<lang>/wizard/bitmap as lang specific).
  - Use CP1251 instead of ISO8859-5 for RU encoding conversion.
* Sat Jun 26 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.2-1mdk
  - Release: 1.1.2.
  - Rebuilt Patch11 (disable-python)
  - Rebuilt Patch22 (no-stdlibs).
  - Rebuilt Patch26 (psprint-cups-PPD).
  - Rebuilt Patch37 (mdkfonts).
  - Rebuilt Patch400 (system-db).
  - Rebuilt Patch402 (getopt).
  - Rebuilt Patch403 (system-zlib), and forced use of --with-system-zlib in configure.
  - Rebuilt Patch405 (vera-fonts).
  - Rebuilt Patch1016 (word6_95).
  - Removed Patch15 (ooo/so coexists), unused.
  - Removed Patch30 (stl-fixes), merged upstream.
  - Removed Patch33 (unzip-export-symbols), merged upstream.
  - Removed Patch38 (vcl-fix, IZ18818), merged upstream.
  - Removed Patch103 (typos), merged upstream.
  - Removed Patch104 (sw-export-bg-style), merged upstream.
  - Removed Patch105 (gui-beep-less), merged upstream.
  - Removed Patch106 (startup-fix), merged upstream.
  - Removed Patch999 (vcl7pp1r2), merged upstream.
  - Removed Patch1014 (newline-in-word-fields), merged.
  - Disabled Patch40 (vcl-font-subst, IZ #19591), see if needs to be rebuilt.
  - Disabled Patch302, Patch303 (gxx_includedir).
  - Added Patch1022 (font-kerning).
  - Added Patch305 (gcc3.4 for STLport 4.6.2).
  - Added Patch306 (istream for STLport 4.6.2).
  - Added Patch1023 (fixutf8-el) for fixing menu entry in greek
    FontOOo Wizard.
  - Added Patch1024 (neonctrl) for preventing control characters from being
    included in the session error string.
  - Added Patch1025 (to get frmpage.cxx compiling with STLport 4.6.2).
  - Updated helpcontent_{31,33,34,39,46,49,81,82,86,88}_unix.tgz.
  - Temporary disabled Patch1010, 1011 (Basque), waiting for
    completion of 1.1.2 Basque translation.
  - Fixed bug #8981.
  - Added Patch1026 to fix some typos in italian translations.
* Wed Mar 24 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1-12mdk
  - Removed eu patches from Source20 (they are no longer called after
    localize) and added to Patch1010.
* Mon Mar 01 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1-11mdk
  - Added %{epoch} Requires.
* Wed Feb 25 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1-10mdk
  - Don't use %{epoch} for l10n Requires.
* Mon Feb 23 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1-9mdk
  - Added %{epoch} to Requires.
* Mon Feb 09 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1-8mdk
  - Added "eu" => "ES" to the country exception list in the for the Basque.
  - Fixed so to avoid entries
    'Provides:' in other l10n packs.
  - Moved section of " Draw" to Office/Graphs (Laurent).
* Sat Feb 07 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1-7mdk
  - Rebuilt Patch1016.
  - Added Patch1018 (fixes for Excel5 & 95 filters).
  - Added Patch1019 (fixes ISSUE #15909)
  - Added Patch1020 for allow building under kernel 2.6.
  - Added Patch1021 for adding a zoom combobox (fixes bug #7088).
  - Updated basque Patch1010 (removed translations for setup).
* Sat Feb 07 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1-6mdk
  - Added missed help*.css to the dutch help package (Source113).
  - Added basque set (Source20, Source114, Patch1010, Patch1011),
    from dooteo <>.
  - Added Patch1012 for Issue #18588 (officecfg and extracting schema).
  - Added Patch1013 (removes gtk from crashrep).
  - Added Patch1014 (fixes incorrect Input field newlines code in saved MS Word documents).
  - Added Patch1015 (fixes not translatable string in Tools/Options/External applications).
  - Added Patch1016 (fixes for Word6 & 95 filters).
  - Added Patch1017 (disable default OpenGL 3D acceleration)
* Wed Feb 04 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1-5mdk
  - Modified and so
    that "Bitstream Vera Sans" will be used for UI only for ISO-Latin1 
    languages (fix bug #6021).
  - Added finnish help package.
  - Added dutch help package (Source113).
  - Modified %init_xdisplay macro to start from DISPLAY :2
  - Increased sleep time in %init_xdisplay macro from 2/10s to 4/15s.
  - Compile using LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1, otherwise java goes in
    exception under glibc >= 2.3.3-8mdk...
* Sat Jan 31 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1-4mdk
  - Added patch to to allow execution of code
    in /etc/openoffice/customconfig (JMDault).
* Wed Jan 07 2004 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1-3mdk
  - Default saving format to NATIVE and not to MS (requested by Jacques Le Marois).
  - Added Patch1000, to get OOo compiling with freetype2 2.1.7.
* Thu Oct 23 2003 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1-2mdk
  - Added Patch999 with some of the CWS vcl7pp1r2 patches (for fixing
    bug for IZ #16573, #19841).
* Wed Oct 22 2003 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1-1mdk
  - Release 1.1mdk.
  - Added --with jdk option.
  - Rebuilt Patch37 (mdkfonts).
* Mon Sep 15 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.1-0.rc4.2mdk
  - Really enable fixed Patch102 (bmp32)
  - Patch40: Make font substitution algorithm match documentation (IZ #19591)
  - Updates to wrapper script:
    - Really use localized instdb.ins files for installation
    - Reactivate font substitutions for now otherwise Japanese & Korean
      help content is broken. This concerns (Andale Sans UI, Albany, Arial)
* Fri Sep 12 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.1-0.rc4.1mdk
  - 1.1rc4
  - Nuke mutation of instdb.ins since it confuses updates and is now useless
  - Refine selection of MySpell packages to install along with -l10n- packages
  - Add Slovak help files, update Czech files to 1.1rc4 from OOo-cs project
  - Make extra psprint filters work again
  - Make sure we only handle 32-bit bmp images and don't default to that
    format. Otherwise, we need to always copy/transform things around
    and this slows UI down terribly
  - Make doc defaults configurable through DOC_DEFAULTS variable in
    /etc/openoffice/openoffice.conf or ~/.oofficerc. i.e. set it to "MS"
    (default) for .doc formats or any other (e.g. "NATIVE") for OOo
  - Revert to use Nimbus Roman No9L as default font for text since Vera
    Serif doesn't have any oblique face yet
  - Add more "Word count" translations (thanks Pablo, Giuseppe)
  - Patch11: Don't install python-2.2 stuff for now
  - Patch31: Update to make $HOME/Documents default only if it exists
  - Merge in more Ximian patches:
    - Patch101: Conditionalize use of MS defaults (default)
    - Patch106: Startup notification fixes (IZ #18970)
  - Updates to wrapper script:
    - Try hard to update user install base even through different language
    - Always default to one installed language set, preferably matching
      the current locale
* Mon Sep 01 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.1-0.rc3.2mdk
  - Merge in some Ximian patches:
    - Patch100: Add word count feature under Tools/Hyphenation item
    - Patch101: Default to .doc for text documents
    - Patch102: Add support for 32-bit bitmaps and icons
    - Patch103: Correct typo in Options->HTML compatibility for sv (IZ #16437)
    - Patch104: Export 'no color' background to doc (IZ #18671)
    - Patch105: Don't continually beep annoyingly (IZ #18440)
* Fri Aug 22 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.1-0.rc3.1mdk
  - 1.1rc3
  - Default compiler is now any gcc >= 3.2 (thusly MDK >= 9.0)
  - Use built-in Mozilla address book libraries
  - Add localized UI strings for: Português do Brasil
  - Temporarily remove localized help files for: Russian, Finnish, Czech
  - Try to fix encodings of localized menu File/New entries
  - Don't install (unlocalized) readme & license files to user dir
  - Patch11: Don't build crashdump reporter
  - Patch30: Fix broken inclusions of STL headers
  - Patch31: Make $HOME/Documents the work directory
  - Patch32: Look for additional templates in <ooo>share/templates/extra/
  - Patch33: Don't export crazy symbols from svunzip (IZ #17841)
  - Patch34: Remove unneeded sched_yield calls (IZ #9277)
  - Patch35: MySpell dictionaries are shared in /usr/share/dict/ooo
  - Patch36: Enable automatic spellchecking by default
  - Patch37: Use better default fonts available in the distribution
  - Patch38: Fix crash in ExtendedFontStruct::HasUnicodeChar()
  - Patch39: Disable KDE screensaver during presentations
  - Patch405: Use system Vera fonts
  - Deprecate UI_FONT & FONT_SCALING in openoffice.conf and don't handle
    them any longer (should be handled automatically with new font
    substitution facilities)
  - Updates to wrapper script:
    - Handle CTL layouts (Arabic)
    - SAL_FONTPATH_USER is gone, SAL_FONTPATH should still work though
    - Only merge in new configuration data if we are switching locales
    - Attempt to update an existing installation and let OOo merge user
      *.xml files to new *xcu
    - Drop XML::Twig parser as configuration files format is now
      overkill to handle. Better user configimport tool to merge in new
      config bits
* Mon May 19 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.1-0.beta2.1mdk
  - 1.1 beta 2
* Tue Apr 29 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.3-2mdk
  - Patch0: Fix vcl printer code that may have caused a crash (
  - Patch29: Update to add a generic PostScript distillable output (Giuseppe)
  - Patch50: Reintroduce fix, it got mis-integrated upstream
  - Patch53: Install OOo Impress templates
  - Introduce UI_LANG variable to /etc/openoffice/openoffice.conf or
    ~/.oofficerc in order to force a specific language for the user or
    system wide. This helps if you have a mismatch between the system
    locale (which the ooffice script uses) and what you actually have
    installed as OOo-l10n-* package
* Wed Apr 09 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.3-1mdk
  - BuildRequires: xpm-devel for nas library build
  - Rework Patch400 (system-db) to fit libdb4.0 and lib64 on MDK >= 9.2
  - Use zh_{CN,TW} instead of zh-{CN,TW} in package names so that
    rpmsrate can auto-expands the filelist
  - Patch599: Colateral, induced by previous 64-bit patches on 32-bit arches
  - Patch49: Enable user to set priorities among embedded bitmaps,
    auto-hinting and anti-aliasing. Backport from OOo 1.1. Variables are
    SAL_AUTOHINTING_PRIORITY to be set with numerical values. Defaults
    are 2/1/1, respectively. i.e. preferring embedded bitmaps first.
* Mon Mar 10 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.2-7mdk
  - Patch1: Ignore Xerrors from XSetInputFocus() for now (IZ #10779)
  - Patch25: Update to handle Kerkis as default font for Greek. Also add
    better/available candidates for Asian locales
  - Patch44: Update to get correct condition for PPDKey::eraseValue()
  - Patch45: Update to immediately cache the PPD file to user's psprint
  - Patch46: Handle SAL_DEBUGGER in soffice script
  - Patch47: Make soffice script handle chdir to dirs denoted relatively
  - Patch48: Always enable antialiasing if the font is antialias capable
  - Patch109: Update to really enable Slovak localization
  - Patch405: Update to match current CVS sources
  - Fix localized help/err.html mutation, only special case for Finnish
  - Updates to wrapper script:
    - Handle CJK locales configuration better
    - Handle new --debug(ger) and --help options
    - Handle language -> font mappings better
    - Use KerkisSans as UI font for Greek
    - Also substitute Albany and Arial UI fonts, if not available
    - Make LC_CTYPE an alternative to set UI localization, not LC_MESSAGES
    - On user installation, make sure that ~/.mime.types doesn't contain
      any duplicates. i.e. don't let it grow constantly
* Tue Mar 04 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.2-6mdk
  - Remove ~/.openoffice/user/work symlink if target is user's HOME dir
  - Requires: 1.1.5 for -help and -l10n packages
  - Patch44: Keep ordering of original PPD file values in Printer Properties
  - Patch45: Use CUPS to grab the corresponding PPD file
* Mon Mar 03 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.2-5mdk
  - Patch43: Use light hinting for freetype2 >= 2.1.3-3mdk (RH)
  - Patch0: Take care of selected directory in Save dialogs (IZ #8928)
  - Main package now owns help/en/err.html file to suggest a help
    package to install if it is not localized yet
  - Default font scaling to 100 if FONT_SCALING is not set correctly
* Fri Feb 28 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.2-4mdk
  - Force OOo Draw styles in English for main package
  - Patch42: Use MDK colors
  - Patch41: Fix crash with a PPD file that does not specify the DPI
    resolution in the string version of the "Resolution" option. (IZ #11616)
  - Updates to Source5 (wrapper-script):
    - Handle Arabic UI fonts and language
    - For language selection, prefer LC_ALL which has higher priority
    - If FONT_SCALING variable is not set, don't change user's config either
* Fri Feb 21 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.2-3mdk
  - Add localized UI strings for: Arab, Slovak
  - Add localized help files for: Russian, Finnish, Czech, Japanese,
    Korean, Chinese (simplified and traditional)
  - Patch39: Hack up scpzip so that it doesn't duplicate everything 17
    or more times than necessary (RH). Also make sure to handle
    localized help files.
* Wed Jan 29 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.2-2mdk
  - Remove (obsolete) specfile nonsense
  - Handle/skip -g in fake javac wrapper
  - Patch37: Don't use obsolete CLK_TCK macros in debug=true mode
  - Patch38: Fix rsc code in debug=true mode
  - Updates to Source5 (wrapper-script):
    - Don't nuke away other installations info from sversionrc
* Tue Jan 28 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.2-1mdk
  - Update to 1.0.2 final
  - Patch16 (no-stlport): Remove bits merged upstream
  - Add yet another fix to errno (Patch32)
  - Patch406: Use system zlib + master truanderie
  - Patch407: Directly link against system Xrender library
  - Patch408: Fix conflict with system zlib brought in by recent
    freetype2 packages
* Wed Jan 15 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.2-0.1mdk
  - Update to OOO_STABLE_1 2002/01/13
  - Mostly get rid of tcsh use during main build
  - Stop symlink'ing <ooo_home>/user/work, since user Common.xml is now
    correctly generated with user Work dir being his home
* Thu Jan 09 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.1-10mdk
  - Let extra templates be found by OOo in $(insturl)/share/template/extra
  - Enforce dependency on perl-XML-Twig with a version known to work
  - Add Requires: libsane1, Xaw3d
  - Really make it ExclusiveArch: i386 i486 i586 i686 pentium3 pentium4 athlon k6 ppc
  - Patch34: Enable dmake clean (Debian patch)
  - Patch35: Enable RTTI & other optimizations on PPC (CVS, 1.0.2)
  - Patch36: Fix bridges on PPC with gcc3 (CVS, 1.0.2)
  - Patch37: Add Finnish localizatin, use "35" as prefix code
  - Patch38: Fix references to errno
  - Patch51: Fix build with recent Mozilla LDAP API changes
  - Patch404: Correctly load system libsane
  - Patch405: Fix build with newer FreeType 2.1.X libraries (Red Hat)
  - Source21: Fix OpenSymbol font encoding table (RH #69996)
* Wed Sep 11 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.1-9mdk
  - Patch33: Stop forwarding to stderr things we don't actually care of
    while testing for spooler availability. No longer Requires: lpddaemon
  - Patch32: Add PDF converters both suitable for either view or press
    purposes as printer option to global psprint.conf (Giuseppe)
  - Update wrapper script to reflect that change (auto page size selection)
  - Make it run on "msec level 4" systems:
    - Patch30: Get command line arguments the regular way and not from
    - Patch31: Stop trying to read directories up to the root to
      determine the full path of a file. Instead, use a derivative from
* Fri Sep 06 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.1-8mdk
  - Fix calling of create-instdb script for future releases
  - Requires the right set of font packages in -l10n- packages
  - Make oo* wrapper scripts actually a link to real ooffice wrapper
  - Updates to Source5 (wrapper-script):
    - Handle switch to zh-{CN,TW}
    - Handle more and correct language => UI font mappings
    - No longer expand fontpath from chkfontpath since OOo does exactly
      the same since, well, probably OOo 1.0.0.
    - Workaround MDK::Common::update_gnomekderc bug where a new
      PPD_PageSize entry was not added on a new line, if there was no
      previous user psprint.conf available and the last section didn't
      terminate with a newline character
    - Handle oo<component> --lang <lang> to actually start <component>
      in selected <lang>
* Tue Sep 03 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.1-7mdk
  - Don't provide nor require any libraries from OOo at all.
  - Patch29: Make setup look for a "localized" instdb.ins script
    specified by a new -LANG: option. Hackaround until I find a way to
    do that in scp or autoresponse files.
  - Source20: Add script to generate localized instdb.ins files from
    setup.ins. Aka let the right files to be installed for a user
    installation in his language.
  - Updates to Source5 (wrapper-script):
    - Add more mappings to Language -> Country table
    - Add --lang option to override default from locale
    - Use "localized" instdb.ins file as mentioned above, for a user
* Mon Sep 02 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.1-6mdk
  - Add support for Mozilla addressbook and LDAP sources
  - Fix permissions on thesaurus files
  -* packages now depends on locale-* as an DrakX hack
  - Don't forcibly Requires: as it works with the
    right language package you want alone.
  - Don't forcibly Requires:* in -help- packages as
    Help can work without. e.g. Having English help with only Russian UI
    localization installed.
  - Make hint about the help package to
    install in <b> instead of ugly <tt> with some fonts.
  - Merge with Red Hat releases:
    - Start Xvfb in %{init_xdisplay}
    - Set default document fonts to Nimbus Roman No9 L, Luxi Sans and
      Luxi Mono instead of the non existant Thorndale
    - Make sure New/Wizard menus and OfficeObjects are localized
* Wed Aug 28 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.1-5mdk
  - Patch19: Make WM_CLASS property for ICCCM compliant, aka don't have
    "VCLSalFrame" showing up in taskbar of KDE 3.0 (IZ #4830, CVS HEAD)
  - Add Catalan localization:
    - Source17: Catalan strings (Jesus Corrius, Jordi Mas)
    - Patch25: Add Catalan localization as POSTAPP2TARGET
    - Patch26: Various fixes/additions for Catalan support
    - Patch27: Catalan is only implemented as ca-ES (Jesus Corrius)
  - Source18: Add global ooffice configation file
  - Updates to Source5 (wrapper-script):
    - Define user work directory to $HOME
    - Use XML::Twig to parse and generate XML code. That's cleaner, more
      flexible but surely not the fastest way
    - Handle global ooffice config in /etc/openoffice/openoffice.conf
      and users' in ~/.oofficerc
    - Automatically define font to use for user interface based on the
      current locale. Overridden with UI_FONT config variable
    - Possibly set UI font scaling based on current display resolution
      (Jakub Jelinek, Red Hat). However, as this is not enabled by
      default, you need to properly set FONT_SCALING first
    - Define paper size to use based on the current locale, and provided
      you don't have any printer configured yet. Otherwise, printerdrake
      will still generate the right default values.
* Tue Aug 27 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.1-4mdk
  - Fix BuildRequires: for xmlparse (Ian C. Sison)
  - Patch17: Add POSTAPP<N>TARGET to be executed after APP targets are built
  - Patch18: Add Czech localization as POSTAPP1TARGET
  - Updates to Source5 (wrapper-script):
    - Correctly set default language for documents. Aka, transmute user
      Linguistic.xml, or create it if it doesn't exist yet
  - Merge with Red Hat releases (5 new patches):
    - Patch{20,21,24,26}: Add Czech localization
    - Patch22: Fix language list for some languages
    - Patch{40,41,42}: Add some patches from <>
* Mon Aug 26 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.1-3mdk
  - Move localized help files to new* subpackages
  - Add localized help files for Spanish, Italian, Swedish, German
  - Make help/<lang> a real directory, possibly empty
  - Patch16: Check that we have the necessary help files. The rationale
    is if help/<lang>/err.html exists then, we have localized help data,
    possibly not installed. Otherwise, we won't have localized help and
    we try to fallback to English
* Fri Aug 23 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.1-2mdk
  - Add C/J/K UI localization. Likewise for Danish, Greek, Turkish
  - bzip2 helpcontent even if bigger than tgz. We don't want binaries in CVS
  - Don't handle upgrade, from 1.0-Xmdk with links from help/$ISOCODE to
    help/en, to 1.0.1-Ymdk where we sometimes have a real directory for
    help/$ISOCODE. Language packages PreReq: = %{version}
    UPDATE: That still doesn't work. As a workaround, you can update
    with l10n-en first. Then, install proper l10n-*. That way works.
  - Updates to Source13 (gen-langpack):
    - Fix %description, don't redefine variables correctly set
    - Map zh-{CN|TW} to zh. Aka. correctly Requires: the right locales-* package
  - Updates to Source5 (wrapper-script):
    - Fix silly typo introduced post-tests in versions file
      regeneration. If you installed 1.0.1-1mdk, you'd have better luck
      to rm -rf ~/.openoffice prior to rerunning "ooffice".
    - Add current version tag if it does not exist already. This occurs
      when you upgrade from 1.0 to 1.0.1 for example.
    - If the user installation exists, then the versions file is likely
      to exist too. Otherwise, if we (or the user) nuked it away, then
      simply regenerate it.
* Thu Aug 22 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0.1-1mdk
  - 1.0.1
  - Requires: libunixODBC2
  - Requires: virtual package myspell-dictionary
  - Add fully versioned Requires: libgcc
  - BuildRequires: gcc3.2 >= 3.2-0.3mdk
  - Build with STLport 4.5.3 everywhere
  - New "libs" subpackage with libraries
  - Really make dictionaries stuff go to /usr/share/dict/ooo/
  - Add localized helpcontent for French
  - Update Source7 (dpack-lang) to extract help files in some cases
  - Merge Source6 (xlate-lang) with Debian 1.0.1-5
  - Automatically regenerate Source6 (xlate-lang) data, add resource names
  - Remove support for inexistant Finnish localisation
  - Rewrite Source5 (wrapper-script) in full perl. Hopefully, it's now
    more flexible and readable. Also add or fixes the following:
    - Fix paths returned by chkconfig
    - Remove older dictionary symlinks that are now global
    - Don't remove user dictionaries however
    - Add ability to change UI localisation dynamically (merge ideas
      from both Debian and Red Hat people). You have to make sure the
      correct* package is installed however
  - Source1[01]: Add additional templates and gallery files from upstream
  - Source13: Automatically generate language subpackages
  - Patch12: Add parallel from CVS HEAD (tune later)
  - Patch14: Fix set_new_handler() exception specifications, if necessary
  - Patch100: Add support for gcc3.2 to UNO
  - Patch101: Any gcc >= 3.1.1 has versioned libstdc++ headers location
  - Patch303: Add support for any gcc >= 3.1.1 includes dir in STLport
  - Patch304: Add EXTRA_CXXFLAGS for RPM_OPT_FLAGS, some fixlets for STLport
  - Patch400: Use system db3 library, but only on MDK 9.0 builds
  - Patch403: Load libodbc library, not linker name library (from -devel package)
  - Make sure we have a correct tcsh when building on MDK 9.0
  - Nuke dependency on Sun JDK, use gcj instead (Jakub Jelinek)
  - Use perl regexp for postprocess in xmlparse replacement (sed loops otherwise)
  - Merge with Red Hat releases (12 new patches):
    - Don't uglify HTML for iso 8859-2
    - Don't catch SIGSEGV and SIGILL
    - Don't die if we cannot write registry cache
    - Don't build internal STLport when using gcc3
    - Make sure we don't do -I/usr/include, it's evil
    - Add support for compiler variables to configure script
    - Add support for new compiler variables to makefiles (COMPCC, COMPCXX)
    - Add debug for setup so that the /tmp directory is not removed
    - Fix broken inline assembly
    - Fix broken makefiles
    - Nuke STLport badlink
    - Use system getopt()
* Wed May 29 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0-5mdk
  - Add Russian localization
  - Build with gcc3.1 for all supported arches in MDK 9.0
  - Remove Patch3, Patch4, Patch13, Patch19, Patch22
  - Merge Patch22 (gcc31-misc) and Patch13 (gcc3-linker) in Patch5 (mdkconfig)
  - Patch3: Add support for gcc3 on PPC
  - Patch4: Workaround gcc3.1 bugs on PPC
  - Patch19: Don't copy nor install at setup time standard libraries
  - Patch22: Improve font server discovery (OOo 1.0-branch)
  - Patch23: Updates to lingucomponent from OOo 1.0-branch:
    - Register own hypenation dictionaries (IZ #45555, IZ #4687)
    - Fix segfault under Thesaurus (IZ #4435)
    - Enable shared spellchecking capabilities
  - Update Source4 (local autoresponse) to disable Java detection
  - Update Source5 (wrapper script):
    - Better detection of setup failure for user installation
    - Remove any reference to en_US dictionaries for now since OOo
      provides shared ones that work
    - Better handling of broken links in the ~/.openoffice/user/worbook/
      directory. Also possibly unregister the previous dictionary
* Wed May 22 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0-4mdk
  - Patch22: Misc patches for gcc3.1 (experimental)
  - Rebuild with gcc3.1-1mdk in Cooker
* Wed May 15 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0-3mdk
  - Default to gcc3.0 in Cooker/x86 for now
  - Only build STLport 4.5.3 with gcc-3.0+ builds
  - BuildRequires: blackdown-j2sdk = 1.3.1 on PPC (Stew)
  - Patch20: cpputools regcomp workaround on PPC (Stew, IZ #3980)
  - Patch21: Move OOo Math into the correct GNOME integration module
  - Use official 1.0 menu icons
  - Update and clean %description to notify language packs available
  - Update KDE and GNOME integration
  - Update OOo Math document association
  - Update Source4 (local autoresponse file) to detect Java Runtime
  - Disable desktop (KDE, GNOME, CDE) integration at user's level
* Tue May 07 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0-2mdk
  - Build Mozilla Address book on X86. Later for PPC
  - BuildRequires: freetype2-devel
  - Patch17: Minor fontcache fix (copy weight attribute) from CVS
  - Patch18: Build with system FreeType 2 library
  - Patch19: Don't install standard libraries (libgcc_s, libstdc++)
  - Update Patch8 (no-mozab) to not install mozab and runtime from setup
  - Update specfile to remove hackage now done by the above two patches
  - Update Patch9 (user-fontpath) to apply to the new oounix/ directory
  - Update Source5 (wrapper script):
    - If ~/.openoffice user directory is not detected, remove any
      reference to that directory in ~/.sversionrc, if that file exists
    - Check that user installation succeeded. Exit 1 otherwise
* Fri May 03 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0-1mdk
  - 1.0
  - Epoch: 1 since openoffice is obsoleted
  - Remove Patch10 (psprint-euro) since merged upstream
  - Patch10: Fix configure script with NULL statement for X check on Darwin
  - Update KDE applnk files, icons and MIME associations unpacking
  - Update Source5 (wrapper script) to patch new version tag if a
    previous installation of 641-series is found
* Tue Apr 16 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.0-0.1mdk
  - Update to 641d
  - Package is now called Full transition for the file
    hierarchy and revamp of "ooffice" wrapper script will happen later
    though. As this ChangeLog is becoming bigger and bigger ;-)
  - ExclusiveArch: %{ix86} ppc
  - Update %description to clarify myspell purposes
  - Add northern languages: Swedish, Finnish, Polish
  - Revamp compiler selection:
    - Use gcc-2.95.x on Mandrake Linux 8.2/PowerPC
    - Use gcc-3.0.4 on Mandrake Linux 8.2/Intel x86
    - Use gcc-3.1 on Mandrake Linux 9.0/Intel x86 [LATER]
  - Split Patch2 into Patch1 (CLK_TCK), Patch[34] (gcc3[01]-libs)
  - Remove Patch6 (bison-1.30+) since merged upstream
  - Regenerate Patch3 (MDK config) into Patch5
  - Regenerate Patch4 (exceptions specifications) into Patch6
  - Update Patch6 with more excp-fixes for bridges test programs
  - Update Patch8 (no-mozab) to remove dependency on moz module
  - Patch11: Add support for gcc-3.1
  - Patch12: Add support for gcc-3.1 to STLport-4.5.3
  - Patch13: gcc3+ linker should be g++ instead of gcc
  - Patch14: Fix main() return values in bridges tests
  - Patch15: Workaround _STL to std:: for gcc < 3.0
  - Patch16: JDK 1.3 does exist on PPC too
  - Fix /net installation under Xvfb in %install
  - Fix instdb.ins to get rid of $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
  - Remove workaround for English wordbook in %install
  - Update "ooffice" wrapper script to reflect this change
  - Also make sure to remove (possibly update) broken links to dictionaries
* Wed Mar 13 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 6.0.41-6mdk
  - BuildRequires: jdk = 1.3.1 exactly
  - Disable strict aliasing for all gcc builds. aka. Fix copy-pasting in
    Calc component.
* Wed Mar 06 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 6.0.41-5mdk
  - Add mimetypes item to menu entries
  - Fix component wrapper scripts
  - Fix %post to get language from LC_MESSAGES environment variable
    instead of /etc/sysconfig/i18n
  - Update the ooffice wrapper script to get rid of possible
    /usr/share/fonts/ttf/japanese/ font path that could cause to crash
* Mon Mar 04 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 6.0.41-4mdk
  - Update %description to note the existence of myspell-* packages
  - Fix %post and enhance instdb.ins mutation
  - Source5: Updates to the ooffice wrapper script to support
    registration of dictionary files in the user's installation
* Mon Mar 04 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 6.0.41-3mdk
  - Patch9: Fix printing of Euro symbol (Till, Giuseppe)
  - Source5: Updates to the ooffice wrapper script:
    - Enhance even more to take the result of chkfontpath into account,
      if installed. Otherwise, default to the old method
    - Remove any entry in ~/.sversionrc if was not
      provided from this package
    - Workaround location of English workdbook
* Thu Feb 28 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 6.0.41-2mdk
  - Clean rebuild with more languages: Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portugese
  - Add KDE icons and MIME associations
  - Patch8: Support extra font paths with the SAL_FONTPATH_USER variable
  - Source5: Enhance with extra font paths (TrueType and Type1 fonts)
* Tue Feb 26 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 6.0.41-1mdk
  - Release 641c
  - Support (experimental) auto-selection of language pack
  - 5 new sources:
    - Source3: Global autoresponse file for rpm build
    - Source4: Local autoresponse file for user setup
    - Source5: wrapper script (setup if necessary)
    - Source6: Misc hashes related to language sets
    - Source7: Unpack language sets
  - 8 new patches:
    - Patch0: Add support/fixes for gcc-"2.96"
    - Patch1: Add support/fixes for gcc-3.0.4
    - Patch2: Exception patch for STLport 4.5.3 and gcc3
    - Patch3: MDK config (CFLAGS et al.)
    - Patch4: Fix exception specifications here and there
    - Patch5: Hackery around zipdep
    - Patch6: Hackery for new bison (1.30+)
    - Patch7: Don't build Mozilla Address Book
* Mon Oct 23 2000 Frederic Crozat <> 6.0.5-1mdk
  - Initial Release



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