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foomatic-filters-3.0.2-1.20050816.3mdk RPM for i586

From Mandriva 2006.0 for i586 / media / delta_main

Name: foomatic-filters Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 3.0.2 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 1.20050816.3mdk Build date: Wed Aug 24 18:38:18 2005
Group: System/Servers Build host:
Size: 380548 Source RPM: foomatic-filters-3.0.2-1.20050816.3mdk.src.rpm
Packager: Till Kamppeter <>
Summary: Foomatic filters needed to run print queues with Foomatic PPDs
Foomatic is a comprehensive, spooler-independent database of printers,
printer drivers, and driver descriptions. It contains utilities to
generate PPD (Postscript Printer Description) files and printer queues
for CUPS, LPD, GNUlpr, LPRng, PPR, and PDQ using the database. There
is also the possibility to read the PJL options out of PJL-capable
laser printers and take them into account at the driver description
file generation.

There are spooler-independent command line interfaces to manipulate
queues (foomatic-configure) and to print files/manipulate jobs
(foomatic printjob).

The site is based on this database.

This package contains the filters needed to run print queues based on
Foomatic PPD files.






* Wed Aug 24 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 3.0.2-1.20050816.3mdk
  - Added "BuildRequires: cups", so that CUPS dire4ctories are correctly set
    on all platforms, including 64 bit.
  - Perlified patch 0. Now new occurences of "lib" in get 
    treated automatically.
* Tue Aug 23 2005 Laurent MONTEL <> 3.0.2-1.20050816.2mdk
  - Fix build on x86_64
* Mon Aug 15 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 3.0.2-1.20050816.1mdk
  - Updated foomatic-filters to the state of the 16/08/2005 (New configurable
    "beh" CUPS wrapper backend to handle errors of the CUPS backends, to 
    avoid CUPS disabling print queues).
* Tue Aug 02 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 3.0.2-1.20050802.1mdk
  - Updated foomatic-filters to the state of the 02/08/2005 (Fixed regexp for
    reading config file, added support for inserting job data, as date/time,
    user name, server host name, ..., into print jobs, fixed quoting problem
    in foomatic-gswrapper).
* Thu May 19 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 3.0.2-1.20050519.1mdk
  - Updated foomatic-filters to the state of the 19/05/2005 (Make EPSF files
    not be an exception when checking whether the input file is
    DSC-conforming. They can also be DSC-conforming; Let the "FontPath"
    defined in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf being used).
* Wed Feb 16 2005 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.0.2-1.20050128.4mdk
  - lib64 fixes thus making it arch-dependent
* Thu Feb 10 2005 Christiaan Welvaart <> 3.0.2-1.20050128.3mdk
  - add BuildRequires: mpage
* Fri Jan 28 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 3.0.2-1.20050128.2mdk
  - Removed "debug" flag from the spec file.
* Fri Jan 28 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 3.0.2-1.20050128.1mdk
  - Updated foomatic-filters to the state of the 28/01/2005.



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