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RPM of Group Text tools

antiword-0.36-1mdk MS Word to ASCII/Postscript converter linux/i586
ascii-3.6-2mdk Interactive ASCII name and synonym chart linux/i586
aspell-0.60.2-2mdk A Free and Open Source interactive spelling checker program. linux/i586
autodia-2.01-1mdk Automatic Dia/UML generator linux/noarch
avlmap-utils-0.10.2-5mdk Various utilities using the libavlmap0 library linux/i586
banner-1.3.1-1mdk Print text as banner on the console linux/i586
bibletime-1.4.1-3mdk BibleTime 1.4.1 is an easy to use Bible study tool for KDE2. linux/i586
demoroniser-19980116-4mdk Demoroniser corrects incompatible HTML generated by Microsoft applications. linux/noarch
dictd-1.9.7-4mdk Client/server software implementing the Dictionary Server Protocol linux/i586
dictd-client-1.9.7-4mdk Command line software accessing Dictionary Server Protocol linux/i586
dictd-utils-1.9.7-4mdk Dictionary management/maintenance utilities linux/i586
dog-1.7-3mdk Dog better than cat linux/i586
dos2unix-0.9.1-1mdk Converts DOS-style EOLs to UNIX-style EOLs and vice versa. linux/i586
ed-0.2-31mdk The GNU line editor. linux/i586
empy-3.3-1mdk System for embedding Python expressions and statements in template text linux/noarch
enca-1.7-1mdk A program detecting encoding of text files linux/i586
gawk-3.1.4-1mdk The GNU version of the awk text processing utility linux/i586
gnome-u2ps-0.0.4-3mdk UTF-8 text to a2ps style Postscript converter linux/i586
gnomesword-2.1.1-1mdk Bible Study Software for Linux and the Gnome Desktop linux/i586
grc-1.0.6-3mdk Generic Colouriser linux/i586
grep-2.5.1a-1mdk The GNU versions of grep pattern matching utilities linux/i586
groff-1.19-9mdk A document formatting system linux/i586
groff-for-man-1.19-9mdk Parts of the groff formatting system that is required for viewing manpages linux/i586
groff-gxditview-1.19-9mdk An X previewer for groff text processor output linux/i586
groff-perl-1.19-9mdk Parts of the groff formatting system that require Perl. linux/i586
gtml-3.5.4-1mdk An html preprocessor linux/noarch
gtypist-2.7-2mdk Gtypist is a universal typing tutor linux/i586
helptool-2.4-17mdk A graphical user interface tool which searches for help files. linux/noarch
howto-utils-0.2.14-1mdk Index generator for LDP html formatted HOWTO documents linux/noarch
isodiff-0.1-3mdk A perl script to see change between to Mandrake iso linux/noarch
ispell-3.2.06-12mdk The GNU interactive spelling checker program linux/i586
letterize-1.2-3mdk Generate pronounceable mnemonics from phone numbers linux/i586
libaspell15-0.60.2-2mdk Shared library files for aspell linux/i586
libcroco0.6-utils-0.6.0-2mdk Example apps based on libcroco for working with CSS files linux/i586
libwmf- A library to convert wmf files. linux/i586
lout-3.30-1mdk The Lout document formatting language. linux/i586
lyx2html-0.2-5mdk lyx2html is a simple lyx to html converter linux/i586 A very flexible random signature generator linux/noarch
multitail-3.4.5-1mdk Multitail lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail program linux/i586
par-1.52-3mdk A paragraph reformatter linux/i586
patch-2.5.9-2mdk The GNU patch command, for modifying/upgrading files. linux/i586
patchutils-0.2.30-1mdk Patches utilities linux/i586
pdftohtml-0.36-2mdk A PDF to HTML converter. linux/i586
perl-Text-Autoformat-1.12-2mdk Text-Autoformat module for perl linux/noarch
perl-Text-Reform-1.11-3mdk Manual text wrapping and reformatting linux/noarch
perltidy-20031021-3mdk Script which indents and reformats Perl scripts linux/noarch
pwgen-2.03-2mdk Password generator linux/i586
pyDict- pyDict - An English/Chinese Dictionary written with python/gtk linux/i586
recode-3.6-10mdk GNU recode linux/i586
regexxer-0.8-0.20040629.1mdk GUI search/replace tool supporting Perl regular expression linux/i586
rgrep-0.99.16-7mdk A grep utility which can recursively descend through directories linux/i586
sagasu-2.0.6-1mdk GNOME text searching tool linux/i586
spellutils-0.7-4mdk Programs for helping spell checking. linux/i586
stardict-2.4.4-1mdk StarDict is an international dictionary written for GNOME linux/i586
tidy-20050120-1mdk Program for tidying up messy HTML linux/i586
unix2dos-2.2-4mdk Unix2dos - UNIX to DOS text file format converter linux/i586
unrtf-0.19.3-1mdk RTF to other formats converter linux/i586
wdiff-0.5-6mdk Word-based diff front end linux/i586
wiggle-0.6-3mdk A tool for applying patches with conflicts linux/i586
words-3.0-1mdk A dictionary of English words for the /usr/dict directory linux/noarch
xchm-0.9.8-1mdk CHM viewer for UNIX linux/i586
xlhtml-0.5-1mdk Excel 95 and later file converter linux/i586
yodl-1.31.18-10mdk Yet oneOther Document Language. linux/i586

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