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RPM of Group System/Kernel and hardware

IPMI-1.0-4mdk A simple initscript to load IPMI drivers linux/noarch
OpenIPMI-1.4.13-3mdk A set of tools to access IPMI controller linux/i586
acl-2.2.23-2mdk Command for manipulating access control lists linux/i586
acpitool-0.2.5-1mdk A Linux ACPI client linux/i586
adjtimex-1.16-1mdk A utility for adjusting kernel time variables linux/i586
arptables-0.0.3-2mdk Userspace control program for the arptables network filter linux/i586
array-util-1.9-1mdk Enables you to monitor the status of a COMPAQ SmartArray Controller linux/i586
ataidle-0.8-1mdk A utility to manage ATA drives linux/i586
ati_remote-2.1.1-0.20030415.1mdk ATI USB Remote Control driver linux/i586
attr-2.4.16-1mdk Utility for managing filesystem extended attributes. linux/i586
autofs-4.1.3-3mdk A tool for automatically mounting and unmounting filesystems. linux/i586
autosmb-1.1-2mdk Automounter script for autods linux/noarch
awesfx-0.5.0d-1mdk Utility programs for the AWE32 sound driver linux/i586
bdflush-1.5-25mdk The process which starts the flushing of dirty buffers back to disk. linux/i586
bfr-1.6-1mdk General-purpose command-line pipe buffer linux/i586
bonnie++-1.03a-2mdk A program for benchmarking hard drives and filesystems linux/i586
bootloader-utils-1.9-2mdk Small utils needed for the kernel linux/i586
bootsplash-3.1.8-1mdk The Boot Splash Images and scripts linux/i586
bootsplash-themes-2.0.0-11mdk Bootsplash themes linux/noarch
chos-0.84-10mdk Chos - an alternative boot manager. linux/i586
chpox-module-2.4.24-0.pre2.1mdk-0.6.2b-2mdk The chpox kernel module linux/i586
convertfs-0.20020318-3mdk ConvertFS - convert one file system to another linux/i586
cpudyn-1.0.1-1mdk A tools to control CPU frequency linux/i586
cpufreqd-1.2.2-2mdk CPU frequency scaling daemon linux/i586
cromwell-2.41-3mdk Cromwell is a free, legal bios replacement for the Xbox linux/noarch
cryptsetup-0.1-2mdk Utility for setting up encrypted filesystems linux/i586
ctcs-1.3.0-1mdk VA Cerberus Test Control System -- DO NOT INSTALL ON LIVE SYSTEMS linux/i586
davfs2-0.2.3-1mdk File system driver that allows you to mount a WebDAV server linux/i586
devfsd-1.3.25-40mdk Daemon for providing old entries in /dev with devfs linux/i586
dkms-ivtv-0.2.0-rc3h_1mdk Kernel drivers for the iTVC15/16 and CX23415/16 driver linux/i586
dkms-lazyfs-0.1.26-1mdk Dkms module for the lazyfs module linux/noarch
dkms-rt2500- DKMS-ready kernel-source for the RT2500 driver linux/noarch
dkms-zaptel-1.0.7-1mdk Kernel drivers for the Zapata Telephony Interface linux/i586
dmidecode-2.6-1mdk Tool for dumping a computer's DMI table contents linux/i586
dmraid-1.0.0-0.rc6.4mdk Device-mapper ATARAID tool linux/i586
dmsetup-1.01.00-2mdk Device mapper setup tool linux/i586
drakopt-1.01-3mdk Tool for optimizing IDE drives and detecting some types of problems linux/noarch
dstat-0.5.6-1mdk Versatile vmstat, iostat and ifstat replacement linux/noarch
e2fsprogs-1.36-3mdk Utilities used for the second extended (ext2) filesystem linux/i586
eagle-usb-2.2.0-4mdk Firmware and utility of Sagem Fast 800 usb modem kernel module linux/i586
ebtables-2.0.6-3mdk A filtering tool for a bridging firewall linux/i586
eject-2.0.13-6mdk A program that ejects removable media using software control linux/i586
em8300-0.13.0-8mdk Utilities for Hollywood plus / DXR3 device driver for Linux linux/i586
ext2ed-0.1-24mdk An ext2 filesystem editor linux/i586
ext2resize-1.1.17-1mdk Ext2 fs resizer. linux/i586
extipl-5.04-5mdk Yet Another Boot Selector for IBM-PC compatibles. linux/i586
ezusbmidi-2002_10_20-3mdk Firmware drivers for EZUSB MIDI devices linux/noarch
fb2png-0.1-4mdk Take screenshots from the framebuffer linux/i586
fbset-2.1-13mdk Framebuffer utilities for changing video modes. linux/i586
fdutils-5.4-11mdk Programs for dealing with floppy disks linux/i586
fetchlog-1.0-1mdk Fetch and convert new messages of a logfile linux/i586
freeipmi-0.1.3-2mdk FreeIPMI linux/i586
freeipmi-fish-0.1.3-2mdk FreeIPMI Shell linux/i586
freeipmi-utils-0.1.3-2mdk FreeIPMI Utilities linux/i586
fsstress-1.0-1mdk A filesystem stressing tool linux/i586
fxload-2002_04_11-2mdk EZ-USB utility program linux/i586
genromfs-0.5.1-2mdk Tool for creating romfs filesystems. linux/i586
gnubeep-1.4-1mdk Produce sound trough the speaker linux/i586
gpart-0.1h-6mdk Hard disk primary partition table reconstruction linux/i586
gparted-0.0.8-1mdk GParted is a graphical frontend to libparted linux/i586
grub-0.95-8mdk GRand Unified Bootloader linux/i586
gscanbus-0.7.1-4mdk A tool to scan IEEE1394 (firewire/ bus linux/i586
hdparm-5.8-1mdk A utility for displaying and/or setting hard disk parameters. linux/i586
hotkeys- A program to use the special keys on internet/multimedia keyboards linux/i586
imwheel-0.9.9-7mdk A utility to make wheel mice work under X linux/i586
ipchains-1.3.10-8mdk IP Firewalling Chains. linux/i586
ipmitool-1.6.0-2mdk Utility for interfacing with IPMI devices linux/i586
ipmiutil-1.5.8-3mdk A package that includes various IPMI server management utilities linux/i586
iptables-1.2.9-8mdk Tools for managing Linux kernel packet filtering capabilities linux/i586
iptables-ipv6-1.2.9-8mdk IPv6 support for iptables linux/i586
ipvsadm-1.24-2mdk Administration tool for Linux Virtual Server linux/i586
irqbalance-0.12-1mdk Daemon to balance irq's across multiple CPUs. linux/i586
isdn-light-0.8-11mdk Networking with the isdn subsystem, light version linux/noarch
isdn4net-1.4.6-12mdk Networking with the isdn subsystem linux/noarch
ivtv-0.2.0-rc3h_1mdk An iTVC15/16 and CX23415/16 driver linux/i586
jfsprogs-1.1.7-2mdk IBM JFS utility programs linux/i586
joystick-1.2.15-4mdk Joystick utilities linux/i586
kernel- The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system). linux/i586
kernel- The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system). linux/i586
kernel-BOOT- The version of the Linux kernel used on installation boot disks. linux/i586
kernel-enterprise- The Linux Kernel compiled with options for Enterprise server usage. linux/i586
kernel-i586-up-1GB- The Linux Kernel compiled for smp with 4GB. linux/i586
kernel-i586-up-1GB- The Linux Kernel compiled for smp with 4GB. linux/i586
kernel-i686-up-4GB- The Linux Kernel compiled for up with 4GB. linux/i586 The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system) linux/i586 The Linux Kernel compiled with options for Enterprise server usage linux/i586 The Linux Kernel compiled for i686 with 4GB linux/i586 Kernel for Win4Lin Package linux/i586 Kernel Win4Lin compiled with options for Enterprise server usage linux/i586 Kernel Win4Lin compiled for i686 with 4GB linux/i586
kernel-smp- The Linux Kernel compiled for SMP machines. linux/i586
kernel-smp- The Linux Kernel compiled for SMP machines. linux/i586
kernel-xbox- The version of the Linux kernel used on XBox machines. linux/i586
ksymoops-2.4.9-3mdk Kernel oops and error message decoder linux/i586
libcap-utils-1.10-4mdk Administration tools for POSIX.1e capabilities linux/i586
libcap1-1.10-4mdk Library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities linux/i586
libcpufreqd-1.2.2-2mdk Library for cpufreqd linux/i586
libdevmapper1.01-1.01.00-2mdk Device mapper library linux/i586
libreiser4progs-1.0_4-1.0.4-1mdk Libraries needed by Reiser4 programs linux/i586
libreiser4progs-minimal-1.0_0-1.0.4-1mdk Reiser4 library with minimal memory footprint linux/i586
libsane1-1.0.15-7mdk SANE - local and remote scanner access. This package contains the sane library linux/i586
libselinux-utils-1.21.11-1mdk Utilities for libselinux linux/i586
lilo-22.6.1-5mdk The boot loader for Linux and other operating systems linux/i586
lilo-doc-22.6.1-5mdk More doc for lilo linux/i586
linux-ldm-0.0.8-1mdk Logical Disk Manager (Dynamic Disk) Tool linux/i586
lirc-0.6.6-7mdk Linux Infrared Remote Control daemons linux/i586
lirc-remotes-0.6.6-2mdk Lirc remotes database linux/noarch
lm_sensors-2.9.0-4mdk Utilities for lm_sensors linux/i586
lphdisk-0.9.1-2mdk Utility for formatting Phoenix NoteBIOS hibernation partitions under Linux linux/i586
lshw-2.03-2mdk A hardware lister linux/i586
lshw-gui-2.03-2mdk HardWare LiSter (GUI version) linux/i586
lvm1-1.0.8-5mdk Logical Volume Manager administration tools linux/i586
lvm2-2.00.33-3mdk Logical Volume Manager administration tools linux/i586
madfu-firmware-0.5-1mdk Firmware loader for M-Audio/Midiman usb sound devices linux/i586
makebootfat-1.2-1mdk A command line utility able to create bootable USB disks linux/i586
makedev-4.4-1mdk A program used for creating the device files in /dev linux/noarch
mdadm-1.9.0-3mdk A tool for managing Soft RAID under Linux linux/i586
memtest86+-1.55-2mdk A stand alone memory test for i386 architecture systems linux/i586
mfcr2-tools-20030610-1mdk Various tools linux/i586
microcode_ctl-1.11-2mdk Intel P6 CPU Microcode Utility linux/i586
mindi-1.02-1mdk Creates emergency boot disks/CDs using your kernel, tools and modules. linux/noarch
mkbootdisk-1.5.1-2mdk Creates an initial ramdisk image for preloading modules. linux/i586
mkinitrd-4.1.12-9mdk Creates an initial ramdisk image for preloading modules linux/i586
mkinitrd-net-1.10-22mdk Network-booting initrd builder linux/i586
module-init-tools-3.0-7mdk Tools for managing Linux kernel modules linux/i586
modutils-2.4.26-3mdk The kernel daemon (kerneld) and kernel module utilities. linux/i586
multipath-tools- Tools to manage multipathed devices with the device-mapper linux/i586
ntfsprogs-1.9.4-1mdk NTFS filesystem libraries and utilities linux/i586
opensc-0.8.1-6mdk Library for accessing SmartCard devices linux/i586
pam_opensc-0.8.1-6mdk OpenSC PAM module linux/i586
pciutils-2.1.11-10mdk PCI bus related utilities linux/i586
pcmcia-cs-3.2.8-3mdk The daemon for using PCMCIA adapters linux/i586
pcmcia-cs-x11-3.2.8-3mdk X11 frontend for pcmcia-cs package linux/i586
pinentry-0.7.1-4mdk Collection of simple PIN or passphrase entry dialogs linux/i586
pinentry-gtk-0.7.1-4mdk GTK+ interface of pinentry linux/i586
pinentry-qt-0.7.1-4mdk QT interface of pinentry linux/i586
powertweak-0.99.5-3mdk Powertweak - Tune system to optimal performance. linux/i586
powertweak-gtk-0.99.5-3mdk Powertweak GTK userinterface linux/i586
prism2-utils-0.2.1-0.pre26.2mdk Utilities from the linux-wlan-ng project linux/i586
qjoypad-3.3-2mdk QJoyPad - Emulate keyboard or mouse actions with a joystick linux/i586
raidtools-0.90-13mdk Tools for creating and maintaining software RAID devices. linux/i586
reiser4progs-1.0.4-1mdk Utilities belonging to the Reiser4 filesystem linux/i586
reiserfsprogs-3.6.19-1mdk The utilities to create Reiserfs volume. linux/i586
rng-utils-2-1mdk Random number generator related utilities linux/i586
sane-backends-1.0.15-7mdk SANE - local and remote scanner access linux/i586
saned-1.0.15-7mdk SANE - local and remote scanner access linux/i586
schedtool-1.2.4-1mdk Tool for setting and querying scheduling parameters linux/i586
scsiaddgui-1.3-1mdk A graphical front end for scsiadd linux/noarch
setarch-1.7-1mdk Personality setter linux/i586
sethdlc-1.15-1mdk Sethdlc utility for 2.4/2.6 kernels linux/i586
sg3_utils-1.13-1mdk Utils for Linux's SCSI generic driver devices + raw devices linux/i586
shfs-utils-0.35-1mdk Tools for (Secure) SHell File System module. linux/i586
sisctrl-0.0-20040820.1mdk A tool for manipulating SIS driver parameters linux/i586
smartmontools-5.33-1mdk SMARTmontools - for monitoring S.M.A.R.T. disks and devices linux/i586
speedtouch-1.3-10mdk ALCATEL SpeedTouch USB ADSL modem user-space driver linux/i586
stress-0.18.2-1mdk A tool which imposes a configurable amount of load on your system linux/i586
sysctlconfig-0.15-4mdk A configuration tool for operating system tunable parameters linux/i586
sysfsutils-1.2.0-2mdk Utility suite to enjoy sysfs linux/i586
sysklogd-1.4.1-6mdk System logging and kernel message trapping daemons. linux/i586
syslinux-1.76-17mdk A bootloader for linux using floppies, CD or PXE. linux/i586
syslog-ng-1.6.5-1mdk Syslog-ng daemon. linux/i586
testdisk-5.5-1mdk Tool to check and undelete partition linux/i586
tpctl-4.14-1mdk Thinkpad Utilities linux/i586
udftools-1.0.0-0.b3.8mdk UDF filesystem tools. linux/i586
ulogd-1.02-4mdk Ulogd - The userspace logging daemon for netfilter linux/i586
ulogd-mysql-1.02-4mdk MySQL output plugin for ulogd linux/i586
ulogd-pgsql-1.02-4mdk PostgreSQL output plugin for ulogd linux/i586
undelete-0.6-1mdk Undelete removed files on an ext2 partition linux/i586
usbutils-0.70-3mdk Linux USB utilities linux/i586
usbview-1.0-9mdk USB topology and device viewer linux/i586
vlan-utils-1.8-2mdk Utilities for controlling vlans linux/i586
waitclose-0.3-5mdk Waits for a user to insert cdroms. linux/i586
watchdog-5.2.3-1mdk Software watchdog linux/i586
wavemon-0.4.0b-1mdk Wireless network devices monitoring application linux/i586
webcam_server-0.40-4mdk A server to stream webcam video or snapshots linux/i586
wireless-tools-27-1mdk Wireless ethernet configuration tools linux/i586
x86info-1.13b-4mdk Show x86 CPU information linux/i586
xbeboot-2.2-1mdk Xbeboot is a bootloader for the Xbox linux/noarch
xfsdump-2.2.21-1mdk Administrative utilities for the XFS filesystem. linux/i586
xfsprogs-2.6.13-1mdk Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem. linux/i586
xmbmon-2.05-1mdk A motherboad monitoring tool linux/i586
zaptel-tools-1.0.7-1mdk Various tools for the Zapata Telephony Interface linux/i586

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