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RPM of Group Sciences/Computer science

acabit-26112003-2mdk Automatic Corpus-based Acquisition of Binary Terms linux/noarch
acabit-english-26112003-2mdk English resources for acabit linux/noarch
acabit-french-26112003-2mdk French resources for acabit linux/noarch
brilltagger-1.14-3mdk Rule based tagger linux/i586
dyalog-1.10.6-7mdk Compiler for tabular execution of logic programs linux/i586
dyalog-xml-1.0.0-1mdk DyAlog XML module linux/i586
fastr-2.04-5mdk A tool for automatic indexing linux/i586
flemm-3.1-3mdk Inflectional analysis on French texts linux/noarch
frmg-0.0.1-2mdk Small preliminary example of a French grammar based on DyAlog linux/i586
frmg-viewer-0.0.1-2mdk frmg viewer linux/i586
lexed-4.6-3mdk Lexicon analyser linux/i586
mgcomp-1.4.0-1mdk DyALog compiler for Linguistic Meta-Grammars linux/i586
mgtools-0.0.1-3mdk Tools and scripts to edit and visualize Meta Grammars linux/i586
mmorph- Morphology tool linux/i586
parser_server-2.0.2-3mdk Set of Perl scripts to setup a server of parsers linux/noarch
parserd-2.1.1-2mdk A server of parsers linux/noarch
parserd-cgi-2.1.1-2mdk A mod_perl-based viewer for parserd linux/noarch
parserd-modperl-2.1.1-2mdk A mod_perl-based viewer for parserd linux/noarch
perl-Forest-0.05-3mdk Perl module to convert between various formats for shared derivation forest linux/noarch
perl-TAG-1.10-4mdk Perl module to convert between various formats for Tree Adjoining Grammars linux/noarch
povray-common-3.1g-19mdk Ray tracer librairies linux/i586
povray-mpich-3.1g-19mdk Ray tracer linux/i586
povray-official-3.1g-19mdk Ray tracer linux/i586
povray-pvm-3.1g-19mdk Ray tracer linux/i586
tokenizer-5.4.1-1mdk Text segmenter linux/i586

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