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RPM of Group Networking/WWW

FormMail-3.12c1-1mdk Send emails from web forms linux/noarch
MHonArc-2.6.10-1mdk A Perl mail-to-HTML converter linux/noarch
alex_guestbook-3.2-2mdk User-friendly, skinnable, PHP-based guestbook linux/noarch
amaya-8.6-1mdk W3C's browser/web authoring tool linux/i586
awstats-6.4-2mdk Advanced Web Statistics linux/noarch
beagle-epiphany- Beagle indexing plugin for the epiphany browser linux/i586
bindgraph-0.2-3mdk BindGraph gathers bind9 statistics linux/noarch
bk_edit-0.6.23-1mdk Graphical bookmark editor for web browsers. linux/i586
bluefish-0.13-1mdk Web development studio linux/i586
bugzilla-2.18-4mdk A bug tracking system developed by linux/noarch
bugzilla-contrib-2.18-4mdk Additional tools for bugzilla linux/noarch
checklink-4.1-1mdk A tools to check link on website linux/noarch
clearsilver-0.9.13-1mdk ClearSilver HTML template system linux/i586
comclear-1.2-4mdk A program to quickly and easily remove your Netscape history. linux/i586
cthumb-4.2-5mdk A program to generate Web picture albums. linux/noarch
dillo-0.8.4-1mdk GTK+ based web browser linux/i586
dowser-0.26-1mdk Web research tool linux/noarch
drupal-4.4.0-2mdk Drupal is an open-source platform and content management system. linux/noarch
elinks-0.10.4-1mdk Lynx-like text WWW browser linux/i586
emacs-url-2001.11.08-6mdk URL library for use by emacs-w3 linux/noarch
emacs-w3-4.0-0.pre47.1mdk Web browser for GNU Emacs linux/noarch
epiphany-1.4.8-8mdk GNOME web browser based on the mozilla rendering engine linux/i586
epiphany-extensions-1.4.5-1mdk Plugins for the Epiphany Web Browser linux/i586
flyspray-0.9.5-1mdk A simple Bug tracking system linux/noarch
galeon-1.3.19-7mdk GNOME Web Browser linux/i586
gnobog-0.4.3-8mdk Gnome Bookmarks Organizer linux/i586
gnusearch-0.0.8-6mdk Perl-based URL search engine linux/noarch
gtkmathview-0.4.3-3mdk GtkMathView is a C++ rendering engine for MathML documents. linux/i586
gurlchecker-0.8.1-1mdk Web page link validation program linux/i586
helixplayer-mozilla-plugin- Mozilla plugin for helixplayer linux/i586
hiawatha-3.4-1mdk Hiawatha, an advanced and secure webserver for Unix linux/i586
htdig-3.2.0-0.9mdk A web indexing and searching system for a small domain or intranet linux/i586
htdig-web-3.2.0-0.9mdk Scripts and HTML code needed for using ht://Dig as a web search engine linux/i586
httrack-3.32-1mdk A free (libre/open source) and easy-to-use offline browser utility. linux/i586
kazehakase-0.2.5-1mdk A fast and light tabbed browser using gecko linux/i586
khttrack-0.10-4mdk Download a WWW site to a local directory with a Kde Gui. linux/i586
linkchecker-2.8-1mdk Check HTML documents for broken links linux/i586
links-2.1-0.pre15.2mdk Lynx-like text WWW browser linux/i586
links-graphic-2.1-0.pre15.2mdk Lynx-like text/X11 WWW browser linux/i586
links-hacked-0.0.031220-6mdk Lynx-like text WWW browser linux/i586
lynx-2.8.5-1mdk Text based browser for the world wide web linux/i586
man2web-0.88-2mdk Converts man pages to html. linux/i586
moin-1.1-2mdk MoinMoin is a WikiWikiWeb clone. linux/noarch
moin-apache2-1.1-2mdk Installs a MoinMoin WikiWikiWeb at http://localhost/wiki/. linux/noarch
moin-apache2-unsafe-1.1-2mdk Additional Macros and Actions for local MoinMoin Wiki linux/noarch
mozilla-1.7.6-3mdk Mozilla, open-source web browser linux/i586
mozilla-bonobo-0.4.1-1mdk Mozilla plugin for displaying various kinds of file linux/i586
mozilla-dom-inspector-1.7.6-3mdk A tool for inspecting the DOM of pages in Mozilla. linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-1.0.2-3mdk Mozilla Firefox Web Browser linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-af-1.0.2-1mdk Afrikaans interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-br-1.0.2-1mdk Breton interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-ca-1.0.2-2mdk Catalan interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-cs-1.0.2-2mdk Czech interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-da-1.0.2-2mdk Dansk interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-de-1.0.2-2mdk German interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-el-1.0.2-2mdk Greek interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-es-1.0.2-2mdk Spanish interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-fi-1.0.2-2mdk Suomenkielinen interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-fr-1.0.2-2mdk French interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-ga-1.0.2-2mdk Irish interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-he-1.0.2-1mdk Hebrew interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-hu-1.0.2-2mdk Hungarian interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-it-1.0.2-2mdk Italian interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-ja-1.0.2-2mdk Japanese interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-ko-1.0.2-2mdk Korean interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-nb-1.0.2-2mdk Norwegian Bokmaal interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-nl-1.0.2-2mdk Dutch interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-pl-1.0.2-2mdk Polish interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-pt-1.0.2-2mdk Portuguese interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-pt_BR-1.0.2-2mdk Brazilian portuguese interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-register-1.0.2-1mdk Script to register Firefox Extensions linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-ro-1.0.2-2mdk Romanian interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-ru-1.0.2-2mdk Russian interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-sk-1.0.2-1mdk Slovak interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-sl-1.0.2-2mdk Slovenian interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-sv-1.0.2-2mdk Swedish interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-tr-1.0.2-2mdk Turkish interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-zh_CN-1.0.2-2mdk Simplified Chinese interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-zh_TW-1.0.2-2mdk Traditional Chinese interface for Firefox linux/i586
mozilla-js-debugger-1.7.6-3mdk JavaScript debugger for use with Mozilla linux/i586
mozilla-livehttpheaders-0.10-1.20052601.1mdk Plugin to access HTTP headers in Mozilla linux/noarch
mozilla-plugin-opensc-0.8.1-6mdk OpenSC Mozilla plugin linux/i586
mozplugger-1.7.1-7mdk A generic mozilla plug-in linux/i586
mplayerplugin-2.80-2mdk A browser plugin to allow playing embedded movies on web pages linux/i586
nagios-www-2.0b3-1mdk Provides the HTML and CGI files for the Nagios web interface linux/i586
namazu-cgi-2.0.13-1mdk A CGI interface for Namazu linux/i586
nvu-fr-0.8-3mdk French interface for Nvu linux/i586
pavuk-0.9pl28-4mdk Pavuk WWW Graber linux/i586
peacock-1.9.1-3mdk Peacock is a HTML editor for Gnome linux/i586
phpgroupware-0.9.16-0.RC2.1mdk PhpGroupWare is a web-based groupware suite written in php. linux/noarch
phpmyvisites-1.2.2-2mdk Powerful application for websites statistics and audience measurements. linux/noarch
pyblosxom-1.0.0-3mdk Pyblosxom is a python clone of Blosxom, a blogging system linux/noarch
rpm2html-1.8.3-1mdk Translates rpm database into HTML and RDF info linux/i586
rpm2html-mysql-1.8.3-1mdk Translates rpm database into HTML and RDF info linux/i586
sitescooper-3.1.2-7mdk Convert websites for reading on a Palm linux/noarch
smb-network-1.20-1mdk Browse your SMB shares using a web browser linux/noarch
surfraw-1.0.7-4mdk Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web linux/noarch
swfdec-gimp-0.3.2-3mdk Gimp plugin for Flash rendering linux/i586
swfdec-mozilla-0.3.2-3mdk Mozilla compatible plugin for Flash rendering linux/i586
trac-0.8.1-2mdk Integrated SCM & Project manager linux/noarch
trac-cgi-0.8.1-2mdk Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - cgi frontend linux/noarch
trac-standalone-0.8.1-2mdk Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - standalone frontend linux/noarch
w3c-libwww-apps-5.4.0-5mdk Applications built using Libwww web library: e.g. Robot, etc linux/i586
w3m-0.5.1-4mdk Pager that can also be used as textbased webbrowser linux/i586
w3perl-2.94-1mdk Web logfile analyser linux/noarch
webmake-2.4-4mdk Content management and web templating system linux/noarch
wget-1.9.1-5mdk A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols linux/i586
xawtv-web-3.94-1mdk Videotext pages webserver & images capture/upload to a webserver linux/i586
zope-docs-2.7.4-2mdk Documentation for the Zope application server linux/i586

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