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RPM of Group Graphical desktop/KDE

akpi-0.4-4mdk ACPI frontend for KDE linux/i586
akregator-1.0.1-3mdk aKregator is KDE RSS aggregator with great look and feel. linux/i586
amarok-scripts-1.2.2-4mdk Scripts for amarok linux/i586
arts-1.3.2-6mdk Arts - Libraries linux/i586
artsmodplug-2.1.1-13mdk Arts ModPlug linux/i586
drakclick-0.2-1mdk A program to change Single/Double click in KDE linux/noarch
galaxy-kde-1.0.2-9mdk Mandrakelinux theme for KDE - Widget design linux/i586
galaxy-kde-kwin-1.0.2-9mdk Mandrakelinux theme for KDE - Window Decorations linux/i586
kaffeine-0.6-1mdk A Xine-based Media Player for KDE3 linux/i586
kalbum-0.8.0-5mdk Application to create albums out of image collections linux/i586
kapacity-0.1a-1mdk Kapacity monitoring laptop's battery linux/i586
karamba-0.17-5mdk Program that can display a lot of various information right on your desktop. linux/i586
kbiff-3.7.1-1mdk Kbiff is a new mail notification utility linux/i586
kcdlabel-2.12-4mdk KCDLabel is a program used to create covers for CD cases linux/i586
kconfigeditor-0.9.5-1mdk Tool to configure all aspects of desktop. linux/i586
kde-icons-gorilla-1.3.5-1mdk Gorilla icon for KDE Desktop linux/noarch
kde-icons-korilla-1.3.5-1mdk Korilla icon for KDE Desktop linux/noarch
kde-icons-lila-0.7.1-2mdk Lila icons for KDE Desktop linux/noarch
kde-icons-lush-0.1.0-2mdk Lush icons for KDE Desktop linux/noarch
kde-icons-nuvola-1.0-3mdk Nuvola icons for KDE Desktop linux/noarch
kde-icons-reinhardt-0.8-1mdk Reinhardt icons for KDE Desktop linux/noarch
kde-icons-sparkling-0.5-1mdk Icon themes for kde linux/noarch
kde-icons-wasp-2.6.1-2mdk Wasp icon for KDE Desktop linux/noarch
kde-style-activeheart-1.2.1-3mdk Activeheart kstyle theme for KDE linux/i586
kde-style-dotcurve-1.0-0.rc1.1mdk Dotcurve Theme for KDE3.3.x linux/i586
kde-style-lipstik-1.1-2mdk Lipstick Theme for KDE3.3.x linux/i586
kde-style-phase-0.6-1mdk Phase Theme for KDE3.3.x linux/i586
kde-style-reinhardt-0.8.2-1mdk Reinhardt style theme for KDE linux/i586
kde-style-thinkeramikmod-1.0-1mdk Thinkeramik-mod kstyle and kwin theme for KDE linux/i586
kde-style-tiblit-1.1-1mdk Tiblit is a KDE style focused on customization linux/i586
kde-theme-Metal4kde-0.2-1mdk Metal theme for KDE linux/i586
kde-theme-alloy-0.5.3-1mdk Alloy kstyle and kwin theme for KDE linux/i586
kde-theme-comix-1.2.3-1mdk Comix Theme for KDE3.3.x linux/i586
kde-theme-dotcurve-1.0b3-2mdk Theme for KDE linux/i586
kde-theme-krisp-0.1-1mdk Widget style based on the Plastik style linux/i586
kde-theme-phase-0.7-1mdk Phase is a widget style for KDE linux/i586
kde-theme-thinkeramik-3.2.1-2mdk Thinkeramik kstyle and kwin theme for KDE linux/i586
kde1-wallpapers-1.1.2-4mdk Wallpapers from KDE 1 linux/noarch
kdeaccessibility-3.3.2-4mdk K Desktop Environment - Accessibility program linux/i586
kdeaddons-3.3.2-14mdk Kdeaddons linux/i586
kdeaddons-atlantik-3.3.2-14mdk Atantik generator linux/i586
kdeaddons-konqimagegallery-3.3.2-14mdk Konqueror plugins to create an image gallery linux/i586
kdeaddons-noatun-3.3.2-14mdk Noatun plugins linux/i586
kdeaddons-searchbar-3.3.2-14mdk Searchbar linux/i586
kdeadmin-3.3.2-6mdk K Desktop Environment - Adminstrative Tools linux/i586
kdeadmin-kpackage-3.3.2-6mdk Manager for DEB, RPM. linux/i586
kdeadmin-ksysv-3.3.2-6mdk Edit your SysV-style init configuration linux/i586
kdeadmin-lilo-3.3.2-6mdk Configure lilo. linux/i586
kdeadmin-linuz-3.3.2-6mdk Configure kernel config. linux/i586
kdeartwork-3.3.2-14mdk Kdeartwork linux/i586
kdeartwork-kde-classic-3.3.2-14mdk Default Icons from kde3.0 linux/i586
kdeartwork-screensaver-gl-3.3.2-14mdk Screensaver using OpenGL linux/i586
kdebase-3.3.2-100mdk K Desktop Environment - Core files linux/i586
kdebase-common-3.3.2-100mdk Config file and icons file for kdebase. linux/i586
kdebase-kate-3.3.2-100mdk Kate linux/i586
kdebase-kcontrol-data-3.3.2-100mdk Contains all duplicate entries between kcontrol and MCC. linux/i586
kdebase-kcontrol-nsplugins-3.3.2-100mdk Librairie for Netscape Plugins for kdebase linux/i586
kdebase-kdeprintfax-3.3.2-100mdk Kdeprintfax linux/i586
kdebase-kdm-3.3.2-100mdk kdm for kdebase linux/i586
kdebase-kdm-config-file-3.3.2-100mdk kdm config file for kdebase and mdkkdm linux/i586
kdebase-kmenuedit-3.3.2-100mdk kmenuedit linux/i586
kdebase-konsole-3.3.2-100mdk Konsole linux/i586
kdebase-nsplugins-3.3.2-100mdk Netscape Plugins for kdebase linux/i586
kdebase-servicemenu-10.1-4mdk Service Menu for kdebase. linux/noarch
kdeedu-3.3.2-9mdk K Desktop Environment - Toys and Amusements linux/i586
kdegames-3.3.2-8mdk KDE - Games linux/i586
kdegraphics-3.3.2-21mdk K Desktop Environment - Graphics linux/i586
kdegraphics-common-3.3.2-21mdk Common files for kdegraphics linux/i586
kdegraphics-kdvi-3.3.2-21mdk Kdvi is a DVI Viewer. linux/i586
kdegraphics-kfax-3.3.2-21mdk Kfax package linux/i586
kdegraphics-kghostview-3.3.2-21mdk Kghostview package linux/i586
kdegraphics-kiconedit-3.3.2-21mdk Kiconedit package linux/i586
kdegraphics-kolourpaint-3.3.2-21mdk Free and easy-to-use paint program for KDE linux/i586
kdegraphics-kooka-3.3.2-21mdk Kooka is a raster image scan program for the KDE system. linux/i586
kdegraphics-kpaint-3.3.2-21mdk Kpaint kcolorchooser kcoloredit package linux/i586
kdegraphics-kpdf-3.3.2-21mdk Kpdf package linux/i586
kdegraphics-kpovmodeler-3.3.2-21mdk Kpovmodeler package linux/i586
kdegraphics-kruler-3.3.2-21mdk Kruler package linux/i586
kdegraphics-ksnapshot-3.3.2-21mdk Ksnaphot package linux/i586
kdegraphics-ksvg-3.3.2-21mdk Ksvg package linux/i586
kdegraphics-kuickshow-3.3.2-21mdk Kuickshow package linux/i586
kdegraphics-kview-3.3.2-21mdk Kview package linux/i586
kdegraphics-mrmlsearch-3.3.2-21mdk MRML is short for Multimedia Retrieval Markup Language. linux/i586
kdemultimedia-3.3.2-22mdk K Desktop Environment - Multimedia linux/i586
kdemultimedia-juk-3.3.2-22mdk JuK is a jukebox and music manager for the KDE desktop. linux/i586
kdemultimedia-kaboodle-3.3.2-22mdk kaboodle program linux/i586
kdemultimedia-kaudiocreator-3.3.2-22mdk kaudiocreator program linux/i586
kdemultimedia-kmid-3.3.2-22mdk kmid program linux/i586
kdemultimedia-kmidi-3.3.2-22mdk midi player, can use sound patch files and create a WAV file linux/i586
kdemultimedia-kmix-3.3.2-22mdk kmix, kmixctrl program linux/i586
kdemultimedia-krec-3.3.2-22mdk krec program linux/i586
kdemultimedia-kscd-3.3.2-22mdk kscd program linux/i586
kdemultimedia-noatun-3.3.2-22mdk noatun program linux/i586
kdenetwork-common-3.3.2-27mdk Common files for kdenetwork linux/i586
kdenetwork-kdict-3.3.2-27mdk Kdict program linux/i586
kdenetwork-kget-3.3.2-27mdk Kget program linux/i586
kdenetwork-knewsticker-3.3.2-27mdk RDF newsticker applet linux/i586
kdenetwork-kopete-3.3.2-27mdk Kopete linux/i586
kdenetwork-kppp-3.3.2-27mdk Dialer and front end for pppd linux/i586
kdenetwork-kppp-provider-3.3.2-27mdk List of providers for pppd linux/i586
kdenetwork-krfb-3.3.2-27mdk Krfb, Krdc program linux/i586
kdenetwork-ksirc-3.3.2-27mdk KDE IRC linux/i586
kdenetwork-ktalk-3.3.2-27mdk Ktalk program linux/i586
kdenetwork-kwifimanager-3.3.2-27mdk KWifimanager linux/i586
kdenlive-0.2.4-1mdk A non-linear video editing application for KDE linux/i586
kdepim-3.3.2-45mdk K Desktop Environment - Person Information Management linux/i586
kdepim-common-3.3.2-45mdk Common files for kdepim linux/i586
kdepim-kaddressbook-3.3.2-45mdk Kaddressbook program linux/i586
kdepim-karm-3.3.2-45mdk Karm program linux/i586
kdepim-kmail-3.3.2-45mdk KDE Mailer linux/i586
kdepim-knode-3.3.2-45mdk KDE News Reader linux/i586
kdepim-knotes-3.3.2-45mdk Knotes program linux/i586
kdepim-kontact-3.3.2-45mdk Kontact program linux/i586
kdepim-korganizer-3.3.2-45mdk Korganizer program linux/i586
kdepim-korn-3.3.2-45mdk korn linux/i586
kdepim-kpilot-3.3.2-45mdk Kpilot program linux/i586
kdepim-ktnef-3.3.2-45mdk Ktnef program linux/i586
kdesdk-3.3.2-11mdk K Desktop Environment - Software Development Kit linux/i586
kdesdk-cervisia-3.3.2-11mdk CVS client part linux/i586
kdesdk-kbabel-3.3.2-11mdk KBabel is a set of tools for editing and managing gettext PO files. linux/i586
kdesdk-kcachegrind-3.3.2-11mdk KCachegrind. linux/i586
kdesdk-umbrello-3.3.2-11mdk UML Modeller linux/i586
kdetoys-3.3.2-6mdk K Desktop Environment - Toys and Amusements linux/i586
kdetoys-kweather-3.3.2-6mdk kweather linux/i586
kdeutils-3.3.2-22mdk K Desktop Environment - Utilities linux/i586
kdeutils-ark-3.3.2-22mdk Ark program linux/i586
kdeutils-common-3.3.2-22mdk Kdeutils common files linux/i586
kdeutils-kcalc-3.3.2-22mdk Kcalc program linux/i586
kdeutils-kcharselect-3.3.2-22mdk Kcharselect program linux/i586
kdeutils-kdepasswd-3.3.2-22mdk Kdepasswd program linux/i586
kdeutils-kdessh-3.3.2-22mdk Kdessh program linux/i586
kdeutils-kdf-3.3.2-22mdk Kdf program linux/i586
kdeutils-kedit-3.3.2-22mdk Kedit program linux/i586
kdeutils-kfloppy-3.3.2-22mdk Kfloppy program linux/i586
kdeutils-kgpg-3.3.2-22mdk Kgpg Frontend for gpg. linux/i586
kdeutils-khexedit-3.3.2-22mdk Khexedit program linux/i586
kdeutils-kjots-3.3.2-22mdk Kjots program linux/i586
kdeutils-klaptop-3.3.2-22mdk Battery and power management linux/i586
kdeutils-ksim-3.3.2-22mdk Ksim program linux/i586
kdeutils-ktimer-3.3.2-22mdk Ktimer program linux/i586
kdeutils-kwalletmanager-3.3.2-22mdk kwalletmanager program linux/i586
kdewebdev-3.3.2-11mdk A web editor for the KDE Desktop Environment linux/i586
kdewebdev-kfilereplace-3.3.2-11mdk Kfilereplace linux/i586
kdewebdev-kommander-3.3.2-11mdk Kommander linux/i586
kdmtheme-0.9-3mdk Kdmtheme allow to change kdm theme linux/i586
keurocalc-0.9.1-2mdk Keurocalc linux/i586
kexi-0.1-0.beta5.5mdk Kexi is an integrated environment for managing data. linux/i586
kfilereplace-0.7.0-8mdk Replaces strings in all files of a directory linux/i586
kfiresaver3d-0.6-3mdk The kfiresaver3d screensaver linux/i586
kgeography-0.3-1mdk KGeography is a geography learning tool linux/i586
kiax-0.8.3-1mdk Kiax is an IAX client application (a so called Softphone) linux/i586
kickpim-0.5.3-1mdk Kicker applet to access addressbook linux/i586
kim-0.7-2mdk Image menu for kde linux/noarch
kimdaba-2.0-2mdk K Image Database linux/i586
kio_locate-0.3.4-1mdk Kio-locate is a KIO Slave for the locate command. linux/i586
kiosktool-0.9-3mdk Tool to enable KDE's KIOSK feature. linux/i586
klegacyconfig-0.6-3mdk KLegacyconfig integrates non-kde apps into the kde control center linux/i586
kmess-1.3.0-1mdk Yet another MSN messenger for KDE linux/i586
kmobiletools- Kde tools to manage mobile phone linux/i586
kmymoney2-0.6.4-2mdk Kmymoney2 The Personal Finances Manager for kde3 linux/i586
knemo-0.3.1-2mdk The KDE Network Monitor linux/i586
koffice-karbon-1.3.5-24mdk Scalable drawing for koffice. linux/i586
koffice-kformula-1.3.5-24mdk Formula for koffice. linux/i586
koffice-kivio-1.3.5-24mdk Diagramme for koffice. linux/i586
koffice-koshell-1.3.5-24mdk Koshell for koffice. linux/i586
koffice-kpresenter-1.3.5-24mdk Presentation for koffice. linux/i586
koffice-kspread-1.3.5-24mdk SpreadSheet for koffice. linux/i586
koffice-kugar-1.3.5-24mdk Kugar for koffice. linux/i586
koffice-kword-1.3.5-24mdk Word processor for koffice. linux/i586
kompose-0.5.1-1mdk A full screen pager for KDE linux/i586
kpopup-0.9.7-1mdk KDE tool for sending and receiving WinPopup messages linux/i586
krename-3.0.3-1mdk A powerful batch renamer for KDE linux/i586
krozat-10.1-4mdk Default Mandrake Linux screensaver for KDE linux/i586
ksambaplugin-0.5-2mdk KDE Control Center Module for configuring Samba linux/i586
ksensors-0.7.3-1mdk KDE frontend for lm_sensors linux/i586
kshutdown-0.6.0-1mdk KShutDown is an advanced shut down utility for KDE linux/i586
ksmoothdock-3.5.1-3mdk Ksmoothdock linux/i586
kst-1.0-4mdk A really cool plotting and data viewing program. linux/i586
ktechlab-0.1.3-1mdk A development environment for microcontrollers and electronic circuits linux/i586
kttsd-0.3.0-9mdk KTTS -- KDE Text-to-Speech. linux/i586
kuake-0.3-2mdk Quake style Konsole linux/i586
kvpnc-0.6.1-1mdk KDE frontend to various vpn clients linux/i586
kwin-style-activeheart-1.1-2mdk Activeheart kwinstyle for KDE linux/i586
kwin-style-knifty-0.4.2-1mdk Knifty kwinstyle for KDE linux/i586
kwin-style-mkultra-0.3.2-1mdk Mkultra is a KWin style derived from the minimalist and excellent Web style. linux/i586
kwin-style-smoothblend-0.beta2-1mdk Smoothblend kwinstyle for KDE linux/i586
kxdocker-0.30-1mdk KXDocker is an innovative docker for KDE, it's very similar to Mac OSX Docker linux/i586
kxmleditor-1.1.4-1mdk Kxmleditor linux/i586
libakregator0-1.0.1-3mdk Header files for akregator linux/i586
libarts1-1.3.2-6mdk The libraries for arts linux/i586
libkdeaddons1-3.3.2-14mdk Librairies for kdeaddons linux/i586
libkdeaddons1-konqimagegallery-3.3.2-14mdk Librairies files for image Konqueror plugins linux/i586
libkdeaddons1-noatun-3.3.2-14mdk Librairies files for noatun plugins linux/i586
libkdebase4-3.3.2-100mdk Libraries for kdebase linux/i586
libkdebase4-kate-3.3.2-100mdk Librairies for Kate linux/i586
libkdebase4-kmenuedit-3.3.2-100mdk Librairie for KMenuedit for kdebase linux/i586
libkdebase4-konsole-3.3.2-100mdk Librairies for Konsole linux/i586
libkdeedu1-3.3.2-9mdk Header files for kdeedu linux/i586
libkdegames1-3.3.2-8mdk Libraries for kdegame linux/i586
libkdegraphics0-common-3.3.2-21mdk Librairies files for kdegraphics linux/i586
libkdegraphics0-kooka-3.3.2-21mdk Librairie for Kooka linux/i586
libkdegraphics0-kpovmodeler-3.3.2-21mdk Librairie for kpovmodeler package linux/i586
libkdegraphics0-ksvg-3.3.2-21mdk Librairie for Ksvg linux/i586
libkdegraphics0-kuickshow-3.3.2-21mdk Librarie for Kuickshow package linux/i586
libkdegraphics0-kview-3.3.2-21mdk Librarie for Kview package linux/i586
libkdegraphics0-mrmlsearch-3.3.2-21mdk Librairies files for mrmlsearch linux/i586
libkdenetwork2-knewsticker-3.3.2-27mdk Librarie for knewsticker linux/i586
libkdenetwork2-ksirc-3.3.2-27mdk Librairies for ksirc linux/i586
libkdenetwork2-kwifimanager-3.3.2-27mdk Librairies for kwifimanager linux/i586
libkdepim2-ktnef-3.3.2-45mdk Librairie for Ktnef program linux/i586
libkdepim2-ktnef-devel-3.3.2-45mdk Devel files for Ktnef program linux/i586
libkdesdk1-3.3.2-11mdk Lib files for kdesdk linux/i586
libkdesdk1-cervisia-3.3.2-11mdk Librairie for CVS client part linux/i586
libkdesdk1-kbabel-3.3.2-11mdk Librairie files for KBabel. linux/i586
libkdeutils1-klaptop-3.3.2-22mdk Library for klaptop linux/i586
libkdeutils1-klaptop-devel-3.3.2-22mdk Devel for klaptop linux/i586
libkdewebdev0-3.3.2-11mdk Library for kdewebdev linux/i586
libkdewebdev0-kfilereplace-3.3.2-11mdk Librairie for Kfilereplace linux/i586
libkdewebdev0-kommander-3.3.2-11mdk Librairie for Kommander linux/i586
libkmyfirewall0- Header files for kmyfirewall linux/i586
libshowimg1-0.9.4-9mdk Header files for ShowImg linux/i586
lisa-3.3.2-27mdk Lisa server linux/i586
mandrakegalaxy-10.1-8mdk Mandrakegalaxy linux/i586
mandrakelinux-create-kde-mdk-menu-1.0-4mdk Script to create MandrakeLinux xdg desktop file. linux/noarch
mandrakelinux-kde-config-file-10.2-11mdk All specific config file for Mandrakelinux for KDE. linux/noarch
mandrakelinux-kdm-logo-10.0-1mdk Specifix logo for KDM. linux/noarch
mdklaunchhelp-10.0-2mdk khelpcenter launcher for mandrake tools linux/i586
mdkwebadmin-10.0-0.3mdk Mandrake frontend html browser to webmin linux/i586
mutray-0.3-3mdk MUTray sits in the KDE system tray and notifies the user of updates. linux/i586
noatun-hayes-1.4-4mdk Playlist-plugin for Noatun linux/i586
olfix-0.2.3.B-0.20050412.1mdk An administrative system for small to medium sized companies linux/i586
plptools-kde-0.12-3mdk Psion support for KDE. linux/i586
speaker3-0.5-7mdk A text to speech synthesizer for Konqueror linux/i586
superkaramba-0.35-4mdk Program that can display a lot of various information right on your desktop. linux/i586
synce-kde-0.8.0-1mdk KDE-Integration of SynCE. Kio-slave and Tray-Icon linux/i586
taskjuggler-2.1-1mdk Project management software linux/i586
taskjuggler-kde-2.1-1mdk Project Management Software for KDE linux/i586
tuxsaver-1.0-3mdk TuxSaver linux/i586
yzis-0.20050216-1mdk Yzis linux/i586

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