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RPM of Group Development/Python

BTreeFolder2-0.5.0-6mdk A Zope product to implement large size folders linux/noarch
Base18-0.2.0-13mdk Base18 is a Zope product to implement multilingual portals linux/noarch
CMF-1.4.2-1mdk A Content Management System based on Zope linux/noarch
CMFActivity-0.8-1mdk Activity Tool for zope linux/noarch
CMFCategory-0.8-1mdk All algorithms related to categories and relations in CMF linux/noarch
CMFMailIn-1.0.0-3mdk A Zope product to import emails into CMF sites. linux/noarch
CMFPhoto-1.2.3-4mdk A Zope product to manage images better... linux/noarch
CMFReportTool-0.1.1-4mdk A Zope product to generate PDF reports linux/noarch
CPS-3.0rc3-3mdk internal or external web content strategy in a collaborative approach linux/noarch
Coramy-0.1-2mdk The ERP5 implementation for Coramy linux/noarch
ERP5-0.8-1mdk A Zope framework to implement ERP software linux/noarch
ERP5Catalog-0.8-1mdk Catalog that filter queries linux/noarch
ERP5Compatibility-0.1-4mdk Compatibility with older ERP5 linux/noarch
ERP5Form-0.8-1mdk Form specific to ERP5 linux/noarch
ERP5SyncML-0.8-1mdk SyncML for ERP5 linux/noarch
ERP5Type-0.8-1mdk Base objects for ERP5 linux/noarch
ExtFile-1.1.3-3mdk A Zope product to store larges files outside the ZODB linux/noarch
Formulator-1.6.1-3mdk Allows to quickly implements forms with Zope linux/noarch
Localizer-1.0.1-5mdk A Zope product to localize applications linux/noarch
MySQL-python-1.0.0-1mdk Python interface to MySQL linux/i586
Photo-1.2.3-3mdk A Zope product to manage images better... linux/noarch
Pmw-1.2-3mdk Python toolkit for building compound Tkinter widgets. linux/noarch
PyGtkScintilla-0.8.2-5mdk PyGtkScintilla - A Python wrapper for GtkScintilla linux/i586
PyQt-3.14.1-1mdk Python bindings for Qt linux/i586
PyQt-devel-3.14.1-1mdk SIP specification files for Qt linux/i586
PyRTF-0.43-1mdk Python module to generate RTF documents linux/noarch
TranslationService-0.4-1mdk A Zope product to provide translation linux/noarch
ZMailIn-1.0.1-2mdk A Zope product to import emails into Zope sites. linux/noarch
ZMySQLDA-2.0.9b2-4mdk A Zope connector to Mysql linux/noarch
ZSQLCatalog-0.8-1mdk A Zope product to search the Zope database with SQL requests linux/noarch
adns-python-1.0.0-4mdk Python bindings for GNU adns library linux/i586
biopython-1.40-0.20050331.1mdk The Biopython Project linux/i586
biopython-biosql-1.40-0.20050331.1mdk Code for using Biopython with BioSQL databases linux/i586
biopython-doc-1.40-0.20050331.1mdk The Biopython Project documentation linux/i586
biopython-martel-1.40-0.20050331.1mdk Biopython parser generator linux/i586
boa-constructor-0.2.3-3mdk Python IDE and wxPython GUI Builder linux/noarch
dbus-python-0.23.2-2mdk Python bindings for D-BUS linux/i586
dparser-1.13-2mdk DParser is a simple but powerful tool for parsing. linux/i586
drpython-3.10.12-1mdk Python editor and development environment linux/noarch
editobj-0.5.6-2mdk Tkinter dialog box for editing any Python object linux/noarch
egenix-mx-base-2.0.5-3mdk eGenix mx-Extensions for Python - BASE package linux/i586
epydoc-2.1-2mdk Edward Loper's API Documentation Generation Tool linux/noarch
eric-3.6.2-2mdk Python IDE linux/noarch
f2py-2.45.241_1926-2mdk Fortran to Python Interface Generaton linux/noarch
gazpacho-0.5.3-1mdk Gazpacho is a clone of the glade designer written in python and gtk linux/noarch
gstreamer-python-0.8.1-2mdk Python bindings for GStreamer. linux/i586
ipython-0.6.12-1mdk An enhanced interactive Python shell. linux/noarch
kodos-2.4.5-3mdk Kodos is a visual regular expression editor linux/noarch
libiriver-python-0.0.12-1mdk Python bindings for the libiriver library linux/i586
libpygame1.6-devel-1.6-4mdk Pygame development headers linux/i586
libpython2.4-devel-2.4-5mdk The libraries and header files needed for Python development linux/i586
libuser-python-0.53.2-3mdk Library bindings for python linux/i586
libwxPythonGTK2.5_3-devel- Development files of wxPythonGTK linux/i586
libxml2-python-2.6.17-2mdk Python bindings for the libxml2 library linux/i586
libxslt-python-1.1.12-3mdk Python bindings for the libxslt library linux/i586
paramiko-0.9h-2mdk SSH2 protocol for Python linux/noarch
py-smbpasswd-1.0-2mdk NT/LM hash generation module for Python linux/i586
py2play-0.1.7-2mdk A peer-to-peer network game engine linux/noarch
pyPgSQL-2.4-2mdk pyPgSQL - A Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to PostgreSQL. linux/i586
pyao-0.82-4mdk A wrapper for the ao libraries. linux/i586
pychecker-0.8.14-2mdk A python source code checking tool linux/noarch
pycrypto-2.0-1mdk Python interface to various crypto algorithms and protocols linux/i586
pygame-doc-1.6-4mdk Pygame documentation and example programs linux/i586
pygtkmoz-0.1-1mdk Python wrapper for the GtkMozembedWidget linux/i586
pylibacl-0.2.1-2mdk Posix ACL module for Python linux/i586
pymad-0.5.2-2mdk A wrapper for the MAD MPEG Audio decoder library. linux/i586
pyogg-1.3-6mdk A wrapper for the Ogg libraries. linux/i586
pyopenal-0.1.4-2mdk OpenAL port to Python linux/i586
pyrex-0.9.3-1mdk Language for Writing Python Extension Modules linux/i586
pyshadow-0.1-2mdk Python wrapper for shadow password file. linux/i586
python-2.4-5mdk An interpreted, interactive object-oriented programming language linux/i586
python-CDDB-1.4-3mdk Python CDDB module linux/i586
python-ConnectVTKITK-2.0.0-1mdk VTK ITK python connection linux/i586
python-ID3-1.2-6mdk Python module for manipulating ID3 information tags on MP3 audio files. linux/noarch
python-Itpl-0-3mdk String interpolation (variable expansion) for Python linux/noarch
python-OpenSSL-0.6-2mdk Python interface to the OpenSSL library. linux/i586
python-PQueue-0.2-5mdk PQueue module for python linux/i586
python-SciPy-0.3.2-1mdk Scientific tools for Python linux/i586
python-apt-0.5.15cnc6-5mdk Python extension for apt linux/i586
python-archmage-0.0.6-2mdk CHM(Compiled HTML) Decompressor linux/i586
python-base-2.4-5mdk Python base files linux/i586
python-bibtex-1.2.1-2mdk BibTeX and recode bindings for python linux/i586
python-bsddb3-4.1.3-4mdk Python interface for BerkeleyDB linux/i586
python-cRat-0.7-3mdk Fast Python module for rational numbers linux/i586
python-cairo-0.1.3-1mdk A python wrapper for the Cairo libraries linux/i586
python-cdb-0.32-6mdk A python interface to constant database files (cdb) linux/i586
python-cheetah-0.9.16-0.a2.2mdk Python-powered template engine and code-generator linux/i586
python-cherrypy-2.0-0.0a1.1mdk A Python-based framework for web application development linux/noarch
python-chm-0.8.2-1mdk Python package to handle CHM files linux/i586
python-clearsilver-0.9.13-1mdk Neotonic ClearSilver Python Module linux/i586
python-ctypes-0.9.7-0.beta.1mdk Create and manipulate C data types from Python linux/i586
python-curl-7.12.2-2mdk PycURL -- cURL library module for Python linux/i586
python-dnet-1.8-4mdk Python bindings for dnet linux/i586
python-docs-2.4-5mdk Documentation for the Python programming language linux/i586
python-docutils-0.3.7-1mdk Python Documentation Utilities linux/noarch
python-dparser-1.13-2mdk DParser python binding. linux/i586
python-exo-0.3.0-2mdk Python bindings for the exo library linux/i586
python-fam-1.0.2-5mdk Python FAM module linux/i586
python-fchksum-1.7.1-3mdk Python C extension to (quickly) find the checksum of files linux/i586
python-fchksum-devel-1.7.1-3mdk Python C extension to (quickly) find the checksum of files linux/i586
python-fpconst-0.6.0-5mdk IEEE754 float infinity and NaN for python linux/noarch
python-gamin-0.0.26-1mdk Python bindings for the gamin library linux/i586
python-geoip-1.2.0-2mdk Python bindings for the GeoIP library linux/i586
python-glpk-0.4-2mdk Python extension module for GLPK linux/i586
python-hk_classes-0.7.2-2mdk Python support for hk_classes linux/i586
python-htmlgen-2.2-1mdk Python class library to generate HTML linux/noarch
python-imaging-1.1.4-9mdk Python's own image processing library linux/i586
python-indices-0.1-4mdk Sequence index, item ranges, and enumeration for python linux/noarch
python-itk-2.0.1-1mdk Python bindings for ITK linux/i586
python-jabber-0.4-3mdk Python jabber protocol module. linux/noarch
python-ldap-2.0.2-2mdk Various LDAP-related Python modules linux/i586
python-libtagedit-1.1.1-1mdk Python bindings for the libtagedit library linux/i586
python-lirc-0.0.4-2mdk Python lirc module. linux/i586
python-logging-0.4.7-3mdk Fast Python module for rational numbers linux/noarch
python-m2crypto-0.13-3mdk Crypto and SSL toolkit for Python linux/i586
python-mcrypt-1.1-1mdk Python-mcrypt is a comprehensive Python interface to the mcrypt library linux/i586
python-mm-0.4.7-2mdk Python Media Meta Data retrieval framework linux/i586
python-numarray-1.2.3-1mdk Numarray: array processing for numbers, strings, records and objects linux/i586
python-numarray-devel-1.2.3-1mdk Numarray Library C bindings linux/i586
python-numeric-23.1-3mdk Python numerical facilities linux/i586
python-numeric-devel-23.1-3mdk Python numerical facilities linux/i586
python-opengl-doc- Documentation files for python-opengl linux/i586
python-osd-0.2.9-3mdk Python wrapper for libosd linux/i586
python-perlmodule-1.0.1-5mdk Perl for python - use perl code in python linux/i586
python-pexpect-0.98-3mdk An efficient, pure-python replacement for Expect linux/noarch
python-pg-3.4-2mdk Postgresql support for Python linux/i586
python-ply-1.5-2mdk Python Lex-Yacc linux/noarch
python-psyco-1.4-1mdk Python Specializing Compiler linux/i586
python-psyco-docs-1.4-1mdk Programmer's documentation for Psyco linux/i586
python-pyrite-publisher-2.1.1-2mdk Content Creation Tools for Palm Computing Platform Users linux/i586
python-qwt-4.2-1mdk Python bindings for Qwt (Qt Widgets for Technical applications) linux/i586
python-rational-0.1-4mdk Rational numbers for python linux/noarch
python-scientific-2.4.9-2mdk Various Python modules for scientific computing linux/i586
python-scientific-devel-2.4.9-2mdk Various Python modules for scientific computing, header files linux/i586
python-soap-0.11.3-2mdk A SOAP library for python linux/noarch
python-sqlite-1.0.1-1mdk Python bindings for sqlite linux/i586
python-sqlobject-0.6-2mdk Object-Relational Manager, aka database wrapper for python linux/noarch
python-tal-1.5.0-4mdk Zope Template Attribute Language (TAL) Python module linux/noarch
python-twisted-1.3.0-4mdk Event-based framework for internet applications linux/i586
python-twisted-doc-1.3.0-4mdk Documentation of the twisted framework linux/i586
python-uTidylib-0.2-1mdk Wrapper for HTML Tidy at linux/noarch
python-urlgrabber-2.9.0-2mdk A high-level cross-protocol url-grabber linux/noarch
python-utmp-0.7-4mdk A python module for working with utmp linux/i586
python-vcpx-0-0.20050301.1mdk Version Control Patch eXchanger linux/noarch
python-vtk-4.4.2-6mdk Python bindings for VTK linux/i586
python-xoltar-0.20010601-3mdk A collection of utilities for threading and FP in python linux/noarch
python-xzip-0.1-4mdk Sequence index and item ranges for python linux/noarch
pyvorbis-1.3-4mdk A wrapper for the Vorbis libraries. linux/i586
pyxine-0.1-0.alpha2.3mdk Xine module for Python linux/i586
pyxmms-2.02-2mdk Python bindings for XMMS linux/i586
rpm-python-4.2.3-9mdk Python bindings for apps which will manipulate RPM packages linux/i586
sip-4.2.1-2mdk Python bindings generator for C++ class libraries linux/i586
soya-0.9.3-0.cvs20050313.2mdk A practical high-level object-oriented 3D engine linux/i586
soya-tutorial-0.9.3-0.cvs20050313.2mdk Tutorial for the Soya 3D engine linux/i586
tkinter-2.4-5mdk A graphical user interface for the Python scripting language linux/i586
wxPythonGTK- Cross platform GUI toolkit for Python using wxGTK linux/i586

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