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RPM of Group Development/Other

ElectricFence-2.2.2-5mdk A debugger which detects memory allocation violations linux/i586
Eterm-devel-0.9.2-6mdk Devel files for Eterm linux/i586
SportsTracker-0.6.3-1mdk Application to record sporting activities linux/i586
WebSVN-161-1mdk PHP based web interface of Subversion repositories. linux/noarch
Xdialog-2.1.1-2mdk A replacement for the cdialog program linux/i586
a2ps-devel-4.13b-6mdk Include files for a2ps linux/i586
a2ps-static-devel-4.13b-6mdk Static libraries for a2ps linux/i586
alleyoop-0.8.2-1mdk Graphical frontend to Valgrind memory checker linux/i586
anjuta-1.2.2-3mdk Integrated development environment for C and C++ (Linux) linux/i586
asp2php-0.76.23-1mdk Program for converting .asp files to .php files linux/i586
atlas-3.6.0-1mdk Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software (ATLAS) linux/noarch
autoconf2.1-2.13-21mdk A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code. linux/noarch
autoconf2.5-2.59-6mdk A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code. linux/noarch
autogen-5.6.6-1mdk Simplify the creation and maintenance of programs linux/i586
automake1.4-1.4-25.p6.mdk A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles. linux/noarch
automake1.6-1.6.3-2mdk A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles. linux/noarch
automake1.7-1.7.9-2mdk A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles. linux/noarch
automake1.8-1.9.4-3mdk A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles linux/noarch
avra-1.0.1-1mdk An AVR assembler linux/i586
bazaar-1.1-1mdk A distributed revision control system compatible with arch linux/i586
bigforth-2.0.11-1mdk bigForth language linux/i586
binutils- GNU Binary Utility Development Utilities linux/i586
binutils-isem- GNU Binary Utility Development Utilities for tkisem linux/i586
bison-2.0-1mdk A GNU general-purpose parser generator linux/i586
bison++-1.21.8-4mdk A GNU general-purpose parser generator for C++. linux/i586
blacsmpi-devel-1.1-6mdk Blacsmpi Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subprograms linux/i586
bm-2.1-2mdk BuildManager - rpm package building helper linux/noarch
boost-jam-3.1.10-1mdk Build tool for Boost libraries linux/i586
byacc-1.9-18mdk A public domain Yacc parser generator linux/i586
calculate-1.00-9mdk A simple command line calculator for the console linux/i586
camlp4-3.08.2-1mdk Preprocessor for OCaml linux/i586
ccache-2.4-4mdk Compiler Cache linux/i586
cdialog-0.9b-5mdk A utility for creating TTY dialog boxes. linux/i586
chrpath-0.13-1mdk Dynamic library load path (rpath) alterer linux/i586
cim-3.36-6mdk Simula to C translator. Mother of all OO-languages. linux/i586
clips-6.21-4mdk Clips language for expert systems linux/i586
clips-X11-6.21-4mdk X interface to Clips linux/i586
clisp-2.33.2-2mdk Common Lisp (ANSI CL) implementation linux/i586
cmake-2.0.5-2mdk Cross-platform, open-source make system linux/i586
code2html-0.9.1-3mdk Converts a program source code to syntax highlighted HTML linux/noarch
codeworker-3.8.4-1mdk A universal parsing tool and a source code generator linux/i586
colordiff-1.0.4-2mdk A wrapper for 'diff' and produces the output with 'syntax' highlighting linux/noarch
cross-ppc-binutils- GNU Binary Utility Development Utilities linux/i586
cross-ppc64-binutils- GNU Binary Utility Development Utilities linux/i586
cross-sun4-binutils- GNU Binary Utility Development Utilities linux/i586
cscope-15.5-3mdk C source file browser linux/i586
cssed-0.3.0-2mdk CSS editor for web developers. linux/i586
cssed-devel-0.3.0-2mdk Cssed devel file linux/i586
cvs-1.11.19-1mdk A version control system linux/i586
cvs2cl-2.57-1mdk Generator of ChangeLog(s) from `cvs log` output linux/noarch
cvs2svn-1.1.0-1mdk Convert CVS repositories to Subversion repositories. linux/noarch
cvsadmin-1.0.3-3mdk Tool to administer users of a CVS repository linux/i586
cvsutils-0.2.1-1mdk Collection of useful CVS scripts linux/noarch
cxmon-3.1-2mdk Command-line file manipulation tool and disassembler linux/i586
cyrus-imapd-devel-2.2.12-7mdk Cyrus IMAPd development files linux/i586
darcs-1.0.2-1mdk David's Advanced Revision Control System linux/i586
darcs-server-1.0.2-1mdk David's advanced revision control system Server linux/i586
dbus-sharp-0.23.2-1mdk D-BUS message bus C# bindings for mono linux/i586
ddd-3.3.10-2mdk A GUI for several command-line debuggers linux/i586
dejagnu-1.4.4-1mdk A front end for testing other programs linux/noarch
dev86-0.16.16-1mdk A real mode 80x86 assembler and linker linux/i586
dev86-devel-0.16.16-1mdk A development files for dev86 linux/i586
devhelp-0.9.3-7mdk API documentation browser for developers linux/i586
devtodo-0.1.18-1mdk Todo displays and manages heirarchical lists of prioritized tasks linux/i586
dhcp-devel-3.0.2-1mdk Development headers and libraries for the dhcpctl API linux/i586
diffstat-1.38-1mdk A utility which provides statistics based on the output of diff. linux/i586
diffutils-2.8.7-2mdk A GNU collection of diff utilities linux/i586
dmalloc-5.4.2-1mdk Debugging MALLOC linux/i586
doxygen- Doxygen is THE documentation system for C/C++ linux/i586
elfutils-0.99-1mdk A collection of utilities and DSOs to handle compiled objects linux/i586
eruby-1.0.5-1mdk Embedded Ruby linux/i586
etranslate-2.0.4-1mdk Program interface translation tool for EDE linux/i586
evolution-sharp-0.6-1mdk Evolution C# bindings for mono linux/i586
expat-1.95.8-1mdk Expat is an XML parser written in C linux/i586
f2c-20001107-6mdk The f2c Fortran to C/C++ conversion program and static libraries. linux/i586
fakeroot-1.2.9-1mdk Gives a fake root environment linux/i586
fftw-wisdom-3.0.1-5mdk FFTW-wisdom file generator linux/i586
fget-devel-1.3.2-1mdk Development library for fget linux/i586
findlib-0.9-2mdk A module packaging tool for OCaml linux/i586
flex-2.5.4a-22mdk A tool for creating scanners (text pattern recognizers) linux/i586
fpc-1.0.10-3mdk Free Pascal Compiler linux/i586
fpc-docs-1.0.10-3mdk Free Pascal Compiler - Documentation linux/i586
fsplit-5.5-1mdk Split a multi-routine Fortran file into individual files linux/i586
ftnchek-3.2.2-1mdk Fortran 77 program checker linux/i586
gambas-gb-compress-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas compression component linux/i586
gambas-gb-db-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas database component linux/i586
gambas-gb-db-mysql-1.0.3-1mdk The MySQL driver for the Gambas database component linux/i586
gambas-gb-db-postgresql-1.0.3-1mdk The PostgreSQL driver for the Gambas database component linux/i586
gambas-gb-db-sqlite-1.0.3-1mdk The SQLite driver for the Gambas database component linux/i586
gambas-gb-debug-1.0.3-1mdk The debugger helper component for the Gambas IDE linux/i586
gambas-gb-eval-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas expression evaluator component linux/i586
gambas-gb-net-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas networking component linux/i586
gambas-gb-net-curl-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas advanced networking component linux/i586
gambas-gb-qt-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas Qt GUI component linux/i586
gambas-gb-qt-editor-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas source code editor component linux/i586
gambas-gb-qt-ext-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas extended Qt GUI component linux/i586
gambas-gb-qt-kde-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas KDE component linux/i586
gambas-gb-qt-kde-html-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas KHTML component linux/i586
gambas-gb-sdl-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas SDL component linux/i586
gambas-gb-vb-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas Visual Basic(tm) compatibility component linux/i586
gambas-gb-xml-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas xml component linux/i586
gambas-ide-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas IDE linux/i586
gambas-runtime-1.0.3-1mdk The Gambas runtime linux/i586
gcc-colorgcc-3.4.3-7mdk GCC output colorizer linux/i586
gcc-doc-3.4.3-7mdk GCC documentation linux/i586
gcc-doc-pdf-3.4.3-7mdk GCC documentation linux/i586
gcc-g77-3.4.3-7mdk Fortran 77 support for gcc linux/i586
gcc-gnat-3.4.3-7mdk Ada 95 support for gcc linux/i586
gcc-objc-3.4.3-7mdk Objective C support for gcc linux/i586
gcc3.3-doc-3.3.4-4mdk GCC documentation linux/i586
gcc3.3-doc-pdf-3.3.4-4mdk GCC documentation linux/i586
gcc4.0-doc-4.0.0-0.2mdk GCC documentation linux/i586
gcc4.0-doc-pdf-4.0.0-0.2mdk GCC documentation linux/i586
gcl-2.6.6-2mdk GNU Common Lisp linux/i586
gcvs-1.0-3mdk GTK+ interface for CVS linux/i586
gdb-6.3-3mdk A GNU source-level debugger for C, C++ and Fortran linux/i586
gdl-0.4.0-1mdk Gnome Devtool Libraries (GDL) linux/i586
gettext-lint-0.3.1-1mdk Gettext linting tools linux/noarch
gforth-0.6.2-1mdk GNU Forth linux/i586
ggz-client-libs-devel-0.0.9-2mdk Development files for GGZ game clients library linux/i586
ghc-6.4-2mdk Glasgow Haskell Compilation system linux/i586
ghc-prof-6.4-2mdk Profiling libraries for GHC linux/i586
gimp-help-2-0.7-1mdk Help files for Gimp2 linux/noarch
gkrellm-devel-2.2.4-4mdk Include files for gkrellm linux/i586
glib-gettextize-2.6.3-1mdk Gettextize replacement linux/i586
glibc-doc-2.3.4-8mdk GNU C library documentation linux/i586
glibc-doc-pdf-2.3.4-8mdk GNU C library documentation linux/i586
glibc-utils-2.3.4-8mdk Development utilities from GNU C library linux/i586
glimmer-1.99.0-2mdk Glimmer is a bonobo editor component for GNOME linux/i586
gmetadom-ocaml-0.2.1-1mdk Ocaml bindings for gmetadom linux/i586
gnucap-0.34-1mdk A general purpose circuit simulator linux/i586
gnustep-base-1.10.2-1mdk GNUstep Base package linux/i586
gnustep-gui-0.9.5-1mdk GNUstep Gui package linux/i586
gnustep-make-1.10.0-1mdk GNUstep Makefile package linux/i586
gperf-3.0.1-3mdk A perfect hash function generator linux/i586
gprolog-1.2.16-5mdk GNU Prolog is a free implementation of Prolog linux/i586
gpsim-0.21.2-5mdk A software simulator for Microchip PIC microcontrollers linux/i586
gputils-0.13.0-1mdk A collection of tools for the Microchip (TM) PIC microcontrollers linux/i586
grace-devel-5.1.18-2mdk Library and header files for Grace-linked apps development linux/i586
gsf-sharp-0-0.39304.1mdk GSF C# bindings for mono linux/i586
gst-sharp-0-0.39304.1mdk Gstreamer C# bindings for mono linux/noarch
gtk-sharp-doc-1.0.8-2mdk Documentation for gtk-sharp linux/i586
gtk-sharp2-doc-1.9.2-1mdk Documentation for gtk-sharp linux/i586
gtkasp2php-0.76.23-1mdk Graphical front-end for asp2php linux/i586
guikachu-1.4.2-4mdk Guikachu is a resource editor for PalmOS systems linux/i586
guile-1.6.7-3mdk A GNU implementation of Scheme for application extensibility linux/i586
guile-gtk-1.2-0.31-9mdk Makes the GTK+ toolkit accesible from Guile linux/i586
haddock-0.6-1mdk Haddock documentation tool for annotated Haskell source code linux/i586
hugs98-20021120-4mdk Hugs 98: The Nottingham and Yale Haskell system linux/i586
jam-2.5-3mdk A replacement for make linux/i586
jay-1.1.6-3mdk Jay is a LALR(1) parser generator for Java and C# linux/i586
js-1.5-0.rc5a.8mdk JavaScript engine linux/i586
junkie-0.3.1-2mdk GTK2 ftp client. linux/i586
kakasi-devel-2.3.4-2mdk Header file and libraries of KAKASI linux/i586
kdbg-1.9.7-1mdk A Graphical Debugger Interface linux/i586
kdiff3-0.9.88-1mdk Utility for comparing/merging up to three text files or directories linux/i586
kdoc-3.0.0-1mdk Documentation for the K Desktop Environment (KDE) linux/noarch
kscope-1.1.1-1mdk KDE frontend to Cscope linux/i586
ksi-3.4.2-2mdk Implementation of the Scheme programming language linux/i586
lam-devel-7.0.6-2mdk Development binaries for lam environment linux/i586
lam-doc-7.0.6-2mdk Documentation for developing programs that will use lam-mpi linux/i586
lam-runtime-7.0.6-2mdk LAM runtime environment for executing parallel programs. linux/i586
libGlasses1-0.1a-6mdk View the class structure of a GTK program linux/i586
libGlasses1-devel-0.1a-6mdk View the class structure of a GTK program linux/i586
libGtkScintilla0-devel-0.8.2-3mdk GtkScintilla - A wrapper for Scintilla editing component linux/i586
libXbae4-devel-4.50.99-1mdk Development tools for programs which will use the Xbae library linux/i586
libZThread1-doc-2.3.1-2mdk HTML formatted API documention for ZThread linux/i586
libamanda0-devel-2.4.4p4-3mdk Libraries and documentation of the AMANDA tape backup system linux/i586
libaspell15-devel-0.60.2-2mdk Development files for aspell linux/i586
libauthd0-devel-0.2.2-1mdk Devel Package for authd linux/i586
libautogen0-5.6.6-1mdk Simplify the creation and maintenance of programs linux/i586
libautogen0-devel-5.6.6-1mdk Simplify the creation and maintenance of programs linux/i586
libavlmap0-devel-0.10.2-5mdk Development library and header files for the avlmap library linux/i586
libbarcode0-devel-0.98-5mdk GNU barcode files for development linux/i586
libblt2-devel-2.4z-9mdk Headers of BLT linux/i586
libchm0-devel-0.35-1mdk A library for dealing with Microsoft ITSS/CHM format files linux/i586
libcim3-3.36-6mdk Gnu Cim libraries packages linux/i586
libcim3-devel-3.36-6mdk Headers for developing programs that will use cim linux/i586
libconsole0-devel-0.2.3-51mdk Include and .so files for console tools linux/i586
libconsole0-static-devel-0.2.3-51mdk Static libraries for console tools linux/i586
libcryptopp-progs-5.2.1-2mdk Programs for manipulating libcryptopp routines linux/i586
libdar2-devel-2.1.5-2mdk Libraries from %Name linux/i586
libdar2-static-devel-2.1.5-2mdk Static libraries from %Name linux/i586
libdbh-1.0_1-devel-1.0.22-1mdk Libraries and headerfiles for development with dbh linux/i586
libdevhelp-1_0-0.9.3-7mdk Dynamic libraries for devhelp linux/i586
libdia-newcanvas0-devel-0.6.10-5mdk New canvas dor Dia - Devel files linux/i586
libdigidoc1-1.93.0-1mdk Generic library implementing the XAdES digital signature standard linux/i586
libdigidoc1-devel-1.93.0-1mdk Libdigidoc library headers and development libraries. linux/i586
libdjvulibre14-devel-3.5.14-4mdk DjVulibre development files linux/i586
libdmalloc-5.4.2-1mdk Debugging MALLOC library linux/i586
libdshconfig-0.20.11-1mdk Library for parsing dsh-style configuration files linux/i586
libdshconfig-devel-0.20.11-1mdk Library for parsing dsh-style configuration files devel linux/i586
libdvb-devel-0.5.4-2mdk DVB mpegtools libdvb - developer tools linux/i586
libdxr3_0-devel-0.13.0-8mdk Development Libraries & includes for DXR3 device linux/i586
libe-devel-0.2.2-6mdk C library contains various functions which deal with data structures linux/i586
libebits1-0.0.2-0.20030730.2mdk Enlightened Image Bits Canvas Library linux/i586
libebits1-devel-0.0.2-0.20030730.2mdk Enlightened Image Bits Canvas Library headers and development libraries. linux/i586
libecasound-devel-2.3.5-2mdk Ecasound - development files linux/i586
libecasound14-devel-2.4.0-1mdk Ecasound - development files linux/i586
libecore1-devel-1.0.0-0.20040913.1mdk Ecore headers and development libraries. linux/i586
libedb1-devel-1.0.5-1.20040913.1mdk Enlightenment Database Access Library headers and development libraries. linux/i586
libedje0-devel-0.5.0-0.20040913.2mdk Enlightenment edje headers and development libraries. linux/i586
libeet0-devel-0.9.9-0.20040913.1mdk Eet headers, static libraries, documentation and test programs linux/i586
libefsd0-devel-0.0.1-3.20030730.1mdk Enlightenment File System Daemon headers. linux/i586
libelfutils1-devel-0.99-1mdk Development libraries to handle compiled objects linux/i586
libelfutils1-static-devel-0.99-1mdk Static libraries for development with libelfutils linux/i586
libembryo0-devel-0.0.1-0.20040913.1mdk Enlightenment Embryo headers and development libraries. linux/i586
libevms0-devel-2.5.1-6mdk Libraries for evms linux/i586
libevms0-static-devel-2.5.1-6mdk Static libraries for evms linux/i586
libextractor1-0.4.2-1mdk Libextractor library used to extract meta-data from files linux/i586
libextractor1-devel-0.4.2-1mdk Libextractor library headers and development libraries linux/i586
libffcall0-devel-1.10-1mdk Libraries that can be used to build foreign function call interfaces. linux/i586
libfidoconf1.4-devel-1.4.0-0.rc2.2mdk Library to access the fidoconfig, development files linux/i586
libfusionsound-devel-0.9.19-2mdk An audio sub system linux/i586
libfusionsound0-devel-0.9.21-1mdk An audio sub system linux/i586
libfwbuilder6-devel-2.0.6-1mdk Firewall Builder API Libraries and Header Files linux/i586
libgammu0.0-devel-1.01.0-1mdk Headers and pkgconfig file for Gammu development linux/i586
libganglia1-3.0.1-1mdk Ganglia Cluster Toolkit Library linux/i586
libganglia1-devel-3.0.1-1mdk Ganglia Cluster Toolkit Library linux/i586
libgb0-devel-0.0.20-4mdk Gnome Basic is aimed to develop Visual Basic apps, in particular VBA. linux/i586
libgchempaint0-0.5.4-1mdk Gchempaint librairies linux/i586
libgchempaint0-devel-0.5.4-1mdk Gchempaint library headers and development libraries linux/i586
libgcrypt11-devel-1.2.0-6mdk Development files for GNU cryptographic library linux/i586
libgeda20-devel-20040111-1mdk Development libraries for the gEDA project linux/i586
libgexec0-devel-0.3.5-8mdk Gexec scalable cluster remote execution devel package linux/i586
libggi2-devel-2.1.0-2mdk Headers for developing programs that will use libggi linux/i586
libggi2-static-devel-2.1.0-2mdk Static Library for developing programs that will use libggi linux/i586
libggimisc2-devel-2.0.2-4mdk Headers for developing programs that will use libggimisc linux/i586
libggz1-devel-0.0.9-1mdk Development files used to build GGZ Gaming Zone applications linux/i586
libgii0-devel-0.9.0-1mdk Headers for developing programs that will use libgii linux/i586
libgii0-static-devel-0.9.0-1mdk Static libraries for developing programs that will use libgii linux/i586
libgksu1.2_0-devel-1.2.5a-1mdk Development package for libgksu1.2 linux/i586
libgksuui1.0_0-devel-1.0.3-2mdk Development package for libgksuui1.0 linux/i586
libglabels1-devel-2.0.2-1mdk Glabels devel files linux/i586
libgladesharpglue-devel-1.0.8-2mdk Development libraries for Glade C# language bindings linux/i586
libglibsharpglue-devel-1.0.8-2mdk Development libraries for Glib C# language bindings linux/i586
libgmt-devel-4.0-1mdk Library from GMT linux/i586
libgnomesharpglue-devel-1.0.8-2mdk Development libraries for Gnome C# language bindings linux/i586
libgnustep-base1.10-1.10.2-1mdk GNUstep Base library package linux/i586
libgnustep-base1.10-devel-1.10.2-1mdk GNUstep Base library package linux/i586
libgnustep-gui0.9-0.9.5-1mdk GNUstep Gui library package linux/i586
libgnustep-gui0.9-devel-0.9.5-1mdk GNUstep Gui library package linux/i586
libgpg-error0-devel-1.0-4mdk Development related files of libgpg-error linux/i586
libgraphviztcl7-devel-2.2-3mdk Tcl Development files for graphviz linux/i586
libgtk+extra0-devel-0.99.17-5mdk A library of gtk+ widgets linux/i586
libgtksharpglue-devel-1.0.8-2mdk Development libraries for Gtk+ C# language bindings linux/i586
libgwenview1-devel-1.2.0-1mdk Devel files (gwenview image viewer) linux/i586
libheartbeat-pils0-devel-1.2.3-2mdk Provides a general plugin and interface loading library linux/i586
libheartbeat-stonith0-devel-1.2.3-2mdk Development files from heartbeat linux/i586
libheartbeat0-devel-1.2.3-2mdk Development files from heartbeat linux/i586
libhfsplusutils0-devel-1.0.4-2mdk User-space HFS+ utilities development files linux/i586
libicu28-devel-2.8.d01-3mdk Tools required to embed the International Components for Unicode. linux/i586
libjs1-devel-1.5-0.rc5a.8mdk The header files for libjs1 linux/i586
libk3b2-devel-0.11.20-7mdk Libraries for k3b linux/i586
libkarchiver2-devel-3.0.10-2mdk Shared library requires by Karchiver linux/i586
libkeynote0-devel-2.3-1mdk KeyNote files for development linux/i586
libkrb53-devel-1.3.6-6mdk Development files needed for compiling Kerberos 5 programs linux/i586
libksba8-devel-0.9.10-1mdk Development files for libksba package linux/i586
libksi1-3.4.2-2mdk Implementation of the Scheme programming language linux/i586
libksi1-devel-3.4.2-2mdk Implementation of the Scheme programming language linux/i586
libkxmleditor1-devel-1.1.4-1mdk Development libraries from kxmleditor linux/i586
liblabplot1-devel-1.4.1-2mdk LabPlot is a plotting and data analysis application linux/i586
liblam7-devel-7.0.6-2mdk Headers for developing programs that will use lam-mpi linux/i586
liblcrzo4-devel-4.17.0-6mdk Development library and header files for the lcrzo library linux/i586
liblexed4.6-devel-4.6-3mdk Headers for developing programs that will use lexed linux/i586
liblirc0-devel-0.6.6-7mdk Header and library files for LIRC development linux/i586
liblua4-devel-4.0.1-5mdk Lua is a powerful, light-weight programming language linux/i586
liblua5-devel-5.0.2-6mdk Lua is a powerful, light-weight programming language linux/i586
libluaposix1-1.0-1mdk A POSIX library for the Lua programming language linux/i586
libluaposix1-devel-1.0-1mdk Static library and header files for the luaposix library linux/i586
libluasocket2-2.0-1mdk Network access library for the Lua programming language linux/i586
libluasocket2-devel-2.0-1mdk Static library and header files for the luasocket library linux/i586
libluasqlmysql2-2.0b-1mdk LuaMySQL is a simple interface from Lua to MySQL linux/i586
libluasqlmysql2-devel-2.0b-1mdk Static library and header files for the luasqlmysql library linux/i586
liblwp2-1.9-4mdk LWP thread library development files linux/i586
liblwp2-devel-1.9-4mdk LWP thread library development files linux/i586
libmondo0-devel-2.04-1mdk Create a rescue/restore CD linux/i586
libmono-runtime-1.1.6-3mdk Libraries for the Mono runtime linux/i586
libmono0-devel-1.1.6-3mdk Tools required to embed the Mono runtime linux/i586
libmpatrol1-devel-1.4.8-5mdk A library for controlling and tracing dynamic memory allocations. linux/i586
libmpich1- Shared Librairies for MPICH linux/i586
libmpich1-devel- Headers for developing programs that will use MPICH linux/i586
libmpich21-1.0.1-2mdk Shared Librairies for MPICH linux/i586
libmpich21-devel-1.0.1-2mdk Headers for developing programs that will use MPICH linux/i586
libmserv0-devel-0.41-3mdk Headers for developing programs that will use mserv linux/i586
libmusicbrainz4-devel-2.1.1-2mdk Headers for developing programs that will use libmusicbrainz linux/i586
libmustux0-devel-0.20.1-2mdk The development files from libmustux linux/i586
libmysql14-devel-4.1.11-1mdk MySQL - Development header files and libraries linux/i586
libmysql15-devel-5.0.2-0.3mdk MySQL - Development header files and libraries linux/i586
libnco2-devel-2.8.4-1mdk Development files from NCO linux/i586
libnetwib5-devel-5.25.0-1mdk A network library linux/i586
libnids1-devel-1.20-1mdk Library that provides function of Network Intrusion Detection System linux/i586
libobexftp0-devel-0.10.7-2mdk Headers for developing programs that will use obexftp linux/i586
libol0-0.3.14-2mdk Nonblocking I/O and OO library. This package contains the libraries. linux/i586
libol0-devel-0.3.14-2mdk Nonblocking I/O and OO library. Devel files. linux/i586
libole20-devel-0.2.4-4mdk Libraries, includes, etc to develop libole2 applications linux/i586
libopenbox1-devel-3.2-1mdk Development files from openbox linux/i586
libopencdk8-devel-0.5.5-3mdk Development files for opencdk linux/i586
libopengroupware-core4-devel-4.2-20040523.2mdk The header files for the core libraries. linux/i586
libopengroupware-pda0-devel-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The header files for the Palm(tm) libraries. linux/i586
libopengroupware-xml0-devel-4.2-20040523.1mdk The header files for the XML libraries. linux/i586
libopenssl0.9.7-devel-0.9.7e-5mdk Secure Sockets Layer communications static libs & headers & utils linux/i586
libopenssl0.9.7-static-devel-0.9.7e-5mdk Secure Sockets Layer communications static libs & headers & utils linux/i586
liborsa0-devel-0.7.0-1mdk Development files from orsa linux/i586
libpam0-devel-0.77-27mdk Development headers and libraries for pam linux/i586
libpcp0-devel-0.3.2-11mdk Pcp devel package linux/i586
libpetsc2-2.1.3-4mdk PETSC libraries (Libraries and headers) linux/i586
libpetsc2-devel-2.1.3-4mdk PETSC development files (Libraries and headers) linux/i586
libphp5_common5-5.0.3-8mdk Shared library for PHP5 linux/i586
libphp_common432-4.3.10-7mdk Shared library for php linux/i586
libpiave0-devel-0.2.3-10mdk Libraries from piave linux/i586
libplotutils2-devel-2.4.1-10mdk Headers for developing programs that will use plotutils linux/i586
libplt209-devel-209-1mdk Headers for developing programs that will use plt linux/i586
libpnetlib0-0.6.12-1mdk A portable interpreter for .NET plateform binaries linux/i586
libpnetlib0-devel-0.6.12-1mdk A portable interpreter for .NET plateform binaries linux/i586
libpoldek0-devel-0.18.8-1mdk Development files from poldek linux/i586
libproj0-devel-4.4.9-1mdk Cartographic projection software - Development files linux/i586
libproj0-static-devel-4.4.9-1mdk Cartographic projection software - Development files linux/i586
libproxychains1-devel-1.8.2-2mdk This program forces any tcp connection to follow through proxy. linux/i586
libpvm-devel-3.4.5-1mdk PVM header files and static libraries linux/i586
libqalculate0-devel-0.7.2-1mdk Qalculate devel files linux/i586
libqwtplot3d0-devel-0.2.4-0.beta.1mdk Development tools for programs which uses QwtPlot3D Widget set linux/i586
libredland0-devel-1.0.0-1mdk Header files and static libraries from redland linux/i586
librekall0-devel- Rekall - Interface development package linux/i586
librep9-devel-0.17-3mdk Librep include files and link libraries linux/i586
librpc2_4-1.26-1mdk RPC2 library development files linux/i586
librpc2_4-devel-1.26-1mdk RPC2 library development files linux/i586
librrdtool0-devel-1.0.49-3mdk Development libraries and headers for librrdtool0 linux/i586
librvm1-1.8-1mdk RVM tools linux/i586
librvm1-devel-1.8-1mdk RVM library development files linux/i586
libscalapack1-devel-1.7-5mdk Scalapak linux/i586
libshout3-devel-2.0-5mdk Headers for developing programs that will use libshout linux/i586
libsmapi2.4-devel-2.4.0-0.rc2.2mdk MsgAPI for the Husky-Packages, development files linux/i586
libsmi2-devel-0.4.3-1mdk Development tools for LibSMI linux/i586
libsomaplayer0-devel-0.5.2-1mdk Headers for developing programs that will use somaplayer linux/i586
libsqlguimysql0-devel-0.1.1-4mdk SqlGui is a graphical database-frontend for KDE. linux/i586
libsqlguipart0-devel-0.5.1-4mdk Development files from sqlguipart linux/i586
libsqlguipgsql0-devel-0.1.1-4mdk SqlGui is a graphical database-frontend for KDE. linux/i586
libstatgrab5-devel-0.11.1-1mdk The development files from libstatgrab libraries linux/i586
libsubversion1_0-devel-1.1.4-1mdk Subversion headers/libraries for development linux/i586
libsubversion1_0-static-devel-1.1.4-1mdk Static Subversion libraries for development linux/i586
libtclink3-devel-3.4-4mdk Headers for developping programs with TCLink linux/i586
libtcron0-devel-0.4.7-1mdk The development files from tcron linux/i586
libticables3-devel-3.8.7-1mdk Development related files for libticables linux/i586
libticalcs4-devel-4.5.5-1mdk Development related files for libticalcs linux/i586
libtidy0.99-devel-20050120-1mdk Headers for developing programs that will use tidy linux/i586
libtifiles0-devel-0.6.1-1mdk Development related files for libtifiles linux/i586
libtool-1.5.12-4mdk The GNU libtool, which simplifies the use of shared libraries linux/i586
libtorque1-devel-1.2.0-1mdk The Portable Batch System (PBS) devel linux/i586
libtwin0-devel-0.4.6-5mdk Devellopment files from twin linux/i586
libunicode0-devel-0.4.gnome-10mdk A unicode manipulation library linux/i586
libunixODBC1-devel-2.2.10-3mdk Includes and static libraries for ODBC development linux/i586
libuptimed0-devel-0.3.3-2mdk Generic libraries need by uptimed linux/i586
libvrb0-devel-0.4.0-5mdk The Virtual Ring Buffer (VRB) development files linux/i586
libwpd-0.8_8-devel-0.8.0-1mdk Headers and development files for libwpd linux/i586
libwpd-1_7-devel-0.7.2-1mdk Headers and development files for libwpd. linux/i586
libwxGTK2ud-stc1-devel-2.5-0.20031010.4mdk Styled text control. linux/i586
libwxGTK2ud-xrc1-devel-2.5-0.20031010.4mdk The XML-based resource system for the wxWindows library. linux/i586
libwxGTK2ud1-devel-2.5-0.20031010.4mdk The GTK+ 2 port of the wxWindows library linux/i586
libwx_base2.4_0-devel-2.4.2-2mdk The wxBase headers needed for developing with wxBase linux/i586
libwx_base2.4_0-static-devel-2.4.2-2mdk The wxBase static library for wxBase linux/i586
libxbase2-devel-2.0.0-5mdk Xbase development package linux/i586
libxbsql0-devel-0.11-6mdk Headers for xbsql linux/i586
libxerces-c26-2.6.0-2mdk Libraris for XML parser for developer linux/i586
libxerces-c26-devel-2.6.0-2mdk XML parser for developer linux/i586
libxfce4mcs2-devel-4.2.1-1mdk Libraries and header files for the libxfce4mcs library linux/i586
libxfce4util1-devel-4.2.1-1mdk Libraries and header files for the libxfce4util library linux/i586
libxfcegui4_3-devel-4.2.1-1mdk Libraries and header files for the libxfcegui4 library linux/i586
libxffm1-devel- Libraries and headers for development with xffm linux/i586
libxfsm-4.2_0-devel-4.2.1-1mdk Libraries and header files for the Xfce Session Manager linux/i586
libxorsa0-devel-0.7.0-1mdk Development files from xorsa linux/i586
libyacas0-1.0.55-2mdk Yacas libraries linux/i586
libyacas0-devel-1.0.55-2mdk Development files from Yacas linux/i586
lincvs-1.3.2-2mdk LinCVS is a graphical interface for the cvs client commandline tool. linux/i586
linuxconf-devel-1.33r1-1mdk The tools needed for developing linuxconf modules linux/i586
linuxconf-lib-1.33r1-1mdk Shared librairy providing the linuxconf UI toolkit linux/i586
ltrace-0.3.36-2mdk Track runtime library calls from dynamically linked executables linux/i586
lush-1.1-1mdk The Lisp Universal Shell linux/i586
m4-1.4.2-1mdk The GNU macro processor. linux/i586
make-3.80-8mdk A GNU tool which simplifies the build process for users linux/i586
marst-2.4-2mdk Algol-to-C translator linux/i586
mawk-1.3.3-6mdk An interpreter for the awk programming language linux/i586
memprof-0.5.1-3mdk Tool for memory profiling and leak detection linux/i586
ml-pnet-0.6.4-1mdk Mono Libraries for Portable.NET linux/noarch
mono-1.1.6-3mdk Mono Runtime linux/i586
mono-data-sqlite-1.1.6-3mdk SQLite database connectivity for mono linux/i586
mono-doc-1.1.6-3mdk Documentation for the Mono runtime linux/i586
monodevelop-0.6-3mdk Full-featured IDE for mono and Gtk# linux/i586
monodoc-1.0.6-1mdk MonoDoc contains the documentation for Mono linux/noarch
monotone-0.18-1mdk A distributed version control tool linux/i586
motor-3.4.0-1mdk Text mode based programming IDE for Linux linux/i586
mozilla-devel-1.7.6-3mdk Mozilla development files linux/i586
mozilla-firefox-devel-1.0.2-3mdk Mozilla Firefox development files linux/i586
mozilla-thunderbird-devel-1.0.2-2mdk MozillaThunderbird development files linux/i586
mpi2f77-1.0.1-2mdk The MPICH wrapper over the Fortran 77 compiler linux/i586
mpich-doc- Documentation for developing programs that will use MPICH linux/i586
mpich2-doc-1.0.1-2mdk Documentation for developing programs that will use MPICH linux/i586
mpif77- The MPICH wrapper over the Fortran 77 compiler linux/i586
multiarch-utils-1.0.8-1mdk Tools to help creation of multiarch binaries and includes linux/noarch
naat-backend-devel-0.8-35mdk Development package of the backend-end in NAAT project linux/i586
naat-frontend-www-devel-0.8-32mdk Development package of the front-end in NAAT project linux/noarch
nant-0.85-0.rc2.1mdk NAnt is a build tool for Mono and .NET linux/noarch
nasm-0.98.39-1mdk The Netwide Assembler, a portable x86 assembler with Intel-like syntax linux/i586
nasm-rdoff-0.98.39-1mdk Tools for the RDOFF binary format, sometimes used with NASM linux/i586
nemerle-0.2.9-2mdk Nemerle compiler linux/i586
netatalk-devel-2.0.1-1mdk Appletalk and Appleshare/IP services for Linux development files linux/i586
nvu-0.81-5mdk Complete Web authoring system for linux linux/i586
nvu-cs-0.81-2mdk Czech interface for Nvu linux/i586
nvu-devel-0.81-5mdk Nvu development files linux/i586
nvu-tutorial-0.1-2mdk Tutorial for Nvu linux/i586
nvu-venkman-0.9.84-4mdk Venkman extension for Nvu linux/i586
ocaml-3.08.2-1mdk The Objective Caml compiler and programming environment linux/i586
ocaml-SDL-devel-0.7.1-1mdk Wrapper around the cross platform Simple DirectMedia Layer game library. linux/i586
ocaml-camlimages-devel-2.20-2mdk Image processing library for Objective Caml linux/i586
ocaml-lablgtk-1.2.7-2mdk OCaml interface to the GIMP Tool Kit linux/i586
ocaml-simple_gettext-0.1-1mdk OCaml wrapper for the gettext library linux/i586
ocamlfind-mini-0.9-2mdk Minimal findlib script to be distributed with user libraries linux/i586
ocamltk-3.08.2-1mdk Tk toolkit binding for OCaml linux/i586
omake-0.9.4_2-1mdk The omake build system linux/i586
opengroupware-core-tools-4.2-20040523.2mdk Some basic tools based on the core libraries. linux/i586
opengroupware-docapi-devel-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The header files for the document API. linux/i586
opengroupware-gstep-db-devel-4.2-20040523.1mdk The header files for the GDL library. linux/i586
opengroupware-gstep-db-postgresql72-4.2-20040523.1mdk PostgreSQL 7.2 adaptor for GDL linux/i586
opengroupware-gstep-make-devel-4.2-20040523.2mdk The Makefiles for the GNUstep environment linux/i586
opengroupware-gstep-objc-devel-2.95.3-20040523.1mdk The header files for the Objective-C runtime library. linux/i586
opengroupware-js-devel-1.5.5-20040523.1mdk The header files for the JavaScript library. linux/i586
opengroupware-libfoundation-devel-1.0.45-20040523.1mdk The header files for the libFoundation library. linux/i586
opengroupware-libical-devel-0.23.0-20040523.1mdk The header files for the libical library. linux/i586
opengroupware-logic-devel-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The header files for the logic libraries. linux/i586
opengroupware-pilot-link-devel-0.11.8-20040523.1mdk The header files for the libpisock library. linux/i586
opengroupware-sope-devel-4.2-20040523.1mdk The header files for the 4.2 application server libraries. linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-forms-devel-5.0.0-20040523.2mdk The header files for the WebUI part 'Forms'. linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-libs-devel-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The header files for the WebUI part 'Libs'. linux/i586
opengroupware-xml-icalsaxdriver-4.2-20040523.1mdk A SaxObjC driver to access iCalendar files in an XML manner linux/i586
opengroupware-xml-libxmlsaxdriver-4.2-20040523.1mdk Some SaxObjC drivers which are based on libxml linux/i586
opengroupware-zidestore-devel-1.2.70-20040523.1mdk The header files for the zidestore interface linux/i586
p2c-1.22-11mdk A Pascal to C translator. linux/i586
p2c-devel-1.22-11mdk Files for p2c Pascal to C translator development. linux/i586
patcher-0.5-4mdk A tool for quick creation of patches against a project source tree. linux/noarch
pccts-1.33mr33-3mdk Purdue Compiler Construction Tool linux/i586
pccts-devel-1.33mr33-3mdk Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Headers files linux/i586
pcsc-lite-devel-1.1.2-4mdk Muscle PCSC Framework for Linux development files linux/i586
pd-devel-0.38.1-1mdk Development files linux/i586
perl-Params-Validate-0.76-1mdk Perl modules for validation method/function call parameters linux/i586
perl-SVN-devel-1.1.4-1mdk Perl bindings for Subversion, development files linux/i586
perl-patchreader-0.9.2-2mdk Perl utility to process patch files linux/noarch
petsc-doc-2.1.3-4mdk PETSC documentation linux/i586
photopc-devel-3.05-5mdk Digital camera image downloader, devel files linux/i586
php-cgi-4.3.10-7mdk CGI interface to PHP linux/i586
php-cli-4.3.10-7mdk Command-line interface to PHP linux/i586
php-gtk-4.3.10_1.0.1-4mdk GTK+ toolkit for php linux/i586
php-ini-4.3.10-3mdk INI files for PHP linux/noarch
php-pear-4.3.10-3mdk The PHP PEAR files linux/noarch
php-pear-Cache-1.5.4-1mdk Framework for caching of arbitrary data linux/noarch
php-pear-Date-1.4.3-2mdk Date and Time Zone Classes linux/noarch
php-pear-File-1.1.0-0.RC3.1mdk Common file and directory routines linux/noarch
php-pear-HTML_Common-1.2.1-4mdk PEAR::HTML_Common is a base class for other HTML classes linux/noarch
php-pear-HTML_Select-1.2.1-1mdk HTML_Select is a class for generating HTML form select elements linux/noarch
php-pear-HTTP_Request-1.2.4-1mdk Provides an easy way to perform HTTP request linux/noarch
php-pear-Net_DIME-0.3-1mdk The PEAR::Net_DIME class implements DIME encodin linux/noarch
php-pear-Net_Sieve-1.1.0-1mdk Handles talking to timsieved linux/noarch
php-pear-Net_URL-1.0.14-1mdk Easy parsing of Url linux/noarch
php-pear-SOAP-0.8.1-1mdk SOAP Client/Server for PH linux/noarch
php-pear-Services_Weather-1.3.1-1mdk This class acts as an interface to various online weather-services linux/noarch
php-pear-XML_Serializer-0.14.1-2mdk Swiss-army knive for reading and writing XML files linux/noarch
php-pear-XML_Util-1.1.1-1mdk XML utility class linux/noarch
php-smarty-2.6.6-1mdk Smarty - the compiling PHP template engine linux/noarch
php-smarty-manual-2.6.6-1mdk The HTML manual for Smarty linux/noarch
php5-cgi-5.0.3-8mdk PHP5 CGI interface linux/i586
php5-cli-5.0.3-8mdk PHP5 CLI interface linux/i586
php5-fcgi-5.0.3-8mdk PHP5 CGI interface with FastCGI support linux/i586
php5-ini-5.0.3-3mdk INI files for PHP linux/noarch
pilrc-3.2-1mdk Takes a resource script file and generates one or more binary resource linux/i586
pinfo-0.6.8-1mdk Przemek's Info Viewer - a (much) better info linux/i586
pkgconfig-0.15.0-5mdk Pkgconfig helps make building packages easier linux/i586
plt-drscheme-209-1mdk PLT graphical development environment linux/i586
plt-mred-209-1mdk PLT graphical Scheme implementation linux/i586
plt-mzscheme-209-1mdk PLT Scheme implementation linux/i586
pmake-1.45-3mdk The BSD 4.4 version of make linux/i586
pmk-0.8.2-1mdk A portability checker for use in the pre-build stage of software installation linux/i586
pnet-0.6.12-1mdk A portable interpreter for .NET plateform binaries linux/i586
pnetC-0.6.12-1mdk ANSI compatible C libray for Portable.NET linux/noarch
pnetlib-0.6.12-1mdk A portable interpreter for .NET platform binaries linux/i586
ponyprog2000-2.06e-1mdk Serial device programmer linux/i586
pv-0.8.6-1mdk Monitor the progress of data through a pipe. linux/i586
pvm-xpvm-3.4.5-1mdk A graphical interface for pvm linux/i586
pvmgmake-0.7-2mdk Distributed GNU make linux/i586
python-svn-1.1.4-1mdk Python bindings for Subversion linux/i586
python-svn-devel-1.1.4-1mdk Python bindings for Subversion, development files linux/i586
python-svn-static-devel-1.1.4-1mdk Python bindings for Subversion, static libraries linux/i586
rapidsvn-0.7.2-3mdk A cross-platform GUI for the Subversion concurrent versioning system linux/i586
raptor-1.4.5-2mdk Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland linux/i586
ratfiv-1.0.5-1mdk ratfiv fortran preprocessor linux/i586
ratfor-1.0.8-1mdk ratfor fortran preprocessor linux/i586
rats-2.1-2mdk Rough Auditing Tool for Security linux/i586
rbbr-0.6.0-1mdk RuBy BRowser linux/noarch
rcs-5.7-7mdk Revision Control System (RCS) file version management tools. linux/i586
redland-1.0.0-1mdk Redland RDF Application Framework linux/i586
rio500-devel-0.8.1-7mdk Header files and static libraries needed for rio500 development linux/i586
rpc2-1.26-1mdk RPC2 library linux/i586
rpmlint-0.68-1mdk Rpm correctness checker linux/noarch
rpmmon-0.6.3-2mdk Helps you build better RPMs linux/noarch
rpmproc-2.1.4-3mdk Perl script to help manage and build RPM packages linux/noarch
ruby-1.8.2-6mdk Object Oriented Script Language linux/i586
ruby-SDL-0.9.3-2mdk Wrapper around the cross platform Simple DirectMedia Layer game library linux/i586
ruby-activeldap-0.5.5-2mdk Object oriented interface to Ruby/LDAP linux/noarch
ruby-amazon-0.9.0-1mdk Ruby/Amazon module for access to Amazon Web Services linux/noarch
ruby-atk-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of ATK-1.0.x or later linux/i586
ruby-bdb-0.5.4-1mdk An interface to Berkeley DB for Ruby linux/i586
ruby-clearsilver-0.9.13-1mdk Neotonic ClearSilver Ruby Module linux/i586
ruby-dbus-0.1.10-1mdk D-BUS bindings for Ruby linux/i586
ruby-devel-1.8.2-6mdk Development file for the powerful language Ruby linux/i586
ruby-doc-1.8.2-6mdk Documentation for the powerful language Ruby linux/i586
ruby-gconf2-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of GConf-1.2.x linux/i586
ruby-gdkpixbuf2-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of GdkPixbuf-2.x linux/i586
ruby-gettext-0.8.1-2mdk Native Language Support Library and Tools for Ruby linux/i586
ruby-glib2-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of GLib-2.x linux/i586
ruby-gnome2-0.12.0-1mdk Set of Ruby language bindings for the GNOME 2.0 linux/i586
ruby-gnome2-devel-0.12.0-1mdk Headers for developing with Ruby/Gnome2, Ruby/Gtk2, ... linux/i586
ruby-gnomecanvas2-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of GnomeCanvas-2.x linux/i586
ruby-gnomeprint2-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of libgnomeprint linux/i586
ruby-gnomeprintui2-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of libgnomeprintui linux/i586
ruby-gnomevfs2-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of GnomeVFS-2.0.x linux/i586
ruby-gst-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of GStreamer linux/i586
ruby-gtk-0.34-1mdk Ruby extension library to use Gtk+. linux/i586
ruby-gtk2-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of GTK+2.0.x linux/i586
ruby-gtkglext-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of GtkGLExt linux/i586
ruby-gtkhtml2-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of GtkHtml2 linux/i586
ruby-gtksourceview-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of gtksourceview-1.0.x linux/i586
ruby-gtktrayicon-0.1.0-3mdk Ruby binding for the System Tray Protocol Specification linux/i586
ruby-imlib2-0.5.0-1mdk Imlib2 bindings for Ruby linux/i586
ruby-ldap-0.9.1-2mdk Ruby extension library for accessing LDAP API linux/i586
ruby-ldetect-0.0.1-3mdk Ruby binding for libdetect linux/i586
ruby-libart2-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of Libart_lgpl linux/i586
ruby-libburn-0.1.0-1mdk An interface to Libburn for Ruby. linux/i586
ruby-libgda2-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of libgda linux/i586
ruby-libglade2-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby bindings of Libglade2 linux/i586
ruby-libxml-0.3.4-2mdk Ruby boindings for libxml2 linux/i586
ruby-log4r-1.0.5-2mdk Powerful Logging Library for Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-mysql-2.5-3mdk Ruby bindings for libmysql linux/i586
ruby-pam-1.5.2-2mdk Ruby extension library for accessing PAM API linux/i586
ruby-panelapplet2-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of libpanel-applet-2.x linux/i586
ruby-pango-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of pango-1.x linux/i586
ruby-racc-1.4.4-2mdk LALR(1) Parser Generator linux/noarch
ruby-rbogl-0.32f-3mdk Ruby extension library to use OpenGL linux/i586
ruby-rpm-1.2.0-3mdk An interface to access RPM database for Ruby linux/i586
ruby-rsvg2-0.12.0-1mdk Ruby binding of librsvg linux/i586
ruby-sary- Ruby Binding of Sary linux/i586
ruby-tar-0.1-1mdk Ruby implementation of the Unix 'tar' format linux/noarch
ruby-tk-1.8.2-6mdk Tk extension for the powerful language Ruby linux/i586
ruby-xmms-0.1.2-1mdk XMMS bindings for Ruby. linux/i586
ruby-xosd-1.1.0-2mdk Ruby bindings for xosd linux/i586
ruby-zoom-0.1.0-2mdk Ruby binding to the Z39.50 Object-Orientation Model linux/i586
rvm-tools-1.8-1mdk RVM tools linux/i586
rxp-1.4.0-1mdk XML parser linux/i586
sablotron-1.0.1-7mdk XSLT, XPath and DOM processor linux/i586
scons-0.96.1-1mdk Open Source software construction tool linux/noarch
scotty-3.0.0-0.20030629.2mdk A Tcl extension to build network management applications linux/i586
scotty-suid-3.0.0-0.20030629.2mdk Two Scotty SUID root utilities (for pinging, and receiving SNMP traps) linux/i586
scotty-tkined-3.0.0-0.20030629.2mdk An interactive network editor for network management applications linux/i586
sendmail-devel-8.13.3-2mdk Sendmail static libraries and headers file linux/i586
silc-toolkit-devel-0.9.12-3mdk SILC toolkit linux/i586
skey-devel-1.1.5-2mdk Header files for S/Key linux/i586
skey-static-devel-1.1.5-2mdk Static libraries for S/Key linux/i586
slbd-0.25-1mdk Slbd is a process that rebuilds distributions linux/noarch
sloccount-2.26-1mdk Measures source lines of code (SLOC) in programs linux/i586
smalltalk-2.1.10-1mdk Smalltalk free language implementation linux/i586
smlnj-110.0.7-2mdk Standard ML of New Jersey linux/i586
source-highlight-1.9-1mdk Produces a document with syntax highlighting linux/i586
spec-helper-0.11-1mdk Tools to ease the creation of rpm packages linux/noarch
statifier-1.6.5-1mdk Convert elf dynamic linked exe to "pseudo-static" linux/i586
subversion-1.1.4-1mdk A Concurrent Versioning system similar to but better than CVS linux/i586
subversion-client-tools-1.1.4-1mdk Subversion Client Tools linux/i586
subversion-doc-1.1.4-1mdk Subversion Documenation linux/i586
subversion-repo-tools-1.1.4-1mdk Subversion Repo/Server Tools linux/i586
subversion-repos-1.1.4-1mdk Local Repository Access for Subversion linux/i586
swi-prolog-5.4.6-1mdk Prolog interpreter and compiler linux/i586
sylpheed-claws-devel-1.0.4-1mdk Enhanced version of the Sylpheed e-mail client linux/i586
sylpheed-claws2-devel-1.9.6-1mdk Enhanced version of the Sylpheed e-mail client linux/i586
syslinux-devel-1.76-17mdk Development environment for SYSLINUX add-on modules linux/i586
tailor-0-0.20050301.1mdk A tool to migrate changesets between CVS, Subversion, and darcs repositories linux/noarch
tavrasm-1.22-1mdk A AVR assembler linux/i586
tcl-itk-2.0.1-1mdk TCL bindings for ITK linux/i586
tcl-vtk-4.4.2-6mdk Tcl bindings for VTK linux/i586
tcllib-8.4.5-9mdk Library of utility modules for tcl. linux/i586
teyjus-1.0_b33-3mdk Lambda Prolog - a higher-order logic programming language linux/i586
tkcvs-7.2.2-1mdk Tk interface for CVS linux/noarch
tla-1.3-1mdk TLA revision control system linux/i586
tmake-1.13-1mdk Easy-to-use tool for creating and maintaining portable makefiles linux/noarch
tn5250-devel-0.16.5-2mdk Development tools for 5250 protocol. linux/i586
umb-scheme-3.2-21mdk An implementation of the Scheme programming language linux/i586
unsermake- Buildsystem utility to supersed auto* tools linux/noarch
urpmdiff-1.0-1mdk A tool to show diffs between rpms linux/noarch
valgrind-2.2.0-2mdk Valgrind, an open-source memory debugger for x86-linux linux/i586
valgrind-plugins-1.0-1mdk Plugins for Valgrind, an open-source memory debugger for x86-linux linux/i586
vrflash-0.24-3mdk Flash utility for the Agenda VR3 Linux PDA. linux/i586
vtk-doc-4.4.2-6mdk Documentation for VTK linux/i586
vtk-examples-4.4.2-6mdk C++, Tcl and Python example programs/scripts for VTK linux/i586
vtk-test-suite-4.4.2-6mdk Tests programs for VTK linux/i586
w3c-libwww-devel-5.4.0-5mdk Libraries and header files for programs that use libwww linux/i586
webgrep-2.12-1mdk Web page search utilities linux/i586
wedit-0.9.8-6mdk User-friendly IDE linux/i586
wxGlade-0.3.3-1mdk A GUI builder for wxWindows/wxPython linux/noarch
xalan-c-1.4-0.20040818104017.1mdk An XSLT Transformation Engine in C++ linux/i586
xalan-c-doc-1.4-0.20040818104017.1mdk Online manual for Xalan-C, XSLT Transformation Engine linux/i586
xbase-2.0.0-5mdk Xbase dBase database file library linux/i586
xerces-c-manual-2.6.0-2mdk Online manual for Xerces-C linux/i586
xfce-mcs-manager-devel-4.2.1-1mdk Header file to build xfce-mcs-manager plugins linux/i586
xfce-panel-devel- Header files for development with Xfce-panel linux/i586
xfmedia-devel-0.7.1-1mdk Xfmedia is a media player for Xfce linux/i586
xmake-1.06-1mdk XMAKE allows you to easily construct multiple complex dependencies linux/i586
xmpi-2.2.3b6-4mdk A graphical user interface for MPI program development linux/i586
xxgdb-1.12-23mdk An X Window System graphical interface for the GNU gdb debugger linux/i586
yabasic-2.744-1mdk Small basic interpreter with printing and graphics linux/i586
yacas-1.0.55-2mdk Yacas, a computer algebra language linux/i586
zziplib0-devel-0.13.33-3mdk ZZipLib - Development Files linux/i586

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