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RPM of Group Development/Libraries/Java

abbot-0.12.3-1jpp Abbot Java GUI Test Framework linux/noarch
adaptx-0.9.6-1jpp AdaptX linux/noarch
ant-contrib-0.6-1jpp Collection of tasks for Ant linux/noarch
anttex-0.2-1jpp TeX Extensions to Ant linux/noarch
ashkelon-0.8.2-1jpp Online reference tool for java api documentation linux/noarch
asm-1.4.1-2jpp A code manipulation tool to implement adaptable systems linux/noarch
aspectwerkz-0.9-1jpp AOP for Java linux/noarch
attrib4j-0.9.0-1jpp Custom metadata for elements of Java class or interface linux/noarch
avalon-logkit-1.2-2jpp Java logging toolkit linux/noarch
axis-1.1-2jpp A SOAP implementation in Java linux/noarch
axis-javadoc-1.1-2jpp Javadoc for axis linux/noarch
axis-manual-1.1-2jpp Manual for axis linux/noarch
bcel-5.1-1jpp Byte Code Engineering Library linux/noarch
bcel-manual-5.0-6jpp Manual for bcel linux/noarch
bsf-2.3.0-6jpp Bean Scripting Framework linux/noarch
c3p0- JDBC DataSources/Resource Pools linux/noarch
castor-0.9.5-1jpp An open source data binding framework for Java linux/noarch
castor-xml-0.9.5-1jpp XML support for castor. linux/noarch
cglib-2.0.1-1jpp Code Generation Library linux/noarch
classworlds-1.0-1jpp Classworlds Classloader Framework linux/noarch
colt-1.1.0-2jpp Open-source libraries for high performance scientific and technical computing linux/noarch
colt-hep-1.1.0-2jpp Compact, extensible, modular and performant histogramming functionality linux/noarch
concurrent-1.3.2-2jpp Utility classes for concurrent Java programming linux/noarch
corejava-format-1.22-1jpp A class for formatting numbers that follows printf conventions linux/noarch
cpptasks-1.0-0.b3.1jpp Compile and link task. linux/noarch
db-ojb-1.0.rc5-0.cvs040224.3jpp ObJectRelationalBridge linux/noarch
db-ojb-odbms-1.0.rc5-0.cvs040224.3jpp org.odbms interfaces from db-ojb linux/noarch
db-ojb-odmg-1.0.rc5-0.cvs040224.3jpp org.odmg interfaces and exceptions from db-ojb linux/noarch
db-torque-3.1-1jpp Torque persistence layer linux/noarch
db-torque-gen-3.1-1jpp Torque persistence layer linux/noarch
db-torque302h-3.0.2-0.hyb.1jpp Torque persistence layer linux/noarch
dnsjava-1.5.1-1jpp Java DNS implementation linux/noarch
dtdparser-1.21-1jpp A Java DTD Parser linux/noarch
ecs-1.4.2-1jpp Tools for generating HTML/XML/... elements linux/noarch
fastutil-4.3.1-1jpp Fast & compact type-specific Java utility classes linux/noarch
forehead-1.0.b4-1jpp forehead: Java(tm) ClassLoader Management Framework linux/noarch
fractal-2.0-1jpp A general software composition framework linux/noarch
gjt-jpl-pattern-0.2-1jpp Support for using design patterns. linux/noarch
gjt-jpl-util-0.6-1jpp Miscellaneous utility classes and methods linux/noarch
gnu.getopt-1.0.9-4jpp Java getopt implementation linux/noarch
gnu.regexp-1.1.4-6jpp Java NFA regular expression engine implementation linux/noarch
gnu.regexp-demo-1.1.4-6jpp Demo for gnu.regexp linux/noarch
gnu.trove-1.0.2-1jpp High performance collections for Java linux/noarch
html-parser-1.02-1jpp A JavaCC grammar for parsing HTML documents linux/noarch
i18n-lib-0.1.3-1jpp Library intended to help Java software internationalization linux/noarch
isorelax-20030108-1jpp Public interfaces useful for applications to support RELAX Core linux/noarch
isorelax-bootstrap-20030108-1jpp Public interfaces useful for applications to support RELAX Core linux/noarch
itext-1.02b-1jpp A Free Java-PDF library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-beanutils-1.6.1-4jpp Jakarta Commons BeanUtils Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-betwixt-1.0-0.alpha1.1jpp Java bean to XML mapping library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-cli-1.0-3jpp Jakarta Commons CLI, a Command Line Interface for Java linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-codec-1.2-1jpp Jakarta Commons Codec Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-collections-2.1.1-1jpp Jakarta Commons Collections Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-configuration-1.0.d3-1jpp Commons Configuration Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-dbcp-1.2.1-1jpp Jakarta Commons DataBase Pooling Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-dbutils-1.0-1jpp JDBC Utility Component linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-digester-1.5-3jpp Jakarta Commons Digester Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-discovery-0.2-1jpp Jakarta Commons Discovery linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-el-1.0-1jpp The Jakarta Commons Extension Language linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-fileupload-1.0-1jpp Jakarta Commons Fileupload Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-grant-1.0.b5.cvs20040118-1jpp Commons Grant Ant Hacks linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-graph-0.8.1.cvs20040118-1jpp Commons Graph Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-httpclient-2.0-1jpp Jakarta Commons HTTPClient Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-io-1.0.cvs20040118-1jpp Commons IO Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Jelly Scripting Engine linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-ant-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly Ant Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-antlr-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly Antlr Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-avalon-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly Avalon Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-bean-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly Bean Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-beanshell-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly BeanShell Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-betwixt-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly Betwixt Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-bsf-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly BSF Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-define-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly Define Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-dynabean-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly Dyna Bean Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-email-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly e-mail Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-fmt-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly FMT Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-html-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly HTML Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-http-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly HTTP Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-interaction-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly HTML Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-jetty-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly Tag Library for Jetty linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-jms-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly JMS Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-jmx-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly JMS Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-jsl-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly JSL Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-junit-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly JUnit Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-log-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly Log Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-ojb-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly OJB Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-quartz-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly Quartz Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-soap-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly SOAP Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-sql-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly SQL Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-swing-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly Swing Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-threads-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly Threads Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-util-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly Util Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-validate-1.0-0.b4.2jpp Commons Jelly Validate Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-velocity-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly Velocity Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-xml-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly XML Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jelly-tags-xmlunit-1.0-0.b4.1jpp Commons Jelly XMLUnit Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jexl-1.0.b1-1jpp Java Expression Language linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-jxpath-1.1-1jpp Simple XPath interpreter linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-lang-2.0-1jpp Jakarta Commons Lang Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-launcher-0.9-1jpp The Launcher Component is designed to be a cross platform Java application launcher. linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-logging-1.0.4-1jpp Jakarta Commons Logging Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-messenger-1.0.d10-1jpp Commons Messenger JMS framework linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-modeler-1.1-2jpp Jakarta Commons Modeler Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-net-1.2.2-1jpp Jakarta Commons Net Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-pool-1.2-1jpp Jakarta Commons Pool Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-primitives-1.0-1jpp Jakarta Commons Primitives Component linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-validator-1.0.2-2jpp Jakarta Commons Validator linux/noarch
jakarta-poi-2.5-1jpp Java API To Access Microsoft Format Files linux/noarch
jakarta-slide-webdavclient-2.0-1jpp Slide WebDAV client linux/noarch
jakarta-taglibs-standard-1.1.1-1jpp An open-source implementation of the JSP Standard Tag Library linux/noarch
jal-20031117-2jpp A partial STL port by the C++ Standard Template Library authors linux/noarch
javassist-2.6-1jpp Java Programming Assistant: bytecode manipulation linux/noarch
jaxen-1.0-3jpp An XPath engine written in Java linux/noarch
jaxen-bootstrap-1.0-1jpp A convenience package for build of dom4j linux/noarch
jclasslib-2.0-1jpp Java class file and bytecode library and editor linux/noarch
jclasslib-manual-2.0-1jpp Manual for jclasslib linux/noarch
jclasslib-scripts-2.0-1jpp Scripts for jclasslib linux/noarch
jcommon-0.9.1-1jpp Common library linux/noarch
jcoverage-1.0.5-1jpp Java code coverage tool linux/noarch
jcrontab-1.4.1-1jpp Jcrontab is a scheduler written in Java linux/noarch
jdepend-2.6-2jpp Java Design Quality Metrics linux/noarch
jdepend-demo-2.6-2jpp Demos for jdepend linux/noarch
jdepend22-2.2-1jpp Java Design Quality Metrics linux/noarch
jdepend22-demo-2.2-1jpp Demos for jdepend22 linux/noarch
jdom-1.0-0.b9.2jpp Java alternative to DOM and SAX linux/noarch
jdom-demo-1.0-0.b9.2jpp Demos for jdom linux/noarch
jexcelapi-2.4.3-2jpp A Java API to read, write and modify Excel spreadsheets linux/noarch
jfreechart-0.9.16-1jpp Charts Generation library linux/noarch
jing-20030619-2jpp Jing, a validator for RELAX NG implemented in Java. linux/noarch
jing-demo-20030619-2jpp Examples for jing linux/noarch
jlex-1.2.6-1jpp A Lexical Analyzer Generator for Java linux/noarch
jline-0.8.1-1jpp Java library for reading and editing user input in console applications linux/noarch
jmock-1.0.0-2jpp Test Java code using mock objects linux/noarch
joesnmp-0.2.6-1jpp Java SNMP class library linux/noarch
jonathan-3.1-1jpp Distributed Object Platform (DOP) written entirely in Java linux/noarch
jrefactory-2.8.9-1jpp JRefactory and Pretty Print linux/noarch
jrexx-1.1.1-1jpp Automaton based regluar expression API for Java linux/noarch
jruby-0.7.0-1jpp Pure Java implementation of the Ruby interpreter linux/noarch
jsch-0.1.17-2jpp Pure Java implementation of SSH2 linux/noarch
jtopen-manual-4.2-1jpp Manual for jtopen linux/noarch
jzlib-1.0.5-2jpp JZlib re-implementation of zlib in pure Java linux/noarch
jzlib-1.0.3-1jpp JZlib re-implementation of zlib in pure Java linux/noarch
jzlib-demo-1.0.5-2jpp Examples for jzlib linux/noarch
jzlib-demo-1.0.3-1jpp Examples for jzlib linux/noarch
kilim-2.0.32-2jpp A generic configuration framework for Java linux/noarch
kxml-2.1.8-3jpp Small XML pull parser specially designed for constrained environments linux/noarch
ldapsdk-20000505-1jpp Enables applications to manage information stored in an LDAP directory linux/noarch
mg4j-0.9-1jpp Managing Gigabytes for Java linux/noarch
monolog-1.7-2jpp API for monitoring and logging linux/noarch
msv-strict-1.2-0.20030225.2jpp Sun Multi-Schema XML Validator linux/noarch
mx4j-1.1.1-5jpp Open source implementation of JMX Java API linux/noarch
mx4j-manual-1.1.1-5jpp Documentation for mx4j linux/noarch
netcomponents-1.3.8-4jpp Internet protocol suite Java library linux/noarch
nsuml-0.4.20-3jpp Novosoft UML API linux/noarch
nsuml-manual-0.4.20-3jpp Manual for nsuml linux/noarch
oldi18n-lib-0.1-1jpp Library intended to help Java software internationalization linux/noarch
oldjavalayer-0.1.1-3jpp 100% Java MP3 decoder/player/converter library linux/noarch
oldjdom-1.0-0.b8.1jpp Java alternative to DOM and SAX linux/noarch
oldjdom-demo-1.0-0.b8.1jpp Demos for oldjdom linux/noarch
oldkilim-1.1.3-1jpp A generic configuration framework for Java linux/noarch
oldkxml-1.21-3jpp XML pull parser and writer suitable for all Java platforms linux/noarch
oldrhino-manual-1.5-0.R3.3jpp Manual for oldrhino linux/noarch
oscache-2.0.1-2jpp High performance J2EE caching solution linux/noarch
pell-multipart-1.30-0.rc1.1jpp Multipart input stream parser linux/noarch
pja-2.4-1jpp PJA (Pure Java AWT) Toolkit linux/noarch
plexus-container-0.14-0.cvs20040127.1jpp Plexus Container linux/noarch
proxool-0.8.3-2jpp Proxool Java connection pool linux/noarch
puretls-0.9-0.b4.1jpp Java implementation of SSLv3 and TLSv1 linux/noarch
puretls-demo-0.9-0.b4.1jpp Demo for puretls linux/noarch
puretls-javadoc-0.9-0.b4.1jpp Javadoc for puretls linux/noarch
qdox-1.4-1jpp Extract class/interface/method definitions from sources linux/noarch
regexp-1.3-1jpp Simple regular expressions API linux/noarch
relaxngDatatype-1.0-1jpp RELAX NG Datatype API linux/noarch
rhino-1.5-1.R4.1.1jpp JavaScript for Java linux/noarch
rhino-manual-1.5-1.R4.1.1jpp Manual for rhino linux/noarch
rngpack-1.1-0.a.1jpp A pseudorandom number generator package for Java linux/noarch
saxpath-1.0-1jpp Java XPath engine for use on a variety of XML object models linux/noarch
snmptrapappender-1.2.8-1jpp SNMP Trap Appender extension for log4j linux/noarch
soap-2.3.1-3jpp Simple Object Access Protocol linux/noarch
statcvs-0.1.3-2jpp CVS repository statistics linux/noarch
swarmcache-1.0-0.cvs040225.3jpp Cluster-aware Caching for Java linux/noarch
tjdo-2.0-1jpp Triactive JDO linux/noarch
vdoclet-0.2-0.20030717.1jpp Java code generation framework linux/noarch
velocity-1.4-1jpp Java-based template engine linux/noarch
velocity-demo-1.4-1jpp Demo for velocity linux/noarch
velocity-dvsl-0.45-2jpp DVSL Declarative Velocity Style Language linux/noarch
velocity-manual-1.4-1jpp Manual for velocity linux/noarch
velocity-tools-1.1-1jpp Java-based template engine linux/noarch
velocity-tools-manual-1.1-1jpp Manual for velocity-tools linux/noarch
village-1.5.3-2jpp JDBC-based relational database API linux/noarch
violinstrings-1.0.2-1jpp Static methods to manipulate strings linux/noarch
webwork-1.4-3jpp Web application framework for J2EE linux/noarch
webwork-multipart-1.4-3jpp Multipart support for webwork linux/noarch
werken.xpath-0.9.4-0.beta.8jpp XPath implementation using JDOM linux/noarch
werkz-1.0-0.b10.2jpp Goal-oriented process framework linux/noarch
ws-jaxme-0.2-1jpp Open source implementation of JAXB linux/noarch
xercesjarv-20030530-1jpp JARV driver for Xerces-2 linux/noarch
xsdlib-2.2-0.20030225.1jpp Sun XML Datatypes Library linux/noarch
xstream-0.3-1jpp XML serialization library linux/noarch

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