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terminal-server-1.5-20mdk RPM for noarch

From Mandriva 10.1 for x86_64 / media / main

Name: terminal-server Distribution: Mandrakelinux
Version: 1.5 Vendor: Mandrakesoft
Release: 20mdk Build date: Mon Sep 27 18:33:02 2004
Group: Networking/Other Build host:
Size: 56883 Source RPM: terminal-server-1.5-20mdk.src.rpm
Packager: Gwenole Beauchesne <>
Summary: Terminal Server
This package includes the files necessary in order to provide terminal
server functionality for diskless workstations on your network.

There are security implications to installing this package.
Specifically, it will make your entire filesystem accessible to any
station on the network.  Network stations will have the privilege level of
an anonymous user (via the all_squash nfs option), so this is not a major
security risk.  Network booting may not function correctly (or at all) if
certain key parts of your filesystem are not world-readable.

A configuration tool, drakTermServ can be found in
drakxtools.  Initially it is capable of setting up/start/stopping the server,
creating etherboot floppy disks and isos, creating kernel net boot images for
client machines, maintaining client user and machine lists, and configuring
the dhcpd and clusternfs servers.

A fairly generic vesa XFree86Config-4$$CLIENT$$ is included for the client

Basic cdrom/floppy mount points are also included, but you'll probably want
to assign these per client machine.

This package is based on work by Michael Brown <>,
with minor modifications for inclusion in Mandrakelinux.






* Wed Sep 01 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-20mdk
  - mirror udev initscript so we can write somewhere besides /dev.old
  - replace forbidden name
* Sat Aug 21 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-19mdk
  - removed devfsd requires, client link for /var/lib/random-seed
* Thu Mar 18 2004 David Baudens <> 1.5-18mdk
  - Fix menu (icon)
* Tue Feb 03 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-17mdk
  - /lib/dev-state, /var/lib/gnome/desktop as tmpfs (Francisco Javier Felix)
* Mon Feb 02 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-16mdk
  - /var/tmp as tmpfs (let KDE run)
* Thu Jan 29 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-15mdk
  - more /var/lib/*dm mount points
  - sync with current *dm config files
  - create /var/run/console with client initscript
  - /etc/qt_plugins_3.2* symlinks for clients to make mdkkdm happy
* Tue Jan 27 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-14mdk
  - add /var/lib/gdm as tmpfs to fstab or gdm won't run
* Mon Dec 29 2003 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-13mdk
  - just start with an empty /etc/shadow$$CLIENT$$
  - suppress relativisation of symlinks - can't deal with $$CLIENT$$
* Tue Oct 21 2003 Frederic Lepied <> 1.5-12mdk
  - rebuild for rewriting /etc/pam.d file
* Wed Aug 27 2003 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-11mdk
  - drop perl-GTK requires - thx Thierry
* Thu Jun 26 2003 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-10mdk
  - ensure /root/tmp created for client hardware config via drak tools
* Wed Jun 25 2003 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-9mdk
  requires, drakTermServ menu entry
* Tue Apr 29 2003 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-8mdk
  - distriblint
* Mon Dec 30 2002 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-7mdk
  - add empty /etc/raidtab$$CLIENT$$ (Per Ãyvind Karlse)
  - installed but unpackaged files
* Tue Oct 22 2002 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-6mdk
  - move etherboot requires to just x86
* Wed Oct 09 2002 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-5mdk
  - add client XF86Config-4 mods from Michael Brown for ps2 or serial mice
* Sun Aug 18 2002 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-4mdk
  - add client cdrom/floppy mount mounts, drop predfm$$CLIENT$$
* Fri Jul 19 2002 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-3mdk
  - pull drakTermServ icon - in drakxtools now
* Sat Jun 29 2002 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-2mdk
  - more Requires - thx erwan :)
* Wed Jun 26 2002 Stew Benedict <> 1.5-1mdk
  - first Mandrake release
* Mon Jun 03 2002 Michael Brown <> 1.5-1fs
  - Added profile mechanism: can now specify tsprofile=xxx on kernel cmdline
  - and appropriate profile(s) from /etc/terminal-server/profiles/ will be run.
* Sun May 05 2002 Michael Brown <> 1.4-1fs
  - Added semi-automatic maintenance of dhcpd.conf and exports files
* Thu May 02 2002 Michael Brown <> 1.3-1fs
  - /etc/exports and /etc/dhcpd.conf are now installed as examples only
* Thu May 02 2002 Michael Brown <> 1.2-1fs
  - Flagged as NoArch
* Thu May 02 2002 Michael Brown <> 1.1-1fs
  - First version (based on work at East Hull CLC)



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