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update-alternatives-1.8.3-7jpp RPM for noarch

From Mandriva 10.1 for i586 / media / jpackage

Name: update-alternatives Distribution: JPackage
Version: 1.8.3 Vendor: JPackage Project
Release: 7jpp Build date: Sat Aug 16 16:11:46 2003
Group: System Build host:
Size: 25432 Source RPM: update-alternatives-1.8.3-7jpp.src.rpm
Packager: Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta at>
Summary: Maintain symbolic links determining default commands
update-alternatives creates, removes, maintains and displays
information about the symbolic links comprising the alternatives
system. It is possible for several programs fulfilling the same or
similar functions to be installed on a single system at the same
time. For example, many systems have several text editors installed at
once. This gives choice to the users of a system, allowing each to use
a different editor, if desired, but makes it difficult for a program
to make a good choice of editor to invoke if the user has not
specified a particular preference.






* Sat Aug 16 2003 Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta at> - 0:1.8.3-7jpp
  - Fix admindir location (/var/rpm/alternatives -> /var/lib/rpm/alternatives).
  - Use hardcoded paths in specfile to be in sync with the script and manpage.
  - Borrow summary and description from the ALT Linux package.
  - Minor specfile cleanups, save it in UTF-8.
* Fri May 23 2003 Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta at> - 0:1.8.3-6jpp
  - Rebuild to get rid of MDK-autogenerated perl-base dependency.
  - Set AutoReqProv: no.
  - Add explicit /usr/bin/perl requirement.
  - Fix Group tag.
  - Add %section macro.
* Tue May 06 2003 David Walluck <> 0:1.8.3-5jpp
  - update for JPackage 1.5
* Mon May 06 2002 Nicolas Mailhot <> 1.8.3-4jpp
  - Build on a RedHat 7.2 system to avoid strange perl dependencies conflicts
* Thu Dec 20 2001 Guillaume Rousse <> 1.8.3-3jpp
  - Used original Debian sources and Mandrake patches
* Thu Dec 20 2001 Guillaume Rousse <> 1.8.3-2jpp
  - Bugfix release
* Wed Dec 19 2001 Guillaume Rousse <> 1.8.3-1jpp
  - first JPackage release



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