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RPM of Group Books/Other

ImageMagick-doc- ImageMagick Documentation linux/i586
drgeo-doc-1.4-1mdk Drgeo documentation linux/noarch
freetds-doc-0.62.4-2mdk User documentation for FreeTDS linux/i586
gconfmm2.6-doc-2.6.1-2mdk Documentation of gconfmm library linux/i586
glibmm2.4-doc-2.4.4-1mdk glibmm documentation linux/i586
gnome-user-docs- GNOME User Documentation linux/noarch
gnome-vfsmm2.6-doc-2.6.1-2mdk Documentation of gnome-vfsmm library linux/i586
gtkmm2.0-doc-2.2.12-1mdk gtkmm documentation linux/i586
gtkmm2.4-doc-2.4.5-1mdk GTKmm documentation linux/i586
kaspaliste-0.96-1mdk Literature database linux/i586
libglademm2.4-doc-2.4.1-2mdk Documentation for libglademm library linux/i586
libgnomecanvasmm2.0-doc-2.0.1-7mdk Documentation of libgnomecanvasmm library linux/i586
libgnomecanvasmm2.6-doc-2.6.1-1mdk Documentation of libgnomecanvasmm library linux/i586
libgnomeuimm2.0-doc-2.0.0-5mdk Documentation of libgnomeuimm library linux/i586
libgnomeuimm2.6-doc-2.6.0-2mdk Documentation of libgnomeuimm library linux/i586
liblapack-docs-3.0-11mdk Documentation for the LAPACK/BLAS numerical linear algebra libraries. linux/i586
libsigc++2.0-doc-2.0.3-1mdk Documentation for libsigc++ library linux/i586
mdk-rpm-howto-1.1-2mdk Documentation on packaging for Mandrake linux/noarch
tetex-doc-2.0.2-19mdk The documentation files for the TeX text formatting system linux/i586
vimguide-0.7-4mdk Vim editor reference guide linux/i586

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