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Packages beginning with letter W

w3c-libwww-5.4.1-0.20061204.16.mga7 HTTP library of common code linux/armv7hl
w3c-libwww-apps-5.4.1-0.20061204.16.mga7 Applications built using Libwww web library: e.g. Robot, etc linux/armv7hl
w3c-libwww-devel-5.4.1-0.20061204.16.mga7 Libraries and header files for programs that use libwww linux/armv7hl
w3c-markup-validator-1.3-6.mga7 W3C Markup Validator linux/noarch
w3c-markup-validator-libs-1.3-6.mga7 SGML and XML DTDs for the W3C Markup Validator linux/noarch
w3m-0.5.3-13.git20180520.2.mga7 Pager that can also be used as textbased webbrowser linux/armv7hl
w_scan2-1.0.3-1.mga7 Channel scan tool for DVB-T and DVB-C linux/armv7hl
waagent-2.2.34-3.mga7 Windows Azure Linux Agent linux/noarch
wacomtablet-3.1.1-2.mga7 KCM module to configure Wacom linux Drivers linux/armv7hl
wacomtablet-kcmodule-3.1.1-2.mga7 Kcmodule for wacomtablet linux/armv7hl
wacomtablet-kded-3.1.1-2.mga7 Kded module for wacomtablet linux/armv7hl
wacomtablet-tabletfinder-3.1.1-2.mga7 Tabletfinder tool for wacomtablet linux/armv7hl
waf-2.0.16-1.mga7 A framework for configuring, compiling and installing applications linux/noarch
waf-doc-2.0.16-1.mga7 Documentation for waf linux/noarch
waf-python3-2.0.16-1.mga7 Python3 support for waf linux/noarch
wafp-0.01-0.26c3.10.mga7 Web Application Finger Printer linux/noarch
wahcade-0.99-0.pre8.4.mga7 Front end for SDLMAME linux/noarch
wallace-0.8.10-1.mga7 Kolab Content-Filter linux/noarch
wammu-0.44-2.mga7 Mobile phone manager linux/noarch
wapiti-2.3.0-7.mga7 A web application vulnerability scanner linux/noarch
wargus-2.4.2-1.mga7 Warcraft II mod for the Stratagus engine linux/armv7hl
warmux-11.04.1-17.mga7 Turn-based artillery game with your favorite free software mascots linux/armv7hl
warmux-data-11.04.1-17.mga7 Games data for the warmux game linux/noarch
warzone2100-3.2.3-6.mga7 Postnuclear real-time strategy linux/armv7hl
warzone2100-data-3.2.3-6.mga7 Data files for Warzone2100 linux/noarch
warzone2100-videos-low-2.2-9.mga7 Low-res videos for warzone2100 (english) linux/noarch
watchdog-5.15-1.mga7 Software watchdog linux/armv7hl
wavbreaker-0.11-10.mga7 Gtk+ program to split WAV files between songs linux/armv7hl
wavpack-5.1.0-4.mga7 Lossless Audio command-line tools for encode/decode linux/armv7hl
wayland-doc-1.17.0-1.mga7 wayland documentation linux/noarch
wayland-protocols-devel-1.17-1.mga7 Wayland protocols that adds functionality not available in the core protocol linux/noarch
wayland-tools-1.17.0-1.mga7 wayland devel tools linux/armv7hl
wcslib-utils-6.2-1.mga7 Utility programs provided by wcslib linux/armv7hl
wdiff-1.2.2-5.mga7 Word-based diff front end linux/armv7hl
weatherspect-1.11-5.mga7 A weather animation in ASCII art linux/noarch
web-assets-devel-5-4.mga7 RPM macros for Web Assets packaging linux/noarch
web-assets-filesystem-5-4.mga7 The basic directory layout for Web Assets linux/noarch
web-assets-httpd-5-4.mga7 Web Assets aliases for the Apache HTTP daemon linux/noarch
webef-0.3.2-9.mga7 A web bruteforcer linux/armv7hl
webkit2-2.24.2-2.mga7 GTK Web content engine library linux/armv7hl
webkit2-jsc-2.24.2-2.mga7 JavaScriptCore shell for WebKit GTK linux/armv7hl
webkit2-plugin-process-gtk2-2.24.2-2.mga7 GTK 2 based NPAPI plugins support for webkit2 linux/armv7hl
webmin-1.910-1.mga7 An SSL web-based administration interface for Unix systems linux/noarch
weboob-1.5-1.mga7 Web Outside of Browsers: applications to interact with websites linux/noarch
webserver-base-2.0-12.mga7 Base files and user for webserver linux/noarch
websocketpp-devel-0.8.1-3.mga7 C++ WebSocket Protocol Library linux/armv7hl
websockify-0.8.0-1.mga7 WebSockets support for any application/server linux/noarch
weechat-2.4-2.mga7 Portable, fast, light and extensible IRC client linux/armv7hl
weechat-aspell-2.4-2.mga7 Weechat spell check plugins linux/armv7hl
weechat-charset-2.4-2.mga7 Weechat charset plugins linux/armv7hl
weechat-devel-2.4-2.mga7 Development files for weechat linux/armv7hl
weechat-guile-2.4-2.mga7 Weechat guile plugins linux/armv7hl
weechat-lua-2.4-2.mga7 Weechat lua plugins linux/armv7hl
weechat-perl-2.4-2.mga7 Weechat perl plugins linux/armv7hl
weechat-python-2.4-2.mga7 Weechat python plugins linux/armv7hl
weechat-ruby-2.4-2.mga7 Weechat ruby plugins linux/armv7hl
weechat-tcl-2.4-2.mga7 Weechat tcl plugins linux/armv7hl
weightwatcher-1.12-5.mga7 Weight-map/flag-map multiplexer and rasteriser linux/armv7hl
weld-api-2.3-2.SP2.2.mga7 Weld API linux/noarch
weld-api-javadoc-2.3-2.SP2.2.mga7 Javadoc for weld-api linux/noarch
weld-core-2.3.5-4.mga7 Reference Implementation for JSR-299: Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) linux/noarch
weld-core-javadoc-2.3.5-4.mga7 Javadoc for weld-core linux/noarch
weld-parent-34-2.mga7 Parent POM for Weld linux/noarch
wesnoth-1.14.7-1.mga7 The Battle for Wesnoth - Fantasy turn-based strategy game linux/armv7hl
wesnoth-data-1.14.7-1.mga7 Data files for the Battle for Wesnoth game linux/noarch
wesnoth-server-1.14.7-1.mga7 Server for the Battle for Wesnoth game linux/armv7hl
weston-6.0.0-1.mga7 The Weston Wayland Compositor linux/armv7hl
weston-libs-6.0.0-1.mga7 Weston compositor libraries linux/armv7hl
wfrench-1.2.4-1.mga7 french dictionary for words linux/noarch
wfuzz-2.3.4-1.mga7 The web bruteforcer linux/noarch
wget-1.20.3-1.mga7 A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols linux/armv7hl
wgetpaste-2.28-2.mga7 Command-line interface to various pastebin services linux/noarch
whatmask-1.2-14.mga7 Convert between different netmask types linux/armv7hl
which-2.21-4.mga7 Displays where a particular program in your path is located linux/armv7hl
whois-5.4.2-1.mga7 Enhanced WHOIS client linux/armv7hl
whowatch-1.8.6-3.mga7 Display information about users currently logged on linux/armv7hl
why3-1.2.0-1.mga7 Software verification platform linux/armv7hl
why3-emacs-1.2.0-1.mga7 Emacs support file for why3 files linux/noarch
widelands-b20-1.mga7 Settlers II clone linux/armv7hl
widelands-data-b20-1.mga7 Game data files for widelands linux/noarch
widelands-music-b20-1.mga7 Music for widelands linux/noarch
widgetsnbextension-2.0.0-3.mga7 IPython HTML widgets for Jupyter linux/noarch
wifi-radar-2.0.s10-3.mga7 Utility for managing WiFi profiles linux/noarch
wifite-2.0r85-6.mga7 Automated wireless auditor linux/noarch
wildfly-10.1.0-9.mga7 WildFly Application Server linux/noarch
wildfly-arquillian-common-1.0.2-3.mga7 WildFly: Arquillian Common linux/noarch
wildfly-arquillian-common-domain-1.0.2-3.mga7 WildFly: Arquillian Common Domain linux/noarch
wildfly-arquillian-container-domain-managed-1.0.2-3.mga7 WildFly: Arquillian Managed Domain Container linux/noarch
wildfly-arquillian-container-domain-remote-1.0.2-3.mga7 WildFly: Arquillian Remote Domain Container linux/noarch
wildfly-arquillian-container-embedded-1.0.2-3.mga7 WildFly: Arquillian Embedded Container linux/noarch
wildfly-arquillian-container-managed-1.0.2-3.mga7 WildFly: Arquillian Managed Container linux/noarch
wildfly-arquillian-container-remote-1.0.2-3.mga7 WildFly: Arquillian Remote Container linux/noarch
wildfly-arquillian-javadoc-1.0.2-3.mga7 Javadoc for wildfly-arquillian linux/noarch
wildfly-arquillian-parent-1.0.2-3.mga7 WildFly: Arquillian Parent POM linux/noarch
wildfly-arquillian-protocol-jmx-1.0.2-3.mga7 WildFly: Arquillian Protocol JMX linux/noarch
wildfly-arquillian-testenricher-msc-1.0.2-3.mga7 WildFly: Arquillian TestEnricher MSC linux/noarch
wildfly-build-tools-1.1.6-2.mga7 Wildfly build and provisioning tools linux/noarch
wildfly-build-tools-javadoc-1.1.6-2.mga7 Javadoc for wildfly-build-tools linux/noarch
wildfly-common-1.1.0-3.mga7 WildFly common utilities project linux/noarch
wildfly-common-javadoc-1.1.0-3.mga7 Javadoc for wildfly-common linux/noarch
wildfly-core-2.2.0-7.mga7 The core run-time of WildFly linux/noarch
wildfly-core-feature-pack-2.2.0-7.mga7 WildFly: Core Feature Pack linux/noarch
wildfly-core-javadoc-2.2.0-7.mga7 Javadoc for wildfly-core linux/noarch
wildfly-doc-10.1.0-9.mga7 Documentation for wildfly linux/noarch
wildfly-elytron-1.0.2-2.mga7 Security, Authentication, and Authorization SPIs for the WildFly project linux/noarch
wildfly-elytron-javadoc-1.0.2-2.mga7 Javadoc for wildfly-elytron linux/noarch
wildfly-feature-pack-build-maven-plugin-1.1.6-2.mga7 WildFly Build Tools: Feature Pack Build Maven Plugin linux/noarch
wildfly-javadoc-10.1.0-9.mga7 Javadoc for wildfly linux/noarch
wildfly-lib-10.1.0-9.mga7 WildFly JAR artifacts linux/noarch
wildfly-security-manager-1.1.2-2.mga7 WildFly Security Manager linux/noarch
wildfly-security-manager-javadoc-1.1.2-2.mga7 Javadoc for wildfly-security-manager linux/noarch
wildfly-server-provisioning-1.1.6-2.mga7 WildFly Build Tools: Server Provisioning linux/noarch
wildfly-server-provisioning-maven-plugin-1.1.6-2.mga7 WildFly Build Tools: Server Provisioning Maven Plugin linux/noarch
wildfly-server-provisioning-standalone-1.1.6-2.mga7 WildFly Build Tools: Server Provisioning Standalone linux/noarch
wildmidi-0.4.3-1.mga7 Open-source MIDI synthesizer and player linux/armv7hl
wimlib-1.13.0-1.mga7 Create, extract, and modify Windows Imaging (WIM) files linux/armv7hl
windowmaker-0.95.8-5.mga7 A window manager for the X Window System linux/armv7hl
windowmaker-theme-3dlines-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop 3DLines Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-abyssofred-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop The Abyss Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-advisorylinux-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop Parental Advisory Linux Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-afeelingofrain-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop A Feeling of Rain Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-casyopeia-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop Casyopeia Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-fandust-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop fandust Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-galaxy-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop Galaxy Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-giraffe-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop Giraffe Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-glenwood-0.2-10.mga7 WindowMaker Desktop Glenwood Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-gnulisten-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop GNUListen Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-huangshan-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop Huangshan Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-killall-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop KillAll Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-mageia-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop Mageia Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-mercurysplat-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop Mercury Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-raingutter-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Deskop Rain Gutter Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-wall-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop Wall Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-themes-0.2-10.mga7 Window Maker Desktop Themes linux/noarch
wine-4.0.1-1.mga7 WINE Is Not An Emulator - runs MS Windows programs linux/armv7hl
wine-devel-4.0.1-1.mga7 Static libraries and headers for wine linux/armv7hl
wine-gecko-2.47-1.mga6 HTML engine for Wine based on Gecko linux/noarch
wine-mono-4.7.5-1.mga7 Implementation of .NET Framework for Wine linux/noarch
wine32-4.0.1-1.mga7 32-bit support for Wine linux/armv7hl
wine64-gecko-2.47-1.mga6 HTML engine for 64-bit Wine based on Gecko linux/noarch
winexe-1.00-6.mga7 Remote Windows®-command executor linux/armv7hl
winff-1.5.5-2.mga7 A graphical interface for the video converter ffmpeg linux/armv7hl
wipe-2.3.1-11.mga7 Secure file deletion utility linux/armv7hl
wireguard-tools-0.0.20190601-1.mga7 Fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel linux/armv7hl
wireless-regdb-20190603-1.mga7 The wireless regulatory database linux/noarch
wireless-tools-30-0.pre9.11.mga7 Wireless ethernet configuration tools linux/armv7hl
wireshark-3.0.2-1.mga7 Network traffic analyzer linux/armv7hl
wireshark-libvirt-5.3.0-2.mga7 Wireshark dissector plugin for libvirt RPC transactions linux/armv7hl
wireshark-tools-3.0.2-1.mga7 Tools for manipulating capture files linux/armv7hl
wise2-2.4.1-8.mga7 Comparisons of DNA and protein sequences linux/armv7hl
withlock-0.5-2.mga7 Locking wrapper script linux/noarch
wizznic-1.0-0.20160216.5.mga7 Brick-matching puzzle game linux/armv7hl
wizznic-data-1.0-0.20160216.5.mga7 Arch-independent data files for the Wizznic game linux/noarch
wkhtmltopdf-0.12.5-2.mga7 Simple shell utility to convert html to pdf linux/armv7hl
wmakerconf-2.12-18.mga7 WMakerConf is a configuration utility for WindowMaker linux/armv7hl
wmbattery-2.51-2.mga7 Displays the status of your laptop's battery in a small icon linux/armv7hl
wmbutton-0.7.1-2.mga7 A very configurable dockapp for launching any program linux/armv7hl
wmcalc-0.7-1.mga7 A dock application that is a simple four function calculator linux/armv7hl
wmcalclock-1.25-9.mga7 A dock application giving the current date and time linux/armv7hl
wmcoincoin-2.6.3-2.mga7 Yet another funny dockapp for reading news feed linux/armv7hl
wmcpuload-1.1.1-2.mga7 Another dock application to monitor CPU usage linux/armv7hl
wmctrl-1.07-13.mga7 Command line tool to interact with an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager linux/armv7hl
wmcube-1.0.2-2.mga7 Another dock monitor displaying CPU load as a spinning cube linux/armv7hl
wmdiskmon-0.0.2-9.mga7 A dock application to monitor disks usage linux/armv7hl
wmdocker-1.5-13.mga7 Standalone system tray linux/armv7hl
wmdrawer-0.10.5-22.mga7 Retractable button bar launcher dockapp linux/armv7hl
wmfire-1.2.4-11.mga7 A dock application that display CPUs usage and more as flames linux/armv7hl
wmfishtime-1.24-9.mga7 A very fancy clock with yellow fishes linux/armv7hl
wmforkplop-0.9.3-10.mga7 Yet another dockapp to monitor the kernel forks linux/armv7hl
wmglobe-1.3-11.mga7 A dock application displaying a spinning earth on a icon linux/armv7hl
wmgrabimage-0.72-10.mga7 A dockapp that maintains a thumbnail copy of any remote image linux/armv7hl
wmhdplop-0.9.11-1.mga7 Yet another dockapp to monitor your hard drive linux/armv7hl
wmix-3.3-2.mga7 A dock application that is a small sound mixer linux/armv7hl
wml-2.20.4-1.mga7 Website META Language linux/armv7hl
wml-data-2.20.4-1.mga7 wml data linux/noarch
wmlaptop-1.4-10.mga7 A dock application to monitor your laptop's battery and more linux/armv7hl
wmmemmon-1.0.1-9.mga7 Another dock application to monitor memory usage linux/armv7hl
wmmoonclock-1.29-2.mga7 A dock application showing the phase of the moon and much more linux/armv7hl
wmnd-0.4.17-9.mga7 A dock application to monitor your network interfaces linux/armv7hl
wmsmixer-0.5.1-8.mga7 A dock application that is another small sound mixer linux/armv7hl
wmsmpmon-3.1-8.mga7 Another dock application to monitor multi-core systems linux/armv7hl
wmspaceweather-1.04-11.mga7 A space weather monitor which displays cosmic ray fluxes from the Sun linux/armv7hl
wmstock-0.11-8.mga7 A dock application which displays stock quote data linux/armv7hl
wmsysmon-0.7.7-8.mga7 Another dock application to monitor your computer linux/armv7hl
wmsystemtray-1.4-5.mga7 System tray ( systray protocol) as a Window Maker dock app linux/armv7hl
wmtop-0.85-2.mga7 A dock application that is a mini graphical CPU monitoring utility linux/armv7hl
wmudmount-3.0-1.mga7 A dockapp with a filesystem mounter that uses udisk linux/armv7hl
wmweather-2.4.7-2.mga7 A dock application which displays your current local weather conditions linux/armv7hl
wmwebcam-0.3.5-9.mga7 A dock application for your webcam linux/armv7hl
wmwifi-0.6-9.mga7 A dock application to monitor your wifi network interfaces linux/armv7hl
woden-1.0-0.19.M10.1.mga7 Web Service Description Language (WSDL) validating parser linux/noarch
woden-ant-1.0-0.19.M10.1.mga7 Ant plug-in for converting WSDL documents linux/noarch
woden-javadoc-1.0-0.19.M10.1.mga7 Javadocs for woden linux/noarch
woden-maven-plugin-1.0-0.19.M10.1.mga7 Maven plug-in for converting WSDL documents linux/noarch
woden-parent-1.0-0.19.M10.1.mga7 Parent pom of woden project linux/noarch
woden-tool-1.0-0.19.M10.1.mga7 Command line tool for converting WSDL documents linux/noarch
woeusb-3.1.4-2.mga7 Create a Windows USB from a real Windows DVD or image linux/armv7hl
woff2-tools-1.0.2-2.mga7 Web Open Font Format 2.0 tools linux/armv7hl
wol-0.7.1-15.mga7 Wake On Lan client linux/armv7hl
woodstox-core-5.0.3-2.mga7 High-performance XML processor linux/noarch
woodstox-core-javadoc-5.0.3-2.mga7 API documentation for woodstox-core linux/noarch
woof-20120531-8.mga7 Simple Web-based File Exchange linux/noarch
wordgrinder-0.7.2-3.mga7 A word processor which gets out of your way linux/armv7hl
wordgrinder-gui-0.7.2-3.mga7 A X11 word processor which gets out of your way linux/armv7hl
wordnet-3.0-21.mga7 A lexical database for the English language linux/armv7hl
words-3.0-16.mga7 A dictionary of English words for the /usr/dict directory linux/noarch
wordwarvi-1.0.2-2.mga7 Retro-styled side scrolling shoot'em up arcade game linux/armv7hl
worker-3.15.4-1.mga7 A file manager for X in AMIGA style linux/armv7hl
workrave-1.10.31-1.mga7 Assists in recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) linux/armv7hl
workrave-devel-1.10.31-1.mga7 Development libraries, header files and utilities for workrave linux/armv7hl
wpa_supplicant-2.7-2.mga7 Linux WPA Supplicant (IEEE 802.1X, WPA, WPA2, RSN, IEEE 802.11i) linux/armv7hl
wpa_supplicant-gui-2.7-2.mga7 Graphical tool for wpa_supplicant linux/armv7hl
ws-commons-util-1.0.2-4.mga7 Common utilities from the Apache Web Services Project linux/noarch
ws-commons-util-javadoc-1.0.2-4.mga7 Javadoc for ws-commons-util linux/noarch
ws-jaxme-0.5.2-19.mga7 Open source implementation of JAXB linux/noarch
ws-jaxme-javadoc-0.5.2-19.mga7 Javadoc for ws-jaxme linux/noarch
ws-jaxme-manual-0.5.2-19.mga7 Documents for ws-jaxme linux/noarch
ws-xmlschema-2.2.1-2.mga7 Apache XMLSchema linux/noarch
ws-xmlschema-javadoc-2.2.1-2.mga7 Javadoc for ws-xmlschema linux/noarch
ws-xmlschema-parent-2.2.1-2.mga7 XMLSchema Parent POM linux/noarch
ws-xmlschema-walker-2.2.1-2.mga7 XMLSchema Walker linux/noarch
wsdl4j-1.6.3-10.mga7 Web Services Description Language Toolkit for Java linux/noarch
wsdl4j-javadoc-1.6.3-10.mga7 Javadoc for wsdl4j linux/noarch
wsjtx-2.0.1-2.mga7 Provides all popular modes for Weak Signal digital Amateur Radio linux/armv7hl
wss4j-2.1.12-1.mga7 Apache WS-Security implementation linux/noarch
wss4j-javadoc-2.1.12-1.mga7 Javadoc for wss4j linux/noarch
wv-1.2.9-12.mga7 MS Word 2,6,7,8,9 file to HTML and latex converter linux/armv7hl
wvdial-1.61-9.mga7 A heuristic autodialer for PPP connections linux/armv7hl
wxPython- Cross platform GUI toolkit for Python using wxGTK linux/armv7hl
wxPython-docs- Documentation and samples for wxPython linux/noarch
wxPython-tools- Example applications from wxPython linux/armv7hl
wxPython-wxversion- Select a specific version of wxPython linux/armv7hl
wxglade-0.9.3-1.mga7 A wxWidgets/wxPython/wxPerl GUI designer linux/noarch
wxgtk-3.0.4-7.mga7 GTK+ port of the wxWidgets library linux/armv7hl
wxgtk2.8-2.8.12-24.mga7 GTK+ port of the wxWidgets library linux/armv7hl
wxhexeditor-0.24-4.mga7 A hex editor that supports files up to 2^64 bytes linux/armv7hl
wxmaxima-19.03.1-1.mga7 An interface for the computer algebra system Maxima linux/armv7hl
wxmp3gain-2.4.3-5.mga7 Free front-end for the MP3gain linux/armv7hl
wyrmsun-3.5.1-2.mga7 Real-time strategy game based on history, mythology and fiction linux/armv7hl
wyrmsun-data-3.5.1-2.mga7 Data files for the Wyrmsun game linux/noarch

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