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drakxtools-16.105.1-1.mga5 RPM for i586

From Mageia 5 for i586 / media / core / updates

Name: drakxtools Distribution: Mageia
Version: 16.105.1 Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 1.mga5 Build date: Sun Nov 6 13:06:39 2016
Group: System/Configuration Build host:
Size: 563402 Source RPM: drakxtools-16.105.1-1.mga5.src.rpm
Packager: tmb <tmb>
Summary: The drakxtools (diskdrake, ...)
Contains many Mageia Linux applications simplifying users and
administrators life on a Mageia Linux machine. Nearly all of
them work both under X.Org (graphical environment) and in console
(text environment), allowing easy distant work.

- drakbug: interactive bug report tool
- drakbug_report: help find bugs in DrakX
- drakclock: date & time configurator
- drakfloppy: boot disk creator
- drakfont: import fonts in the system
- draklog: show extracted information from the system logs
- drakperm: msec GUI (permissions configurator)
- draksec: security options managment / msec frontend






* Sun Nov 06 2016 tmb <tmb> 16.105.1-1.mga5
  + Revision: 1065536
  - 16.105.1
    + ennael <ennael>
      - sync modules_with_nonfree_firmware list with kernel-4.4.22-1.mga5
      - harddrake2:
        o em28xx drives TV cards, not webcam (mga#18995)
      - recognize new kernel-4.4 drivers
      - fix detecting nvme devices as block devices
      - detect nvme devices as block devices (mga#17743)
      - detect partitions on nvme devices (mga#17743)
* Sat Jun 13 2015 tmb <tmb> 16.104-1.mga5
  + Revision: 823047
  - diskdrake:
    o prevent errors when telling kernel to reread partition table
  - update translations
* Thu Jun 04 2015 tv <tv> 16.103-1.mga5
  + Revision: 822895
  - drakfont:
    o fix moving fonts (mga#16074)
  - diskdrake, partitioning_wizard:
    o only use current disk when auto partitioning, wiping disk,
      using free space (mga#16055)
* Fri May 29 2015 tmb <tmb> 16.102-1.mga5
  + Revision: 822800
  - diskdrake:
    o ignore some recovery partitions (mga#15999) (mga#15999)
    o run udevadm settle after actions that trigger device reload (mga#15999)
  - harddrake2:
    o set min width for left panel (mga#16026)
  - translation updates
* Mon May 25 2015 tv <tv> 16.101-2.mga5
  + Revision: 822701
  - rebuild for fixed changelog
* Mon May 25 2015 tv <tv> 16.101-1.mga5
  + Revision: 822696
  - library (for draklive-install):
    o fix not always suggesting /boot/ESP mount point (mga#15689)
  - diskdrake:
    o set pt_type according to fs_type before flag cases (mga#16029)
  - localedrake:
    o fix reading back IM config (mga#15761)
* Wed May 20 2015 tv <tv> 16.99-1.mga5
  + Revision: 822448
  - diskdrake:
    o display cosmetics when reading back GPT partitions
    o fix mnt point for FAT partitions on GTP (mga#15987)
    o set the proper GUID for FAT partitions on GPT
  - drakboot:
    o do not detect grub2 on UEFI when there's no bootloader
    o fix default grub2 kernel parameters (mga#15984)
* Tue May 19 2015 tv <tv> 16.98-1.mga5
  + Revision: 822405
  - all tools:
    o fix banner icon being cliped (mga#12358)
  - drakfont:
    o fix crash (mga#13627)
    o fix crash with --windows_import (mga9347)
    o fix an error with --testing (mga#13363)
  - localedrake:
    o don't try to install non existant scim-googlepinyin (mga#6681)
* Mon May 18 2015 tv <tv> 16.97-1.mga5
  + Revision: 822240
  - library (for draklive-install):
    o enables to get raw available space (mga15257)
* Sun May 17 2015 tv <tv> 16.96-1.mga5
  + Revision: 822191
  - library (for draklive-install):
    o fix regression refusing FAT for ESP (mga#15962)
  - library (for draklive-install):
    o fix regression refusing FAT for ESP (mga#15962)
* Thu May 14 2015 tv <tv> 16.95-1.mga5
  + Revision: 822044
  - library (for draklive-install):
    o fix a crash after "insufficient space" error (mga#15919)
  - diskdrake:
    o fix a gtk+3 regression crash with --dav (mga#13204)
  - library (for draklive-install):
    o fix a crash after "insufficient space" error (mga#15919)
  - diskdrake:
    o fix a gtk+3 regression crash with --dav (mga#13204)
* Sun May 10 2015 tmb <tmb> 16.94-1.mga5
  + Revision: 821693
  - remove_unused_packages():
    * dont remove crda, iw, wireless-regdb, usb_modeswitch, usb_modeswitch-data
      (they are needed to be able to support hotplugged wireless hw)
      this also fixes mga#15875 (Install fails if 'unused' packages are removed)
* Sat May 09 2015 tv <tv> 16.93-1.mga5
  + Revision: 821580
  - drakboot:
    o do use vga value for grub2
    o fix setting default grub2 entry
* Sat May 09 2015 tv <tv> 16.92-1.mga5
  + Revision: 821566
  - drakx-net:
    o recognize r8723bs (mga#15874)
  - diskdrake:
    o do not set noauto for /boot/EFI (mga#15627)
  - drakboot:
    o add a dedicate step for grub2 (mga#9627)
    o backup grub2 files before configuring
  - harddrake:
    o fix detecting AHCI as SATA (mga#9992)
    o fix detecting some memory chips (mga#5810)
    o fix not listing uvccideo managed devices as wecams (mga#9992)
* Tue Apr 28 2015 tmb <tmb> 16.90-1.mga5
  + Revision: 820821
  - localedrake:
    o write input methods to /etc/locale.conf (mga#15464)
  - run vgchange before updating the list of LVMs, not after, and even if not
    in install (should help with mga#7578).
* Sat Apr 25 2015 pterjan <pterjan> 16.89-1.mga5
  + Revision: 820765
  - 16.89: Ignore special partitions on mmc (mga#15759)
* Sat Apr 25 2015 akien <akien> 16.88-1.mga5
  + Revision: 820753
  - 16.88: ensure country/timezone locale is kept when removing unused locale packages (mga#3723)
* Wed Apr 22 2015 pterjan <pterjan> 16.87-1.mga5
  + Revision: 820530
  - Version 16.87 - 22 April 2015
  - partitioning_wizard:
    o improve the display box (mga#15728)
* Mon Apr 20 2015 tmb <tmb> 16.86-1.mga5
  + Revision: 820503
  - bootloader:
    o dont override 'splash' and/or 'quiet' when adding 'noiswmd' (mga#15666)
  - partitioning_wizard:
    o use the windows partition with the most available space on current
      disk, not the last one across all disks (mga#15589)
    o suggest up to 20GB/20% of the windows partition (whichever is larger),
      previously 6GB/10% (mga#15589)
    o hide empty space < 2MB, we have such holes due to alignment (mga#15733)
  - ugtk2, ugtk3, harddrake2:
    o do not "restore" mouse cursor on the root window, we haven't set it to
      'wait' since 2005 and this causes a crash if we don't own it (mga#15729).
  - speed up reading of flags from GPT partition table (mga#15621).
* Wed Apr 15 2015 tv <tv> 16.85-1.mga5
  + Revision: 820291
  - reuse ESP with "use free space" in live (mga#15690)
* Tue Apr 14 2015 tv <tv> 16.84-1.mga5
  + Revision: 820234
  - drakboot:
    o do not pass useless parameters to grub2 under UEFI (mga#15692)
    o fix kernel booting in blind mode (mga#15291)
* Mon Apr 13 2015 tv <tv> 16.82-1.mga5
  + Revision: 820118
  - diskdrake:
    o detect Lenovo recovery & 'SYSTEM_DRV' as such (mga#1371)
    o do add a ESP if it was removed by "Clear All"
    o ignore ESP for "use free space on MS"
  - drakboot:
    o default to GRUB_DISABLE_RECOVERY=falss for 'failsafe' entry (mga#15675)
* Sun Apr 12 2015 tv <tv> 16.81-1.mga5
  + Revision: 820076
  - dont force 'p' for dmraid partitions,  it's conditional depending
    on device naming like dmraid, kpartx and kernel handles it
  - diskdrake:
    o don't guess a drive letter for ESP partitions
* Thu Apr 09 2015 tv <tv> 16.80-1.mga5
  + Revision: 819994
  - diskdrake:
    o don't guess a drive letter for recovery partitions (mga15636)
  - drakboot:
    o check there's still some place on /boot with grub2 too
    o generate core.img for UEFI
    o fix detecting grub2 on UEFI
    o write /boot/grub2/ like for grub instead of drakboot.conf
* Tue Apr 07 2015 tv <tv> 16.79-1.mga5
  + Revision: 819834
  - drakboot:
    o keep vga= parameter when switching to grub2 (mga#9888)
* Tue Apr 07 2015 ennael <ennael> 16.78-1.mga5
  + Revision: 819820
  - fix installing grub2 on MBR (mga#15640)
* Tue Apr 07 2015 tv <tv> 16.77-1.mga5
  + Revision: 819780
  - bootloader:
    o add 'noiswmd' to kernel command line to manage isw_ bios
      fakeraids with dmraid for now (instead of mdadm) (mga#11289, mga#14330)
    o allow btrfs for / without separate /boot with grub2 (mga#15374)
  - partitioning wizard:
    o do not offer to select RAID as it result in a crash (mga#5800)
* Fri Apr 03 2015 tv <tv> 16.76-1.mga5
  + Revision: 819655
  - drakboot:
    o fix grub2 rescue (mga#13408, mga#13901)
    o log grub2-install failures (mga#15439)
  - diskdrake:
    o really try to detect recovery partitions on GPT
* Mon Mar 30 2015 tmb <tmb> 16.75-1.mga5
  + Revision: 819396
  - diskdrake:
    o better fix for fail to read too corrupted partition table
    o fix getting ESP with "use free space":
      make sure to not override /boot/EFI mount point with /media/win_X
    o make sure to check for existing ESP on all disks
    o relax checks for ESP
    o try to detect recovery partitions on GPT
* Fri Mar 27 2015 tv <tv> 16.74-1.mga5
  + Revision: 819347
  - diskdrake (GPT):
    o fix retrieving ntfs partitions as ntfs-3g instead of ntfs
    o really fix retrieving swap partition type
  - diskdrake (GPT):
    o fix retrieving ntfs partitions as ntfs-3g instead of ntfs
    o really fix retrieving swap partition type
* Fri Mar 27 2015 tmb <tmb> 16.73-1.mga5
  + Revision: 819335
  - diskdrake (GPT):
    o fix creating RAID devices (mga#15400)
    o fix "I cannot read the partition table of device XXX, it is too corrupted"
    o fix retrieving LVM/RAID/swap partition type
    o fix tagging lvm/raid as "linux filesystem"
    o fix tagging ntfs-3g as "linux filesystem"
    o fix tagging swap as "linux filesystem"
* Wed Mar 25 2015 tv <tv> 16.71-1.mga5
  + Revision: 819258
  - diskdrake:
    o fix retrieving ESP partition type on GPT (mga#15366)
    o log which GPT partition we fail to add/del
    o set proper GUID to ESP partitions with GPT layout
  - bump max_nb() to 131 to cover mdadm managed imsm and ddf1 bios
    fakeraids (containers defaults to >= 127 and partitions <=126)
* Fri Mar 20 2015 tmb <tmb> 16.69-1.mga5
  + Revision: 819040
  - efi partitioning fixes
* Tue Mar 17 2015 tv <tv> 16.68-1.mga5
  + Revision: 818729
  - drakboot:
    o log mkinitrd faillures (mga#9201)
  - fix mis-detecting some mobile broadband modems (mga#12492)
* Thu Mar 05 2015 akien <akien> 16.66-1.mga5
  + Revision: 817770
  - add nofail option to foreign mountpoints to avoid unwanted recovery mode
* Tue Mar 03 2015 tv <tv> 16.63-2.mga5
  + Revision: 817535
  - fix missing in minimal install
* Fri Feb 27 2015 tv <tv> 16.63-1.mga5
  + Revision: 817164
  - diskdrake:
    o fix too wide buttons (mga#12422, mga#13471, mga#14839, mga#15379)
* Thu Feb 19 2015 tv <tv> 16.62-1.mga5
  + Revision: 815825
  - diskdrake (mga#12422, mga#11988, mga#14839, mga#15272, mga#15264):
    o use an horizontal scrolling bar when needed
    o workaround too wide togglebuttons with empty label with gtk+3 and/or Adwaita
  - library (for draklive-install):
    o use a vertical scrolling bar when needed (mga#15272)
* Tue Feb 10 2015 tmb <tmb> 16.56-1.mga5
  + Revision: 814580
  - service_harddrake:
    * add support for the new nvidia340 driver (mga#15255)
    * drop references to old unsupported nVidia drivers
* Mon Feb 09 2015 ennael <ennael> 16.55-1.mga5
  + Revision: 814412
  - drakclock: Ensure that /etc/localtime is a symlink (mga#14888)
  - users: Make sure to restart accounts-daemon after adding users (mga#15113, mga#14476)
  - i18n: Write the desired console font to /etc/vconsole.conf
  - i18n: Use the x-distro /etc/locale.conf file instead of /etc/sysconfig/i18n
  - drakedm: Do not use ancient dm init script to restart DM
* Thu Feb 05 2015 tmb <tmb> 16.52-1.mga5
  + Revision: 813499
  - libDrakX/ new "simple" partitioning scheme
    o create separate /home only when more than 50G are available
    o in such case, / is 6/19th of the available space up to 50G,
      swap is 1/19th up to 4G and /home is the rest (12/19th)
  - recognize new kernel-3.19 drivers
  - fix GPT initialization on empty disk
* Fri Jan 09 2015 tmb <tmb> 16.50-1.mga5
  + Revision: 809512
  - initial uefi support
* Fri Jan 02 2015 tv <tv> 16.49-1.mga5
  + Revision: 808035
  - recognize new kernel-3.18 drivers (mga#14799)
* Sat Dec 06 2014 tv <tv> 16.47-1.mga5
  + Revision: 801689
  - drakboot:
    o do not crash if fstab contains a bind mount on a file (mga#14657)
* Tue Nov 25 2014 tv <tv> 16.46-1.mga5
  + Revision: 798879
  - harddrake:
    o recognize e17/lxde/mate/razor (mga#12495, Luc Menut)
  - split drakbug support in its own module (mga#14565)
* Thu Oct 23 2014 tv <tv> 16.44-1.mga5
  + Revision: 792571
  - fix drakxservices not showing all services due to systemctl output change
  - draksound
    o adapt to the switch to systemd for spawning PulseAudio
* Wed Oct 15 2014 umeabot <umeabot> 16.42-4.mga5
  + Revision: 749500
  - Second Mageia 5 Mass Rebuild
* Wed Oct 01 2014 tmb <tmb> 16.42-3.mga5
  + Revision: 733900
  - backend: require virtual smb-client
* Thu Sep 18 2014 tv <tv> 16.42-2.mga5
  + Revision: 695869
  - exclude lower case perl reqs (not in std path)
  - simplify exclude rules
    + pterjan <pterjan>
      - Version 16.42 - 18 September 2014
      - only allow GRUB2 when booting on btrfs
      - don't include display_installer_help in drakxtools, it can not run outside
* Tue Sep 16 2014 umeabot <umeabot> 16.41-2.mga5
  + Revision: 678857
  - Mageia 5 Mass Rebuild
    + tv <tv>
      - use %global for req/prov exclude
      - autoconvert to new prov/req excludes
* Sun Aug 31 2014 tv <tv> 16.41-1.mga5
  + Revision: 670175
  - add packages to wanted_hardware_packages list to prevent them being removed:
    * b43-fwcutter, b43-openfwwf, atmel-firmware, speedtouch-firmware
    * zd1211-firmware, isdn4k-utils, rfkill, x11-driver-input-wacom
  - allow /boot on btrfs
  - recognize new kernel-3.17 drivers
* Sun Aug 17 2014 tv <tv> 16.39-1.mga5
  + Revision: 664953
  - mygtk3:
    o add support for gtkset() on 'ComboBoxText' widgets for drakpxelinux
  - recognize new kernel-3.16 drivers
  - switch uid/gid boundary to 1000+
* Tue Jul 01 2014 tmb <tmb> 16.36-1.mga5
  + Revision: 641845
  - hide /boot/efi check for now (mga#13638)
  - fix not being able to select packages when list contains only one (mga#13492)
* Thu Jun 26 2014 tv <tv> 16.34-1.mga5
  + Revision: 640183
  - do_pkgs:
    o fix a warning in mousedrake
  - drakclock:
    o fix crash on clicking "Cancel" after TZ selection (mga#13534)
    o fix loosing TZ choice when canceling TZ selection (mga#13534)
  - drakfont:
    o fix installing fonts (Fr?\195?\169d?\195?\169ric Buclin, mga#11849)
* Wed Jun 18 2014 tv <tv> 16.33-1.mga5
  + Revision: 638042
  - stop creating some /dev entries that are managed by udev
* Sun Jun 15 2014 tv <tv> 16.32-1.mga5
  + Revision: 636845
  - recognize new kernel-3.15 drivers
* Wed Jun 04 2014 tv <tv> 16.30-1.mga5
  + Revision: 632818
  - add some POD documentation
  - drop (broken) support for Alpha, PPC, Sparc & IA64
  - fix detecting some UPS devices (mga#13424)
  - drakbug:
    o fix some package names after the mdv->mga fork
  - localedrake:
    o stop configuring HAL
    o update locales list
* Tue Jun 03 2014 fwang <fwang> 16.28-2.mga5
  + Revision: 632038
  - Rebuild for perl 5.20
* Mon Apr 28 2014 tv <tv> 16.28-1.mga5
  + Revision: 618531
  - recognize new kernel-3.14 drivers
* Sun Feb 23 2014 blino <blino> 16.27-2.mga5
  + Revision: 595727
  - move dbus_object in backend package, it does not hard-depend on Gtk (needed for drakconnect wireless configuration in text mode)
* Tue Feb 18 2014 tv <tv> 16.27-1.mga5
  + Revision: 594547
  - nuke create_link_source(), as we haven't supported building against an
    unprepared source for ages, and currently also can trigger wrong symlinks
    when kernel-source is installed before for example kernel-linus as found
    out during QA for mga#12518 and debugging the issue on irc
* Tue Feb 04 2014 tv <tv> 16.26.8-1.mga5
  + Revision: 582640
  - harddrake:
    o fix untranslated "Help" entry in menu (mga#12497)
    + doktor5000 <doktor5000>
      - add Requires on nmap & samba-client (nmblookup) for drakx-backend to allow
        lsnetdrake to run (mga#12579)
* Sat Jan 25 2014 colin <colin> 16.26.7-1.mga4
  + Revision: 568182
  - Avoid double fork problems mga#11184 mga#12364
* Mon Jan 20 2014 tv <tv> 16.26.1-1.mga4
  + Revision: 567185
  - diskdrake:
    o increase back minimum partition width for Oxygen (mga#11977)
* Mon Jan 20 2014 tv <tv> 16.26-1.mga4
  + Revision: 567082
  - diskdrake:
    o fix sizing partition widgets
    o revert minimum partition width to its pre-gtk3 value
* Thu Jan 16 2014 tv <tv> 16.23-1.mga4
  + Revision: 566711
  - dont remove pulseaudio-module-bluetooth (mga#12323)
  - fix a rpmdrake crash (mga#12331)
* Wed Jan 15 2014 tv <tv> 16.22-1.mga4
  + Revision: 566632
  - services:
    o use --no-block with chkconfig and systemctl enable to prevent systemd reload
      and potential crash (especially during first/live boot)
  - harddrake:
    o fix detecting some wireless devices as scanners (mga#9895)
    o fix random order of fields with perl-5.18
* Mon Jan 13 2014 tv <tv> 16.21-1.mga4
  + Revision: 566464
  - diskdrake:
    o do not propose check bad blocks for btrfs (Manuel Hiebel, mga#10116)
    o increase minimum partition width for Oxygen (mga#11977)
      (if not enough, we will disable labels on partitions buttons again)
  - drakboot:
    o add minimal/experimental lightdm autologin support (mga#11746)
  - harddrake, logdrake:
    o fix menu accelerators
  - --version option:
    o display mga copyright too (mga#10289)
* Mon Jan 06 2014 tv <tv> 16.18-2.mga4
  + Revision: 565163
  - require just drak{3d,x-kbd-mouse-x11} modules (debloat, mga#8455)
* Sat Dec 28 2013 tv <tv> 16.18-1.mga4
  + Revision: 562899
  - detecting input devices:
    o display the real accessed /dev/input/eventX file (mga#8232)
    o do not crash if /dev/input/eventX doesn't exist (mga#10296)
    o do not fill logs with "Cannot open /dev/input/eventX" (mga#8232)
  - draksec:
    o use expanders for clarity
* Fri Dec 20 2013 tv <tv> 16.17-1.mga4
  + Revision: 559143
  - drakfont:
    o fix a crash (mga#12057)
* Mon Dec 16 2013 tv <tv> 16.16-1.mga4
  + Revision: 557496
  - fix a drakx crash (mga#6031)
* Fri Dec 13 2013 tv <tv> 16.15-1.mga4
  + Revision: 556604
  - workaround a gtk+3 issue resulting in blacked embbeded tools with some
    locales (eg: pl/uk) (mga#11969)
* Tue Dec 10 2013 tv <tv> 16.13-1.mga4
  + Revision: 556119
  - localedrake:
    o fix crash when selecting an input method (mga#11939)
* Mon Dec 09 2013 tv <tv> 16.12-1.mga4
  + Revision: 556017
  - partitioning wizard:
    o log failures (mga#11924)
    o workaround a crash (mga#11924)
* Fri Dec 06 2013 tv <tv> 16.11-1.mga4
  + Revision: 555697
  - fix a crash in rpmdrake when package list is empty (mga#11901)
* Thu Dec 05 2013 tv <tv> 16.8-1.mga4
  + Revision: 555419
  - prevent drakxtools-backend to require Glib::Object::Introspection (mga#11842)
    (removes 302Mb from minimal install with suggests and 36Mb w/o)
* Thu Dec 05 2013 tv <tv> 16.7-1.mga4
  + Revision: 555302
  - diskdrake:
    o fix a crash when creating partitions (mga#11876)
* Wed Dec 04 2013 tv <tv> 16.6-1.mga4
  + Revision: 555111
  - fix blue background behind left panel text (mga#11866)
    (for not yet released gtk3 mcc)
* Tue Dec 03 2013 tv <tv> 16.5-1.mga4
  + Revision: 554754
  - diskdrake:
    o detect eMMc block devices (Luc Menut, mga#11812)
    o fix a crash in partitioning wizard (mga#11820)
    o show labels on partition buttons again but ellipsized (mga#11858)
* Mon Dec 02 2013 tv <tv> 16.4-1.mga4
  + Revision: 554654
  - fix banners not being blue anymore with Oxygen-gtk theme (kbo#328270)
  - diskdrake:
    o fix diskdrake colorized partition tabs with Adwaita (bgo#719624)
* Sat Nov 30 2013 tv <tv> 16.3-1.mga4
  + Revision: 554312
  - harddrake:
    o fix starting after draksound drop OSS/ALSA switch
* Fri Nov 29 2013 tv <tv> 16.2-1.mga4
  + Revision: 554106
  - diskdrake:
    o fix dialog keeping growing when switching tabs (mga#11822):
      move partition labels to toolips
  - draksound:
    o do not offer to switch to OSS
    o do not offer to switch to another driver if there's none
    o do not offer to pick a random driver when we've a default one
  - finish-install:
    o no more run urpmi.update when adding media
      (uneeded with urpmi-7.27+)
  - mygtk3 layer:
    o add support for RadioMenuItems for rpmdrake
  - ugtk3 layer:
    o make shrinking window work again (eg: draknfs)
* Thu Nov 28 2013 tv <tv> 16.1-1.mga4
  + Revision: 553843
  - logdrake:
    o fix Gtk3::TextView::get_window() passed too few parameters (mga#11807)
  - mcc:
    o restore galaxy RC file, thus fixing left panel text color (mga#11773)
    o fix Gtk2 banners' text position (mga#11778)
  - Banners:
    o align text to left instead of centering it
    o text is rendered as blue again
  - diskdrake:
    o prevent looping forever when sizing partition tabs
* Mon Nov 25 2013 tv <tv> 16.0-1.mga4
  + Revision: 553066
  - switch from Gtk+-2 to Gtk+-3:
    o Banners: most themes work OK but Oxygen-gtk3...
    o diskdrake: most themes work OK but Oxygen-gtk3...
    o drakclock cannot temporary changes the clock
    o notifications work again for net_applet
  - detect_devices:
    fix ids to be numeric
  - drakxservices:
    o simplify: just use tooltips for service descriptions"
  - drakx-in-chroot:
    o add --depth in order to force 16bit colors mode
  - drakclock:
    o assume chrony rather than ntp when neither is installed
  - draksec:
    o make sure to restart polkitd after writing rules
    o support polkit rules editing for permissions overrides
* Tue Nov 19 2013 tv <tv> 15.73.1-1.mga4
  + Revision: 551840
  - add chrony support to drakclock mga#11092
* Tue Nov 12 2013 colin <colin> 15.73-1.mga4
  + Revision: 550708
  - 15.73: Do not use polkit if we are already root.
* Sat Nov 09 2013 tmb <tmb> 15.72-1.mga4
  + Revision: 550101
  - 15.72:
    - dont remove radeon-firmware or any network related firmwares as we
      dont know when some hw gets plugged that needs it.



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