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RPM of Group Graphical desktop/WindowMaker

default-windowmaker-desktop-0.95.3-0.s20120330.2.mga2 Default Window Maker desktop linux/i586
libwraster3-0.95.3-0.snapshot20120330.6.mga2 Window Maker Raster Graphics Library linux/i586
mageia-windowmaker-desktop-0.95.3-0.s20120330.6.mga2 Mageia Window Maker desktop linux/i586
windowmaker-0.95.3-0.snapshot20120330.6.mga2 A window manager for the X Window System linux/i586
windowmaker-theme-3dlines-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop 3DLines Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-abyssofred-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop The Abyss Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-advisorylinux-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop Parental Advisory Linux Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-afeelingofrain-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop A Feeling of Rain Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-casyopeia-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop Casyopeia Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-fandust-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop fandust Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-galaxy-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop Galaxy Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-giraffe-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop Giraffe Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-glenwood-0.2-3.mga2 WindowMaker Desktop Glenwood Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-gnulisten-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop GNUListen Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-huangshan-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop Huangshan Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-killall-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop KillAll Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-mageia-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop Mageia Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-mercurysplat-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop Mercury Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-raingutter-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Deskop Rain Gutter Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-theme-wall-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop Wall Theme linux/noarch
windowmaker-themes-0.2-3.mga2 Window Maker Desktop Themes linux/noarch
wmakerconf-2.12-8.mga2 WMakerConf is a configuration utility for WindowMaker linux/i586
wmdrawer-0.10.5-14.mga2 Retractable button bar launcher dockapp linux/i586
wmfishtime-1.24-1.mga2 A very fancy clock with yellow fishes linux/i586
wmsystemtray-1.2-5.mga2 System tray ( systray protocol) as a Window Maker dock app linux/i586
wmudmount-1.11-2.mga2 A dockapp with a filesystem mounter that uses udisk linux/i586

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