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flash-player-plugin-kde- RPM for x86_64

From Mageia 1 for x86_64 / media / nonfree / updates

Name: flash-player-plugin-kde Distribution: Mageia
Version: Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 1.mga1.nonfree Build date: Sun Aug 19 20:54:39 2012
Group: Networking/WWW Build host:
Size: 0 Source RPM: flash-player-plugin-
Packager: anssi <anssi>
Summary: Flash Player KDE settings module
KDE settings module for Adobe Flash Player.

NOTE: This package does not contain the software itself. The
software will be automatically downloaded from the Adobe server
during package installation.

Installing this package indicates acceptance of the Flash Player EULA,
available at






* Sun Aug 19 2012 anssi <anssi>
  + Revision: 282320
  - new version
    o fixes a critical security vulnerability (CVE-2012-1535, )
* Sat Jun 09 2012 anssi <anssi>
  + Revision: 258426
  - new version
    o fixes critical security vulnerabilities (CVE-2012-2034, CVE-2012-2035,
      CVE-2012-2036, CVE-2012-2037, CVE-2012-2038, CVE-2012-2039,
      CVE-2012-2040, )
  - require libraries by file names instead of package names (suggested
    by simplew, fixes #5824 (unable to use libcairo-xcb2))
    o fixes security issue CVE-2012-0779
* Tue Apr 17 2012 anssi <anssi>
  + Revision: 231212
  - new version
    o bugfixes related to stability and performance
  - add some more direct requirements (they were also satisfied
    indirectly via GTK+)
* Thu Mar 29 2012 anssi <anssi>
  + Revision: 227536
  - new version
    o fixes a memory corruption vulnerability (CVE-2012-0773)
* Tue Mar 06 2012 anssi <anssi>
  + Revision: 220482
  - new version
    o fixes CVE-2012-0768, CVE-2012-0769
      ( )
* Fri Feb 17 2012 anssi <anssi>
  + Revision: 210095
  - new version
    o fixes CVE-2012-0751, CVE-2012-0752, CVE-2012-0753, CVE-2012-0754,
      CVE-2012-0755, CVE-2012-0756, CVE-2012-0767
  - use proxy settings from /etc/urpmi/proxy.cfg (fixes bug #3044)
* Fri Nov 11 2011 anssi <anssi>
  + Revision: 166437
  - new version
    o fixes overflow and corruption vulnerabilities CVE-2011-2445,
      CVE-2011-2450, CVE-2011-2451, CVE-2011-2452, CVE-2011-2453,
      CVE-2011-2454, CVE-2011-2455, CVE-2011-2456, CVE-2011-2457,
      CVE-2011-2459, CVE-2011-2460
  - normal download used again for x86_64, upstream issue regarding
    missing files was fixed
  - prevent installation of -kde in %pre if main package installation
    was prevented by its %pre
* Thu Oct 06 2011 anssi <anssi>
  + Revision: 152257
  - new version
  - obsolete flash-player-plugin11
  - remove fake x86_64 stuff, provide native x86_64 plugin
  - remove obsolete empty %defattr and %_localstatedir
  - prefer unversioned archive on x86_64 (for now), fallbacking to the
    versioned one, since the latter one misses some files
* Thu Sep 22 2011 anssi <anssi>
  + Revision: 146584
  - new version
    o fixes CVE-2011-2426, CVE-2011-2427, CVE-2011-2428, CVE-2011-2429
      CVE-2011-2430, CVE-2011-2444
  - enforce permissions for extracted files (no effect with current
    Flash Player version)
* Mon Aug 29 2011 anssi <anssi>
  + Revision: 135985
  - new version
  - clean up on download failure
* Thu Aug 18 2011 anssi <anssi>
  + Revision: 134331
  - provide a fake 64-bit version of the package which installs the
    32-bit version of the Flash Player, to make the installation easier
    on 64-bit installations that do not have 32-bit nonfree repository
    set up by default; the package will be automatically upgraded to
    a true 64-bit stable Flash Player when it becomes available
* Thu Aug 18 2011 anssi <anssi>
  + Revision: 134276
  - new version
    o fixes CVE-2011-2130, CVE-2011-2134, CVE-2011-2135, CVE-2011-2136,
      CVE-2011-2137, CVE-2011-2138, CVE-2011-2139, CVE-2011-2140,
      CVE-2011-2414, CVE-2011-2415, CVE-2011-2416, CVE-2011-2417,
  - split out KDE KCM module into -kde subpackage (bug #1275)
  - download in %pre instead of %posttrans
  - unpack in %post instead of %posttrans
  - always re-enable GTK flash-player-properties in KDE as well
  - drop now unneeded calls to nspluginwrapper and gtk-icon-cache,
    they are now handled by filetriggers
    + ahmad <ahmad>
      - Change references of PLF to Mageia in download-flash-player-plugin
* Fri Jul 08 2011 ahmad <ahmad>
  + Revision: 120128
  - Update to
* Wed Jun 15 2011 ahmad <ahmad>
  + Revision: 107974
  - Update to (CVE-2011-2110)
* Fri Jun 10 2011 pterjan <pterjan>
  + Revision: 103347
  - Update to (CVE-2011-2107)
* Fri May 13 2011 anssi <anssi>
  + Revision: 98265
  - new version
  - adapt script for added files
  - 32bit KDE now has a settings applet in KDE System Settings, other desktops
    (including 64bit KDE) have a standalone configuration application
* Wed Apr 20 2011 ennael <ennael>
  + Revision: 89107
  - imported package flash-player-plugin



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