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perl-Spreadsheet-ReadSXC-0.200.0-1.mga1 RPM for noarch

From Mageia 1 for x86_64 / media / core / release

Name: perl-Spreadsheet-ReadSXC Distribution: Mageia
Version: 0.200.0 Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 1.mga1 Build date: Fri Jan 21 12:07:19 2011
Group: Development/Perl Build host: jonund
Size: 25101 Source RPM: perl-Spreadsheet-ReadSXC-0.200.0-1.mga1.src.rpm
Packager: Mageia Team <>
Summary: Extract OpenOffice 1.x spreadsheet data
Spreadsheet::ReadSXC extracts data from OpenOffice 1.x spreadsheet files
(.sxc). It exports the function read_sxc() which takes a filename and an
optional reference to a hash of options as arguments and returns a
reference to a hash of references to two-dimensional arrays. The hash keys
correspond to the names of worksheets in the OpenOffice workbook. The
two-dimensional arrays correspond to rows and cells in the respective
spreadsheets. If you don't like this because the order of sheets is not
preserved in a hash, read on. The 'OrderBySheet' option provides an array
of hashes instead.

If you prefer to unpack the .sxc file yourself, you can use the function
read_xml_file() instead and pass the path to content.xml as an argument. Or
you can extract the XML string from content.xml and pass the string to the
function read_xml_string(). Both functions also take a reference to a hash
of options as an optional second argument.

Spreadsheet::ReadSXC requires XML::Parser to parse the XML contained in
.sxc files. Only the contents of text:p elements are returned, not the
actual values of table:value attributes. For example, a cell might have a
table:value-type attribute of "currency", a table:value attribute of
"-1500.99" and a table:currency attribute of "USD". The text:p element
would contain "-$1,500.99". This is the string which is returned by the
read_sxc() function, not the value of -1500.99.




GPL+ or Artistic


* Fri Jan 21 2011 jquelin <jquelin> 0.200.0-1.mga1
  + Revision: 28769
  - mageia rebuild
  - imported package perl-Spreadsheet-ReadSXC



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