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firefox-10.0.11-1.mga1 RPM for i586

From Mageia 1 for i586 / media / core / updates

Name: firefox Distribution: Mageia
Version: 10.0.11 Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 1.mga1 Build date: Thu Nov 22 05:12:21 2012
Group: Networking/WWW Build host:
Size: 38331025 Source RPM: firefox-10.0.11-1.mga1.src.rpm
Packager: luigiwalser <luigiwalser>
Summary: Next generation web browser
The award-winning Web browser is now faster, more secure, and fully customizable
to your online life. With Firefox(R), we've added powerful new features that
make your online experience even better. It is an 'open source' product which is
freely available, and is acquiring a growing proportion of international web
browser usage.

Firefox claims to offer a more secure web browsing experience than other products,
with better protection against spyware and other Internet-based security threats.
It includes all the standard features of a modern web browser, like Internet
searching, tracking recently visited sites, setting up shortcuts to favourite
sites, customising the software behaviour and so on. Firefox also includes
features like 'tabbed browsing' (opening several web sites as sections within the
same window) and methods for controlling pop-up windows, cookies and downloaded






* Thu Nov 22 2012 luigiwalser <luigiwalser> 0:10.0.11-1.mga1
  + Revision: 320513
  - new version 10.0.11esr
  - do not assume nspr and nss have micro versions
  - new version 10.0.9esr
  - new version 10.0.7esr
  - rebuild
    + fwang <fwang>
      - new version 10.0.10esr
      - new version 10.0.8esr
      - new version 10.0.6
      - new version 10.0.5esr
      - fix firefox_version defination in rpm macro
      - new version 10.0.4esr
      - try fix build with system nss binary
      - new version 1.0.3esr
      - new version 9.0.1
      - new version 8.0.1
      - new version 7.0.1
      - do not use subrel here
    + dmorgan <dmorgan>
      - New version 10.0.2
      - New version 10.0.1
      - New version 10.0
      - New version 9.0
      - Rebuild against new nss
      - New version 8.0
      - Fix firefox-kde.patch to work with FF7
      - New version 7.0
      - Rebuild against new rootcerts
      - New version 6.0.2
      - Versionnate rootcert  buildrequire
      - Do not use .asc file anymore
      - New version 6.0.1
      - Update to ff6
      - Update to FF 5.0.1
    + doktor5000 <doktor5000>
      - really prevent firefox 8 default preference (extensions.autoDisableScopes)
        from automatically disabling systemwide installed addons
      - hide addons selection dialog permanently
      - added comments about purpose of the .js preferences files we use
      - change firefox 8 default preference (extensions.autoDisableScopes) to not
        automatically disable systemwide installed addons, like language packs
    + lmenut <lmenut>
      - version requires on nss and nspr (like in xulrunner)
      - fix default bookmarks.html
      - use gio instead of gnomevfs
      - enable startup notification
      - own firefox extensions directories
      - use upstream default for user_pref:
         + browser.ctrlTab.previews
         + browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent
         + security.ssl.require_safe_negotiation
      - add user_pref(browser.showQuitWarning, true)
    + ahmad <ahmad>
      - Drop BR xulrunner-devel since is built here
      - Add BR pkgconfig(libproxy-1.0), pkgconfig(alsa)
      - Use the system myspell dictionaries
      - Only suggest nspluginwrapper for x86_64 package:
        o firefox doesn't need a plugin wrapper nowadays that it has a native
          out-of-process-plugin technology
        o nspluginwrapper is only useful for the x86_64 package, to enable using
          32bit-only plugins (e.g. Adobe nppdf or flash player)
* Sat Apr 30 2011 tv <tv> 0:4.0.1-4.mga1
  + Revision: 93606
  - new release
  - update kde patch from MDV:  Enable back kde firefox integration
* Wed Mar 30 2011 rtp <rtp> 0:4.0-4.mga1
  + Revision: 79029
  - Arm support :
    * Merge patch from mozilla bug 626035 to fix arm detection
    * Use system libffi (only on arm) because internal one is using vfp insns
    * Disable all javascrits jit (tracejit/methodjit) because arm softfloat support broken
    * Backport alignment fix from mozilla bug 634954
    + rda <rda>
      - Update homepage location
* Tue Mar 22 2011 ahmad <ahmad> 0:4.0-2.mga1
  + Revision: 75375
  - update to firefox-4.0
  - enable to package beta/rc or final with %if (Thierry Vignaud)
  - remove a duplicate instance of user_pref("browser.startup.homepage"
  - remove user_pref("browser.ctrlTab.previews", true); and go with upstream default
  - add user_pref("browser.showQuitWarning", true);
  - drop the vendor patch in accordance with xulrunner commits, c.f.:
  - don't change upstream search engines prefs until it's decided what Mageia will
    ship by default
  - no need to ghost {compreg,xpti}.dat any more, they both moved to the profile
    directory ages ago (Fedora)
  - drop, it's not needed any more (see above)
  - don't compile with --disable-faststart
  - build with system-libvpx
  - build with system system-pixman
* Sun Mar 20 2011 dmorgan <dmorgan> 0:4.0-0.rc2.1.mga1
  + Revision: 74764
  - Update to rc2
* Sat Mar 19 2011 dmorgan <dmorgan> 0:4.0-0.rc1.9.mga1
  + Revision: 74498
  - Add patch to enable kde integration ( from Suse )
* Fri Mar 18 2011 dmorgan <dmorgan> 0:4.0-0.rc1.8.mga1
  + Revision: 74105
  - disable gnomevfs and enable gio
* Fri Mar 18 2011 ennael <ennael> 0:4.0-0.rc1.7.mga1
  + Revision: 74084
  - fix firefox-kde.patch
* Thu Mar 10 2011 tv <tv> 0:4.0-0.rc1.6.mga1
  + Revision: 67799
  - fix path in tarball
  - new release
* Sun Mar 06 2011 ahmad <ahmad> 0:4.0-0.b12.6.mga1
  + Revision: 65727
  - don't set browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent to false by default, to be
    more compliant with upstream (they do spend time on usability)
* Tue Mar 01 2011 ahmad <ahmad> 0:4.0-0.b12.5.mga1
  + Revision: 61887
  - don't install kde.js, the xulrunner kde-integration patches aren't applied
    so installing this file is useless
  - tighten the 'xulrunner' requires, otherwise firefox breaks if xulrunner is
    updated while new firefox isn't built/available on the mirrors yet
    + dmorgan <dmorgan>
      - Revert previous commti
      - Fix release
* Sat Feb 26 2011 tv <tv> 0:4.0-0.b12.4.mga1
  + Revision: 60892
  - new release
  - new release
* Mon Feb 21 2011 dmorgan <dmorgan> 0:4.0-0.b11.4.mga1
  + Revision: 55433
  - Fix sources
  - Backport mdv commit 636905
    	- disable elf hack also
  - Update to b11
* Sun Feb 13 2011 dmorgan <dmorgan> 0:4.0-0.b10.4.mga1
  + Revision: 51554
  - Fixed build with the new omni.jar format and enabled again system nss
    Merge mdv commit 631629
    + ahmad <ahmad>
      - requires a recent enough cairo-devel
* Tue Feb 01 2011 tv <tv> 0:4.0-0.b10.3.mga1
  + Revision: 45615
  - add more firefox macro to ease packaging extensions per discussion on cooker@
  - fix version in description
  - fix URL
* Mon Jan 31 2011 dmorgan <dmorgan> 0:4.0-0.b10.2.mga1
  + Revision: 45197
  - now ships boundled weave sync
* Thu Jan 27 2011 erwan <erwan> 0:4.0-0.b10.1.mga1
  + Revision: 42309
  - Adding asc file for b10
  - New release b10
  - Removing older file
* Thu Jan 27 2011 erwan <erwan> 0:4.0-0.b8.1.mga1
  + Revision: 42265
  - Removing useless specs
    + blino <blino>
      - imported package firefox



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