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bluefish-0.9-fr1 RPM for i386

From Freshrpms for Red Hat 8.0 / bluefish

Name: bluefish Distribution: Psyche Freshrpms
Version: 0.9 Vendor:
Release: fr1 Build date: Tue Feb 18 18:46:01 2003
Group: Development/Tools Build host:
Size: 1394261 Source RPM: bluefish-0.9-fr1.src.rpm
Packager: Matthias Saou <>
Summary: A GTK2 web development application for experienced users.
Bluefish is a GTK+ HTML editor for the experienced web designer or
programmer. It is not finished yet, but already a very powerful site
creating environment. Bluefish has extended support for programming
dynamic and interactive websites, there is for example a lot of PHP






* Tue Feb 18 2003 Matthias Saou <>
  - Update to 0.9.
  - Added Makefile patch to support DESTDIR.
* Wed Jan 15 2003 Matthias Saou <>
  - Update to the latest snapshot which should be more stable.
* Sat Jan 11 2003 Matthias Saou <>
  - Update to 0.8.
  - Major spec file updates based on the one from Matthias Haase.
* Thu May 02 2002 Matthias Saou <>
  - Rebuilt against Red Hat Linux 7.3.
  - Added the  expansion.
* Mon Nov 19 2001 Matthias Saou <>
  - Update to 0.7.
  - Spec file simplifications since the build is now cleaner :-)
* Wed May 02 2001 Matthias Saou <>
  - Spec file cleanup for Red Hat 7.1.
  - Added a GNOME desktop entry.
  - Compiled with kgcc and reported the problems encountered with gcc 2.96.
* Fri May 05 2000 Bo Forslund  <>
  - fine tuning of the spec file
    - possible to build with all processors on smp machines
    - an entry for RedHats wmconfig
* Tue Mar 21 2000 CW Zuckschwerdt <>
  - complete rewrite of spec file
    - relocateable on build-time
    - no privileges required while building
    - fix for install_location (should really be $(LIBDIR)/bluefish!)
    - included man, locale and lib into RPM (was seriously broken)
* Thu Jan 13 2000 Chris Lea <>
  - Fixed up spec file some. bluefish-0.3.5
* Wed Nov 17 1999 Chris Lea <>
  - added spec file. this is my third RPM that I've made a spec
      file for, so please be merciful if I've screwed something up



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