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RPM of Group Applications/System

anaconda-20.25.15-1.fc20 Graphical system installer linux/s390x
anaconda-dracut-20.25.15-1.fc20 The anaconda dracut module linux/s390x
arandr- Simple GTK+ XRandR GUI linux/noarch
cobbler-2.6.3-1.fc20 Boot server configurator linux/noarchNew
cobbler-web-2.6.3-1.fc20 Web interface for Cobbler linux/noarchNew
cpulimit-0.1-1.20140722gitcabeb99.fc20 CPU Usage Limiter for Linux linux/s390xNew
custom-kickstarts-0.20.24-1.fc20 Kickstart files for Custom Spins (not official) linux/noarch
fedora-kickstarts-0.20.24-1.fc20 Official Fedora Spins linux/noarch
fedora-upgrade-21.1-1.fc20 Upgrade Fedora to next version using yum upgrade (unofficial tool) linux/noarchNew
ganyremote-6.3.2-1.fc20 GTK frontend for anyRemote linux/noarchNew
gnome-screenshot-3.10.1-1.fc20 A screenshot utility for GNOME linux/s390x
guake-0.4.4-11.fc20 Drop-down terminal for GNOME linux/s390x
hplip-gui-3.14.6-5.fc20 HPLIP graphical tools linux/s390xNew
imagefactory-1.1.5-1.fc20 System image generation tool linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-1.1.5-2.fc20 Default plugins for the Image Factory system image generation tool linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-Docker-1.1.5-2.fc20 Cloud plugin for Docker linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-EC2-1.1.5-2.fc20 Cloud plugin for EC2 linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-EC2-JEOS-images-1.1.5-2.fc20 JEOS images for various OSes to support EC2 snapshot builds linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-IndirectionCloud-1.1.5-2.fc20 Cloud plugin for allowing images to modify other images linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-OVA-1.1.5-2.fc20 Cloud plugin for generating OVA archives linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-OpenStack-1.1.5-2.fc20 Cloud plugin for OpenStack running on KVM linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-RHEVM-1.1.5-2.fc20 RHEVM Cloud plugin linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-Rackspace-1.1.5-2.fc20 Cloud plugin for Rackspace linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-Rackspace-JEOS-images-1.1.5-2.fc20 JEOS images for various OSes to support Rackspace snapshot builds linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-TinMan-1.1.5-2.fc20 OS plugin for Fedora linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-ovfcommon-1.1.5-2.fc20 common utilities to manipulate ovf-related objects linux/noarch
imagefactory-plugins-vSphere-1.1.5-2.fc20 vSphere Cloud plugin linux/noarch
kanyremote-6.3.3-1.fc20 KDE frontend for anyRemote linux/noarchNew
kdeutils-4.13.3-1.fc20 KDE Utilities linux/noarchNew
kdeutils-common-4.13.3-1.fc20 Common files for kdeutils linux/noarchNew
kdeutils-minimal-4.13.3-1.fc20 Minimal set of KDE Utilities linux/noarchNew
koan-2.6.3-1.fc20 Helper tool that performs cobbler orders on remote machines linux/noarchNew
l10n-kickstarts-0.20.24-1.fc20 Localized kickstarts for localized spins linux/noarch
nagios-plugins-nrpe-2.15-2.fc20 Provides nrpe plugin for Nagios linux/s390x
nrpe-2.15-2.fc20 Host/service/network monitoring agent for Nagios linux/s390x
openchange-2.0-5.fc20 Provides access to Microsoft Exchange servers using native protocols linux/s390x
openchange-2.0-5.fc20 Provides access to Microsoft Exchange servers using native protocols linux/s390linux/s390x
openchange-client-2.0-5.fc20 User tools for OpenChange libraries linux/s390x
openstack-neutron-2013.2.3-12.fc20 OpenStack Networking Service linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-bigswitch-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron Big Switch plugin linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-brocade-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron Brocade plugin linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-cisco-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron Cisco plugin linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-hyperv-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron Hyper-V plugin linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-linuxbridge-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron linuxbridge plugin linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-mellanox-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron Mellanox plugin linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-metaplugin-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron meta plugin linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-metering-agent-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron bandwidth metering agent linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-midonet-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron MidoNet plugin linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-ml2-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron ML2 plugin linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-nec-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron NEC plugin linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-nicira-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron Nicira plugin linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-openvswitch-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron openvswitch plugin linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-plumgrid-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron PLUMgrid plugin linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-ryu-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron Ryu plugin linux/noarchNew
openstack-neutron-vpn-agent-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron VPNaaS agent linux/noarchNew
openstack-tuskar-0.2.3-1.fc20 A service for managing OpenStack deployments linux/noarch
pam_snapper-0.1.8-1.fc20 PAM module for calling snapper linux/s390x
pcp-3.9.7-1.fc20 System-level performance monitoring and performance management linux/s390xNew
pcp-gui-3.9.7-1.fc20 Visualization tools for the Performance Co-Pilot toolkit linux/s390xNew
pcp-import-collectl2pcp-3.9.7-1.fc20 Performance Co-Pilot tools for importing collectl log files into PCP archive logs linux/s390xNew
pcp-import-iostat2pcp-3.9.7-1.fc20 Performance Co-Pilot tools for importing iostat data into PCP archive logs linux/s390xNew
pcp-import-mrtg2pcp-3.9.7-1.fc20 Performance Co-Pilot tools for importing MTRG data into PCP archive logs linux/s390xNew
pcp-import-sar2pcp-3.9.7-1.fc20 Performance Co-Pilot tools for importing sar data into PCP archive logs linux/s390xNew
pcp-manager-3.9.7-1.fc20 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) manager daemon linux/s390xNew
pcp-webapi-3.9.7-1.fc20 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) web API service linux/s390xNew
phoronix-test-suite-5.2.1-1.fc20 An Automated, Open-Source Testing Framework linux/noarchNew
powerline-0.0.1-7.20140508git9e7c6c.fc20 The ultimate status-line/prompt utility linux/noarch
python-keystone-2013.2.3-5.fc20 Keystone Python libraries linux/noarchNew
python-neutron-2013.2.3-12.fc20 Neutron Python libraries linux/noarchNew
python3-debug-3.3.2-16.fc20 Debug version of the Python 3 runtime linux/s390
python3-debug-3.3.2-16.fc20 Debug version of the Python 3 runtime linux/s390xlinux/s390
scap-security-guide-0.1.5-3.fc20 Security guidance and baselines in SCAP formats linux/noarchNew
sispmctl-3.1-1.fc20 Control Gembird SIS-PM programmable power outlet strips linux/s390x
snapper-0.1.8-1.fc20 Tool for filesystem snapshot management linux/s390
snapper-0.1.8-1.fc20 Tool for filesystem snapshot management linux/s390xlinux/s390
spin-kickstarts-0.20.24-1.fc20 Kickstart files and templates for creating your own Fedora Spins linux/noarch
system-config-services-0.111.1-1.fc20 Utility to start and stop system services linux/noarch
tmux-powerline-0.0.1-7.20140508git9e7c6c.fc20 Powerline for tmux linux/noarch
tracker-0.16.4-2.fc20 Desktop-neutral search tool and indexer linux/s390x
tracker-0.16.4-2.fc20 Desktop-neutral search tool and indexer linux/s390linux/s390x
vdsm- Virtual Desktop Server Manager linux/s390xNew
vdsm-api- VDSM API definition linux/noarchNew
vdsm-bootstrap- VDSM bootstrapping package linux/noarchNew
vdsm-cli- VDSM command line interface linux/noarchNew
vdsm-debug-plugin- VDSM Debug Plugin linux/noarchNew
vdsm-gluster- Gluster Plugin for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-checkimages- Qcow2 disk image format check hook for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-directlun- Direct LUN support for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-extnet- Force a vNIC to connect to a specific libvirt network linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-faqemu- Fake qemu process for VDSM quality assurance linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-fileinject- Allow uploading file to VMs disk linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-floppy- Allow adding floppy to VM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-hostusb- Allow attaching USB device from host linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-hugepages- Huge pages enable user to handle VM with 2048KB page files. linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-isolatedprivatevlan- Isolated network environment for VMs linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-macspoof- Disables MAC spoofing filtering linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-nestedvt- Nested Virtualization support for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-numa- NUMA support for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-openstacknet- OpenStack Network vNICs support for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-pincpu- Hook pin VM so specific CPUs linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-promisc- Network interface promiscuous mode support for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-qemucmdline- QEMU cmdline hook for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-qos- QoS network in/out traffic support for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-scratchpad- One time disk creation for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-smbios- Adding custom smbios entries to libvirt domain via VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-sriov- sr-iov support for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-vhostmd- VDSM hook set for interaction with vhostmd linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-vmdisk- External disk support for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-vmfex- vmfex support for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-hook-vmfex-dev- VM-FEX vNIC support for VDSM linux/noarchNew
vdsm-jsonrpc- VDSM API Server linux/noarchNew
vdsm-python- VDSM python libraries linux/s390xNew
vdsm-python-zombiereaper- Collects zombie processes automatically linux/noarchNew
vdsm-reg- VDSM registration package linux/noarchNew
vdsm-tests- VDSM Test Suite linux/noarchNew
vdsm-xmlrpc- VDSM xmlrpc API linux/noarchNew
vdsm-yajsonrpc- JSON RPC server and client implementation linux/noarchNew
wicd-curses- Curses client for wicd linux/noarch
wpa_supplicant-gui-2.0-8.fc20 Graphical User Interface for wpa_supplicant linux/s390x
yelp-3.10.2-1.fc20 Help browser for the GNOME desktop linux/s390xNew
zarafa-utils-7.1.10-2.fc20 Zarafa Utilities for administration and management linux/s390xNew

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