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Packages beginning with letter G

gajim-0.16.1-3.fc20 Jabber client written in PyGTK linux/noarch
gdb-7.7.1-21.fc20 A GNU source-level debugger for C, C++, Fortran, Go and other languages linux/ppc
gdb-debuginfo-7.7.1-21.fc20 Debug information for package gdb linux/ppc
gdb-doc-7.7.1-21.fc20 Documentation for GDB (the GNU source-level debugger) linux/noarch
gdb-gdbserver-7.7.1-21.fc20 A standalone server for GDB (the GNU source-level debugger) linux/ppc
gedit-code-assistance-0.3.1-1.fc20 gedit plugin for code assistance for C, C++ and Objective-C linux/ppc
gedit-code-assistance-debuginfo-0.3.1-1.fc20 Debug information for package gedit-code-assistance linux/ppc
git-cola-2.1.2-1.fc20 A sleek and powerful git GUI linux/noarch
gitstats-0-0.7.20141209gitc2310a8.fc20 Generates statistics based on GIT repository activity linux/noarch
glazedlists-1.9.0-3.fc20 A toolkit for transformations in Java linux/noarch
glazedlists-javadoc-1.9.0-3.fc20 Javadoc for glazedlists linux/noarch
gnucash-docs-2.6.6-1.fc20 Help files and documentation for the GnuCash personal finanace manager linux/noarch
golang-github-coreos-go-etcd-devel-0.4.6-0.2.rc1.git2af7a95.fc20 A golang library for logging to systemd linux/noarch
golang-github-coreos-go-systemd-devel-2-6.fc20 Go bindings to systemd socket activation, journal and D-BUS APIs linux/noarch
golang-github-docker-libtrust-devel-0-0.2.git6b78349.fc20 Library for managing authentication and authorization linux/noarch
golang-github-docker-spdystream-devel-0-0.3.gite731c8f.fc20 A multiplexed stream library using spdy linux/noarch
golang-github-emicklei-go-restful-devel-1.1.3-0.1.git5e1952e.fc20 Package for building REST-style Web Services using Google Go linux/noarch
golang-github-ghodss-yaml-devel-0-0.4.git588cb43.fc20 A better way to marshal and unmarshal YAML in Golang linux/noarch
golang-github-godbus-dbus-devel-2-0.1.git939230d.fc20 Go client bindings for D-Bus linux/noarch
golang-github-golang-groupcache-devel-0-0.1.git604ed57.fc20 Caching and cache-filling library as a replacement for memcached in many cases linux/noarch
golang-github-google-gofuzz-devel-0-0.6.gitbbcb9da.fc20 Library for populating go objects with random values linux/noarch
golang-github-kr-pty-devel-0-0.22.git05017fc.fc20 PTY interface for Go linux/noarch
golang-github-spf13-cobra-devel-0-0.7.git79bd93d.fc20 A Commander for modern go CLI interactions linux/noarch
golang-github-spf13-pflag-devel-0-0.6.git11b7cf8.fc20 Replacement for Go's flag package linux/noarch
golang-google-golang-api-devel-0-0.6.gitfc402b0.fc20 Go libraries for "new style" Google APIs linux/noarch
golang-googlecode-google-api-go-client-devel-0-0.6.gitfc402b0.fc20 Go libraries for "new style" Google APIs linux/noarch
gphoto2-2.5.3-1.fc20 Software for accessing digital cameras linux/ppc
gphoto2-debuginfo-2.5.3-1.fc20 Debug information for package gphoto2 linux/ppc
gphotoframe-2.0.2-1.hg2084299dffb6.fc20 Photo Frame Gadget for the GNOME Desktop linux/noarchNew
gphotoframe-gss-2.0.2-1.hg2084299dffb6.fc20 Compatibility package of gphotoframe for gnome-screensaver linux/noarchNew
grep-2.17-1.fc20 Pattern matching utilities linux/ppc
grep-debuginfo-2.17-1.fc20 Debug information for package grep linux/ppc
gst123-0.3.3-2.fc20 Command line multimedia player based on gstreamer linux/ppc
gst123-debuginfo-0.3.3-2.fc20 Debug information for package gst123 linux/ppc
gtk-recordmydesktop-0.3.8-13.fc20 GUI Desktop session recorder with audio and video linux/noarchNew

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