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Packages beginning with letter Z

zabbix-2.0.11-2.fc20 Open-source monitoring solution for your IT infrastructure linux/i686
zabbix-agent-2.0.11-2.fc20 Zabbix Agent linux/i686
zabbix-debuginfo-2.0.11-2.fc20 Debug information for package zabbix linux/i686
zabbix-proxy-2.0.11-2.fc20 Zabbix Proxy linux/i686
zabbix-proxy-mysql-2.0.11-2.fc20 Zabbix proxy compiled to use MySQL linux/i686
zabbix-proxy-pgsql-2.0.11-2.fc20 Zabbix proxy compiled to use PostgreSQL linux/i686
zabbix-proxy-sqlite3-2.0.11-2.fc20 Zabbix proxy compiled to use SQLite linux/i686
zabbix-server-2.0.11-2.fc20 Zabbix server common files linux/i686
zabbix-server-mysql-2.0.11-2.fc20 Zabbix server compiled to use MySQL linux/i686
zabbix-server-pgsql-2.0.11-2.fc20 Zabbix server compiled to use PostgresSQL linux/i686
zabbix-web-2.0.11-2.fc20 Zabbix Web Frontend linux/noarch
zabbix-web-mysql-2.0.11-2.fc20 Zabbix web frontend for MySQL linux/noarch
zabbix-web-pgsql-2.0.11-2.fc20 Zabbix web frontend for PostgreSQL linux/noarch
zanata-api-3.2.0-2.fc20 Zanata API modules linux/noarch
zanata-api-javadoc-3.2.0-2.fc20 Javadocs for zanata-common-api linux/noarch
zanata-common-3.1.0-2.fc20 Zanata common modules linux/noarch
zanata-common-javadoc-3.1.0-2.fc20 Javadocs for zanata-common linux/noarch
zanata-parent-16-2.fc20 The Project Object Model(pom) files for the Zanata packages linux/noarch
zathura-0.2.7-3.fc20 A lightweight document viewer linux/i686
zathura-debuginfo-0.2.7-3.fc20 Debug information for package zathura linux/i686
zathura-devel-0.2.7-3.fc20 Development files for the zathura PDF viewer linux/i686
zathura-djvu-0.2.3-5.fc20 DjVu support for zathura linux/i686
zathura-djvu-debuginfo-0.2.3-5.fc20 Debug information for package zathura-djvu linux/i686
zathura-pdf-poppler-0.2.5-2.fc20 PDF support for zathura via poppler linux/i686
zathura-pdf-poppler-debuginfo-0.2.5-2.fc20 Debug information for package zathura-pdf-poppler linux/i686
zathura-plugins-all-0.2.7-3.fc20 Zathura plugins (all plugins) linux/i686
zathura-ps-0.2.2-4.fc20 PS support for zathura via libspectre linux/i686
zathura-ps-debuginfo-0.2.2-4.fc20 Debug information for package zathura-ps linux/i686
znc-1.2-3.fc20 An advanced IRC bouncer linux/i686New
znc-debuginfo-1.2-3.fc20 Debug information for package znc linux/i686New
znc-devel-1.2-3.fc20 Development files needed to compile ZNC modules linux/i686New
znc-modperl-1.2-3.fc20 perl module for ZNC linux/i686New
znc-modpython-1.2-3.fc20 python3 module for ZNC linux/i686New
znc-modtcl-1.2-3.fc20 TCL module for ZNC linux/i686New

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