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RPM of Group System Environment/Daemons

audispd-plugins-2.4-2.fc20 Plugins for the audit event dispatcher linux/i686
audit-2.4-2.fc20 User space tools for 2.6 kernel auditing linux/i686
coda-backup-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Backup coordinator for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-client-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Client for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-gcodacon-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Graphical tray monitor for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-server-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Server for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-vcodacon-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Graphical console for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
fido-1.1.2-1.fc20 Multi-threaded file watch utility linux/i686New
libtalloc-2.1.1-1.fc20 The talloc library linux/i686
libtdb-1.3.0-1.fc20 The tdb library linux/i686
libtevent-0.9.21-1.fc20 The tevent library linux/i686
maildrop-2.7.1-1.fc20 Mail delivery agent with filtering abilities linux/i686
mod_auth_kerb-5.4-27.fc20 Kerberos authentication module for HTTP linux/i686
myproxy-server-6.0-2.fc20 Server for X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security credentials linux/i686New
nginx-1.4.7-3.fc20 A high performance web server and reverse proxy server linux/i686New
nginx-filesystem-1.4.7-3.fc20 The basic directory layout for the Nginx server linux/noarchNew
opendkim-2.9.2-2.fc20 A DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) milter to sign and/or verify mail linux/i686
qemu-guest-agent-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU guest agent linux/i686New
rsyslog-7.4.8-1.fc20 Enhanced system logging and kernel message trapping daemon linux/i686
rsyslog-crypto-7.4.8-1.fc20 Encryption support linux/i686
rsyslog-elasticsearch-7.4.8-1.fc20 ElasticSearch output module for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-gnutls-7.4.8-1.fc20 TLS protocol support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-gssapi-7.4.8-1.fc20 GSSAPI authentication and encryption support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-hiredis-7.4.8-1.fc20 Redis support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-libdbi-7.4.8-1.fc20 Libdbi database support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-mmaudit-7.4.8-1.fc20 Message modification module supporting Linux audit format linux/i686
rsyslog-mmjsonparse-7.4.8-1.fc20 JSON enhanced logging support linux/i686
rsyslog-mmnormalize-7.4.8-1.fc20 Log normalization support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-mmsnmptrapd-7.4.8-1.fc20 Message modification module for snmptrapd generated messages linux/i686
rsyslog-mongodb-7.4.8-1.fc20 MongoDB support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-mysql-7.4.8-1.fc20 MySQL support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-pgsql-7.4.8-1.fc20 PostgresSQL support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-rabbitmq-7.4.8-1.fc20 RabbitMQ support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-relp-7.4.8-1.fc20 RELP protocol support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-snmp-7.4.8-1.fc20 SNMP protocol support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-udpspoof-7.4.8-1.fc20 Provides the omudpspoof module linux/i686
salt-2014.1.11-1.fc20 A parallel remote execution system linux/noarchNew
salt-master-2014.1.11-1.fc20 Management component for salt, a parallel remote execution system linux/noarchNew
salt-minion-2014.1.11-1.fc20 Client component for salt, a parallel remote execution system linux/noarchNew
squid-3.3.13-2.fc20 The Squid proxy caching server linux/i686
squid-sysvinit-3.3.13-2.fc20 SysV initscript for squid caching proxy linux/i686
strongswan-5.2.0-1.fc20 An OpenSource IPsec-based VPN and TNC solution linux/i686
strongswan-charon-nm-5.2.0-1.fc20 NetworkManager plugin for Strongswan linux/i686
tor- Anonymizing overlay network for TCP (The onion router) linux/i686New
torque-3.0.4-5.fc20 Tera-scale Open-source Resource and QUEue manager linux/i686
torque-drmaa-3.0.4-5.fc20 Run time files for the drmaa interface linux/i686
torque-drmaa-devel-3.0.4-5.fc20 Development files for the drmaa interface. linux/i686
torque-mom-3.0.4-5.fc20 Node execution daemon for TORQUE linux/i686
torque-scheduler-3.0.4-5.fc20 Simple fifo scheduler for TORQUE linux/i686
torque-server-3.0.4-5.fc20 The main part of TORQUE linux/i686

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