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RPM of Group System Environment/Daemons

389-admin-1.1.38-1.fc20 389 Administration Server (admin) linux/i686
389-ds-base- 389 Directory Server (base) linux/i686
389-ds-base-libs- Core libraries for 389 Directory Server linux/i686
apcupsd-3.14.13-1.fc20 APC UPS Power Control Daemon for Linux linux/i686
bind-9.9.4-18.P2.fc20 The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) DNS (Domain Name System) server linux/i686New
bind-chroot-9.9.4-18.P2.fc20 A chroot runtime environment for the ISC BIND DNS server, named(8) linux/i686New
bind-pkcs11-9.9.4-18.P2.fc20 Bind PKCS#11 tools for using DNSSEC linux/i686New
bind-sdb-9.9.4-18.P2.fc20 BIND server with database backends and DLZ support linux/i686New
coda-backup-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Backup coordinator for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-client-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Client for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-gcodacon-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Graphical tray monitor for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-server-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Server for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-vcodacon-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Graphical console for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
dovecot-2.2.15-3.fc20 Secure imap and pop3 server linux/i686
dovecot-mysql-2.2.15-3.fc20 MySQL back end for dovecot linux/i686
dovecot-pgsql-2.2.15-3.fc20 Postgres SQL back end for dovecot linux/i686
dovecot-pigeonhole-2.2.15-3.fc20 Sieve and managesieve plug-in for dovecot linux/i686
dspam-3.10.2-16.fc20 A library and Mail Delivery Agent for Bayesian SPAM filtering linux/i686New
dspam-web-3.10.2-16.fc20 Web-based interface for DSPAM linux/i686New
haproxy-1.5.11-3.fc20 HAProxy reverse proxy for high availability environments linux/i686
krb5-server-1.11.5-18.fc20 The KDC and related programs for Kerberos 5 linux/i686
krb5-server-ldap-1.11.5-18.fc20 The LDAP storage plugin for the Kerberos 5 KDC linux/i686
maildrop-2.7.1-1.fc20 Mail delivery agent with filtering abilities linux/i686
mod_auth_kerb-5.4-27.fc20 Kerberos authentication module for HTTP linux/i686
mod_gnutls-0.6-1.fc20 GnuTLS module for the Apache HTTP server linux/i686
mod_passenger-4.0.53-3.fc20.1 Apache Module for Phusion Passenger linux/i686
mod_suphp-0.7.2-1.fc20 An apache2 module for executing PHP scripts with the permissions of their owners linux/i686New
mydns- A Database based DNS server linux/i686New
mydns-mysql- MyDNS compiled with MySQL support linux/i686New
mydns-pgsql- MyDNS compiled with PostGreSQL support linux/i686New
nscd-2.18-19.fc20 A Name Service Caching Daemon (nscd). linux/i686New
opendkim-2.9.2-2.fc20 A DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) milter to sign and/or verify mail linux/i686
perdition-sysvinit-2.1-2.fc20 Legacy SysV initscripts for perdition linux/noarch
rubygem-passenger-4.0.53-3.fc20.1 Phusion Passenger application server linux/i686
rubygem-passenger-doc-4.0.53-3.fc20.1 Phusion Passenger documentation linux/noarch
salt-2014.7.2-1.fc20 A parallel remote execution system linux/noarchNew
salt-master-2014.7.2-1.fc20 Management component for salt, a parallel remote execution system linux/noarchNew
salt-minion-2014.7.2-1.fc20 Client component for Salt, a parallel remote execution system linux/noarchNew
salt-syndic-2014.7.2-1.fc20 Master-of-master component for Salt, a parallel remote execution system linux/noarchNew
spamass-milter-0.4.0-1.fc20 Milter (mail filter) for spamassassin linux/i686New
spamass-milter-postfix-0.4.0-1.fc20 Postfix support for spamass-milter linux/noarchNew
strongswan-5.2.2-1.fc20 An OpenSource IPsec-based VPN and TNC solution linux/i686
strongswan-charon-nm-5.2.2-1.fc20 NetworkManager plugin for Strongswan linux/i686
strongswan-libipsec-5.2.2-1.fc20 Strongswan's libipsec backend linux/i686
synergy-1.6.2-1.fc20 Share mouse and keyboard between multiple computers over the network linux/i686New

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