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RPM of Group System Environment/Daemons

389-ds-base- 389 Directory Server (base) linux/i686New
389-ds-base-libs- Core libraries for 389 Directory Server linux/i686New
accountsservice-0.6.35-3.fc20 D-Bus interfaces for querying and manipulating user account information linux/i686
bitlbee-3.2.2-3.fc20 IRC to other chat networks gateway linux/i686New
bitlbee-otr-3.2.2-3.fc20 OTR plugin for bitlbee linux/i686New
coda-backup-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Backup coordinator for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-client-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Client for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-gcodacon-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Graphical tray monitor for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-server-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Server for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-vcodacon-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Graphical console for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
exim-4.80.1-7.fc20 The exim mail transfer agent linux/i686New
exim-clamav-4.80.1-7.fc20 Clam Antivirus scanner dæmon configuration for use with Exim linux/i686New
exim-clamav-sysvinit-4.80.1-7.fc20 SysV initscript for Clam Antivirus scanner for Exim linux/noarchNew
exim-greylist-4.80.1-7.fc20 Example configuration for greylisting using Exim linux/i686New
exim-mysql-4.80.1-7.fc20 MySQL lookup support for Exim linux/i686New
exim-pgsql-4.80.1-7.fc20 PostgreSQL lookup support for Exim linux/i686New
exim-sysvinit-4.80.1-7.fc20 SysV initscript for Exim linux/noarchNew
fedfs-utils-admin-0.10.3-1.fc20 Utilities for administering FedFS domains linux/i686New
fedfs-utils-client-0.10.3-1.fc20 Utilities for mounting FedFS domains linux/i686New
fedfs-utils-common-0.10.3-1.fc20 Common files for FedFS linux/noarchNew
fedfs-utils-devel-0.10.3-1.fc20 Development files for the FedFS nfs-plugin linux/i686New
fedfs-utils-lib-0.10.3-1.fc20 The FedFS nfs-plugin run-time library linux/i686New
fedfs-utils-nsdbparams-0.10.3-1.fc20 The FedFS nsdbparams utility linux/i686New
fedfs-utils-python-0.10.3-1.fc20 FedFS Python utilities linux/noarchNew
fedfs-utils-server-0.10.3-1.fc20 Utilities for serving FedFS domains linux/i686New
gridsite-1.7.29-1.fc20 Grid Security for the Web, Web platforms for Grids linux/i686New
gridsite-clients-1.7.29-1.fc20 Clients to gridsite including htcp, htrm, htmv linux/i686New
gridsite-devel-1.7.29-1.fc20 Developers tools for gridsite linux/i686New
gridsite-doc-1.7.29-1.fc20 Developers Documentation for gridsite linux/noarchNew
gridsite-gsexec-1.7.29-1.fc20 Setuid gsexec tools for gridsite linux/i686New
gridsite-libs-1.7.29-1.fc20 Run time libraries for mod_gridsite and gridsite-clients linux/i686New
haproxy-1.5.3-1.fc20 HAProxy reverse proxy for high availability environments linux/i686New
heimdal-appl-servers-1.6.0-0.9.20140621gita5adc06.fc20 Heimdal kerberized server applications linux/i686
heimdal-server-1.6.0-0.9.20140621gita5adc06.fc20 Heimdal kerberos server linux/i686
krb5-server-1.11.5-10.fc20 The KDC and related programs for Kerberos 5 linux/i686New
krb5-server-ldap-1.11.5-10.fc20 The LDAP storage plugin for the Kerberos 5 KDC linux/i686New
maildrop-2.7.1-1.fc20 Mail delivery agent with filtering abilities linux/i686
mod_auth_kerb-5.4-27.fc20 Kerberos authentication module for HTTP linux/i686
mod_nss-1.0.8-26.fc20 SSL/TLS module for the Apache HTTP server linux/i686
mod_proxy_uwsgi-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Apache2 proxy module linux/i686
openldap-2.4.39-4.fc20 LDAP support libraries linux/i686New
openldap-servers-2.4.39-4.fc20 LDAP server linux/i686New
openldap-servers-sql-2.4.39-4.fc20 SQL support module for OpenLDAP server linux/i686New
prosody-0.9.1-1.fc20 Flexible communications server for Jabber/XMPP linux/i686
python-gunicorn-18.0-1.fc20 Python WSGI application server linux/noarch
python3-gunicorn-18.0-1.fc20 Python WSGI application server linux/noarch
rp-pppoe-3.11-7.fc20 A PPP over Ethernet client (for xDSL support). linux/i686
rsyslog-7.4.8-1.fc20 Enhanced system logging and kernel message trapping daemon linux/i686
rsyslog-crypto-7.4.8-1.fc20 Encryption support linux/i686
rsyslog-elasticsearch-7.4.8-1.fc20 ElasticSearch output module for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-gnutls-7.4.8-1.fc20 TLS protocol support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-gssapi-7.4.8-1.fc20 GSSAPI authentication and encryption support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-hiredis-7.4.8-1.fc20 Redis support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-libdbi-7.4.8-1.fc20 Libdbi database support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-mmaudit-7.4.8-1.fc20 Message modification module supporting Linux audit format linux/i686
rsyslog-mmjsonparse-7.4.8-1.fc20 JSON enhanced logging support linux/i686
rsyslog-mmnormalize-7.4.8-1.fc20 Log normalization support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-mmsnmptrapd-7.4.8-1.fc20 Message modification module for snmptrapd generated messages linux/i686
rsyslog-mongodb-7.4.8-1.fc20 MongoDB support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-mysql-7.4.8-1.fc20 MySQL support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-pgsql-7.4.8-1.fc20 PostgresSQL support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-rabbitmq-7.4.8-1.fc20 RabbitMQ support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-relp-7.4.8-1.fc20 RELP protocol support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-snmp-7.4.8-1.fc20 SNMP protocol support for rsyslog linux/i686
rsyslog-udpspoof-7.4.8-1.fc20 Provides the omudpspoof module linux/i686
srcpd-2.1.2-4.fc20 Simple Railroad Command Protocol (SRCP) server linux/i686
strongswan-5.2.0-1.fc20 An OpenSource IPsec-based VPN and TNC solution linux/i686New
strongswan-charon-nm-5.2.0-1.fc20 NetworkManager plugin for Strongswan linux/i686New
teamd-1.11-1.fc20 Team network device control daemon linux/i686
trafficserver- Fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server linux/i686New
uwsgi-1.9.19-1.fc20 Fast, self-healing, application container server linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-admin-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for Admin support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-carbon-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for Carbon/Graphite support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-common-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Common plugins for uWSGI linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-erlang-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for erlang support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-fastrouter-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for FastRouter support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-greenlet-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for Python Greenlet support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-jvm-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for JVM support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-lua-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for LUA support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-nagios-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for Nagios support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-pam-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for PAM support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-php-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for PHP support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-psgi-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for PSGI support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-python-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for Python support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-python3-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for Python 3.2 support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-rack-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Ruby rack plugin linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-rawrouter-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Raw Router plugin linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-rrdtool-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for RRDTool support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-ruby-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for Ruby support linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-sslrouter-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - SSL Router plugin linux/i686
uwsgi-plugin-zergpool-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Plugin for zergpool support linux/i686
uwsgi-routers-1.9.19-1.fc20 uWSGI - Router plugins linux/i686
zarafa-dagent-7.1.10-2.fc20 Mail Delivery Agent for Zarafa Collaboration Platform linux/i686
zarafa-gateway-7.1.10-2.fc20 POP3/IMAP Gateway for the Zarafa Collaboration Platform linux/i686
zarafa-ical-7.1.10-2.fc20 iCal/CalDAV gateway for the Zarafa Collaboration Platform linux/i686
zarafa-monitor-7.1.10-2.fc20 Quota Monitor for the Zarafa Collaboration Platform linux/i686
zarafa-search-7.1.10-2.fc20 Indexer search engine for the Zarafa Collaboration Platform linux/i686
zarafa-server-7.1.10-2.fc20 Server component for the Zarafa Collaboration Platform linux/i686
zarafa-spooler-7.1.10-2.fc20 Mail Spooler for the Zarafa Collaboration Platform linux/i686

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