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Packages beginning with letter S

s3cmd-1.5.0-0.7.rc1.fc20 Tool for accessing Amazon Simple Storage Service linux/noarch
sdcc-3.3.0-1.fc20 Small Device C Compiler linux/i686New
sdcc-debuginfo-3.3.0-1.fc20 Debug information for package sdcc linux/i686New
sdcc-libc-sources-3.3.0-1.fc20 Small Device C Compiler linux/i686New
selinux-policy-3.12.1-179.fc20 SELinux policy configuration linux/noarchNew
selinux-policy-devel-3.12.1-179.fc20 SELinux policy devel linux/noarchNew
selinux-policy-doc-3.12.1-179.fc20 SELinux policy documentation linux/noarchNew
selinux-policy-minimum-3.12.1-179.fc20 SELinux minimum base policy linux/noarchNew
selinux-policy-mls-3.12.1-179.fc20 SELinux mls base policy linux/noarchNew
selinux-policy-sandbox-3.12.1-179.fc20 SELinux policy sandbox linux/noarchNew
selinux-policy-targeted-3.12.1-179.fc20 SELinux targeted base policy linux/noarchNew
shinken-2.0.3-8.fc20 Python Monitoring tool linux/noarchNew
shinken-arbiter-2.0.3-8.fc20 Shinken Arbiter linux/noarchNew
shinken-broker-2.0.3-8.fc20 Shinken Broker linux/noarchNew
shinken-poller-2.0.3-8.fc20 Shinken Poller linux/noarchNew
shinken-reactionner-2.0.3-8.fc20 Shinken Reactionner linux/noarchNew
shinken-receiver-2.0.3-8.fc20 Shinken Poller linux/noarchNew
shinken-scheduler-2.0.3-8.fc20 Shinken Scheduler linux/noarchNew
sidplayfp-1.2.0-2.fc20 SID chip music module player linux/i686New
sidplayfp-debuginfo-1.2.0-2.fc20 Debug information for package sidplayfp linux/i686New
simarrange-0.0-1.20131019gitd52382f.fc20 STL 2D plate packer with collision simulation linux/i686
simarrange-debuginfo-0.0-1.20131019gitd52382f.fc20 Debug information for package simarrange linux/i686
sispmctl-3.1-1.fc20 Control Gembird SIS-PM programmable power outlet strips linux/i686
sispmctl-debuginfo-3.1-1.fc20 Debug information for package sispmctl linux/i686
skkdic-20131114-7.T1121.fc20 Dictionaries for SKK (Simple Kana-Kanji conversion program) linux/noarch
smc-anjalioldlipi-fonts-6.0-2.fc20 Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script linux/noarch
smc-dyuthi-fonts-6.0-2.fc20 Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script linux/noarch
smc-fonts-common-6.0-2.fc20 Common files for smc-fonts linux/noarch
smc-kalyani-fonts-6.0-2.fc20 Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script linux/noarch
smc-meera-fonts-6.0-2.fc20 Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script linux/noarch
smc-rachana-fonts-6.0-2.fc20 Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script linux/noarch
smc-raghumalayalam-fonts-6.0-2.fc20 Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script linux/noarch
smc-suruma-fonts-6.0-2.fc20 Open Type Fonts for Malayalam script linux/noarch
smokegen-4.13.3-1.fc20 Smoke Generator linux/i686New
smokegen-debuginfo-4.13.3-1.fc20 Debug information for package smokegen linux/i686New
smokegen-devel-4.13.3-1.fc20 Development files for Smoke Generator linux/i686New
smokekde-4.13.3-1.fc20 Bindings for KDE libraries linux/i686New
smokekde-akonadi-4.13.3-1.fc20 Akonadi runtime support for smokekde linux/i686New
smokekde-debuginfo-4.13.3-1.fc20 Debug information for package smokekde linux/i686New
smokekde-devel-4.13.3-1.fc20 Development files for smokekde linux/i686New
smokeqt-4.13.3-1.fc20 Bindings for Qt libraries linux/i686New
smokeqt-debuginfo-4.13.3-1.fc20 Debug information for package smokeqt linux/i686New
smokeqt-devel-4.13.3-1.fc20 Development files for smokeqt linux/i686New
snapper-0.1.8-1.fc20 Tool for filesystem snapshot management linux/i686
snapper-debuginfo-0.1.8-1.fc20 Debug information for package snapper linux/i686
snapper-devel-0.1.8-1.fc20 Header files and documentation for libsnapper linux/i686
snapper-libs-0.1.8-1.fc20 Library for filesystem snapshot management linux/i686
snappy-java-1.0.5-1.fc20 Fast compressor/decompresser linux/noarch
snappy-java-javadoc-1.0.5-1.fc20 Javadoc for snappy-java linux/noarch
sofia-sip-1.12.11-8.fc20 Sofia SIP User-Agent library linux/i686
sofia-sip-debuginfo-1.12.11-8.fc20 Debug information for package sofia-sip linux/i686
sofia-sip-devel-1.12.11-8.fc20 Sofia-SIP Development Package linux/i686
sofia-sip-glib-1.12.11-8.fc20 Glib bindings for Sofia-SIP linux/i686
sofia-sip-glib-devel-1.12.11-8.fc20 Glib bindings for Sofia SIP development files linux/i686
sofia-sip-utils-1.12.11-8.fc20 Sofia-SIP Command Line Utilities linux/i686
sparse-0.5.0-3.fc20 A semantic parser of source files linux/i686New
sparse-debuginfo-0.5.0-3.fc20 Debug information for package sparse linux/i686New
sparse-devel-0.5.0-3.fc20 Build environment for sparse-enabled apps linux/i686New
spectrwm-2.5.1-2.fc20 Minimalist tiling window manager written in C linux/i686New
spectrwm-debuginfo-2.5.1-2.fc20 Debug information for package spectrwm linux/i686New
speech-dispatcher-0.8-9.fc20 To provide a high-level device independent layer for speech synthesis linux/i686New
speech-dispatcher-debuginfo-0.8-9.fc20 Debug information for package speech-dispatcher linux/i686New
speech-dispatcher-devel-0.8-9.fc20 Development files for speech-dispatcher linux/i686New
speech-dispatcher-doc-0.8-9.fc20 Documentation for speech-dispatcher linux/noarchNew
speedcrunch-0.11-1.fc20 A fast power user calculator linux/i686New
speedcrunch-debuginfo-0.11-1.fc20 Debug information for package speedcrunch linux/i686New
sphinxtrain-1.0.8-13.fc20 Acoustic model trainer for CMU's Sphinx tools linux/i686New
sphinxtrain-debuginfo-1.0.8-13.fc20 Debug information for package sphinxtrain linux/i686New
spice-glib-0.23-3.fc20 A GObject for communicating with Spice servers linux/i686New
spice-glib-devel-0.23-3.fc20 Development files to build Glib2 applications with spice-glib-2.0 linux/i686New
spice-gtk-0.23-3.fc20 A GTK+ widget for SPICE clients linux/i686New
spice-gtk-debuginfo-0.23-3.fc20 Debug information for package spice-gtk linux/i686New
spice-gtk-devel-0.23-3.fc20 Development files to build GTK2 applications with spice-gtk-2.0 linux/i686New
spice-gtk-python-0.23-3.fc20 Python bindings for the spice-gtk-2.0 library linux/i686New
spice-gtk-tools-0.23-3.fc20 Spice-gtk tools linux/i686New
spice-gtk3-0.23-3.fc20 A GTK3 widget for SPICE clients linux/i686New
spice-gtk3-devel-0.23-3.fc20 Development files to build GTK3 applications with spice-gtk-3.0 linux/i686New
spice-gtk3-vala-0.23-3.fc20 Vala bindings for the spice-gtk-3.0 library linux/i686New
spice-protocol-0.12.7-1.fc20 Spice protocol header files linux/noarch
spin-kickstarts-0.20.24-1.fc20 Kickstart files and templates for creating your own Fedora Spins linux/noarch
srcpd-2.1.2-4.fc20 Simple Railroad Command Protocol (SRCP) server linux/i686
srcpd-debuginfo-2.1.2-4.fc20 Debug information for package srcpd linux/i686
step-4.13.3-1.fc20 Interactive Physics Simulator linux/i686New
step-debuginfo-4.13.3-1.fc20 Debug information for package step linux/i686New
strongswan-5.2.0-1.fc20 An OpenSource IPsec-based VPN and TNC solution linux/i686New
strongswan-charon-nm-5.2.0-1.fc20 NetworkManager plugin for Strongswan linux/i686New
strongswan-debuginfo-5.2.0-1.fc20 Debug information for package strongswan linux/i686New
strongswan-tnc-imcvs-5.2.0-1.fc20 Trusted network connect (TNC)'s IMC/IMV functionality linux/i686New
subsurface-4.0.3-4.fc20 A feature-full divelog in Qt linux/i686New
subsurface-debuginfo-4.0.3-4.fc20 Debug information for package subsurface linux/i686New
sugar-0.100.2-1.fc20 Constructionist learning platform linux/noarch
sugar-abacus-53-1.fc20 A simple abacus activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-browse-156-1.fc20 Browse activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-chat-79-1.fc20 Chat client for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-cp-all-0.100.2-1.fc20 All control panel modules linux/noarch
sugar-cp-background-0.100.2-1.fc20 Sugar Background control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-datetime-0.100.2-1.fc20 Sugar Date and Time control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-frame-0.100.2-1.fc20 Sugar Frame control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-keyboard-0.100.2-1.fc20 Sugar Keyboard control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-language-0.100.2-1.fc20 Sugar Language control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-modemconfiguration-0.100.2-1.fc20 Sugar Modem configuration control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-network-0.100.2-1.fc20 Sugar Network control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-power-0.100.2-1.fc20 Sugar Power control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-updater-0.100.2-1.fc20 Sugar Activity Update control panel linux/noarch
sugar-cp-webaccount-0.100.2-1.fc20 Sugar Web Account control panel linux/noarch
sugar-fractionbounce-22-1.fc20 A game which teaches fractions and estimations linux/noarchNew
sugar-infoslicer-24-1.fc20 Downloader for articles from Wikipedia linux/noarch
sugar-log-36-1.fc20 Log activity for Sugar linux/noarch
sugar-runner-0.100.1-1.fc20 Sugar runner emulator for development linux/i686
sugar-runner-debuginfo-0.100.1-1.fc20 Debug information for package sugar-runner linux/i686
sugar-runner-devel-0.100.1-1.fc20 Development package for sugar-runner linux/i686
sugar-turtleart-206-1.fc20 Turtle Art activity for sugar linux/noarch
sugar-words-21-1.fc20 A multi lingual dictionary with speech synthesis linux/noarchNew
superkaramba-4.13.3-1.fc20 Create widgets for your KDE desktop linux/i686New
superkaramba-debuginfo-4.13.3-1.fc20 Debug information for package superkaramba linux/i686New
superkaramba-libs-4.13.3-1.fc20 Runtime libraries for superkaramba linux/i686New
supermin-5.1.9-1.fc20 Tool for creating supermin appliances linux/i686New
supermin-debuginfo-5.1.9-1.fc20 Debug information for package supermin linux/i686New
supertuxkart-0.8.1-6.fc20 Kids 3D go-kart racing game featuring Tux linux/i686
supertuxkart-data-0.8.1-6.fc20 Kids 3D go-kart racing game featuring Tux linux/noarch
supertuxkart-debuginfo-0.8.1-6.fc20 Debug information for package supertuxkart linux/i686
svgpart-4.13.3-1.fc20 SVG KPart linux/i686New
svgpart-debuginfo-4.13.3-1.fc20 Debug information for package svgpart linux/i686New
sweeper-4.13.3-1.fc20 Clean unwanted traces the user leaves on the system linux/i686New
sweeper-debuginfo-4.13.3-1.fc20 Debug information for package sweeper linux/i686New
syntastic-3.4.0-18.fc20 A vim plugins to check syntax for programming languages linux/noarch
syntastic-ada-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for ada programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-asciidoc-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for asciidoc programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-asm-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for asm programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-c-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for c programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-cobol-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for cobol programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-coffee-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for coffee programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-coq-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for coq programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-cpp-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for cpp programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-cs-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for cs programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-css-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for css programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-cucumber-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for cucumber programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-d-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for d programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-docbk-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for docbk programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-elixir-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for elixir programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-erlang-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for erlang programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-eruby-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for eruby programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-fortran-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for fortran programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-glsl-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for glsl programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-go-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for go programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-haml-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for haml programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-haskell-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for haskell programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-html-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for html programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-java-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for java programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-javascript-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for javascript programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-json-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for json programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-less-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for less programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-lex-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for lex programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-lisp-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for lisp programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-llvm-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for llvm programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-lua-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for lua programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-matlab-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for matlab programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-nasm-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for nasm programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-objc-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for objc programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-objcpp-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for objcpp programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-ocaml-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for ocaml programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-perl-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for perl programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-php-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for php programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-po-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for po programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-pod-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for pod programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-puppet-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for puppet programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-python-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for python programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-rst-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for rst programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-ruby-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for ruby programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-sass-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for sass programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-scala-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for scala programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-scss-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for scss programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-sh-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for sh programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-tcl-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for tcl programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-tex-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for tex programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-texinfo-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for texinfo programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-vala-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for vala programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-verilog-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for verilog programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-vhdl-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for vhdl programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-vim-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for vim programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-xhtml-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for xhtml programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-xml-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for xml programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-xslt-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for xslt programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-yacc-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for yacc programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-yaml-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for yaml programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-z80-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for z80 programming language linux/noarch
syntastic-zsh-3.4.0-18.fc20 A syntax checker for zsh programming language linux/noarch
system-config-kdump-2.0.15-1.fc20 A graphical interface for configuring kernel crash dumping linux/noarch
system-config-services-0.111.1-1.fc20 Utility to start and stop system services linux/noarch
systemd-208-21.fc20 A System and Service Manager linux/i686New
systemd-debuginfo-208-21.fc20 Debug information for package systemd linux/i686New
systemd-devel-208-21.fc20 Development headers for systemd linux/i686New
systemd-journal-gateway-208-21.fc20 Gateway for serving journal events over the network using HTTP linux/i686New
systemd-libs-208-21.fc20 systemd libraries linux/i686New
systemd-python-208-21.fc20 Python 2 bindings for systemd linux/i686New
systemd-python3-208-21.fc20 Python 3 bindings for systemd linux/i686New
sysusage-5.3-5.fc20 The sysstat and sar grapher linux/noarch
sysusage-common-5.3-5.fc20 Common files for sysusage linux/noarch
sysusage-httpd-5.3-5.fc20 Apache configuration for sysusage linux/noarch
sysusage-rsysusage-5.3-5.fc20 Remote util for sysusage linux/noarch

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