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Packages beginning with letter H

hamster-time-tracker-1.04-4.fc20 The Linux time tracker linux/noarch
hdfview-2.10.1-2.fc20 Java HDF Object viewer linux/noarch
hicolor-icon-theme-0.14-1.fc20 Basic requirement for icon themes linux/noarchNew
hpijs-3.14.10-3.fc20 HP Printer Drivers linux/i686
hplip-3.14.10-3.fc20 HP Linux Imaging and Printing Project linux/i686
hplip-common-3.14.10-3.fc20 Files needed by the HPLIP printer and scanner drivers linux/i686
hplip-debuginfo-3.14.10-3.fc20 Debug information for package hplip linux/i686
hplip-gui-3.14.10-3.fc20 HPLIP graphical tools linux/i686
hplip-libs-3.14.10-3.fc20 HPLIP libraries linux/i686
httpd-2.4.10-2.fc20 Apache HTTP Server linux/i686New
httpd-debuginfo-2.4.10-2.fc20 Debug information for package httpd linux/i686New
httpd-devel-2.4.10-2.fc20 Development interfaces for the Apache HTTP server linux/i686New
httpd-manual-2.4.10-2.fc20 Documentation for the Apache HTTP server linux/noarchNew
httpd-tools-2.4.10-2.fc20 Tools for use with the Apache HTTP Server linux/i686New
hunspell-cs-20080822-3.fc20 Czech hunspell dictionary linux/noarchNew
hyphen-cs-20080822-3.fc20 Czech hyphenation rules linux/noarchNew

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