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Packages beginning with letter E

eclib-20120830-5.fc20 Library for Computations on Elliptic Curves linux/i686New
eclib-debuginfo-20120830-5.fc20 Debug information for package eclib linux/i686New
eclib-devel-20120830-5.fc20 Development Files for eclib linux/i686New
eclipse-mpc-1.2.1-0.1.git519e70b.fc20 Eclipse Marketplace Client linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-3.10.0-1.fc20 Eclipse Mylyn main feature. linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-builds-3.10.0-1.fc20 Eclipse Mylyn Builds linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-builds-hudson-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn Builds Connector: Hudson/Jenkins linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-context-cdt-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn Bridge: C/C++ Development linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-context-java-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn Bridge: Java Development linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-context-pde-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn Bridge: Plug-in Development linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-context-team-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn Context Connector: Team Support linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-docs-epub-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn EPub linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-docs-htmltext-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn HtmlText linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-docs-wikitext-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn WikiText linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-ide-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn Context Connector: Eclipse IDE linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-sdk-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn SDK linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-tasks-bugzilla-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn Tasks Connector: Bugzilla linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-tasks-trac-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn Tasks Connector: Trac linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-tasks-web-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn Tasks Connector: Web Templates (Advanced) (Incubation) linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-versions-3.10.0-1.fc20 Eclipse Mylyn Versions linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-versions-cvs-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn Versions Connector: CVS linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-versions-git-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn Versions Connector: Git linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-versions-subclipse-3.10.0-1.fc20 Mylyn Versions Connector: CVS linux/noarch
eclipse-p2-discovery-4.3.1-1.fc20 Equinox p2 Discovery linux/noarch
eclipse-photran-8.1.4-1.fc20 Fortran Development Tools (Photran) for Eclipse linux/noarchNew
eclipse-photran-intel-8.1.4-1.fc20 Intel Fortran compiler support for Photran linux/noarchNew
eclipse-photran-xlf-8.1.4-1.fc20 IBM XLF Compiler Support linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-7.0.4-1.fc20 Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform linux/i686New
eclipse-ptp-core-source-7.0.4-1.fc20 PTP Core Components Source linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-debuginfo-7.0.4-1.fc20 Debug information for package eclipse-ptp linux/i686New
eclipse-ptp-etfw-tau-7.0.4-1.fc20 PTP External Tools Framework TAU Support linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-etfw-tau-fortran-7.0.4-1.fc20 PTP External Tools Framework: TAU Fortran Enabler linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-fortran-7.0.4-1.fc20 PTP Fortran Support linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-gem-7.0.4-1.fc20 PTP Graphical Explorer of MPI Programs (GEM) linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-master-7.0.4-1.fc20 Complete PTP package linux/i686New
eclipse-ptp-pldt-fortran-7.0.4-1.fc20 PTP Parallel Language Development Tools Fortran Support linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-pldt-upc-7.0.4-1.fc20 PTP Parallel Language Development Tools UPC Support linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-rdt-7.0.4-1.fc20 PTP Remote Development Tools linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-rdt-sync-fortran-7.0.4-1.fc20 PTP Fortran Synchronization Support linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-rdt-xlc-7.0.4-1.fc20 PTP Remote Development Tools XL C/C++ Compiler Support linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-remote-rse-7.0.4-1.fc20 PTP RSE Enabler linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-rm-contrib-7.0.4-1.fc20 PTP Contributed Resource Manager Definitions linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-sci-7.0.4-1.fc20 PTP Scalable Communication Infrastructure (SCI) linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-sdk-7.0.4-1.fc20 Parallel Tools Platform SDK linux/noarchNew
eclipse-ptp-sdm-7.0.4-1.fc20 PTP Scalable Debug Manager (SDM) linux/i686New
eiciel- Graphical editor for ACLs and xattr linux/i686
eiciel-debuginfo- Debug information for package eiciel linux/i686
elementary-xfce-icon-theme-0.4-1.fc20 Icons for Xfce based on the elementary Project Icon Theme linux/noarch
elfutils-0.158-3.fc20 A collection of utilities and DSOs to handle compiled objects linux/i686New
elfutils-debuginfo-0.158-3.fc20 Debug information for package elfutils linux/i686New
elfutils-devel-0.158-3.fc20 Development libraries to handle compiled objects linux/i686New
elfutils-devel-static-0.158-3.fc20 Static archives to handle compiled objects linux/i686New
elfutils-libelf-0.158-3.fc20 Library to read and write ELF files linux/i686New
elfutils-libelf-devel-0.158-3.fc20 Development support for libelf linux/i686New
elfutils-libelf-devel-static-0.158-3.fc20 Static archive of libelf linux/i686New
elfutils-libs-0.158-3.fc20 Libraries to handle compiled objects linux/i686New
emacs-a2ps-4.14-23.fc20 Emacs bindings for a2ps files linux/i686
emacs-a2ps-el-4.14-23.fc20 Elisp source files for emacs-a2ps under GNU Emacs linux/i686
emacs-erlang-R16B-03.5.fc20 Compiled elisp files for erlang-mode under GNU Emacs linux/noarchNew
emacs-erlang-el-R16B-03.5.fc20 Elisp source files for erlang-mode under GNU Emacs linux/noarchNew
emacs-evil-1.0.9-1.fc20 Extensible vi layer for Emacs linux/noarchNew
emacs-goodies-35.8-2.fc20 Miscellaneous add on for Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-goodies-el-35.8-2.fc20 Elisp source files for Emacs-goodies linux/noarch
engauge-digitizer-5.2-3.fc20 Convert graphs or map files into numbers linux/i686
engauge-digitizer-data-5.2-3.fc20 The engauge-digitizer data files linux/noarch
engauge-digitizer-debuginfo-5.2-3.fc20 Debug information for package engauge-digitizer linux/i686
engauge-digitizer-transpose-5.2-3.fc20 The engauge-digitizer transpose utility linux/i686
epic5-1.1.8-1.fc20 Enhanced Programmable ircII Client linux/i686New
epic5-debuginfo-1.1.8-1.fc20 Debug information for package epic5 linux/i686New
epiphany-3.10.2-1.fc20 Web browser for GNOME linux/i686
epiphany-debuginfo-3.10.2-1.fc20 Debug information for package epiphany linux/i686
erfa-1.0.1-1.fc20 Essential Routines for Fundamental Astronomy linux/i686
erfa-debuginfo-1.0.1-1.fc20 Debug information for package erfa linux/i686
erfa-devel-1.0.1-1.fc20 Development files for erfa linux/i686
erlang-R16B-03.5.fc20 General-purpose programming language and runtime environment linux/i686New
erlang-appmon-R16B-03.5.fc20 A utility used to supervise Applications executing on several Erlang nodes linux/i686New
erlang-asn1-R16B-03.5.fc20 Provides support for Abstract Syntax Notation One linux/i686New
erlang-common_test-R16B-03.5.fc20 A portable framework for automatic testing linux/i686New
erlang-compiler-R16B-03.5.fc20 A byte code compiler for Erlang which produces highly compact code linux/i686New
erlang-cosEvent-R16B-03.5.fc20 Orber OMG Event Service linux/i686New
erlang-cosEventDomain-R16B-03.5.fc20 Orber OMG Event Domain Service linux/i686New
erlang-cosFileTransfer-R16B-03.5.fc20 Orber OMG File Transfer Service linux/i686New
erlang-cosNotification-R16B-03.5.fc20 Orber OMG Notification Service linux/i686New
erlang-cosProperty-R16B-03.5.fc20 Orber OMG Property Service linux/i686New
erlang-cosTime-R16B-03.5.fc20 Orber OMG Timer and TimerEvent Service linux/i686New
erlang-cosTransactions-R16B-03.5.fc20 Orber OMG Transaction Service linux/i686New
erlang-crypto-R16B-03.5.fc20 Cryptographical support linux/i686New
erlang-debugger-R16B-03.5.fc20 A debugger for debugging and testing of Erlang programs linux/i686New
erlang-debuginfo-R16B-03.5.fc20 Debug information for package erlang linux/i686New
erlang-dialyzer-R16B-03.5.fc20 A DIscrepancy AnaLYZer for ERlang programs linux/i686New
erlang-diameter-R16B-03.5.fc20 Diameter (RFC 3588) library linux/i686New
erlang-doc-R16B-03.5.fc20 Erlang documentation linux/noarchNew
erlang-edoc-R16B-03.5.fc20 A utility used to generate documentation out of tags in source files linux/i686New
erlang-eldap-R16B-03.5.fc20 Erlang LDAP library linux/i686New
erlang-erl_docgen-R16B-03.5.fc20 A utility used to generate erlang HTML documentation linux/i686New
erlang-erl_interface-R16B-03.5.fc20 Low level interface to C linux/i686New
erlang-erts-R16B-03.5.fc20 Functionality necessary to run the Erlang System itself linux/i686New
erlang-et-R16B-03.5.fc20 An event tracer for Erlang programs linux/i686New
erlang-eunit-R16B-03.5.fc20 Support for unit testing linux/i686New
erlang-examples-R16B-03.5.fc20 Examples for some Erlang modules linux/i686New
erlang-gs-R16B-03.5.fc20 A library for Tcl/Tk support in Erlang linux/i686New
erlang-hipe-R16B-03.5.fc20 High Performance Erlang linux/i686New
erlang-ic-R16B-03.5.fc20 IDL compiler linux/i686New
erlang-inets-R16B-03.5.fc20 A set of services such as a Web server and a ftp client etc linux/i686New
erlang-jinterface-R16B-03.5.fc20 A library for accessing Java from Erlang linux/i686New
erlang-kernel-R16B-03.5.fc20 Main erlang library linux/i686New
erlang-megaco-R16B-03.5.fc20 Megaco/H.248 support library linux/i686New
erlang-mnesia-R16B-03.5.fc20 A heavy duty real-time distributed database linux/i686New
erlang-observer-R16B-03.5.fc20 A set of tools for tracing and investigation of distributed systems linux/i686New
erlang-odbc-R16B-03.5.fc20 A library for unixODBC support in Erlang linux/i686New
erlang-orber-R16B-03.5.fc20 A CORBA Object Request Broker linux/i686New
erlang-os_mon-R16B-03.5.fc20 A monitor which allows inspection of the underlying operating system linux/i686New
erlang-otp_mibs-R16B-03.5.fc20 SNMP management information base for Erlang/OTP nodes linux/i686New
erlang-parsetools-R16B-03.5.fc20 A set of parsing and lexical analysis tools linux/i686New
erlang-percept-R16B-03.5.fc20 A concurrency profiler tool linux/i686New
erlang-pman-R16B-03.5.fc20 A graphical process manager used to inspect Erlang processes linux/i686New
erlang-public_key-R16B-03.5.fc20 API to public key infrastructure linux/i686New
erlang-reltool-R16B-03.5.fc20 A release management tool linux/i686New
erlang-runtime_tools-R16B-03.5.fc20 A set of tools to include in a production system linux/i686New
erlang-sasl-R16B-03.5.fc20 The System Architecture Support Libraries linux/i686New
erlang-snmp-R16B-03.5.fc20 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support linux/i686New
erlang-ssh-R16B-03.5.fc20 Secure Shell application with sftp and ssh support linux/i686New
erlang-ssl-R16B-03.5.fc20 Secure Socket Layer support linux/i686New
erlang-stdlib-R16B-03.5.fc20 The Erlang standard libraries linux/i686New
erlang-syntax_tools-R16B-03.5.fc20 A set of tools for dealing with erlang sources linux/i686New
erlang-test_server-R16B-03.5.fc20 The OTP Test Server linux/i686New
erlang-toolbar-R16B-03.5.fc20 A tool bar simplifying access to the Erlang tools linux/i686New
erlang-tools-R16B-03.5.fc20 A set of programming tools including a coverage analyzer etc linux/i686New
erlang-tv-R16B-03.5.fc20 An ETS and MNESIA graphical table visualizer linux/i686New
erlang-typer-R16B-03.5.fc20 TYPe annotator for ERlang programs linux/i686New
erlang-webtool-R16B-03.5.fc20 A tool that simplifying the use of web based Erlang tools linux/i686New
erlang-wx-R16B-03.5.fc20 A library for wxWidgets support in Erlang linux/i686New
erlang-xmerl-R16B-03.5.fc20 Provides support for XML 1.0 linux/i686New
evince-3.10.3-1.fc20 Document viewer linux/i686
evince-debuginfo-3.10.3-1.fc20 Debug information for package evince linux/i686
evince-devel-3.10.3-1.fc20 Support for developing backends for the evince document viewer linux/i686
evince-djvu-3.10.3-1.fc20 Evince backend for djvu files linux/i686
evince-dvi-3.10.3-1.fc20 Evince backend for dvi files linux/i686
evince-libs-3.10.3-1.fc20 Libraries for the evince document viewer linux/i686
evince-nautilus-3.10.3-1.fc20 Evince extension for nautilus linux/i686
evolution-rss-0.3.94-3.fc20 Evolution RSS Reader linux/i686New
evolution-rss-debuginfo-0.3.94-3.fc20 Debug information for package evolution-rss linux/i686New
exfalso-3.1.0-1.fc20 Tag editor for various music files linux/noarchNew

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