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Packages beginning with letter E

echoping-6.1-0.beta.r434svn.1.fc20 TCP performance test to measure response time of network hosts linux/i686
echoping-debuginfo-6.1-0.beta.r434svn.1.fc20 Debug information for package echoping linux/i686
echoping-devel-6.1-0.beta.r434svn.1.fc20 Development files for echoping linux/i686
echoping-dns-6.1-0.beta.r434svn.1.fc20 DNS plugin for checking response times of DNS servers linux/i686
echoping-ldap-6.1-0.beta.r434svn.1.fc20 LDAP plugin for checking response times of LDAP servers linux/i686
echoping-postgresql-6.1-0.beta.r434svn.1.fc20 PostgreSQL plugin for checking response times of PostgreSQL servers linux/i686
echoping-whois-6.1-0.beta.r434svn.1.fc20 WHOIS plugin for checking response times of Whois servers linux/i686
edelib-2.1-4.fc20 Small and portable C++ library for EDE linux/i686
edelib-debuginfo-2.1-4.fc20 Debug information for package edelib linux/i686
edelib-devel-2.1-4.fc20 Development files for edelib linux/i686
edelib-doc-2.1-4.fc20 Documentation for the edelib linux/noarch
elk-3.0.4-10.fc20 FP-LAPW Code linux/i686
elk-common-3.0.4-10.fc20 elk - common files linux/i686
elk-debuginfo-3.0.4-10.fc20 Debug information for package elk linux/i686
elk-mpich-3.0.4-10.fc20 elk - mpich version linux/i686
elk-openmpi-3.0.4-10.fc20 elk - openmpi version linux/i686
elk-species-3.0.4-10.fc20 elk - species files linux/noarch
emacs-auctex-11.88-1.fc20 Enhanced TeX modes for Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-auctex-doc-11.88-1.fc20 Documentation in various formats for AUCTeX linux/noarch
emacs-goodies-35.8-2.fc20 Miscellaneous add on for Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-goodies-el-35.8-2.fc20 Elisp source files for Emacs-goodies linux/noarch
esc-1.1.0-24.fc20 Enterprise Security Client Smart Card Client linux/i686
esc-debuginfo-1.1.0-24.fc20 Debug information for package esc linux/i686
evolution-rss-0.3.94-3.fc20 Evolution RSS Reader linux/i686
evolution-rss-debuginfo-0.3.94-3.fc20 Debug information for package evolution-rss linux/i686
ezstream-0.6.0-1.fc20 Command line source client for Icecast media streaming servers linux/i686New
ezstream-debuginfo-0.6.0-1.fc20 Debug information for package ezstream linux/i686New

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