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RPM of Group Development/Tools

Cython-0.21-6.fc20 A language for writing Python extension modules linux/i686
bitten-master-0.6-3.fc20 A continuous integration plugin for Trac linux/noarchNew
bitten-slave-0.6-3.fc20 Bitten build slave linux/noarchNew
eclipse-cdt-8.3.0-2.fc20 Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) plugin linux/i686
fedora-easy-karma-0-0.23.20140905git5fb5b77a.fc20 Fedora update feedback made easy linux/noarch
glazedlists-1.9.0-3.fc20 A toolkit for transformations in Java linux/noarch
icecream-1.0.1-8.20140822git.fc20 Distributed compiler linux/i686
kdiff3-0.9.98-2.fc20 Compare + merge 2 or 3 files or directories linux/i686
kobo-admin-0.4.3-1.fc20 Kobo admin script for instant project deployment linux/noarch
ksm-1.6.2-9.fc20 Kernel Samepage Merging services linux/i686New
kyua-cli-0.8-2.fc20 Kyua - Command line interface linux/i686
kyua-cli-tests-0.8-2.fc20 Run-time tests of the Kyua toolchain linux/i686
lpf-0.1-8.36e5aa0.fc20 Local package factory - build non-redistributable rpms linux/noarch
python-bloom-0.5.12-1.fc20 Bloom is a release automation tool linux/noarchNew
python-tools-2.7.5-14.fc20 A collection of development tools included with Python linux/i686New
python3-Cython-0.21-6.fc20 A language for writing Python extension modules linux/i686
qemu-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU is a FAST! processor emulator linux/i686New
qemu-common-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU common files needed by all QEMU targets linux/i686New
qemu-img-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU command line tool for manipulating disk images linux/i686New
qemu-kvm-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU metapackage for KVM support linux/i686New
qemu-kvm-tools-1.6.2-9.fc20 KVM debugging and diagnostics tools linux/i686New
qemu-system-alpha-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for Alpha linux/i686New
qemu-system-arm-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for ARM linux/i686New
qemu-system-cris-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for CRIS linux/i686New
qemu-system-lm32-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for LatticeMico32 linux/i686New
qemu-system-m68k-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for ColdFire (m68k) linux/i686New
qemu-system-microblaze-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for Microblaze linux/i686New
qemu-system-mips-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for MIPS linux/i686New
qemu-system-moxie-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for Moxie linux/i686New
qemu-system-or32-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for OpenRisc32 linux/i686New
qemu-system-ppc-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for PPC linux/i686New
qemu-system-s390x-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for S390 linux/i686New
qemu-system-sh4-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for SH4 linux/i686New
qemu-system-sparc-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for SPARC linux/i686New
qemu-system-unicore32-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for Unicore32 linux/i686New
qemu-system-x86-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for x86 linux/i686New
qemu-system-xtensa-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU system emulator for Xtensa linux/i686New
qemu-user-1.6.2-9.fc20 QEMU user mode emulation of qemu targets linux/i686New
rubygem-rhc-1.29.7-1.fc20 OpenShift Express Client Tools linux/noarch
tango-geany-tags-2-18.fc20 Support for enable autocompletion in geany linux/noarch
tig-2.0.3-1.fc20 Text-mode interface for the git revision control system linux/i686New
tortoisehg-2.11.2-1.fc20 Mercurial GUI command line tool thg linux/noarch
tortoisehg-nautilus-2.11.2-1.fc20 Mercurial GUI plug-in to the Nautilus file manager linux/noarch
urjtag-0.10-5.fc20.20111215gite1a4227 A tool for communicating over JTAG with flash chips and CPUs linux/i686
waffle-examples-1.3.0-4.fc20 Example programs using waffle linux/i686New
will-crash-0.8-1.fc20 Set of crashing executables written in various languages linux/i686

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