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Packages beginning with letter C

caja-1.8.1-5.fc20 File manager for MATE linux/i686New
caja-actions-1.7.1-3.fc20 Caja extension for customizing the context menu linux/i686New
caja-actions-debuginfo-1.7.1-3.fc20 Debug information for package caja-actions linux/i686New
caja-actions-devel-1.7.1-3.fc20 Development tools for the caja-actions linux/i686New
caja-actions-doc-1.7.1-3.fc20 Documentations for caja-actions linux/noarchNew
caja-beesu-1.8.0-3.fc20 MATE file manager beesu linux/i686New
caja-debuginfo-1.8.1-5.fc20 Debug information for package caja linux/i686New
caja-devel-1.8.1-5.fc20 Support for developing mate-file-manager extensions linux/i686New
caja-extensions-1.8.1-5.fc20 Mate-file-manager extensions library linux/i686New
caja-extensions-common-1.8.0-3.fc20 Common files for caja-extensions linux/noarchNew
caja-extensions-debuginfo-1.8.0-3.fc20 Debug information for package caja-extensions linux/i686New
caja-image-converter-1.8.0-3.fc20 MATE file manager image converter extension linux/i686New
caja-open-terminal-1.8.0-3.fc20 Mate-file-manager extension for an open terminal shortcut linux/i686New
caja-schemas-1.8.1-5.fc20 Mate-file-manager schemas linux/i686New
caja-sendto-1.8.0-3.fc20 MATE file manager sendto linux/i686New
caja-sendto-devel-1.8.0-3.fc20 Development libraries and headers for caja-sendto linux/i686New
caja-share-1.8.0-3.fc20 Easy sharing folder via Samba (CIFS protocol) linux/i686New
caribou-0.4.13-1.fc20 A simplified in-place on-screen keyboard linux/i686
caribou-antler-0.4.13-1.fc20 Keyboard implementation for caribou linux/i686
caribou-debuginfo-0.4.13-1.fc20 Debug information for package caribou linux/i686
caribou-devel-0.4.13-1.fc20 Development files for caribou linux/i686
caribou-gtk2-module-0.4.13-1.fc20 Gtk2 module for caribou linux/i686
caribou-gtk3-module-0.4.13-1.fc20 Gtk3 module for caribou linux/i686
cbi-plugins-1.0.5-2.fc20 A set of helpers for Eclipse CBI linux/noarch
cbi-plugins-javadoc-1.0.5-2.fc20 Javadoc for cbi-plugins linux/noarch
celestia-1.6.1-15.fc20 OpenGL real-time visual space simulation linux/i686
celestia-debuginfo-1.6.1-15.fc20 Debug information for package celestia linux/i686
chicken- A practical and portable Scheme system linux/i686
chicken-debuginfo- Debug information for package chicken linux/i686
chicken-libs- Chicken Scheme runtime library linux/i686
cinnamon-2.2.14-7.fc20 Window management and application launching for GNOME linux/i686New
cinnamon-debuginfo-2.2.14-7.fc20 Debug information for package cinnamon linux/i686New
cloc-1.62-1.fc20 Count lines of code linux/noarchNew
cmigemo-1.3-0.11.date20110227.fc20 C interface of Ruby/Migemo Japanese incremental search tool linux/i686
cmigemo-debuginfo-1.3-0.11.date20110227.fc20 Debug information for package cmigemo linux/i686
cmigemo-devel-1.3-0.11.date20110227.fc20 Development files for cmigemo linux/i686
cnee-3.19-1.fc20 Command-line interface of Xnee linux/i686New
cockpit-0.18-1.fc20 A user interface for Linux servers linux/i686New
cockpit-assets-0.18-1.fc20 Web assets for Cockpit linux/noarchNew
cockpit-debuginfo-0.18-1.fc20 Debug information for package cockpit linux/i686New
coda-backup-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Backup coordinator for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-client-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Client for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-debuginfo-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Debug information for package coda linux/i686
coda-gcodacon-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Graphical tray monitor for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-server-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Server for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
coda-vcodacon-6.9.5-1i3.fc20 Graphical console for the Coda distributed file system linux/i686
colorhug-client-0.2.1-1.fc20 Tools for the Hughski Colorimeter linux/i686
colorhug-client-debuginfo-0.2.1-1.fc20 Debug information for package colorhug-client linux/i686
compat-SFML16-1.6-4.fc20 Simple and Fast Multimedia Library linux/i686
compat-SFML16-debuginfo-1.6-4.fc20 Debug information for package compat-SFML16 linux/i686
compat-SFML16-devel-1.6-4.fc20 Development files for compat-SFML16 linux/i686
compiz-0.8.8-27.fc20 OpenGL window and compositing manager linux/i686New
compiz-debuginfo-0.8.8-27.fc20 Debug information for package compiz linux/i686New
compiz-devel-0.8.8-27.fc20 Development packages for compiz linux/i686New
compiz-lxde-0.8.8-27.fc20 Compiz lxde integration bits linux/i686New
compiz-mate-0.8.8-27.fc20 Compiz mate integration bits linux/i686New
compiz-xfce-0.8.8-27.fc20 Compiz xfce integration bits linux/i686New
cqrlog-1.8.1-1.fc20 An amateur radio contact logging program linux/i686New
cqrlog-debuginfo-1.8.1-1.fc20 Debug information for package cqrlog linux/i686New
cross-gcc-common-4.9.1-1.fc20 Cross-build GNU C compiler documentation and translation files linux/noarchNew
cross-gcc-debuginfo-4.9.1-1.fc20 Debug information for package cross-gcc linux/i686New
csv-0.08-3.fc20 A CSV command line Tool linux/noarchNew
curl-7.32.0-12.fc20 A utility for getting files from remote servers (FTP, HTTP, and others) linux/i686New
curl-debuginfo-7.32.0-12.fc20 Debug information for package curl linux/i686New
custom-kickstarts-0.20.24-1.fc20 Kickstart files for Custom Spins (not official) linux/noarch
cyrus-sasl-2.1.26-14.fc20 The Cyrus SASL library linux/i686
cyrus-sasl-debuginfo-2.1.26-14.fc20 Debug information for package cyrus-sasl linux/i686
cyrus-sasl-devel-2.1.26-14.fc20 Files needed for developing applications with Cyrus SASL linux/i686
cyrus-sasl-gs2-2.1.26-14.fc20 GS2 support for Cyrus SASL linux/i686
cyrus-sasl-gssapi-2.1.26-14.fc20 GSSAPI authentication support for Cyrus SASL linux/i686
cyrus-sasl-ldap-2.1.26-14.fc20 LDAP auxprop support for Cyrus SASL linux/i686
cyrus-sasl-lib-2.1.26-14.fc20 Shared libraries needed by applications which use Cyrus SASL linux/i686
cyrus-sasl-md5-2.1.26-14.fc20 CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5 authentication support for Cyrus SASL linux/i686
cyrus-sasl-ntlm-2.1.26-14.fc20 NTLM authentication support for Cyrus SASL linux/i686
cyrus-sasl-plain-2.1.26-14.fc20 PLAIN and LOGIN authentication support for Cyrus SASL linux/i686
cyrus-sasl-scram-2.1.26-14.fc20 SCRAM auxprop support for Cyrus SASL linux/i686
cyrus-sasl-sql-2.1.26-14.fc20 SQL auxprop support for Cyrus SASL linux/i686

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