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RPM of Group Applications/Engineering

GMT-4.5.11-1.fc20 Generic Mapping Tools linux/i686
GMT-coastlines-2.2.4-1.fc20 Coastline data for GMT linux/noarch
GMT-coastlines-full-2.2.4-1.fc20 Full resolution coastline data for GMT linux/noarch
GMT-coastlines-high-2.2.4-1.fc20 High resolution coastline data for GMT linux/noarch
GMT-common-4.5.11-1.fc20 Common files for GMT linux/noarch
R-3.1.1-1.fc20 A language for data analysis and graphics linux/i686New
R-core-3.1.1-1.fc20 The minimal R components necessary for a functional runtime linux/i686New
R-core-devel-3.1.1-1.fc20 Core files for development of R packages (no Java) linux/i686New
R-devel-3.1.1-1.fc20 Full R development environment metapackage linux/i686New
R-java-3.1.1-1.fc20 R with Fedora provided Java Runtime Environment linux/i686New
R-java-devel-3.1.1-1.fc20 Development package for use with Java enabled R components linux/i686New
R-qtl-1.32.10-4.fc20 Tools for analyzing QTL experiments linux/i686New
engauge-digitizer-5.2-3.fc20 Convert graphs or map files into numbers linux/i686
engauge-digitizer-data-5.2-3.fc20 The engauge-digitizer data files linux/noarch
engauge-digitizer-transpose-5.2-3.fc20 The engauge-digitizer transpose utility linux/i686
flint-2.4.4-1.fc20 Fast Library for Number Theory linux/i686New
gap-table-of-marks-1.2.4-1.fc20 GAP Table of Marks package linux/noarch
gr-osmosdr-0.1.1-10.20130729git9dfe3a63.fc20 Common software API for various radio hardware linux/i686
gr-osmosdr-devel-0.1.1-10.20130729git9dfe3a63.fc20 Development files for gr-osmosdr linux/i686
gr-osmosdr-doc-0.1.1-10.20130729git9dfe3a63.fc20 Documentation files for gr-osmosdr linux/noarch
gtkwave-3.3.52-1.fc20 Waveform Viewer linux/i686
netcdf-4.3.2-4.fc20 Libraries for the Unidata network Common Data Form linux/i686New
qgis-2.2.0-1.fc20 A user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System linux/i686
qgis-grass-2.2.0-1.fc20 GRASS Support Libraries for Quantum GIS linux/i686
qgis-mapserver-2.2.0-1.fc20 FCGI based OGC web map server linux/i686
qgis-python-2.2.0-1.fc20 Python integration and plug-ins for Quantum GIS linux/i686
sdcc-3.3.0-1.fc20 Small Device C Compiler linux/i686New
sdcc-libc-sources-3.3.0-1.fc20 Small Device C Compiler linux/i686New
speedcrunch-0.11-1.fc20 A fast power user calculator linux/i686New
wgrib- Manipulate, inventory and decode GRIB files linux/i686
xgridedit-4.5.11-1.fc20 GMT grid code graphical editor linux/i686

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