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RPM of Group System Environment/Libraries

CUnit-2.1.3-7.fc19 A unit testing framework for C linux/s390
SDL2-2.0.3-1.fc19 A cross-platform multimedia library linux/s390
audacious-libs-3.4.3-1.fc19 Library files for the Audacious audio player linux/s390
cups-filters-libs-1.0.41-6.fc19 OpenPrinting CUPS filters and backends - cupsfilters and fontembed libraries linux/s390New
dnssec-tools-libs-2.0-9.fc19 C-based libraries for dnssec aware tools linux/s390
dnssec-tools-perlmods-2.0-9.fc19 Perl modules supporting DNSSEC (needed by the dnssec-tools) linux/s390
dpm-libs-1.8.8-4.fc19 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) libraries linux/s390New
freeipa-python-3.3.5-1.fc19 Python libraries used by IPA linux/s390
glom-libs-1.22.4-1.fc19 Libraries for glom linux/s390
gvfs-1.16.4-2.fc19 Backends for the gio framework in GLib linux/s390
gvfs-afp-1.16.4-2.fc19 AFP support for gvfs linux/s390
gvfs-archive-1.16.4-2.fc19 Archiving support for gvfs linux/s390
gvfs-fuse-1.16.4-2.fc19 FUSE support for gvfs linux/s390
gvfs-goa-1.16.4-2.fc19 GOA support for gvfs linux/s390
gvfs-gphoto2-1.16.4-2.fc19 gphoto2 support for gvfs linux/s390
gvfs-mtp-1.16.4-2.fc19 MTP support for gvfs linux/s390
gvfs-smb-1.16.4-2.fc19 Windows fileshare support for gvfs linux/s390
ibus-1.5.6-2.fc19 Intelligent Input Bus for Linux OS linux/s390
ibus-gtk2-1.5.6-2.fc19 IBus im module for gtk2 linux/s390
ibus-gtk3-1.5.6-2.fc19 IBus im module for gtk3 linux/s390
ibus-libs-1.5.6-2.fc19 IBus libraries linux/s390
ibus-pygtk2-1.5.6-2.fc19 IBus pygtk2 library linux/noarch
ibus-setup-1.5.6-2.fc19 IBus setup utility linux/noarch
ibus-table- The Table engine for IBus platform linux/noarchNew
lcgdm-libs-1.8.8-4.fc19 LHC Computing Grid Data Management common libraries linux/s390New
lfc-libs-1.8.8-4.fc19 LCG File Catalog (LFC) libraries linux/s390New
libcdr-0.0.16-1.fc19 A library providing ability to interpret and import CorelDRAW drawings linux/s390New
libcutl-1.8.0-2.fc19 C++ utility library from Code Synthesis linux/s390
libevdev-0.6-3.fc19 Kernel Evdev Device Wrapper Library linux/s390
libevdev-devel-0.6-3.fc19 Kernel Evdev Device Wrapper Library Development Package linux/s390
libinfinity-0.5.5-1.fc19 Library implementing the infinote protocol linux/s390
libinfinity-gtk-0.5.5-1.fc19 GTK widgets for libinfinity linux/s390
libmediainfo-0.7.68-1.fc19 Library for supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file linux/s390New
librepo-1.0.0-4.fc19 Repodata downloading library linux/s390
libreport-2.2.1-1.fc19 Generic library for reporting various problems linux/s390New
libreport-compat-2.2.1-1.fc19 libreport's compat layer for obsoleted 'report' package linux/s390New
libreport-plugin-bugzilla-2.2.1-1.fc19 libreport's bugzilla plugin linux/s390New
libreport-plugin-kerneloops-2.2.1-1.fc19 libreport's kerneloops reporter plugin linux/s390New
libreport-plugin-logger-2.2.1-1.fc19 libreport's logger reporter plugin linux/s390New
libreport-plugin-mailx-2.2.1-1.fc19 libreport's mailx reporter plugin linux/s390New
libreport-plugin-reportuploader-2.2.1-1.fc19 libreport's reportuploader plugin linux/s390New
libreport-plugin-rhtsupport-2.2.1-1.fc19 libreport's RHTSupport plugin linux/s390New
libreport-plugin-ureport-2.2.1-1.fc19 libreport's micro report plugin linux/s390New
libreport-python-2.2.1-1.fc19 Python bindings for report-libs linux/s390New
libreport-python3-2.2.1-1.fc19 Python 3 bindings for report-libs linux/s390New
libreport-web-2.2.1-1.fc19 Library providing network API for libreport linux/s390New
libteam-1.10-1.fc19 Library for controlling team network device linux/s390New
libtheora-1.1.1-6.fc19 Theora Video Compression Codec linux/s390
libvpx-1.3.0-4.fc19 VP8 Video Codec SDK linux/s390New
mingw32-shapelib-1.3.0-3.fc19 MinGW Windows shapelib library linux/noarchNew
mingw32-shapelib-static-1.3.0-3.fc19 Static version of the MinGW Windows shapelib library linux/noarchNew
mingw32-shapelib-tools-1.3.0-3.fc19 Tools for the MinGW Windows shapelib library linux/noarchNew
mingw64-shapelib-1.3.0-3.fc19 MinGW Windows shapelib library linux/noarchNew
mingw64-shapelib-static-1.3.0-3.fc19 Static version of the MinGW Windows shapelib library linux/noarchNew
mingw64-shapelib-tools-1.3.0-3.fc19 Tools for the MinGW Windows shapelib library linux/noarchNew
opensc-0.13.0-7.fc19 Smart card library and applications linux/s390
openssl-1.0.1e-36.fc19 Utilities from the general purpose cryptography library with TLS implementation linux/s390
openssl-libs-1.0.1e-36.fc19 A general purpose cryptography library with TLS implementation linux/s390
php-embedded-5.5.11-1.fc19 PHP library for embedding in applications linux/s390New
php-enchant-5.5.11-1.fc19 Enchant spelling extension for PHP applications linux/s390New
php-intl-5.5.11-1.fc19 Internationalization extension for PHP applications linux/s390New
php-pspell-5.5.11-1.fc19 A module for PHP applications for using pspell interfaces linux/s390New
php-recode-5.5.11-1.fc19 A module for PHP applications for using the recode library linux/s390New
pynag-0.8.5-1.fc19 Python modules and utilities for Nagios plugins and configuration linux/noarchNew
pynag-examples-0.8.5-1.fc19 Example scripts which manipulate Nagios configuration linux/noarchNew
python-cpopen-1.3-2.fc19 Creates a sub-process in simpler safer manner linux/s390
python-ethtool-0.9-2.fc19 Ethernet settings python bindings linux/s390
python-pthreading-0.1.3-0.fc19 Re-implement threading.Lock, RLock and Condition with libpthread linux/noarch
python-pysctp-0.6-1.fc19 Python sctp socket api extensions bindings linux/s390
python-sgutils-0.2.1-4.fc19 Python support for sg3_utils linux/s390
shared-color-targets-0.1.4-1.fc19 Shared color targets for creating color profiles linux/noarchNew
sofia-sip-1.12.11-8.fc19 Sofia SIP User-Agent library linux/s390
sofia-sip-glib-1.12.11-8.fc19 Glib bindings for Sofia-SIP linux/s390
spice-gtk-0.20-7.fc19 A GTK+ widget for SPICE clients linux/s390
tinyxml-2.6.2-2.fc19 A simple, small, C++ XML parser linux/s390New
tog-pegasus-libs-2.12.1-9.fc19 The OpenPegasus Libraries linux/s390
varnish-docs-3.0.5-1.fc19 Documentation files for varnish linux/s390
varnish-libs-3.0.5-1.fc19 Libraries for varnish linux/s390
varnish-libs-devel-3.0.5-1.fc19 Development files for varnish-libs linux/s390
wxBase3-3.0.0-7.fc19 Non-GUI support classes from the wxWidgets library linux/s390New
wxGTK3-3.0.0-7.fc19 GTK port of the wxWidgets GUI library linux/s390New
wxGTK3-gl-3.0.0-7.fc19 OpenGL add-on for the wxWidgets library linux/s390New
wxGTK3-media-3.0.0-7.fc19 Multimedia add-on for the wxWidgets library linux/s390New

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