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RPM of Group Development/Libraries

ansible-1.8.2-1.fc19 SSH-based configuration management, deployment, and task execution system linux/noarchNew
armadillo-4.550.2-1.fc19 Fast C++ matrix library with interfaces to LAPACK and ATLAS linux/s390New
armadillo-devel-4.550.2-1.fc19 Development headers and documentation for the Armadillo C++ library linux/s390New
asterisk-devel-11.14.2-1.fc19 Development files for Asterisk linux/s390New
bind-devel-9.9.3-16.P2.fc19 Header files and libraries needed for BIND DNS development linux/s390New
bind-lite-devel-9.9.3-16.P2.fc19 Lite version of header files and libraries needed for BIND DNS development linux/s390New
btrfs-progs-devel-3.16-1.fc19 btrfs filesystem-specific libraries and headers linux/s390
calc-devel- Development files for the calc arithmetic system linux/s390
cifs-utils-devel-6.4-1.fc19 Files needed for building plugins for cifs-utils linux/s390
claws-mail-devel-3.11.1-2.fc19 Development package for claws-mail linux/s390
cups-devel-1.6.4-12.fc19 CUPS printing system - development environment linux/s390
dnssec-tools-libs-devel-2.0-9.fc19 C-based development libraries for dnssec aware tools linux/s390
flac-devel-1.3.1-1.fc19 Development libraries and header files from FLAC linux/s390
frepple-devel-2.1-1.fc19 The libraries and header files needed for frePPLe development linux/s390
ghostscript-devel-9.14-5.fc19 Files for developing applications that use ghostscript linux/s390
glm-devel- C++ mathematics library for graphics programming linux/s390
globus-ftp-client-devel-8.17-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - GridFTP Client Library Development Files linux/s390New
globus-gridftp-server-devel-7.17-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Globus GridFTP Server Development Files linux/s390New
globus-scheduler-event-generator-devel-5.9-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Scheduler Event Generator Development Files linux/s390New
glom-devel-1.22.4-1.fc19 Headers for developing programs that will use glom linux/s390
gnutls-devel-3.1.20-6.fc19 Development files for the gnutls package linux/s390
icecream-devel-1.0.1-11.20140822git.fc19 Development files for icecream linux/s390New
jasper-devel-1.900.1-25.fc19 Header files, libraries and developer documentation linux/s390New
jasper-utils-1.900.1-25.fc19 Nonessential utilities for jasper linux/s390New
kobo-0.4.3-1.fc19 Python modules for tools development linux/noarch
kobo-client-0.4.3-1.fc19 CLI client linux/noarch
kobo-django-0.4.3-1.fc19 Django components linux/noarch
kobo-hub-0.4.3-1.fc19 Xml-rpc and web interface to a task database linux/noarch
kobo-rpmlib-0.4.3-1.fc19 Functions to manipulate with RPM files linux/noarch
kobo-worker-0.4.3-1.fc19 Worker daemon processing tasks submitted to the hub linux/noarch
krb5-devel-1.11.3-29.fc19 Development files needed to compile Kerberos 5 programs linux/s390
libHX-devel-3.22-1.fc19 Development files for libHX linux/s390
libNX_X11-devel- Development files for the Core NX protocol library linux/s390
libNX_Xau-devel- Development files for the NX authorization protocol library linux/s390
libNX_Xdmcp-devel- Development files for the NXDM Control Protocol library linux/s390
libNX_Xext-devel- Development files for the NX Common Extensions library linux/s390
libNX_Xfixes-devel- Development files for the NX Xfixes extension library linux/s390
libNX_Xpm-devel- Development files for the NX Pixmap image file format library linux/s390
libNX_Xrender-devel- Development files for the NX Render Extension library linux/s390
libXcomp-devel- Development files for the NX differential compression library linux/s390
libXcompext-devel- Development files for the NX compression extensions library linux/s390
libXcompshad-devel- Development files for the NX session shadowing library linux/s390
libblkid-2.23.2-6.fc19 Block device ID library linux/s390
libblkid-devel-2.23.2-6.fc19 Block device ID library linux/s390
libcgroup-0.38-7.fc19 Library to control and monitor control groups linux/s390
libcgroup-devel-0.38-7.fc19 Development libraries to develop applications that utilize control groups linux/s390
libchewing-devel-0.4.0-3.fc19 Development files for libchewing linux/s390
libchewing-python-0.4.0-3.fc19 Python binding for libchewing linux/s390
libcurl-7.29.0-27.fc19 A library for getting files from web servers linux/s390New
libcurl-devel-7.29.0-27.fc19 Files needed for building applications with libcurl linux/s390New
libeap-devel-2.0-12.fc19 Header files for EAP peer library linux/s390
libetpan-devel-1.6-1.fc19 Development package for libetpan linux/s390
libmediainfo-devel-0.7.71-2.fc19 Include files and mandatory libraries for development linux/s390New
libmount-2.23.2-6.fc19 Device mounting library linux/s390
libmount-devel-2.23.2-6.fc19 Device mounting library linux/s390
libopendkim-devel-2.9.2-2.fc19 Development files for libopendkim linux/s390
libreoffice-bsh- BeanShell support for LibreOffice linux/s390
libreoffice-glade- Support for creating LibreOffice dialogs in glade linux/s390
libreoffice-headless- LibreOffice Headless plug-in linux/s390
libreoffice-pyuno- Python support for LibreOffice linux/s390
libreoffice-rhino- JavaScript support for LibreOffice linux/s390
libreoffice-sdk- Software Development Kit for LibreOffice linux/s390
libreoffice-ure- UNO Runtime Environment linux/s390
libstoragemgmt-devel-1.1.0-1.fc19 Development files for libstoragemgmt linux/s390New
libtheora-devel-1.1.1-6.fc19 Development tools for Theora applications linux/s390
libtheora-devel-docs-1.1.1-6.fc19 Documentation for developing Theora applications linux/noarch
libuuid-2.23.2-6.fc19 Universally unique ID library linux/s390
libuuid-devel-2.23.2-6.fc19 Universally unique ID library linux/s390
libzen-devel-0.4.30-3.fc19 Include files and mandatory libraries for development linux/s390New
lxc-devel-1.0.7-1.fc19 Development files for lxc linux/s390New
maven-compiler-plugin-3.1-2.fc19 Maven Compiler Plugin linux/noarch
maven-shared-incremental-1.1-4.fc19 Maven Incremental Build support utilities linux/noarch
mingw32-cximage-600-9.fc19 MinGW Windows CxImage manipulation library linux/noarch
mingw32-cximage-static-600-9.fc19 MinGW Windows CxImage manipulation static library linux/noarch
mingw64-cximage-600-9.fc19 MinGW Windows CxImage manipulation library linux/noarch
mingw64-cximage-static-600-9.fc19 MinGW Windows CxImage manipulation static library linux/noarch
mozldap-devel-6.0.5-11.fc19 Development libraries and examples for Mozilla LDAP C SDK linux/s390
nss-devel-3.17.3-2.fc19 Development libraries for Network Security Services linux/s390New
nss-pkcs11-devel-3.17.3-2.fc19 Development libraries for PKCS #11 (Cryptoki) using NSS linux/s390New
nss-softokn-devel-3.17.3-1.fc19 Development libraries for Network Security Services linux/s390New
nss-util-devel-3.17.3-1.fc19 Development libraries for Network Security Services Utilities linux/s390New
ntfs-3g-devel-2014.2.15-1.fc19 Development files and libraries for ntfs-3g linux/s390
nx-libs-devel- Include files and libraries for NX development linux/s390
nx-proto-devel- Include files for NX development linux/s390
pagekite-0.5.6d-1.fc19 Makes localhost servers visible to the world linux/noarch
pam-devel-1.1.6-13.fc19 Files needed for developing PAM-aware applications and modules for PAM linux/s390New
pcp-conf-3.10.1-1.fc19 Performance Co-Pilot run-time configuration linux/s390New
pcp-libs-3.10.1-1.fc19 Performance Co-Pilot run-time libraries linux/s390New
pcp-libs-devel-3.10.1-1.fc19 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) development headers and documentation linux/s390New
pcp-testsuite-3.10.1-1.fc19 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) test suite linux/s390New
perl-Crypt-Rijndael-1.12-1.fc19 Crypt::CBC compliant Rijndael encryption module linux/s390
perl-Filter-1.51-1.fc19 Perl source filters linux/s390New
perl-IPC-Run-0.93-1.fc19 Perl module for interacting with child processes linux/noarchNew
perl-MIME-Lite-TT-HTML-0.04-1.fc19 MIME::Lite::TT::HTML - Create html mail with MIME::Lite and TT linux/noarch
perl-Net-Twitter-4.01005-1.fc19 Perl interface to the Twitter API linux/noarch
perl-PCP-LogImport-3.10.1-1.fc19 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) Perl bindings for importing external data into PCP archives linux/s390New
perl-PCP-LogSummary-3.10.1-1.fc19 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) Perl bindings for post-processing output of pmlogsummary linux/s390New
perl-PCP-MMV-3.10.1-1.fc19 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) Perl bindings for PCP Memory Mapped Values linux/s390New
perl-PCP-PMDA-3.10.1-1.fc19 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) Perl bindings and documentation linux/s390New
perl-PDF-Reuse-0.36-1.fc19 Reuse and mass produce PDF documents linux/noarchNew
perl-perlmenu-4.0-20.fc19 Perl library module for curses-based menus & data-entry templates linux/noarch
perl-smartmatch-0.05-1.fc19 Pluggable smart matching back-ends linux/s390New
php-doctrine-lexer-1.0-5.20140909git83893c5.fc19 Base library for a lexer that can be used in top-down, recursive descent parsers linux/noarchNew
php-irodsphp-3.3.0-0.3.beta1.fc19 PHP client API for iRODS linux/noarch
php-tcpdf-6.1.1-1.fc19 PHP class for generating PDF documents and barcodes linux/noarchNew
php-tcpdf-dejavu-lgc-sans-fonts-6.1.1-1.fc19 DejaVu LGC sans-serif fonts for tcpdf linux/noarchNew
php-tcpdf-dejavu-lgc-sans-mono-fonts-6.1.1-1.fc19 DejaVu LGC mono-spaced fonts for tcpdf linux/noarchNew
php-tcpdf-dejavu-lgc-serif-fonts-6.1.1-1.fc19 DejaVu LGC serif fonts for tcpdf linux/noarchNew
php-tcpdf-dejavu-sans-fonts-6.1.1-1.fc19 DejaVu sans-serif fonts for tcpdf linux/noarchNew
php-tcpdf-dejavu-sans-mono-fonts-6.1.1-1.fc19 DejaVu mono-spaced fonts for tcpdf linux/noarchNew
php-tcpdf-dejavu-serif-fonts-6.1.1-1.fc19 DejaVu serif fonts for tcpdf linux/noarchNew
php-tcpdf-gnu-free-mono-fonts-6.1.1-1.fc19 GNU FreeFonts mono-spaced for tcpdf linux/noarchNew
php-tcpdf-gnu-free-sans-fonts-6.1.1-1.fc19 GNU FreeFonts sans-serif for tcpdf linux/noarchNew
php-tcpdf-gnu-free-serif-fonts-6.1.1-1.fc19 GNU FreeFonts serif for tcpdf linux/noarchNew
pjproject-devel-2.3-5.fc19 Development files to use pjproject linux/s390
poppler-0.22.1-7.fc19 PDF rendering library linux/s390New
poppler-cpp-0.22.1-7.fc19 Pure C++ wrapper for poppler linux/s390New
poppler-cpp-devel-0.22.1-7.fc19 Development files for C++ wrapper linux/s390New
poppler-devel-0.22.1-7.fc19 Libraries and headers for poppler linux/s390New
poppler-glib-0.22.1-7.fc19 Glib wrapper for poppler linux/s390New
poppler-glib-devel-0.22.1-7.fc19 Development files for glib wrapper linux/s390New
poppler-qt-devel-0.22.1-7.fc19 Development files for Qt4 wrapper linux/s390New
postgresql-devel-9.2.9-1.fc19 PostgreSQL development header files and libraries linux/s390
python-argcomplete-0.8.4-1.fc19 Bash tab completion for argparse linux/noarchNew
python-dmlite-0.7.2-1.fc19 Python wrapper for dmlite linux/s390
python-fedmsg-meta-fedora-infrastructure-0.3.8-1.fc19 Metadata providers for Fedora Infrastructure's fedmsg deployment linux/noarchNew
python-fn-0.2.13-1.fc19 Features to allow functional programming in Python linux/noarch
python-lamson-1.3.4-1.fc19 A modern Pythonic mail server linux/noarch
python-matplotlib-1.2.0-15.fc19 Python 2D plotting library linux/s390
python-matplotlib-qt4-1.2.0-15.fc19 Qt4 backend for python-matplotlib linux/s390
python-matplotlib-tk-1.2.0-15.fc19 Tk backend for python-matplotlib linux/s390
python-matplotlib-wx-1.2.0-15.fc19 wxPython backend for python-matplotlib linux/s390
python-pcp-3.10.1-1.fc19 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) Python bindings and documentation linux/s390New
python-trollius-0.1.5-3.fc19 A port of the Tulip asyncio module to Python 2 linux/noarch
python3-devel-3.3.2-11.fc19 Libraries and header files needed for Python 3 development linux/s390New
python3-fn-0.2.13-1.fc19 Features to allow functional programming in Python linux/noarch
python3-libs-3.3.2-11.fc19 Python 3 runtime libraries linux/s390New
python3-matplotlib-1.2.0-15.fc19 Python 2D plotting library linux/s390
python3-matplotlib-qt4-1.2.0-15.fc19 Qt4 backend for python3-matplotlib linux/s390
python3-matplotlib-tk-1.2.0-15.fc19 Tk backend for python3-matplotlib linux/s390
python3-pcp-3.10.1-1.fc19 Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) Python3 bindings and documentation linux/s390New
python3-pyxdg-0.25-5.fc19 Python3 library to access standards linux/noarch
pyxdg-0.25-5.fc19 Python library to access standards linux/noarch
sofia-sip-devel-1.12.11-8.fc19 Sofia-SIP Development Package linux/s390
sofia-sip-glib-devel-1.12.11-8.fc19 Glib bindings for Sofia SIP development files linux/s390
spice-glib-0.20-7.fc19 A GObject for communicating with Spice servers linux/s390
spice-glib-devel-0.20-7.fc19 Development files to build Glib2 applications with spice-glib-2.0 linux/s390
spice-gtk-devel-0.20-7.fc19 Development files to build GTK2 applications with spice-gtk-2.0 linux/s390
spice-gtk-python-0.20-7.fc19 Python bindings for the spice-gtk-2.0 library linux/s390
spice-gtk3-0.20-7.fc19 A GTK3 widget for SPICE clients linux/s390
spice-gtk3-devel-0.20-7.fc19 Development files to build GTK3 applications with spice-gtk-3.0 linux/s390
spice-gtk3-vala-0.20-7.fc19 Vala bindings for the spice-gtk-3.0 library linux/s390
spice-protocol-0.12.7-1.fc19 Spice protocol header files linux/noarch
tweepy-2.0-1.fc19 Twitter library for python linux/noarch
xorg-x11-server-source-1.14.4-5.fc19 Xserver source code required to build VNC server (Xvnc) linux/noarchNew
xrootd-client-devel-4.1.1-1.fc19 Development files for xrootd clients linux/s390New
xrootd-devel-4.1.1-1.fc19 Development files for xrootd linux/s390New
xrootd-private-devel-4.1.1-1.fc19 Legacy xrootd headers linux/noarchNew
xrootd-server-devel-4.1.1-1.fc19 Development files for xrootd servers linux/s390New

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