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RPM of Group Applications/Internet

apachetop-0.12.6-12.fc19 A top-like display of Apache logs linux/s390
claws-mail-3.10.1-1.fc19 Email client and news reader based on GTK+ linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-3.10.0-1.fc19 Additional plugins for Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-acpi-notifier-3.10.1-1.fc19 ACPI notification plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-address-keeper-3.10.1-1.fc19 Never forget a typed address in Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-archive-3.10.1-1.fc19 Archiving features for Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-att-remover-3.10.1-1.fc19 Attachments remover plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-attachwarner-3.10.1-1.fc19 Attachment warner plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-bogofilter-3.10.1-1.fc19 Bogofilter plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-bsfilter-3.10.1-1.fc19 Bayesian spam filtering for Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-clamd-3.10.1-1.fc19 Use Clam AntiVirus to scan messages in Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-fancy-3.10.1-1.fc19 Display HTML emails in Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-fetchinfo-3.10.1-1.fc19 Modify headers of downloaded messages in Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-gdata-3.10.1-1.fc19 Access to GData (Google services) for Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-geolocation-3.10.1-1.fc19 Provide GeoLocation functionality in Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-libravatar-3.10.1-1.fc19 Libravatar plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-mailmbox-3.10.1-1.fc19 Add support for mailboxes in mbox format to Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-newmail-3.10.1-1.fc19 Make Claws Mail write a message header summary to a file linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-notification-3.10.1-1.fc19 Various ways to notify about new messages in Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-pdf-viewer-3.10.1-1.fc19 Enables the viewing of PDF and PostScript attachments linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-perl-3.10.1-1.fc19 Perl based extended filtering engine for Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-pgp-3.10.1-1.fc19 PGP plugin for signing and encrypting with Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-python-3.10.1-1.fc19 Python scripting access to Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-rssyl-3.10.1-1.fc19 RSS plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-smime-3.10.1-1.fc19 S/MIME support for Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-spam-report-3.10.1-1.fc19 Report spam mail to various places with Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-spamassassin-3.10.1-1.fc19 Spamassassin plugin for Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-tnef-3.10.1-1.fc19 TNEF message parsing for Claws Mail linux/s390
claws-mail-plugins-vcalendar-3.10.1-1.fc19 Handling of vCalendar messages in Claws Mail linux/s390
curl-7.29.0-23.fc19 A utility for getting files from remote servers (FTP, HTTP, and others) linux/s390
deluge-1.3.7-1.fc19 A GTK+ BitTorrent client with support for DHT, UPnP, and PEX linux/noarchNew
deluge-common-1.3.7-1.fc19 Files common to Deluge sub packages linux/noarchNew
deluge-console-1.3.7-1.fc19 CLI to Deluge linux/noarchNew
deluge-daemon-1.3.7-1.fc19 The Deluge daemon linux/noarchNew
deluge-gtk-1.3.7-1.fc19 The gtk UI to Deluge linux/noarchNew
deluge-images-1.3.7-1.fc19 Image files for deluge linux/noarchNew
deluge-web-1.3.7-1.fc19 Web interface to Deluge linux/noarchNew
dillo-3.0.4-1.fc19 Very small and fast GUI web browser linux/s390
dmlite-devel-0.7.0-2.fc19 Development libraries and headers for dmlite linux/s390New
dmlite-docs-0.7.0-2.fc19 Documentation files for dmlite linux/s390New
dmlite-libs-0.7.0-2.fc19 Libraries for dmlite packages linux/s390New
dmlite-plugins-adapter-0.7.0-2.fc19 Adapter plugin for dmlite linux/s390New
dmlite-plugins-memcache-0.7.0-2.fc19 Memcached plugin for dmlite linux/s390New
dmlite-plugins-mysql-0.7.0-2.fc19 MySQL plugin for dmlite linux/s390New
dmlite-plugins-profiler-0.7.0-2.fc19 Memcached plugin for dmlite linux/s390New
dmlite-private-devel-0.7.0-2.fc19 Private development libraries and headers for dmlite linux/s390New
dmlite-shell-0.7.0-2.fc19 Shell environment for dmlite linux/noarchNew
dpm-dsi-1.9.3-3.fc19 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) plugin for the Globus GridFTP server linux/s390
dsniff-2.4-0.17.b1.fc19 Tools for network auditing and penetration testing linux/s390
evolution-rss-0.3.93-4.fc19 Evolution RSS Reader linux/s390
fedora-bookmarks-15-5.fc19 Fedora bookmarks linux/noarch
filezilla- FTP, FTPS and SFTP client linux/s390
firefox-32.0.2-1.fc19 Mozilla Firefox Web browser linux/s390New
globus-common-progs-15.25-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Common Library Programs linux/s390New
globus-gass-cache-program-6.4-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Tools to manipulate local and remote GASS caches linux/s390New
globus-gass-copy-progs-9.11-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Globus Gass Copy Programs linux/s390New
globus-gass-server-ez-progs-5.6-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Globus Gass Server_ez Programs linux/s390New
globus-gatekeeper-10.7-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Globus Gatekeeper linux/s390New
globus-gfork-progs-4.6-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - GFork Programs linux/s390New
globus-gram-audit-4.3-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - GRAM Jobmanager Auditing linux/noarchNew
globus-gram-client-tools-11.5-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Job Management Tools (globusrun) linux/s390New
globus-gram-job-manager-14.20-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - GRAM Jobmanager linux/s390New
globus-gram-job-manager-condor-2.4-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Condor Job Manager Support linux/noarchNew
globus-gram-job-manager-fork-2.4-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Fork Job Manager Support linux/s390New
globus-gram-job-manager-fork-setup-poll-2.4-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Fork Job Manager Support using polling linux/noarchNew
globus-gram-job-manager-fork-setup-seg-2.4-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Fork Job Manager Support using SEG linux/s390New
globus-gram-job-manager-lsf-2.5-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - LSF Job Manager Support linux/s390New
globus-gram-job-manager-lsf-setup-poll-2.5-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - LSF Job Manager Support using polling linux/noarchNew
globus-gram-job-manager-lsf-setup-seg-2.5-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - LSF Job Manager Support using SEG linux/s390New
globus-gram-job-manager-pbs-2.4-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - PBS Job Manager Support linux/s390New
globus-gram-job-manager-pbs-setup-poll-2.4-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - PBS Job Manager Support using polling linux/noarchNew
globus-gram-job-manager-pbs-setup-seg-2.4-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - PBS Job Manager Support using SEG linux/s390New
globus-gram-job-manager-scripts-6.6-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - GRAM Job ManagerScripts linux/noarchNew
globus-gram-job-manager-sge-2.4-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Grid Engine Job Manager Support linux/s390New
globus-gram-job-manager-sge-setup-poll-2.4-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Grid Engine Job Manager Support using polling linux/noarchNew
globus-gram-job-manager-sge-setup-seg-2.4-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Grid Engine Job Manager Support using SEG linux/s390New
globus-gram-job-manager-slurm-2.4-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - SLURM Job Manager Support linux/noarchNew
globus-gridftp-server-progs-7.11-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Globus GridFTP Server Programs linux/s390New
globus-gsi-cert-utils-progs-9.9-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Globus GSI Cert Utils Library Programs linux/noarchNew
globus-gss-assist-progs-10.11-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - GSSAPI Assist library Programs linux/noarchNew
globus-proxy-utils-6.8-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Globus GSI Proxy Utility Programs linux/s390New
globus-scheduler-event-generator-progs-5.6-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Scheduler Event Generator Programs linux/s390New
globus-simple-ca-4.14-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - Simple CA Utility linux/noarchNew
globus-xioperf-4.4-1.fc19 Globus Toolkit - XIO Performance Tool linux/s390New
koji-hub-1.9.0-5.fc19 Koji XMLRPC interface linux/noarchNew
koji-hub-plugins-1.9.0-5.fc19 Koji hub plugins linux/noarchNew
koji-utils-1.9.0-5.fc19 Koji Utilities linux/noarchNew
koji-web-1.9.0-5.fc19 Koji Web UI linux/noarchNew
lcgdm-dav-0.15.0-1.fc19 HTTP/DAV front end to the DPM/LFC services linux/s390New
lcgdm-dav-devel-0.15.0-1.fc19 Development libraries and headers for lcgdm-dav linux/s390New
lcgdm-dav-libs-0.15.0-1.fc19 Common libraries for the lcgdm-dav linux/s390New
lcgdm-dav-server-0.15.0-1.fc19 HTTP/DAV front end to the DPM and LFC services linux/s390New
mcabber-0.10.3-1.fc19 Console Jabber instant messaging client linux/s390
mozilla-https-everywhere-4.0.1-1.fc19 HTTPS/HSTS enforcement extension for Mozilla Firefox and SeaMonkey linux/noarch
myproxy-6.0-2.fc19 Manage X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security credentials linux/s390New
myproxy-admin-6.0-2.fc19 Server for X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security credentials linux/s390New
nbtscan-1.5.1-10.fc19 Tool to gather NetBIOS info from Windows networks linux/s390
offlineimap-6.5.5-1.fc19 Powerful IMAP/Maildir synchronization and reader support linux/noarch
openssl-perl-1.0.1e-36.fc19 Perl scripts provided with OpenSSL linux/s390
phpMyAdmin-4.2.9-1.fc19 Handle the administration of MySQL over the World Wide Web linux/noarchNew
qbittorrent-nox-3.1.10-1.fc19 A Headless Bittorrent Client linux/s390New
quassel-0.11.0-1.fc19 A modern distributed IRC system linux/s390New
quassel-client-0.11.0-1.fc19 Quassel client linux/s390New
quassel-common-0.11.0-1.fc19 Quassel common/shared files linux/noarchNew
quassel-core-0.11.0-1.fc19 Quassel core component linux/s390New
s3cmd-1.5.0-0.3.gitec742180.fc19 Tool for accessing Amazon Simple Storage Service linux/noarch
seren-0.0.20-1.fc19 Simple VoIP program to create conferences from the terminal linux/s390New
sofia-sip-utils-1.12.11-8.fc19 Sofia-SIP Command Line Utilities linux/s390
spice-gtk-tools-0.20-7.fc19 Spice-gtk tools linux/s390
supybot-fedora-0.2.15-1.fc19 Plugin for Supybot to interact with Fedora services linux/noarchNew
thunderbird-31.1.1-1.fc19 Mozilla Thunderbird mail/newsgroup client linux/s390New
uzbl-0-0.32.20120514git228bc38cbd.fc19 Lightweight WebKit browser following the UNIX philosophy linux/s390
uzbl-browser-0-0.32.20120514git228bc38cbd.fc19 A complete browser using Uzbl linux/s390
uzbl-core-0-0.32.20120514git228bc38cbd.fc19 Core component of Uzbl linux/s390
uzbl-defaults-0-0.32.20120514git228bc38cbd.fc19 Default configuration for uzbl linux/s390
uzbl-tabbed-0-0.32.20120514git228bc38cbd.fc19 Tabbed interface to Uzbl linux/s390
whois-5.2.0-1.fc19 Improved WHOIS client linux/s390New
wicd-gtk- GTK+ client for wicd linux/noarchNew
xulrunner-31.0-1.fc19 XUL Runtime for Gecko Applications linux/s390

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