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Packages beginning with letter R

rapidjson-devel-0.12-0.1.git20140801.67143c2.fc19 Fast JSON parser and generator for C++ linux/noarchNew
rapidjson-doc-0.12-0.1.git20140801.67143c2.fc19 Documentation-files for rapidjson linux/noarchNew
readline-6.2-8.fc19 A library for editing typed command lines linux/ppc
readline-debuginfo-6.2-8.fc19 Debug information for package readline linux/ppc
readline-devel-6.2-8.fc19 Files needed to develop programs which use the readline library linux/ppc
readline-static-6.2-8.fc19 Static libraries for the readline library linux/ppc
remctl-3.9-2.fc19 Client/server for Kerberos-authenticated command execution linux/ppc
remctl-debuginfo-3.9-2.fc19 Debug information for package remctl linux/ppc
remctl-devel-3.9-2.fc19 Development files needed to compile C programs against remctl linux/ppc
remctl-perl-3.9-2.fc19 Perl interface to remctl linux/ppc
remctl-php-3.9-2.fc19 PHP interface to remctl linux/ppc
remctl-python-3.9-2.fc19 Python interface to remctl linux/ppc
remctl-ruby-3.9-2.fc19 Ruby interface to remctl linux/ppc
retrace-server-1.12-2.fc19 Application for remote coredump analysis linux/noarchNew
rkhunter-1.4.2-1.fc19 A host-based tool to scan for rootkits, backdoors and local exploits linux/noarch
rpkg-1.26-1.fc19 Utility for interacting with rpm+git packaging systems linux/noarchNew
rpmlint-1.5-12.fc19 Tool for checking common errors in RPM packages linux/noarch
ruby-gofer-0.77.1-1.fc19 Gofer ruby lib modules linux/noarch
rubygem-activerecord-3.2.13-2.fc19 Implements the ActiveRecord pattern for ORM linux/noarch
rubygem-activerecord-doc-3.2.13-2.fc19 Documentation for rubygem-activerecord linux/noarch
rubygem-domain_name-0.5.19-1.fc19 Domain Name manipulation library for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-domain_name-doc-0.5.19-1.fc19 Documentation for rubygem-domain_name linux/noarch
rubygem-kramdown-1.4.0-1.fc19 Fast, pure-Ruby Markdown-superset converter linux/noarch
rubygem-kramdown-doc-1.4.0-1.fc19 Documentation for rubygem-kramdown linux/noarch
rubygem-require_all-1.3.2-4.fc19 A wonderfully simple way to load your code linux/noarchNew
rubygem-require_all-doc-1.3.2-4.fc19 Documentation for rubygem-require_all linux/noarchNew
rubygem-text-1.3.0-1.fc19 Collection of text algorithms linux/noarch
rubygem-text-doc-1.3.0-1.fc19 Documentation for rubygem-text linux/noarch

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