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RPM of Group Development/Libraries

asterisk-devel-11.10.2-2.fc19 Development files for Asterisk linux/ppc
btrfs-progs-devel-3.14.2-1.fc19 btrfs filesystem-specific libraries and headers linux/ppc
claws-mail-devel-3.10.1-1.fc19 Development package for claws-mail linux/ppc
cmockery2-devel-1.3.8-2.fc19 Lightweight C unit testing framework linux/ppcNew
coin-or-Ipopt-devel-3.11.8-1.fc19 Development files for coin-or-Ipopt linux/ppcNew
cups-devel-1.6.4-6.fc19 CUPS printing system - development environment linux/ppcNew
dnssec-tools-libs-devel-2.0-9.fc19 C-based development libraries for dnssec aware tools linux/ppc
fontconfig-devel-2.10.93-2.fc19 Font configuration and customization library linux/ppcNew
frepple-devel-2.1-1.fc19 The libraries and header files needed for frePPLe development linux/ppc
glm-devel- C++ mathematics library for graphics programming linux/ppc
glom-devel-1.22.4-1.fc19 Headers for developing programs that will use glom linux/ppc
ibus-table-devel-1.8.4-1.fc19 Development files for ibus-table linux/noarch
jna-4.1.0-4.fc19 Pure Java access to native libraries linux/ppc
kobo-0.4.3-1.fc19 Python modules for tools development linux/noarch
kobo-client-0.4.3-1.fc19 CLI client linux/noarch
kobo-django-0.4.3-1.fc19 Django components linux/noarch
kobo-hub-0.4.3-1.fc19 Xml-rpc and web interface to a task database linux/noarch
kobo-rpmlib-0.4.3-1.fc19 Functions to manipulate with RPM files linux/noarch
kobo-worker-0.4.3-1.fc19 Worker daemon processing tasks submitted to the hub linux/noarch
libXfont-devel-1.4.8-1.fc19 X.Org X11 libXfont development package linux/ppcNew
libchewing-devel-0.4.0-3.fc19 Development files for libchewing linux/ppc
libchewing-python-0.4.0-3.fc19 Python binding for libchewing linux/ppc
libcurl-7.29.0-21.fc19 A library for getting files from web servers linux/ppcNew
libcurl-devel-7.29.0-21.fc19 Files needed for building applications with libcurl linux/ppcNew
libetpan-devel-1.5-1.fc19 Development package for libetpan linux/ppc
libstoragemgmt-devel-0.1.0-1.fc19 Development files for libstoragemgmt linux/ppcNew
libtasn1-devel-3.7-1.fc19 Files for development of applications which will use libtasn1 linux/ppc
libtirpc-devel-0.2.4-3.0.fc19 Development files for the libtirpc library linux/ppc
lzo-devel-2.08-1.fc19 Development files for the lzo library linux/ppc
mingw32-cximage-600-9.fc19 MinGW Windows CxImage manipulation library linux/noarch
mingw32-cximage-static-600-9.fc19 MinGW Windows CxImage manipulation static library linux/noarch
mingw64-cximage-600-9.fc19 MinGW Windows CxImage manipulation library linux/noarch
mingw64-cximage-static-600-9.fc19 MinGW Windows CxImage manipulation static library linux/noarch
nacl-20110221-8.fc19 Networking and Cryptography library linux/ppc
nacl-devel-20110221-8.fc19 Development files linux/ppc
ntfs-3g-devel-2014.2.15-1.fc19 Development files and libraries for ntfs-3g linux/ppc
openssl-devel-1.0.1e-36.fc19 Files for development of applications which will use OpenSSL linux/ppc
openssl-static-1.0.1e-36.fc19 Libraries for static linking of applications which will use OpenSSL linux/ppc
pagekite-0.5.6d-1.fc19 Makes localhost servers visible to the world linux/noarch
pcre-devel-8.32-10.fc19 Development files for pcre linux/ppcNew
pcre-static-8.32-10.fc19 Static library for pcre linux/ppcNew
perl-Config-Generator-0.8-1.fc19 Shared variables for the Config::Generator modules linux/noarch
perl-Email-Address-1.905-1.fc19 RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation linux/noarch
perl-Module-Package-Au-2-1.fc19 Reusable Module::Install bits linux/noarchNew
perl-Net-DNS-0.78-1.fc19 DNS resolver modules for Perl linux/ppcNew
perl-Net-DNS-Nameserver-0.78-1.fc19 DNS server for Perl linux/ppcNew
perl-Parallel-Prefork-0.17-1.fc19 Simple prefork server framework linux/noarchNew
perl-Switch-2.17-1.fc19 A switch statement for Perl linux/noarch
perl-perlmenu-4.0-20.fc19 Perl library module for curses-based menus & data-entry templates linux/noarch
python-fedmsg-meta-fedora-infrastructure-0.2.15-2.fc19 Metadata providers for Fedora Infrastructure's fedmsg deployment linux/noarchNew
python-fmn-rules-0.2.4-1.fc19 Message processing rules for Fedora Notifications linux/noarchNew
python-fn-0.2.13-1.fc19 Features to allow functional programming in Python linux/noarch
python-lamson-1.3.4-1.fc19 A modern Pythonic mail server linux/noarch
python-matplotlib-1.2.0-15.fc19 Python 2D plotting library linux/ppc
python-matplotlib-qt4-1.2.0-15.fc19 Qt4 backend for python-matplotlib linux/ppc
python-matplotlib-tk-1.2.0-15.fc19 Tk backend for python-matplotlib linux/ppc
python-matplotlib-wx-1.2.0-15.fc19 wxPython backend for python-matplotlib linux/ppc
python-trollius-0.1.5-3.fc19 A port of the Tulip asyncio module to Python 2 linux/noarch
python-webassets-0.9-1.fc19 Media asset management for python linux/noarch
python3-fn-0.2.13-1.fc19 Features to allow functional programming in Python linux/noarch
python3-matplotlib-1.2.0-15.fc19 Python 2D plotting library linux/ppc
python3-matplotlib-qt4-1.2.0-15.fc19 Qt4 backend for python3-matplotlib linux/ppc
python3-matplotlib-tk-1.2.0-15.fc19 Tk backend for python3-matplotlib linux/ppc
python3-webassets-0.9-1.fc19 Media asset management for python linux/noarch
readline-devel-6.2-8.fc19 Files needed to develop programs which use the readline library linux/ppc
readline-static-6.2-8.fc19 Static libraries for the readline library linux/ppc
remctl-devel-3.9-2.fc19 Development files needed to compile C programs against remctl linux/ppcNew
remctl-perl-3.9-2.fc19 Perl interface to remctl linux/ppcNew
remctl-php-3.9-2.fc19 PHP interface to remctl linux/ppcNew
remctl-python-3.9-2.fc19 Python interface to remctl linux/ppcNew
remctl-ruby-3.9-2.fc19 Ruby interface to remctl linux/ppcNew
sofia-sip-devel-1.12.11-8.fc19 Sofia-SIP Development Package linux/ppc
sofia-sip-glib-devel-1.12.11-8.fc19 Glib bindings for Sofia SIP development files linux/ppc
spice-protocol-0.12.7-1.fc19 Spice protocol header files linux/noarch
subversion-javahl-1.7.17-1.fc19 JNI bindings to the Subversion libraries linux/ppc
subversion-perl-1.7.17-1.fc19 Perl bindings to the Subversion libraries linux/ppc
subversion-python-1.7.17-1.fc19 Python bindings for Subversion Version Control system linux/ppc
subversion-ruby-1.7.17-1.fc19 Ruby bindings to the Subversion libraries linux/ppc
tweepy-2.0-1.fc19 Twitter library for python linux/noarch
wxGTK3-devel-3.0.1-1.fc19 Development files for the wxGTK3 library linux/ppcNew
wxGTK3-docs-3.0.1-1.fc19 Documentation for the wxGTK3 library linux/noarchNew
xorg-x11-drv-evdev-devel-2.8.4-1.fc19 Xorg X11 evdev input driver development package. linux/ppc
xorg-x11-drv-synaptics-devel-1.7.4-9.fc19 Xorg X11 synaptics input driver linux/ppc
zarafa-devel-7.1.10-2.fc19 Development files for several Zarafa libraries linux/ppcNew

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