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Packages beginning with letter H

hadolint-1.18.2-3.fc34 Dockerfile linter, validate inline bash linux/armv7hl
hamlib-4.4-1.fc34 Run-time library to control radio transceivers and receivers linux/armv7hl
hamlib-c++-4.4-1.fc34 Hamlib radio control library C++ binding linux/armv7hl
hamlib-c++-devel-4.4-1.fc34 Hamlib radio control library C++ binding development headers and libraries linux/armv7hl
hamlib-devel-4.4-1.fc34 Development library to control radio transceivers and receivers linux/armv7hl
hamlib-doc-4.4-1.fc34 Documentation for the hamlib radio control library linux/noarch
handlebars-4.2.1-2.fc34 Handlebars templating implemented in Rust linux/armv7hl
haproxy-2.3.14-1.fc34 HAProxy reverse proxy for high availability environments linux/armv7hl
harmonyseq-0.16.1-2.fc34 MIDI sequencer designed for live performances linux/armv7hl
harmonyseq-doc-0.16.1-2.fc34 Documentation and examples for harmonySEQ linux/noarch
harvey-1.0.2-1.fc34 The hero that Gotham needs right now linux/armv7hl
hash-slinger-3.1-2.fc34 Generate and verify various DNS records such as SSHFP, TLSA and OPENPGPKEY linux/noarch
hashcat-6.2.5-1.fc34 Advanced password recovery utility linux/armv7hl
hashcat-devel-6.2.5-1.fc34 Development files for hashcat linux/armv7hl
hashcat-doc-6.2.5-1.fc34 Documentation files for hashcat linux/noarch
haveged-1.9.18-1.fc34 A Linux entropy source using the HAVEGE algorithm linux/armv7hl
haveged-devel-1.9.18-1.fc34 Headers and shared development libraries for HAVEGE algorithm linux/armv7hl
hddfancontrol-1.5.0-1.fc34 Control system fan speed by monitoring hard drive temperature linux/noarch
hdparm-9.60-1.fc34 A utility for displaying and/or setting hard disk parameters linux/armv7hl
heatseeker-1.7.1-6.fc34 Fast, robust, and portable fuzzy finder linux/armv7hl
help2man-1.49.1-1.fc34 Create simple man pages from --help output linux/noarch
hexchat-2.16.0-1.fc34 A popular and easy to use graphical IRC (chat) client linux/armv7hl
hexchat-devel-2.16.0-1.fc34 Development files for hexchat linux/armv7hl
hidapi-0.11.2-2.fc34 Library for communicating with USB and Bluetooth HID devices linux/armv7hl
hidapi-devel-0.11.2-2.fc34 Development files for hidapi linux/armv7hl
highway-devel-0.15.0-1.fc34 Development files for Highway linux/armv7hl
highway-doc-0.15.0-1.fc34 Documentation for Highway linux/noarch
hikari-2.3.0-1.fc34 Stacking Wayland compositor with tiling capabilities linux/armv7hl
hitori-3.38.3-1.fc34 Logic puzzle game for GNOME linux/armv7hl
hivex-1.3.21-1.fc34 Read and write Windows Registry binary hive files linux/armv7hl
hivex-devel-1.3.21-1.fc34 Development tools and libraries for hivex linux/armv7hl
hivex-static-1.3.21-1.fc34 Statically linked library for hivex linux/armv7hl
holland-1.2.9-2.fc34 Pluggable Backup Framework linux/noarch
holland-common-1.2.9-2.fc34 Common library functionality for Holland Plugins linux/noarch
holland-commvault-1.2.9-2.fc34 Holland plugin for Commvault linux/noarch
holland-lvm-1.2.9-2.fc34 LVM library functionality for Holland Plugins linux/noarch
holland-mariabackup-1.2.9-2.fc34 Holland plugin for Mariabackup linux/noarch
holland-mongodump-1.2.9-2.fc34 Mongodump backup provider plugin for holland linux/noarch
holland-mysql-1.2.9-2.fc34 MySQL library functionality for Holland Plugins linux/noarch
holland-mysqldump-1.2.9-2.fc34 Logical mysqldump backup plugin for Holland linux/noarch
holland-mysqllvm-1.2.9-2.fc34 Holland LVM snapshot backup plugin for MySQL linux/noarch
holland-pg_basebackup-1.2.9-2.fc34 Holland Backup Provider for PostgreSQL linux/noarch
holland-pgdump-1.2.9-2.fc34 Holland Backup Provider for PostgreSQL linux/noarch
holland-xtrabackup-1.2.9-2.fc34 Holland plugin for Percona XtraBackup linux/noarch
homebank-5.5.5-1.fc34 Free easy personal accounting for all linux/armv7hl
homebank-doc-5.5.5-1.fc34 Documentation files for homebank linux/noarch
hplip-3.22.2-1.fc34 HP Linux Imaging and Printing Project linux/armv7hl
hplip-common-3.22.2-1.fc34 Files needed by the HPLIP printer and scanner drivers linux/armv7hl
hplip-gui-3.22.2-1.fc34 HPLIP graphical tools linux/armv7hl
hplip-libs-3.22.2-1.fc34 HPLIP libraries linux/armv7hl
hpx-1.6.0-3.fc34 General Purpose C++ Runtime System linux/armv7hl
hpx-devel-1.6.0-3.fc34 Development headers and libraries for hpx linux/armv7hl
hpx-examples-1.6.0-3.fc34 HPX examples linux/armv7hl
hpx-mpich-1.6.0-3.fc34 HPX MPICH libraries linux/armv7hl
hpx-mpich-devel-1.6.0-3.fc34 Development headers and libraries for hpx linux/armv7hl
hpx-mpich-examples-1.6.0-3.fc34 HPX MPICH examples linux/armv7hl
hpx-openmpi-1.6.0-3.fc34 HPX Open MPI libraries linux/armv7hl
hpx-openmpi-devel-1.6.0-3.fc34 Development headers and libraries for hpx linux/armv7hl
hpx-openmpi-examples-1.6.0-3.fc34 HPX Open MPI examples linux/armv7hl
hqx-1.2-2.fc34 High quality upscaling program for pixel-art linux/armv7hl
hstr-2.4-1.fc34 Suggest box like shell history completion linux/armv7hl
htmldoc-1.9.15-1.fc34 Converter from HTML into indexed HTML, PostScript, or PDF linux/armv7hl
htmltest-0.15.0-1.fc34 Test generated HTML for problems linux/armv7hl
htop-3.1.1-1.fc34 Interactive process viewer linux/armv7hl
htppu-1.8-1.fc34 Hessu's Tampa Ping-Pong conversd URO modified version linux/armv7hl
httpd-2.4.53-1.fc34 Apache HTTP Server linux/armv7hl
httpd-devel-2.4.53-1.fc34 Development interfaces for the Apache HTTP Server linux/armv7hl
httpd-filesystem-2.4.53-1.fc34 The basic directory layout for the Apache HTTP Server linux/noarch
httpd-manual-2.4.53-1.fc34 Documentation for the Apache HTTP Server linux/noarch
httpd-tools-2.4.53-1.fc34 Tools for use with the Apache HTTP Server linux/armv7hl
httpie-3.2.1-1.fc34 A Curl-like tool for humans linux/noarch
hugo-0.80.0-3.fc34 The world’s fastest framework for building websites linux/armv7hl
human-theme-gtk-1.5.0-1.fc34 Human theme for GTK linux/noarch
hw-probe-1.6.3-2.fc34 Check operability of computer hardware and find drivers linux/noarch
hwdata-0.356-1.fc34 Hardware identification and configuration data linux/noarch
hwinfo-21.80-1.fc34 Hardware information tool linux/armv7hl
hwinfo-devel-21.80-1.fc34 Development files for hwinfo linux/armv7hl
hwinfo-libs-21.80-1.fc34 Libraries for hwinfo linux/armv7hl
hydra-9.2-3.fc34 Very fast network log-on cracker linux/armv7hl
hydra-frontend-9.2-3.fc34 The GTK+ front end for hydra linux/armv7hl
hydrapaper-2.0.3-4.fc34 Set two different backgrounds for each monitor on GNOME linux/noarch
hylafax+-7.0.5-1.fc34 An enterprise-strength fax server linux/armv7hl
hylafax+-client-7.0.5-1.fc34 Client programs for HylaFAX fax servers linux/armv7hl
hyperfine-1.12.0-1.fc34 Command-line benchmarking tool linux/armv7hl

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