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libgfortran-5.3.1-6.fc23 RPM for aarch64

From Fedora 23 updates for aarch64 / l

Name: libgfortran Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 5.3.1 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 6.fc23 Build date: Mon Apr 11 22:34:25 2016
Group: System Environment/Libraries Build host:
Size: 998896 Source RPM: gcc-5.3.1-6.fc23.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: Fortran runtime
This package contains Fortran shared library which is needed to run
Fortran dynamically linked programs.




GPLv3+ and GPLv3+ with exceptions and GPLv2+ with exceptions and LGPLv2+ and BSD


* Wed Apr 06 2016 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.3.1-6
  - update from the 5 branch
    - PRs c++/70430, middle-end/68963, middle-end/69760, middle-end/70022,
  	middle-end/70333, middle-end/70424, middle-end/70450,
  	rtl-optimization/70484, target/70510, tree-optimization/69983,
  	tree-optimization/70115, tree-optimization/70177
* Tue Apr 05 2016 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.3.1-5
  - update from the 5 branch
    - PRs c++/51406, c++/51489, c++/65985, c++/67364, c++/67767, c++/68049,
  	c++/68585, c++/68679, c++/68890, c++/69261, c++/69323, c++/69743,
  	c++/69797, c++/69826, c++/69995, c++/70067, c++/70139, c++/70209,
  	c++/70272, c++/70393, c/69522, debug/69705, fortran/45076,
  	fortran/49630, fortran/52531, fortran/54070, fortran/57365,
  	fortran/60126, fortran/60593, fortran/60795, fortran/61147,
  	fortran/61156, fortran/64324, fortran/65795, fortran/65996,
  	fortran/66911, fortran/69423, fortran/70397, ipa/68672, ipa/70161,
  	ipa/70269, ipa/70306, libgfortran/69651, libgfortran/69668,
  	libgfortran/70235, libstdc++/69794, libstdc++/69939, lto/67709,
  	middle-end/69838, middle-end/69920, middle-end/70457, other/69006,
  	rtl-optimization/47992, rtl-optimization/68236,
  	rtl-optimization/68730, rtl-optimization/69032,
  	rtl-optimization/69102, rtl-optimization/69195,
  	rtl-optimization/69307, rtl-optimization/69609,
  	rtl-optimization/69648, rtl-optimization/69737,
  	rtl-optimization/69752, rtl-optimization/69764,
  	rtl-optimization/69771, rtl-optimization/69891,
  	rtl-optimization/69941, rtl-optimization/70007,
  	rtl-optimization/70222, rtl-optimization/70429,
  	rtl-optimization/70460, target/38239, target/61397, target/62281,
  	target/64411, target/65932, target/66660, target/67172, target/67260,
  	target/67714, target/67896, target/68973, target/69614, target/69625,
  	target/69875, target/69885, target/69888, target/69890, target/69917,
  	target/69969, target/70004, target/70028, target/70052, target/70059,
  	target/70062, target/70131, target/70168, target/70188, target/70293,
  	target/70296, target/70319, target/70325, target/70327, target/70329,
  	target/70406, target/70421, target/70453, target/70525,
  	testsuite/68580, testsuite/70356, tree-optimization/69666,
  	tree-optimization/69714, tree-optimization/69719,
  	tree-optimization/69740, tree-optimization/69776,
  	tree-optimization/69783, tree-optimization/69802,
  	tree-optimization/69989, tree-optimization/70152,
* Fri Feb 12 2016 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.3.1-4
  - update from the 5 branch
    - PRs ada/69219, c++/25466, c++/59627, c++/63628, c++/66921, c++/67339,
  	c++/67376, c++/67411, c++/67550, c++/67576, c++/68449, c++/68926,
  	c++/68949, c++/68965, c++/68983, c++/69009, c++/69131, c/68062,
  	c/68162, c/68513, c/68668, c/69037, c/69669, debug/65779, debug/67355,
  	driver/67425, fortran/49954, fortran/50221, fortran/59746,
  	fortran/61831, fortran/62536, fortran/63932, fortran/66082,
  	fortran/66408, fortran/66680, fortran/66707, fortran/67451,
  	fortran/67674, fortran/67779, fortran/68216, fortran/68283,
  	fortran/68987, fortran/69128, fortran/69268, fortran/69418,
  	fortran/69484, go/68562, ipa/66616, ipa/68184, ipa/68790, ipa/68851,
  	libfortran/68987, libstdc++/60637, libstdc++/60976, libstdc++/68863,
  	libstdc++/68912, libstdc++/68921, libstdc++/68995, libstdc++/69005,
  	libstdc++/69092, libstdc++/69116, libstdc++/69222, lto/65948,
  	middle-end/65702, middle-end/67653, middle-end/68636,
  	middle-end/68960, middle-end/69308, middle-end/69542, other/60465,
  	other/67627, pch/68176, preprocessor/57580, rtl-opt/69447,
  	rtl-optimization/64557, rtl-optimization/64682,
  	rtl-optimization/67609, rtl-optimization/68670,
  	rtl-optimization/68910, rtl-optimization/68955,
  	rtl-optimization/69567, sanitizer/69055, sanitizer/69147, target/65546,
  	target/67032, target/67484, target/67895, target/68269, target/68648,
  	target/68701, target/68729, target/68741, target/68779, target/68872,
  	target/68986, target/69015, target/69118, target/69135, target/69140,
  	target/69187, target/69194, target/69198, target/69228, target/69305,
  	target/69403, target/69432, target/69459, target/69548, target/69551,
  	target/69644, target/69713, testsuite/68820, testsuite/69366,
  	tree-optimization/67755, tree-optimization/67781,
  	tree-optimization/68799, tree-optimization/68835,
  	tree-optimization/69013, tree-optimization/69110,
  	tree-optimization/69214, tree-optimization/69355,
  	tree-optimization/69399, tree-optimization/69426,
  	tree-optimization/69546, tree-optimization/69574,
  	tree-optimization/69579, tree-optimization/69606,
* Tue Dec 08 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.3.1-2
  - work around doxygen 1.8.10 bugs (#1279639)
* Mon Dec 07 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.3.1-1
  - update from the 5 branch
    - GCC 5.3 release
    - PRs ada/49940, ada/49944, ada/56274, ada/60164, ada/68169, ada/68564,
  	bootstrap/66085, c++/67337, c++/67354, c++/67409, c++/67813,
  	c++/67941, c++/68087, c++/68422, c++/68508, c/66098, c/66711, c/68337,
  	debug/66432, debug/66728, fortran/47266, fortran/50201, fortran/58027,
  	fortran/60993, fortran/61819, fortran/61830, fortran/65751,
  	fortran/66465, fortran/67171, fortran/67460, fortran/67803,
  	fortran/67933, fortran/68053, fortran/68151, fortran/68153,
  	fortran/68196, fortran/68218, fortran/68224, fortran/68318,
  	fortran/68319, ipa/65908, ipa/67056, ipa/67280, ipa/67783, ipa/68057,
  	ipa/68220, ipa/pr67600, libffi/65726, libgfortran/65089,
  	libstdc++/56158, libstdc++/56383, libstdc++/67440, libstdc++/68190,
  	libstdc++/68448, lto/61313, middle-end/56956, middle-end/67443,
  	middle-end/67662, middle-end/68067, middle-end/68221,
  	middle-end/68339, preprocessor/60736, rtl-opt/67609,
  	rtl-optimization/67037, rtl-optimization/67226,
  	rtl-optimization/67954, rtl-optimization/68106,
  	rtl-optimization/68185, rtl-optimization/68194,
  	rtl-optimization/68249, rtl-optimization/68250,
  	rtl-optimization/68321, rtl-optimization/68328,
  	rtl-optimization/68376, target/57845, target/67265, target/67770,
  	target/67808, target/68059, target/68129, target/68143, target/68277,
  	target/68363, target/68408, target/68416, target/68483,
  	tree-optimization/68017, tree-optimization/68157,
  	tree-optimization/68238, tree-optimization/68552,
  	tree-optimization/68671, tree-optimization/68680
* Fri Nov 06 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.2.1-5
  - reenable acats testsuite on arm
* Wed Nov 04 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.2.1-4
  - update from the 5 branch
    - PRs c++/51048, c++/66583, c++/67557, c/67730, fortran/36192,
  	fortran/51993, fortran/58754, fortran/59678, fortran/65841,
  	fortran/66079, fortran/66979, fortran/67177, fortran/67616,
  	fortran/67721, fortran/67802, fortran/67805, fortran/67818,
  	fortran/67885, fortran/67900, fortran/67939, fortran/67977,
  	fortran/67987, fortran/68019, fortran/68054, fortran/68055,
  	fortran/68108, fortran/68154, ipa/66424, libffi/65441,
  	libstdc++/65049, libstdc++/65142, libstdc++/65913, libstdc++/67173,
  	libstdc++/67707, libstdc++/67747, lto/67699, middle-end/66311,
  	middle-end/67563, middle-end/67989, middle-end/68079,
  	rtl-optimization/67029, rtl-optimization/67736, target/66697,
  	target/66912, target/67281, target/67716, target/67849, target/67850,
  	target/67929, target/67940, target/67967, target/68015, target/68018,
  	target/68102, tree-optimization/67690, tree-optimization/67769,
  	tree-optimization/67794, tree-optimization/67821
  - temporarily disable acats testsuite on arm
* Tue Sep 29 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.2.1-3
  - update from the 5 branch
    - PRs c++/67369, c++/67504, c++/67511, c++/67514, c++/67522, c++/67523,
  	c/67495, c/67500, c/67501, c/67502, fortran/67429, fortran/67525,
  	fortran/67526, fortran/67614, fortran/67615, ipa/66705, libgomp/67141,
  	libstdc++/62258, libstdc++/66855, libstdc++/66998, libstdc++/67374,
  	middle-end/67222, middle-end/67271, middle-end/67401,
  	middle-end/67442, middle-end/67452, middle-end/67512, middle-end/67517,
  	middle-end/67521, middle-end/67619, rtl-optimization/66790,
  	sanitizer/64906, sanitizer/67258, target/67061, target/67143,
  	target/67378, target/67391, target/67439, target/67506, target/67573,
  	target/67657, tree-optimization/66793, tree-optimization/66917,
  	tree-optimization/66952, tree-optimization/67055,
  	tree-optimization/67121, tree-optimization/67470
  - disable hardening, it makes the compiler significantly slower
  - put libstdc++fs.a into libstdc++-devel
* Wed Sep 02 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.2.1-2
  - update from the 5 branch
    - PRs c++/65195, c++/65734, c++/65974, c++/66260, c++/66336, c++/66533,
  	c++/66596, c++/66619, c++/66649, c++/66857, c++/66919, c++/66923,
  	c++/66957, c++/67021, c++/67104, c++/67130, c++/67131, c++/67161,
  	c++/67244, debug/66691, fortran/56520, fortran/64921, fortran/64986,
  	fortran/66035, fortran/66545, fortran/66724, fortran/66725,
  	fortran/66864, fortran/66929, fortran/66942, ipa/66566, ipa/66760,
  	libfortran/66936, libgfortran/66650, libgomp/66761, libgomp/67303,
  	libstdc++/67015, libstdc++/67362, middle-end/66134, middle-end/66567,
  	middle-end/66568, middle-end/67005, middle-end/pr66581,
  	rtl-optimization/58066, rtl-optimization/66838,
  	rtl-optimization/66891, rtl-optimization/67028, sanitizer/66908,
  	target/58066, target/65697, target/66048, target/66569, target/66648,
  	target/66703, target/66731, target/66814, target/66866, target/66891,
  	target/66922, target/66930, target/66956, target/67002, target/67049,
  	target/67060, target/67127, target/67211, tree-optimization/66828,
* Thu Jul 16 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.2.1-1
  - update from the 5 branch
    - GCC 5.2 release
    - PRs c++/66748, ipa/66896, libfortran/66861, libgomp/65099, libgomp/65742,
  	middle-end/43341, middle-end/66332, middle-end/66820,
  	rtl-optimization/66782, rtl/66556, target/66523, target/66780,
  	target/66840, tree-optimization/66794, tree-optimization/66823
* Tue Jul 07 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.1.1-5
  - update from the 5 branch
    - PRs bootstrap/63740, c++/65750, c++/65843, c++/65879, c++/65880,
  	c++/65882, c++/65919, c++/65945, c++/65973, c++/66001, c++/66067,
  	c++/66216, c++/66501, c++/66515, c++/66585, c++/66647, c++/66743,
  	debug/66301, fortran/66549, jit/66539, jit/66546, jit/66628,
  	jit/66700, libstdc++/65393, libstdc++/66055, middle-end/66413,
  	middle-end/66633, middle-end/66702, target/37072, target/52482,
  	target/63408, target/64833, target/65711, target/65914, target/66114,
  	target/66136, target/66200, target/66412, target/66509, target/66563,
  	target/66611, testsuite/66667, tree-optimization/66119,
  	tree-optimization/66375, tree-optimization/66422
* Thu Jun 18 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.1.1-4
  - update from the 5 branch
    - fix C++ ICE in build_ctor_subob_ref (#1232679, #1233030, #1233068,
      PR c++/66536)
    - PRs c++/58063, c++/65719, c++/66289, c++/66450, c++/66571, fortran/66385,
  	libstdc++/66030, libstdc++/66464, middle-end/66429, target/65527,
  	target/66258, testsuite/65944
* Fri Jun 12 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.1.1-3
  - update from the 5 branch
    - PRs bootstrap/66252, bootstrap/66319, c++/66383, c++/66387,
  	fortran/66245, libstdc++/66327, libstdc++/66354,
  	rtl-optimization/66444, target/66275, target/66473, target/66474
    - fix TLS related ICE on i?86-linux (#1212265, PR target/66470)
    - fix a libstdc++ codecvt_utf16 bug (#1228882, PR libstdc++/66417)
    - fix a libstdc++ wstring_convert bug (#1228884, PR libstdc++/66441)
    - fix C++ ICE with statement expressions (#1228916, PR c++/66445)
* Sat Jun 06 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.1.1-2
  - update from the 5 branch
    - PRs c++/51747, c++/59012, c++/59766, c++/65695, c++/65721, c++/65727,
  	c++/65858, c++/65876, c++/65896, c++/65942, c++/66007, c++/66211,
  	c++/66320, c++/66405, debug/65549, fortran/40958, fortran/60780,
  	fortran/64925, fortran/65429, fortran/65903, fortran/65976,
  	fortran/66039, fortran/66040, fortran/66043, fortran/66044,
  	fortran/66045, fortran/66052, fortran/66057, fortran/66106,
  	fortran/66257, fortran/66347, fortran/66377, fortran/66380, ipa/65873,
  	libstdc++/65352, libstdc++/65839, libstdc++/65883, libstdc++/66017,
  	lto/65559, middle-end/36043, middle-end/64729, middle-end/66133,
  	middle-end/66199, middle-end/66221, middle-end/66251, middle-end/66345,
  	rtl-optimization/30967, rtl-optimization/65805, sanitizer/64839,
  	sanitizer/66190, target/58744, target/64579, target/65408,
  	target/65456, target/65849, target/65895, target/65955, target/65979,
  	target/65990, target/66015, target/66047, target/66140, target/66148,
  	target/66174, target/66215, target/66224, tree-optimization/62031,
  	tree-optimization/63551, tree-optimization/65875,
  	tree-optimization/65984, tree-optimization/66123,
  	tree-optimization/66233, tree-optimization/66251,
  	tree-optimization/66272, tree-optimization/66280
    - allow -Wno-narrowing to suppress C++11 narrowing errors (#1227603,
      PR c++/65801)
    - fix debug/vector operator= bug (#1223182)
    - fix DCE loop handling (#1220043, PR tree-optimization/66101)
    - handle NULL in libgo runtime_funcname_go (#1212472, PR go/66016)
  - work around ARM backend issues with overaligned scalars (#1217224,
    PR target/65956)
  - drop -Wl,-z,nodlopen from libgnat shared libraries, they aren't
    using executable stack anymore (#1211957)
* Wed Apr 22 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.1.1-1
  - update from the 5 branch
    - GCC 5.1 release
    - PRs debug/65807, testsuite/65767
  - improve handling of asm constraints that don't accept REG nor MEM
    at -O0 (PR target/65689)
  - improve common handling in non-pic code on s390{,x}, aarch64 and
    arm (PR target/65780)
* Fri Apr 17 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.1-0.2
  - update from the 5 branch
    - PRs bootstrap/62077, bootstrap/65763, debug/65771, ipa/65765,
  	libstdc++/65754, rtl-optimization/65761, target/65780, target/65787
* Mon Apr 13 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.1-0.1
  - update from the trunk and 5 branch
    - update to GCC 5.1-RC1
    - PRs c++/65690, c++/65736, fortran/56674, fortran/56852, fortran/58813,
  	fortran/59016, fortran/59024, ipa/65540, ipa/65722, ipa/65743,
  	jit/65691, middle-end/65554, pch/65550, rtl-optimization/65693,
  	target/55143, target/65671, target/65676, target/65693, target/65694,
  	target/65710, target/65729, tree-optimization/65709,
  	tree-optimization/65735, tree-optimization/65747
  - add --enable-targets=powerpcle-linux on ppc64le (#1205236)
* Tue Apr 07 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.22
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs ada/65451, ada/65490, bootstrap/65522, bootstrap/65537, c++/42328,
  	c++/48324, c++/48453, c++/54987, c++/56100, c++/58923, c++/59329,
  	c++/59988, c++/60067, c++/60130, c++/61670, c++/61971, c++/64085,
  	c++/65072, c++/65154, c++/65390, c++/65398, c++/65498, c++/65509,
  	c++/65513, c++/65525, c++/65554, c++/65556, c++/65558, c++/65625,
  	c++/65642, c++/65646, c/65586, debug/65678, driver/65444,
  	fortran/55901, fortran/57456, fortran/63230, fortran/64787,
  	fortran/64952, fortran/65532, fortran/65548, fortran/65597, go/65462,
  	ipa/65076, ipa/65380, ipa/65465, ipa/65475, ipa/65478, ipa/65502,
  	ipa/65521, ipa/65557, ipa/65588, ipa/65600, ipa/65610, ipa/65654,
  	ipa/65655, ipa/65665, libffi/65567, libgfortran/59513,
  	libgfortran/65541, libgfortran/65563, libgfortran/65596,
  	libgomp/64972, libstdc++/33394, libstdc++/58038, libstdc++/60421,
  	libstdc++/62259, libstdc++/64967, libstdc++/65033, libstdc++/65147,
  	libstdc++/65420, libstdc++/65499, libstdc++/65500, libstdc++/65543,
  	libstdc++/65630, lto/65515, lto/65536, middle-end/64715,
  	middle-end/65517, middle-end/65519, middle-end/65555,
  	middle-end/65595, middle-end/65626, middle-end/65680, plugins/61176,
  	preprocessor/61977, preprocessor/65238, rtl-optimization/60851,
  	rtl-optimization/63491, rtl-optimization/64317,
  	rtl-optimization/64366, sanitizer/59009, sanitizer/65583,
  	target/58945, target/65052, target/65240, target/65248, target/65351,
  	target/65407, target/65489, target/65495, target/65504, target/65505,
  	target/65508, target/65523, target/65531, target/65561, target/65569,
  	target/65576, target/65593, target/65602, target/65614, target/65624,
  	target/65647, target/65648, testsuite/63175, testsuite/65506,
  	testsuite/65526, testsuite/65594, tree-optimization/62630,
  	tree-optimization/64715, tree-optimization/65177,
  	tree-optimization/65458, tree-optimization/65494,
  	tree-optimization/65518, tree-optimization/65533,
  	tree-optimization/65538, tree-optimization/65551,
* Thu Mar 19 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.21
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs c++/52659, c++/59686, c++/59816, c++/64626, c++/65046, c++/65061,
  	c++/65327, c++/65340, fortran/59198, fortran/64432, ipa/65432,
  	ipa/65439, libgfortran/64432, libstdc++/13631, middle-end/64491,
  	sanitizer/64265, sanitizer/65400, target/65078, target/65222,
  	testsuite/64032, tree-optimization/65427, tree-optimization/65450
  - add libmpx and libmpx-static subpackages on x86
* Mon Mar 16 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.20
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs fortran/61138, middle-end/65409, middle-end/65414, middle-end/65431,
  	sanitizer/64820, target/63150
* Fri Mar 13 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.19
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs ada/65259, ada/65319, bootstrap/25672, bootstrap/65150, c++/64227,
  	c++/64398, c++/64665, c++/64834, c++/65127, c++/65295, c++/65323,
  	c++/65333, c++/65339, c++/65370, c/35330, c/65120, fortran/60898,
  	fortran/65024, ipa/64693, ipa/64988, ipa/65130, ipa/65232, ipa/65236,
  	ipa/65237, ipa/65245, ipa/65263, ipa/65270, ipa/65282, ipa/65287,
  	ipa/65302, ipa/65316, ipa/65318, ipa/65334, libfortran/65200,
  	libgcc/64885, libstdc++/64367, libstdc++/64441, libstdc++/64797,
  	libstdc++/65246, libstdc++/65279, lto/65193, lto/65276, lto/65316,
  	lto/65361, middle-end/44563, middle-end/63155, middle-end/63175,
  	middle-end/64928, middle-end/65233, middle-end/65270,
  	middle-end/65315, other/65384, rtl-optimization/64895,
  	rtl-optimization/65067, rtl-optimization/65235,
  	rtl-optimization/65321, sanitizer/63958, sanitizer/65280,
  	sanitizer/65367, target/58158, target/59828, target/62247,
  	target/62251, target/64317, target/64331, target/64342, target/64600,
  	target/65038, target/65044, target/65103, target/65121, target/65138,
  	target/65183, target/65184, target/65192, target/65242, target/65249,
  	target/65261, target/65286, target/65296, target/65368,
  	tree-optimization/63743, tree-optimization/65241,
  	tree-optimization/65310, tree-optimization/65355,
  - fix vectorization of unaligned loads on powerpc (PR tree-optimization/65369)
  - fix combiner on big-endian targets (PR rtl-optimization/65401)
  - fix reassoc bit test optimization (PR tree-optimization/65418)
* Fri Feb 27 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.18
  - fix compilation of stdexcept with clang (PR libstdc++-v3/64367)
  - fix scratch handling in LRA rematerialization (PR target/65032)   
  - remove -Wformat-signedness from -Wformat=2 (PR c/65040)
  - improve VLA allocation on i?86/x86_64 (PR rtl-optimization/65220)
  - fix C FE ICE (PR c/65228)
* Thu Feb 26 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.17
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs c++/65202, c++/65209, debug/46102, debug/58315, ipa/65008,
  	libgomp/64625, lto/64374, rtl-optimization/65123, target/47230,
  	target/61142, target/64212, target/64997, target/65117, target/65161,
  	target/65167, target/65171, target/65196, target/65217,
  	tree-optimization/61917, tree-optimization/65048
  - fix bswap load optimization on big-endian (#1194704,
    PR tree-optimization/65215)
  - fix reassociation (PR tree-optimization/65216)
* Tue Feb 24 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.16
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs ada/65100, ada/65156, bootstrap/63888, debug/58123, fortran/61960,
  	fortran/63427, fortran/64980, gcov-profile/64634, ipa/65087,
  	libstdc++/58357, libstdc++/64695, libstdc++/65085, lto/65012,
  	middle-end/65074, sanitizer/65081, target/63892, target/64172,
  	target/64452, target/64793, target/65064, target/65109, target/65153,
  	target/65163, target/65172, target/65181, testsuite/64158,
  	testsuite/65093, testsuite/65107, testsuite/65116, testsuite/65126,
  	tree-optimization/62217, tree-optimization/65063,
  	tree-optimization/65136, tree-optimization/65170
  - fix arm_function_in_section_p
* Tue Feb 17 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.15
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs bootstrap/48009, c++/65075, c++/65080, c/65066, ipa/64963, ipa/65059,
  	target/53348, target/65058, tree-optimization/63593,
* Mon Feb 16 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.14
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs c/64768, testsuite/64850
  - temporarily revert PR rtl/32219 change
* Sat Feb 14 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.13
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs bootstrap/65060, c++/60211, c++/60894, c++/64884, c++/64898,
  	c++/64956, c++/64959, c++/64970, c++/65051, c++/65054, c/65040,
  	c/65050, debug/55541, fortran/64506, fortran/64932, ipa/65028,
  	rtl-optimization/47477, rtl/32219, tree-optimization/62209,
  	tree-optimization/64705, tree-optimization/64823,
  	tree-optimization/65002, tree-optimization/65053
* Thu Feb 12 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.12
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs ipa/64813, ipa/65005, lto/65015, sanitizer/65000, sanitizer/65019,
  	target/63347, target/64661, testsuite/64930, tree-optimization/65014
  - fix ARM ICF ICE (PR ipa/65034)
* Tue Feb 10 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.11
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs c++/64899, c++/64994, c/64856, gcov-profile/61889, ipa/63566,
  	ipa/64978, ipa/64982, libgfortran/57822, lto/64076, target/58757,
  	tree-optimization/43378, tree-optimization/54000,
  	tree-optimization/64326, tree-optimization/64909,
  - fix C++ FE ICE on internal functions (PR sanitizer/64984)
  - fix ICE due to unreachable EH region removal (PR sanitizer/65000)
  - fix -fsection-anchors alias handling (#1190243, PR middle-end/65003)
  - fix -fsanitize=vptr handling (PR sanitizer/65004)
* Mon Feb 09 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.10
  - fix getconf default symlink on 32-bit arches (#1190484)
  - fix ICF ICE (PR ipa/64858)
  - fix wrong-code bug caused by stdarg pass (PR target/64979)
  - fix -fsanitize=address target builtin handling (PR sanitizer/64981)
* Sun Feb 08 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.9
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs bootstrap/53348, bootstrap/64256, debug/2714, fortran/63205,
  	fortran/63744, ipa/64896, jit/64752, libgfortran/60956,
  	middle-end/64340, middle-end/64937, target/64205, target/64889
* Fri Feb 06 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.8
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs fortran/60289, fortran/64943, rtl-optimization/64957, target/17306,
  	target/43264, target/58400, target/64876
  - fix aarch64 bootstrap issue (PR target/64893)
* Thu Feb 05 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.7
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs ada/64349, c++/64877, c++/64901, c/64824, c/64868, fortran/64757,
  	gcov/64123, go/64836, go/64838, ipa/61548, ipa/64686, ipa/64872,
  	jit/64810, libobjc/63765, libstdc++/64467, libstdc++/64883,
  	middle-end/61225, middle-end/62103, middle-end/64922,
  	rtl-optimization/64756, rtl-optimization/64905, target/62631,
  	target/64047, target/64159, target/64231, target/64408, target/64660,
  	target/64688, target/64851, target/64882, testsuite/64796
  - FSM jump threading fix (PR tree-optimization/64878)
* Fri Jan 30 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.6
  - update from the trunk
    - PRs ada/64349, bootstrap/64612, bootstrap/64754, c++/49508, c++/58597,
  	c++/63889, c++/64521, c++/64717, c/64709, c/64766, c/64778,
  	fortran/62044, fortran/63861, fortran/64230, fortran/64771, go/63565,
  	go/64510, go/64595, go/64738, ipa/60871, ipa/64139, ipa/64282,
  	ipa/64730, ipa/64776, ipa/64801, jit/64257, jit/64708, jit/64780,
  	libffi/64779, libffi/64799, libffi/64855, libfortran/64770,
  	libgomp/64635, libstdc++/64368, libstdc++/64798, libstdc++/64828,
  	lto/64837, middle-end/64421, middle-end/64764, middle-end/64805,
  	middle-end/64809, other/63504, rtl-optimization/61058, target/15184,
  	target/29366, target/49263, target/51244, target/52933, target/53987,
  	target/54236, target/59533, target/64345, target/64580, target/64617,
  	target/64659, target/64761, target/64795, target/64806,
  	testsuite/64712, tree-optimization/56273, tree-optimization/59124,
  	tree-optimization/64277, tree-optimization/64718,
  	tree-optimization/64746, tree-optimization/64807,
  	tree-optimization/64829, tree-optimization/64844,
  	tree-optimization/64853, ubsan/64741
  - fix up #pragma GCC target handling on x86 (PR target/61925)
  - fix up VTA compile time hog during expansion (PR debug/64817)
  - __LINE__ handling fix (PR preprocessor/64803)
* Fri Jan 23 2015 Jakub Jelinek <> 5.0.0-0.5
  - new package



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