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RPM of Group Amusements/Graphics

cheese-3.8.2-4.fc19 Application for taking pictures and movies from a webcam linux/s390x
converseen-0.8.4-1.fc19 A batch image conversion tool written in C++ with Qt4 and Magick++ linux/s390x
gphotoframe-2.0.1-2.hg0eed26d75481.fc19 Photo Frame Gadget for the GNOME Desktop linux/noarch
gphotoframe-gss-2.0.1-2.hg0eed26d75481.fc19 Compatibility package of gphotoframe for gnome-screensaver linux/noarch
jpanoramamaker-5.6-1.fc19 Tool for stitching photos to panorama in linear curved space linux/noarch
rss-glx-0.9.1.p-20.fc19 Really Slick Screensavers linux/s390x
rss-glx-gnome-screensaver-0.9.1.p-20.fc19 Really Slick Screensavers linux/s390x
rss-glx-kde-0.9.1.p-20.fc19 Really Slick Screensavers linux/s390x
rss-glx-xscreensaver-0.9.1.p-20.fc19 Really Slick Screensavers linux/s390x
stellarium-0.12.4-1.fc19 Photo-realistic nightsky renderer linux/s390x
tzclock-3.0.5-1.fc19 GTK+ graphical Clock displaying the time around the world linux/s390x
xlockmore-5.43-4.fc19 Screen lock and screen saver linux/s390x
xlockmore-gtk-5.43-4.fc19 GTK based frontend for xlockmore linux/s390x
xlockmore-motif-5.43-4.fc19 Motif based frontend for xlockmore linux/s390x
xscreensaver-5.30-4.fc19 X screen saver and locker linux/s390x
xscreensaver-base-5.30-4.fc19 A minimal installation of xscreensaver linux/s390x
xscreensaver-extras-5.30-4.fc19 An enhanced set of screensavers linux/s390x
xscreensaver-extras-base-5.30-4.fc19 A base package for screensavers linux/s390x
xscreensaver-extras-gss-5.30-4.fc19 Desktop files of extras for other screensaver linux/s390x
xscreensaver-gl-base-5.30-4.fc19 A base package for screensavers that require OpenGL linux/s390x
xscreensaver-gl-extras-5.30-4.fc19 An enhanced set of screensavers that require OpenGL linux/s390x
xscreensaver-gl-extras-gss-5.30-4.fc19 Desktop files of gl-extras for other screensaver linux/s390x

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