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copr-frontend-1.26-1.fc19 RPM for noarch

From Fedora 19 updates for armhfp

Name: copr-frontend Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 1.26 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 1.fc19 Build date: Tue Jan 28 01:38:21 2014
Group: Applications/Productivity Build host:
Size: 521105 Source RPM: copr-1.26-1.fc19.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: Frontend for COPR
COPR is lightweight build system. It allows you to create new project in WebUI,
and submit new builds and COPR will create yum repository from latests builds.

This package contains frontend.






* Tue Jan 28 2014 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.26-1
  - lower testing date
  - move localized_time into filters
  - [frontend] update user data after login
  - [frontend] use iso-8601 date
* Mon Jan 27 2014 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.25-1
  - 1044085 - move timezone modification out of template and make it actually
  - clean up temp data if any
  - [db] timezone can be nullable
  - [frontend] actually save the timezone to model
  - fix colision of revision id
  - 1044085 - frontend: display time in user timezone
  - [frontend] rebuild stuck task
  - disable test on i386
  - use experimental createrepo_c to get rid of lock on temp files
  - [frontend] - do not throw ISE when build_id is malformed
  - [tests] add test for BuildLogic.add
  - [tests] add test for build resubmission
  - [frontend] permission checking is done in BuildLogic.add
  - [frontend] remove, use BL.add only
  - [api] fix validation error handling
  - [cli] fix initial_pkgs and repos not sent to backend
  - [frontend] fix not assigning copr to build
  - [frontend] allow resubmitting builds from monitor
  - [frontend] allow GET on repeat_build
  - [frontend] 1050904 - monitor shows not submitted chroots
  - [frontend] rename active_mock_chroots to active_chroots
  - [frontend] rename MockChroot.chroot_name to .name
  - [frontend] 1054474 - drop Copr.build_count nonsense
  - [tests] fix https and repo generation
  - [tests] return exit code from test
  - 1054472 - Fix deleting multiple SRPMs
  - [spec] tighten acl on copr-be.conf
  - [backend] - add missing import
  - 1054082 - general: encode to utf8 if err in mimetext
  - [backend] lock log file before writing
  - 1055594 - mockremote: always unquote pkg url
  - 1054086 - change vendor tag
  - mockremote: rawhide instead of $releasever in repos when in rawhide chroot
  - 1055499 - do not replace version with $releasever on rawhide
  - 1055119 - do not propagate https until it is properly signed
  - fix spellings on chroot edit page
  - 1054341 - be more verbose about allowed licenses
  - 1054594 - temporary disable https in repo file
* Thu Jan 16 2014 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.24-1
  - add BR python-markdown
  - [fronted] don't add description to .repo files
  - [spec] fix with_tests conditional
  - add build deletion
  - 1044158 - do not require fas username prior to login
  - replace http with https in copr-cli and in generated repo file
  - [cli] UX changes - explicitely state that pkgs is URL
  - 1053142 - only build copr-cli on el6
  - [frontend] correctly handle mangled chroot
  - [frontend] do not traceback when user malform url
  - [frontend] change default description and instructions to sound more
  - 1052075 - do not set chroots on repeated build
  - 1052071 - do not throw ISE when copr does not exist
* Mon Jan 13 2014 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.23-1
  - [backend] rhel7-beta do not have comps
  - 1052073 - correctly parse malformed chroot
* Fri Jan 10 2014 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.22-1
  - [backend] if we could not spawn VM, wait a moment and try again
  - [backend] use createrepo_c instead of createrepo
  - 1050952 - check if copr_url exist in config
  - [frontend] replace newlines in description by space in repo file
* Wed Jan 08 2014 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.21-1
  - 1049460 - correct error message
  - [cron] manualy clean /var/tmp after createrepo
* Wed Jan 08 2014 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.20-1
  - [cli] no need to set const with action=store_true
  - [cli] code cleanup
  - 1049460 - print nice error when projects does not exist
  - 1049392 - require python-setuptools
  - [backend] add --verbose to log to stderr
  - [backend] handle KeyboardInterrupt without tons of tracebacks
  - 1048508 - fix links at projects lists
  - [backend] in case of error the output is in e.output
  - [selinux] allow httpd to search
  - [backend] set number of worker in name of process
  - [logrotate] rotate every week unconditionally
  - [backend] do not traceback if jobfile is mangled
  - [backend] print error messages to stderr
  - [cli] do not require additional arguments for --nowait
  - [backend] replace procname with setproctitle
  - [cli] use as default url
  - [frontend] show monitor even if last build have been canceled
  - [backend] call correct function
  - [cli] print errors to stderr
  - 1044136 - do not print TB if config in mangled
  - 1044165 - Provide login and token information in the same form as entered to
  - [frontend] code cleanup
  - [frontend] move rendering of .repo file to helpers
  - 1043649 - in case of Fedora use $releasever in repo file
  - [frontend] condition should be in reverse
* Mon Dec 16 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.19-1
  - [backend] log real cause if ansible crash
  - [frontend] try again if whoosh does not get lock
  - [backend] if frontend does not respond, repeat
  - print yum repos nicely
  - Bump the copr-cli release to 0.2.0 with all the changes made
  - Refer to the man page for more information about the configuration file for
  - Rework the layout of the list command
  - Fix parsing the copr_url from the configuration file
  - [backend] run createrepo as copr user
  - 1040615 - wrap lines with long URL
* Wed Dec 11 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.18-1
  - [frontend] inicialize variable
* Wed Dec 11 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.17-1
  - [frontend] fix latest build variable overwrite
* Wed Dec 11 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.16-1
  - [backend] store jobs in id-chroot.json file
  - [frontend] handle unknown build/chroot status
  - use newstyle ansible variables
* Tue Dec 10 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.15-1
  - [frontend] smarter package name parsing
  - [frontend] extend range to allow 0
  - handle default timeout on backend
  - initial support for SCL
  - [backend] create word readable files in result directory
  - [backend] print tracebacks
  - [frontend] monitor: display only pkg name w/o version
  - [doc] update api docs
  - [doc] update copr-cli manpage
  - [cli] list only name, description and instructions
  - [cli] add support for build status & build monitor
  - [frontend] add build status to API
  - [playbook] do not overwrite mockchain
  - [backend] add spece between options
  - [backend] pass mock options correctly
  - [frontend] support markdown in description and instructions
  - [backend] Add macros to mockchain define arguments
  - [backend] Pass copr username and project name to MockRemote
  - [backend] Handle additional macro specification in MockRemote
  - [frontend] monitor: show results per package
  - [frontend] add favicon
  - [backend] quote strings before passing to mockchain
  - send chroots with via callback to frontend
  - [cli] change cli to new api call
  - enhance API documentation
  - add yum_repos to coprs/user API call
  - [frontend] provide link to description of allowed content
  - [backend] we pass just one chroot
  - [backend] - variable play is not defined
  - if createrepo fail, run it again
  - [cron] fix syntax error
  - [man] state that --chroot for create command is required
  - [spec] enable tests
  - [howto] add note about upgrading db schema
  - [frontend]: add copr monitor
  - [tests]: replace test_allowed_one
  - [tests]: fix for BuildChroots & new backend view
  - [frontend] rewrite backend view to use Build <-> Chroot relation
  - [frontend] add Build <-> Chroot relation
  - 1030493 - [cli] check that at least one chroot is entered
  - [frontend] typo
  - fixup! [tests]: fix test_build_logic to handle BuildChroot
  - fixup! [frontend] add ActionsLogic
  - [tests]: fix test_build_logic to handle BuildChroot
  - [spec] enable/disable test using variable
  - add migration script - add table build_chroot
  - [frontend] skip legal-flag actions when dumping waiting actions
  - [frontend] rewrite backend view to use Build <-> Chroot relation
  - [frontend] add ActionsLogic
  - [frontend] create BuildChroot objects on new build
  - [frontend] add Build <-> Chroot relation
  - [frontend] add StatusEnum
  - [frontend] fix name -> coprname typo
  - [frontend] remove unused imports
  - [frontend] add missing json import
  - [backend] rework ip address extraction
  - ownership of /etc/copr should be just normal
  - [backend] - wrap up returning action in "action" blok
  - [backend] rename backend api url
  - [backend] handle "rename" action
  - [backend] handle "delete" action
  - base handling of actions
  - move callback to frontend to separate object
  - secure waiting_actions with password
  - pick only individual builds
  - make address, where we send legal flags, configurable
  - send email to root after legal flag have been raised
* Fri Nov 08 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.14-1
  - 1028235 - add disclaimer about repos
  - fix pagination
  - fix one failing test
* Wed Nov 06 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.13-1
  - suggest correct name of repo file
  - we could not use releasever macro
  - no need to capitalize Projects
  - another s/copr/project
  - add link to header for sign-in
  - fix failing tests
  - UX - let textarea will full widht of box
  - UX - make background of hovered builds darker
  - generate yum repo for each chroot of copr
  - align table header same way as ordinary rows
  - enable resulting repo and disable gpgchecks
* Mon Nov 04 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.12-1
  - do not send parameters when we neither need them nor use them
  - authenticate using api login, not using username
  - disable editing name of project
  - Add commented out WTF_CSRF_ENABLED = True to configs
  - Use new session for each test
  - fix test_coprs_general failures
  - fix test_coprs_builds failures
  - Add WTF_CSRF_ENABLED = False to unit test config
  - PEP8 fixes
  - Fix compatibility with wtforms 0.9
  - typo s/submited/submitted/
  - UX - show details of build only after click
  - add link to FAQ to footer
  - UX - add placeholders
  - UX - add asterisk to required fields
  - dynamicly generate url for home
  - add footer
* Sat Oct 26 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.11-1
  - catch IOError from libravatar if there is no network
* Fri Oct 25 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.10-1
  - do not normalize url
  - specify full prefix of http
  - execute playbook using /usr/bin/ansible-playbook
  - use ssh transport
  - check after connection is made
  - add notes about debuging mockremote
  - clean up instance even when worker fails
  - normalize paths before using
  - do not use exception variable
  - operator should be preceded and followed by space
  - remove trailing whitespace
  - convert comment to docstring
  - use ssh transport
  - do not create new ansible connection, reuse self.conn
  - run as copr
  - s/Copr/Project/ where we use copr in meaning of projects
  - number will link to those coprs, to which it refers
  - run log and jobgrab as copr user
  - log event to log file
  - convert comment into docstring
  - use unbufferred output for
  - hint how to set ec2 variables
  - document sleeptime
  - document copr_url for copr-cli
  - document how to set api key for copr-cli
  - do not create list of list
  - document SECRET_KEY variable
  - make note how to become admin
  - instruct people to install selinux with frontend
* Thu Oct 03 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.9-1
  - prune old builds
  - require python-decorator
  - remove requirements.txt
  - move TODO-backend to our wiki
  - create pid file in /var/run/copr-backend
  - add backend service file for systemd
  - remove daemonize option in config
  - use python logging
  - create pid file in /var/run by default
  - do not create destdir
  - use daemon module instead of home brew function
  - fix default location of copr-be.conf
  - 2 tests fixed, one still failing
  - fix failing test test_fail_on_missing_dash
  - fixing test_fail_on_nonexistent_copr test
  - run frontend unit tests when building package
  - Adjust URLs in the unit-tests to their new structure
  - Adjust the CLI to call the adjuste endpoint of the API
  - Adjust API endpoint to reflects the UI endpoints in their url structure
  - First pass at adding fedmsg hooks.
* Tue Sep 24 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.8-1
  - 1008532 - require python2-devel
  - add note about ssh keys to copr-setup.txt
  - set home of copr user to system default
* Mon Sep 23 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.7-1
  - 1008532 - backend should own _pkgdocdir
  - 1008532 - backend should owns /etc/copr as well
  - 1008532 - require logrotate
  - 1008532 - do not distribute empty copr.if
  - 1008532 - use %{?_smp_mflags} macro with make
  - move jobsdir to /var/lib/copr/jobs
  - correct playbooks path
  - selinux with enforce can be used for frontend
* Wed Sep 18 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.6-1
  - add BR python-devel
  - generate selinux type for /var/lib/copr and /var/log/copr
  - clean up backend setup instructions
  - initial selinux subpackage
* Mon Sep 16 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.5-1
  - 1008532 - use __python2 instead of __python
  - 1008532 - do not mark man page as doc
  - 1008532 - preserve timestamp
* Mon Sep 16 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.4-1
  - add logrotate file
* Mon Sep 16 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.3-1
  - be clear how we create tgz
* Mon Sep 16 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.2-1
  - fix typo
  - move frontend data into /var/lib/copr
  - no need to own /usr/share/copr by copr-fe
  - mark application as executable
  - coprs_frontend does not need to be owned by copr-fe
  - add executable attribute to
  - remove shebang from
  - squeeze description into 80 chars
  - fix typo
  - frontend need argparse too
  - move results into /var/lib/copr/public_html
  - name of dir is just copr-%version
  - Remove un-necessary quote that breaks the tests
  - Adjust unit-tests to the new urls
  - Update the URL to be based upon a /user/copr/<action> structure
  - comment config copr-be.conf and add defaults
  - put examples of builderpb.yml and terminatepb.yml into doc dir
  - more detailed description of copr-be.conf
  - move files in config directory not directory itself
  - include copr-be.conf
  - include
  - create copr with lighttpd group
  - edit backend part of copr-setup.txt
  - remove fedora16 and add 19 and 20
  - create -doc subpackage with python documentation
  - add generated documentation on gitignore list
  - add script to generate python documentation
  - copr-setup.txt change to for mock
  - rhel6 do not know _pkgdocdir macro
  - make instruction clear
  - require recent whoosh
  - add support for libravatar
  - include backend in rpm
  - add notes about lighttpd config files and how to deploy them
  - do not list file twice
  - move log file to /var/log
  - change destdir in copr-be.conf.example
  - lightweight is the word and buildsystem has more meaning than 'koji'.
  - restart apache after upgrade of frontend
  - own directory where backend put results
  - removal of hidden-file-or-dir
  - copr-backend.noarch: W: spelling-error %description -l en_US latests ->
    latest, latest's, la tests
  - simplify configuration - introduce /etc/copr/copr*.conf
  - Replace "with" statements with @TransactionDecorator decorator
  - add python-flexmock to deps of frontend
  - remove sentence which does not have meaning
  - change api token expiration to 120 days and make it configurable
  - create_chroot must be run as copr-fe user
  - add note that you have to add chroots to db
  - mark as config so it is not overwritten during upgrade
  - own directory data/whooshee/copr_user_whoosheer
  - gcc is not needed
  - sqlite db must be owned by copr-fe user
  - copr does not work with selinux
  - create subdirs under data/openid_store
  - suggest to install frontend as package from copr repository
  - on el6 add python-argparse to BR
  - add python-requests to BR
  - add python-setuptools to BR
  - maintain apache configuration on one place only
  - apache 2.4 changed access control
  - require python-psycopg2
  - postgresql server is not needed
  - document how to create db
  - add to HOWTO how to create db
  - require python-alembic
  - add python-flask-script and python-flask-whooshee to requirements
  - change user in coprs.conf.example to copr-fe
  - fix paths in coprs.conf.example
  - copr is noarch package
  - add note where to configure frontend
  - move frontend to /usr/share/copr/coprs_frontend
  - put production placeholders in coprs_frontend/coprs/
  - put frontend into copr.spec
  - web application should be put in /usr/share/%{name}
* Mon Jun 17 2013 Miroslav SuchÃ&frac; <> 1.1-1
  - new package built with tito



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