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Packages beginning with letter U

ubu-keyring-2012.05.19-2.fc19 GnuPG keys of the Ubuntu archive linux/noarch
ucommon-6.0.7-1.fc19 Runtime library for portable C++ threading and sockets linux/armv7hl
ucommon-bin-6.0.7-1.fc19 ucommon system and support applications linux/armv7hl
ucommon-debuginfo-6.0.7-1.fc19 Debug information for package ucommon linux/armv7hl
ucommon-devel-6.0.7-1.fc19 Headers for building uCommon applications linux/armv7hl
ucommon-doc-6.0.7-1.fc19 Generated class documentation for uCommon linux/armv7hl
ucpp-1.3.4-3.fc19 Embeddable, quick, light and fully compliant ISO C99 preprocessor linux/armv7hl
ucpp-debuginfo-1.3.4-3.fc19 Debug information for package ucpp linux/armv7hl
ucpp-devel-1.3.4-3.fc19 Development files for libucpp Library linux/armv7hl
ucpp-libs-1.3.4-3.fc19 Library for preprocessing C code compliant with ISO-C99 linux/armv7hl
udav-2.1.2-10.fc19 Viewer and editor for mathgl graphs linux/armv7hl
udisks-1.0.4-12.fc19 Storage Management Service linux/armv7hl
udisks-debuginfo-1.0.4-12.fc19 Debug information for package udisks linux/armv7hl
udisks-devel-1.0.4-12.fc19 D-Bus interface definitions for udisks linux/armv7hl
udisks2-2.1.2-2.fc19 Disk Manager linux/armv7hl
udisks2-debuginfo-2.1.2-2.fc19 Debug information for package udisks2 linux/armv7hl
ufraw-0.19.2-10.fc19 Raw image data retrieval tool for digital cameras linux/armv7hl
ufraw-cinepaint-0.19.2-10.fc19 CinePaint plugin to retrieve raw image data from digital cameras linux/armv7hl
ufraw-common-0.19.2-10.fc19 Common files needed by UFRaw linux/armv7hl
ufraw-debuginfo-0.19.2-10.fc19 Debug information for package ufraw linux/armv7hl
ufraw-gimp-0.19.2-10.fc19 GIMP plugin to retrieve raw image data from digital cameras linux/armv7hl
uget-1.10.4-1.fc19 Download manager using GTK+ and libcurl linux/armv7hl
uget-debuginfo-1.10.4-1.fc19 Debug information for package uget linux/armv7hl
uglify-js-2.4.13-4.fc19 JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit linux/noarch
uglify-js1-1.3.4-7.fc19 JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit linux/noarch
uhttpmock-0.2.0-1.fc19 HTTP web service mocking library linux/armv7hl
uhttpmock-debuginfo-0.2.0-1.fc19 Debug information for package uhttpmock linux/armv7hl
uhttpmock-devel-0.2.0-1.fc19 Development files for uhttpmock linux/armv7hl
uim-1.8.6-1.fc19 A multilingual input method library linux/armv7hl
uim-anthy-1.8.6-1.fc19 Anthy support for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-canna-1.8.6-1.fc19 Canna support for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-debuginfo-1.8.6-1.fc19 Debug information for package uim linux/armv7hl
uim-devel-1.8.6-1.fc19 Development files for the Uim library linux/armv7hl
uim-gtk2-1.8.6-1.fc19 GTK+2 support for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-gtk3-1.8.6-1.fc19 GTK+3 support for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-kde-1.8.6-1.fc19 KDE Applet for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-kde3-1.8.6-1.fc19 KDE3 Applet for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-m17n-1.8.6-1.fc19 m17n-lib support for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-qt-1.8.6-1.fc19 Qt4 support for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-qt3-1.8.6-1.fc19 Qt3 support for Uim linux/armv7hl
uim-skk-1.8.6-1.fc19 SKK support for Uim linux/armv7hl
ultimaker-marlin-firmware-13.03-1.fc19 Ultimaker firmware for the 3D printer linux/noarch
ultimaker2-marlin-firmware-13.11-2.1.fc19 Ultimaker2 firmware for the 3D printer linux/noarch
umbrello-4.11.5-1.fc19 UML modeler and UML diagram tool linux/armv7hl
umbrello-debuginfo-4.11.5-1.fc19 Debug information for package umbrello linux/armv7hl
unar-1.8.1-1.fc19 Multi-format extractor linux/armv7hl
unar-debuginfo-1.8.1-1.fc19 Debug information for package unar linux/armv7hl
unbound-1.4.21-1.fc19 Validating, recursive, and caching DNS(SEC) resolver linux/armv7hl
unbound-debuginfo-1.4.21-1.fc19 Debug information for package unbound linux/armv7hl
unbound-devel-1.4.21-1.fc19 Development package that includes the unbound header files linux/armv7hl
unbound-libs-1.4.21-1.fc19 Libraries used by the unbound server and client applications linux/armv7hl
unbound-munin-1.4.21-1.fc19 Plugin for the munin / munin-node monitoring package linux/noarch
unbound-python-1.4.21-1.fc19 Python modules and extensions for unbound linux/armv7hl
undbx-0.21-1.fc19 Outlook Express .dbx files extractor linux/armv7hl
undbx-debuginfo-0.21-1.fc19 Debug information for package undbx linux/armv7hl
unhide-20130526-1.fc19 Tool to find hidden processes and TCP/UDP ports from rootkits linux/armv7hl
unhide-debuginfo-20130526-1.fc19 Debug information for package unhide linux/armv7hl
unicode-ucd-6.3.0-1.fc19 Unicode Character Database linux/noarch
uniconvertor-2.0-0.2.svn344.fc19 Universal vector graphics translator linux/armv7hl
uniconvertor-debuginfo-2.0-0.2.svn344.fc19 Debug information for package uniconvertor linux/armv7hl
unifdef-2.9-1.fc19 Tool for removing ifdef'd lines linux/armv7hl
unifdef-debuginfo-2.9-1.fc19 Debug information for package unifdef linux/armv7hl
unifont-6.3.20140214-1.fc19 Tools and glyph descriptions in a very simple text format linux/armv7hl
unifont-debuginfo-6.3.20140214-1.fc19 Debug information for package unifont linux/armv7hl
unifont-fonts-6.3.20140214-1.fc19 Unicode font with a glyph for every visible BMP code point linux/noarch
unifying-receiver-udev-0.2-2.fc19 udev rules for user access to Logitech Unifying Receiver linux/noarch
unison240-2.40.102-5.fc19 Multi-master File synchronization tool linux/armv7hl
unison240-debuginfo-2.40.102-5.fc19 Debug information for package unison240 linux/armv7hl
unison240-gtk-2.40.102-5.fc19 Multi-master File synchronization tool - gtk interface linux/armv7hl
unison240-text-2.40.102-5.fc19 Multi-master File synchronization tool - text interface linux/armv7hl
unittest-cpp-1.4-14.20130823gite76d25a.fc19 Lightweight unit testing framework for C++ linux/armv7hl
unittest-cpp-debuginfo-1.4-14.20130823gite76d25a.fc19 Debug information for package unittest-cpp linux/armv7hl
unittest-cpp-devel-1.4-14.20130823gite76d25a.fc19 Object files for development using unittest-cpp linux/armv7hl
unittest-cpp-static-1.4-14.20130823gite76d25a.fc19 Static library for unittest-cpp linux/armv7hl
unixODBC-2.3.2-4.fc19 A complete ODBC driver manager for Linux linux/armv7hl
unixODBC-debuginfo-2.3.2-4.fc19 Debug information for package unixODBC linux/armv7hl
unixODBC-devel-2.3.2-4.fc19 Development files for programs which will use the unixODBC library linux/armv7hl
unoconv-0.6-10.fc19 Tool to convert between any document format supported by LibreOffice linux/noarch
unzip-6.0-11.fc19 A utility for unpacking zip files linux/armv7hl
unzip-debuginfo-6.0-11.fc19 Debug information for package unzip linux/armv7hl
up-imapproxy-1.2.8-0.1.20130726svn14389.fc19 University of Pittsburgh IMAP Proxy linux/armv7hl
up-imapproxy-debuginfo-1.2.8-0.1.20130726svn14389.fc19 Debug information for package up-imapproxy linux/armv7hl
urdfdom-0.2.9-1.fc19 U-Robot Description Format Document Object Model linux/armv7hl
urdfdom-debuginfo-0.2.9-1.fc19 Debug information for package urdfdom linux/armv7hl
urdfdom-devel-0.2.9-1.fc19 Development files for urdfdom linux/armv7hl
urdfdom-headers-devel-0.2.3-1.fc19 The URDF (U-Robot Description Format) headers linux/noarch
uriparser-0.7.9-1.fc19 URI parsing library - RFC 3986 linux/armv7hl
uriparser-debuginfo-0.7.9-1.fc19 Debug information for package uriparser linux/armv7hl
uriparser-devel-0.7.9-1.fc19 Development files for uriparser linux/armv7hl
urw-fonts-2.4-18.fc19 Free versions of the 35 standard PostScript fonts. linux/noarch
usb_modeswitch-1.2.7-3.fc19 USB Modeswitch gets mobile broadband cards in operational mode linux/armv7hl
usb_modeswitch-data-20131113-1.fc19 USB Modeswitch gets mobile broadband cards in operational mode linux/noarch
usb_modeswitch-debuginfo-1.2.7-3.fc19 Debug information for package usb_modeswitch linux/armv7hl
usbmuxd-1.0.8-10.fc19 Daemon for communicating with Apple's iOS devices linux/armv7hl
usbmuxd-debuginfo-1.0.8-10.fc19 Debug information for package usbmuxd linux/armv7hl
usbmuxd-devel-1.0.8-10.fc19 Development package for usbmuxd linux/armv7hl
usbredir-0.6-5.fc19 USB network redirection protocol libraries linux/armv7hl
usbredir-debuginfo-0.6-5.fc19 Debug information for package usbredir linux/armv7hl
usbredir-devel-0.6-5.fc19 Development files for usbredir linux/armv7hl
usbredir-server-0.6-5.fc19 Simple USB host TCP server linux/armv7hl
usbutils-007-1.fc19 Linux USB utilities linux/armv7hl
usbutils-debuginfo-007-1.fc19 Debug information for package usbutils linux/armv7hl
userspace-rcu-0.7.7-1.fc19 RCU (read-copy-update) implementation in user space linux/armv7hl
userspace-rcu-debuginfo-0.7.7-1.fc19 Debug information for package userspace-rcu linux/armv7hl
userspace-rcu-devel-0.7.7-1.fc19 Development files for userspace-rcu linux/armv7hl
utf8cpp-devel-2.3.4-4.fc19 Header files for utf8cpp linux/noarch
utf8proc-1.1.6-3.fc19 Library for processing UTF-8 encoded Unicode strings linux/armv7hl
utf8proc-debuginfo-1.1.6-3.fc19 Debug information for package utf8proc linux/armv7hl
utf8proc-devel-1.1.6-3.fc19 Header files, libraries and development documentation for utf8proc linux/armv7hl
uthash-devel-1.9.9-6.fc19 Development files for uthash linux/noarch
util-linux-2.23.2-5.fc19 A collection of basic system utilities linux/armv7hl
util-linux-debuginfo-2.23.2-5.fc19 Debug information for package util-linux linux/armv7hl
uucp-1.07-42.fc19 A set of utilities for operations between systems linux/armv7hl
uucp-debuginfo-1.07-42.fc19 Debug information for package uucp linux/armv7hl
uuidd-2.23.2-5.fc19 Helper daemon to guarantee uniqueness of time-based UUIDs linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-1.9.19-1.fc19 Fast, self-healing, application container server linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-debuginfo-1.9.19-1.fc19 Debug information for package uwsgi linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-devel-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Development header files and libraries linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-admin-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for Admin support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-carbon-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for Carbon/Graphite support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-common-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Common plugins for uWSGI linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-erlang-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for erlang support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-fastrouter-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for FastRouter support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-greenlet-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for Python Greenlet support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-jvm-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for JVM support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-lua-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for LUA support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-nagios-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for Nagios support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-pam-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for PAM support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-php-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for PHP support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-psgi-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for PSGI support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-python-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for Python support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-python3-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for Python 3.2 support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-rack-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Ruby rack plugin linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-rawrouter-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Raw Router plugin linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-rrdtool-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for RRDTool support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-ruby-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for Ruby support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-sslrouter-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - SSL Router plugin linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-plugin-zergpool-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Plugin for zergpool support linux/armv7hl
uwsgi-routers-1.9.19-1.fc19 uWSGI - Router plugins linux/armv7hl

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