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Packages beginning with letter D

d52-3.4.1-2.fc19 Disassemblers for 8051, 8048, and Z80 families linux/armv7hl
d52-debuginfo-3.4.1-2.fc19 Debug information for package d52 linux/armv7hl
dans-gdal-scripts-0.21-0.2.20130522git.fc19 Utilities for use in conjunction with GDAL linux/armv7hl
dans-gdal-scripts-debuginfo-0.21-0.2.20130522git.fc19 Debug information for package dans-gdal-scripts linux/armv7hl
dar-2.4.12-3.fc19 Software for making/restoring incremental CD/DVD backups linux/armv7hl
dar-debuginfo-2.4.12-3.fc19 Debug information for package dar linux/armv7hl
darcs-2.8.4-1.fc19 Distributed Advanced Revision Control System linux/armv7hl
darkhttpd-1.9-3.fc19 A secure, lightweight, fast, single-threaded HTTP/1.1 server linux/armv7hl
darkhttpd-debuginfo-1.9-3.fc19 Debug information for package darkhttpd linux/armv7hl
darkplaces-20130605-1.fc19 Modified Quake engine linux/armv7hl
darkplaces-quake-20130605-1.fc19 Multiplayer, deathmatch oriented first person shooter linux/armv7hl
darkplaces-quake-server-20130605-1.fc19 Dedicated DarkPlaces Quake server linux/armv7hl
darkplaces-server-20130605-1.fc19 Quake engine server linux/armv7hl
darkstat-3.0.718-3.fc19 Network traffic analyzer linux/armv7hl
darkstat-debuginfo-3.0.718-3.fc19 Debug information for package darkstat linux/armv7hl
dateformat-1.2.3-2.fc19 A simple way to format dates and times according to a user-specified mask linux/noarch
datefudge-1.18-2.fc19 Fake the system date linux/armv7hl
datefudge-debuginfo-1.18-2.fc19 Debug information for package datefudge linux/armv7hl
davfs2-1.4.7-3.fc19 A filesystem driver for WebDAV linux/armv7hl
davfs2-debuginfo-1.4.7-3.fc19 Debug information for package davfs2 linux/armv7hl
davix-0.2.8-2.fc19 Toolkit for Http-based file management linux/armv7hl
davix-debuginfo-0.2.8-2.fc19 Debug information for package davix linux/armv7hl
davix-devel-0.2.8-2.fc19 Development files for davix linux/armv7hl
davix-doc-0.2.8-2.fc19 Documentation for davix linux/noarch
davix-libs-0.2.8-2.fc19 Development files for davix linux/armv7hl
dayplanner-0.11-1.fc19 An easy and clean Day Planner linux/noarch
dblatex-0.3.5-1.fc19 DocBook to LaTeX/ConTeXt Publishing linux/noarch
dbus-1.6.12-2.fc19 D-BUS message bus linux/armv7hl
dbus-debuginfo-1.6.12-2.fc19 Debug information for package dbus linux/armv7hl
dbus-devel-1.6.12-2.fc19 Development files for D-BUS linux/armv7hl
dbus-doc-1.6.12-2.fc19 Developer documentation for D-BUS linux/noarch
dbus-glib-0.100-5.fc19 GLib bindings for D-Bus linux/armv7hl
dbus-glib-debuginfo-0.100-5.fc19 Debug information for package dbus-glib linux/armv7hl
dbus-glib-devel-0.100-5.fc19 Libraries and headers for the D-Bus GLib bindings linux/armv7hl
dbus-libs-1.6.12-2.fc19 Libraries for accessing D-BUS linux/armv7hl
dbus-x11-1.6.12-2.fc19 X11-requiring add-ons for D-BUS linux/armv7hl
dcap-2.47.8-1.fc19 Client Tools for dCache linux/armv7hl
dcap-debuginfo-2.47.8-1.fc19 Debug information for package dcap linux/armv7hl
dcap-devel-2.47.8-1.fc19 Client Development Files for dCache linux/armv7hl
dcap-libs-2.47.8-1.fc19 Client Libraries for dCache linux/armv7hl
dcap-tunnel-gsi-2.47.8-1.fc19 GSI tunnel for dCache linux/armv7hl
dcap-tunnel-krb-2.47.8-1.fc19 Kerberos tunnel for dCache linux/armv7hl
dcap-tunnel-ssl-2.47.8-1.fc19 SSL tunnel for dCache linux/armv7hl
dcap-tunnel-telnet-2.47.8-1.fc19 Telnet tunnel for dCache linux/armv7hl
dcmtk-3.6.0-14.fc19 Offis DICOM Toolkit (DCMTK) linux/armv7hl
dcmtk-debuginfo-3.6.0-14.fc19 Debug information for package dcmtk linux/armv7hl
dcmtk-devel-3.6.0-14.fc19 Development Libraries and Headers for dcmtk linux/armv7hl
dconf-0.16.1-1.fc19 A configuration system linux/armv7hl
dconf-debuginfo-0.16.1-1.fc19 Debug information for package dconf linux/armv7hl
dconf-devel-0.16.1-1.fc19 Header files and libraries for dconf development linux/armv7hl
dconf-editor-0.16.1-1.fc19 Configuration editor for dconf linux/armv7hl
dcraw-9.20-2.fc19 Tool for decoding raw image data from digital cameras linux/armv7hl
dcraw-debuginfo-9.20-2.fc19 Debug information for package dcraw linux/armv7hl
dd_rescue-1.42.1-3.fc19 Fault tolerant "dd" utility for rescuing data from bad media linux/armv7hl
dd_rescue-debuginfo-1.42.1-3.fc19 Debug information for package dd_rescue linux/armv7hl
ddate-0.2.1-1.fc19 Convert Gregorian dates to Discordian dates linux/armv7hl
ddate-debuginfo-0.2.1-1.fc19 Debug information for package ddate linux/armv7hl
ddclient-3.8.1-9.fc19 Client to update dynamic DNS host entries linux/noarch
ddd-3.3.12-16.fc19 GUI for several command-line debuggers linux/armv7hl
ddd-debuginfo-3.3.12-16.fc19 Debug information for package ddd linux/armv7hl
ddrescue-1.17-1.fc19 Data recovery tool trying hard to rescue data in case of read errors linux/armv7hl
ddrescue-debuginfo-1.17-1.fc19 Debug information for package ddrescue linux/armv7hl
debconf-1.5.52-1.fc19 Debian configuration management system linux/noarch
debconf-doc-1.5.52-1.fc19 Debconf documentation linux/noarch
debconf-gnome-1.5.52-1.fc19 GNOME frontend for debconf linux/noarch
debconf-i18n-1.5.52-1.fc19 Full internationalization support for debconf linux/noarch
debconf-kde-1.5.52-1.fc19 KDE frontend for debconf linux/noarch
debconf-utils-1.5.52-1.fc19 This package contains some small utilities for debconf developers linux/noarch
debian-keyring-2012.4-2.fc19 GnuPG archive keys of the Debian archive linux/noarch
debootstrap-1.0.59-1.fc19 Debian GNU/Linux bootstrapper linux/noarch
deltaiso-3.6-1.fc19 Create deltas between isos containing rpms linux/armv7hl
deltarpm-3.6-1.fc19 Create deltas between rpms linux/armv7hl
deltarpm-debuginfo-3.6-1.fc19 Debug information for package deltarpm linux/armv7hl
demorse-1.1-3.fc19 Command line tool for decoding Morse code signals linux/armv7hl
demorse-debuginfo-1.1-3.fc19 Debug information for package demorse linux/armv7hl
derby- Relational database implemented entirely in Java linux/noarch
desktopcouch-1.0.8-1.fc19 A CouchDB instance on every desktop linux/noarch
desktopcouch-tools-1.0.8-1.fc19 Tools for desktopcouch linux/noarch
devassistant-0.4.0-2.fc19 Developer tool for setting up projects quickly linux/noarch
device-mapper-1.02.77-15.fc19 Device mapper utility linux/armv7hl
device-mapper-devel-1.02.77-15.fc19 Development libraries and headers for device-mapper linux/armv7hl
device-mapper-event-1.02.77-15.fc19 Device-mapper event daemon linux/armv7hl
device-mapper-event-devel-1.02.77-15.fc19 Development libraries and headers for the device-mapper event daemon linux/armv7hl
device-mapper-event-libs-1.02.77-15.fc19 Device-mapper event daemon shared library linux/armv7hl
device-mapper-libs-1.02.77-15.fc19 Device-mapper shared library linux/armv7hl
device-mapper-persistent-data-0.3.2-1.fc19 Device-mapper persistent data tools linux/armv7hl
device-mapper-persistent-data-debuginfo-0.3.2-1.fc19 Debug information for package device-mapper-persistent-data linux/armv7hl
devtodo2-2.1-8.20120711git8dee6.fc19 Manage a prioritized list of to do items organized by directory linux/armv7hl
dex-0-0.2.20140410gitad89dc2.fc19 Dextrous text editor linux/armv7hl
dex-debuginfo-0-0.2.20140410gitad89dc2.fc19 Debug information for package dex linux/armv7hl
dhclient-4.2.5-23.fc19 Provides the ISC DHCP client daemon and dhclient-script linux/armv7hl
dhcp-4.2.5-23.fc19 Dynamic host configuration protocol software linux/armv7hl
dhcp-common-4.2.5-23.fc19 Common files used by ISC dhcp client and server linux/armv7hl
dhcp-debuginfo-4.2.5-23.fc19 Debug information for package dhcp linux/armv7hl
dhcp-devel-4.2.5-23.fc19 Development headers and libraries for interfacing to the DHCP server linux/armv7hl
dhcp-libs-4.2.5-23.fc19 Shared libraries used by ISC dhcp client and server linux/armv7hl
dictd-1.12.1-5.fc19 DICT protocol (RFC 2229) server and command-line client linux/armv7hl
dictd-debuginfo-1.12.1-5.fc19 Debug information for package dictd linux/armv7hl
dictd-server-1.12.1-5.fc19 Server for the Dictionary Server Protocol (DICT) linux/armv7hl
dieharder-3.31.1-9.fc19 Random number generator tester and timer linux/armv7hl
dieharder-debuginfo-3.31.1-9.fc19 Debug information for package dieharder linux/armv7hl
dieharder-devel-3.31.1-9.fc19 A library of random number generator tests and timing routines linux/armv7hl
dieharder-libs-3.31.1-9.fc19 A library of random number generator tests and timing routines linux/armv7hl
dietlibc-0.33-0.1904.20120825.fc19 Small libc implementation linux/armv7hl
dietlibc-debuginfo-0.33-0.1904.20120825.fc19 Debug information for package dietlibc linux/armv7hl
dietlibc-devel-0.33-0.1904.20120825.fc19 dietlibc development files linux/armv7hl
diffpdf-2.1.3-2.fc19 PDF files comparator linux/armv7hl
diffpdf-debuginfo-2.1.3-2.fc19 Debug information for package diffpdf linux/armv7hl
diffuse-0.4.7-3.fc19 A graphical tool for merging and comparing text files linux/noarch
diffutils-3.3-4.fc19 A GNU collection of diff utilities linux/armv7hl
diffutils-debuginfo-3.3-4.fc19 Debug information for package diffutils linux/armv7hl
digikam-3.5.0-2.fc19 A digital camera accessing & photo management application linux/armv7hl
digikam-debuginfo-3.5.0-2.fc19 Debug information for package digikam linux/armv7hl
digikam-doc-3.5.0-2.fc19 Application handbook, documentation, and translations linux/noarch
digikam-libs-3.5.0-2.fc19 Runtime libraries for digikam linux/armv7hl
dillo-3.0.3-1.fc19 Very small and fast GUI web browser linux/armv7hl
dillo-debuginfo-3.0.3-1.fc19 Debug information for package dillo linux/armv7hl
din-5.2.1-1.fc19 A musical instrument using multiple Bezier curves linux/armv7hl
din-debuginfo-5.2.1-1.fc19 Debug information for package din linux/armv7hl
ding-libs-debuginfo- Debug information for package ding-libs linux/armv7hl
dirsplit-1.1.11-19.fc19 Utility to split directories linux/armv7hl
diskimage-builder-0.0.5-1.fc19 Image building tools for OpenStack linux/noarch
dislocker-0.3.1-2.20140423git.fc19 Utility to access BitLocker encrypted volumes linux/armv7hl
dislocker-debuginfo-0.3.1-2.20140423git.fc19 Debug information for package dislocker linux/armv7hl
dkms- Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework linux/noarch
dlm-4.0.1-2.fc19 dlm control daemon and tool linux/armv7hl
dlm-debuginfo-4.0.1-2.fc19 Debug information for package dlm linux/armv7hl
dlm-devel-4.0.1-2.fc19 Development files for dlm linux/armv7hl
dlm-lib-4.0.1-2.fc19 Library for dlm linux/armv7hl
dmapd-0.0.55-2.fc19 A server that provides DAAP and DPAP shares linux/armv7hl
dmapd-debuginfo-0.0.55-2.fc19 Debug information for package dmapd linux/armv7hl
dmapd-devel-0.0.55-2.fc19 Files needed to develop modules using dmapd's libraries linux/armv7hl
dmlite-debuginfo-0.6.2-2.fc19 Debug information for package dmlite linux/armv7hl
dmlite-devel-0.6.2-2.fc19 Development libraries and headers for dmlite linux/armv7hl
dmlite-docs-0.6.2-2.fc19 API documentation for dmlite linux/armv7hl
dmlite-libs-0.6.2-2.fc19 Common libraries for all dmlite packages linux/armv7hl
dmlite-plugins-adapter-0.6.2-2.fc19 Adapter plug-in for dmlite linux/armv7hl
dmlite-plugins-adapter-debuginfo-0.6.2-2.fc19 Debug information for package dmlite-plugins-adapter linux/armv7hl
dmlite-plugins-librarian-0.6.2-2.fc19 Librarian plugin for dmlite linux/armv7hl
dmlite-plugins-librarian-debuginfo-0.6.2-2.fc19 Debug information for package dmlite-plugins-librarian linux/armv7hl
dmlite-plugins-memcache-0.6.2-2.fc19 Memcached plugin for dmlite linux/armv7hl
dmlite-plugins-memcache-debuginfo-0.6.2-2.fc19 Debug information for package dmlite-plugins-memcache linux/armv7hl
dmlite-plugins-mysql-0.6.2-2.fc19 MySQL plugin for dmlite linux/armv7hl
dmlite-plugins-mysql-debuginfo-0.6.2-2.fc19 Debug information for package dmlite-plugins-mysql linux/armv7hl
dmlite-plugins-profiler-0.6.2-2.fc19 Profiler plugin for dmlite linux/armv7hl
dmlite-plugins-profiler-debuginfo-0.6.2-2.fc19 Debug information for package dmlite-plugins-profiler linux/armv7hl
dmlite-plugins-s3-0.5.1-3.fc19 S3 plugin for dmlite linux/armv7hl
dmlite-plugins-s3-debuginfo-0.5.1-3.fc19 Debug information for package dmlite-plugins-s3 linux/armv7hl
dmlite-shell-0.6.2-2.fc19 Shell environment for dmlite linux/noarch
dnf-0.3.11-3.git7bdc9e1.fc19 Package manager forked from Yum, using libsolv as a dependency resolver linux/noarch
dnsmasq-2.66-10.fc19 A lightweight DHCP/caching DNS server linux/armv7hl
dnsmasq-debuginfo-2.66-10.fc19 Debug information for package dnsmasq linux/armv7hl
dnsmasq-utils-2.66-10.fc19 Utilities for manipulating DHCP server leases linux/armv7hl
dnssec-trigger-0.11-14.fc19 NetworkManager plugin to update/reconfigure DNSSEC resolving linux/armv7hl
dnssec-trigger-debuginfo-0.11-14.fc19 Debug information for package dnssec-trigger linux/armv7hl
dnsyo-1.1.4-2.fc19 Check DNS against many global DNS servers linux/noarch
docco-0.6.2-6.fc19 The Quick and Dirty Literate Programming Documentation Generator linux/noarch
docker-registry-0.7.1-2.fc19 Registry server for Docker linux/noarch
docky-2.2.0-1.fc19 Advanced dock application written in Mono linux/armv7hl
docky-devel-2.2.0-1.fc19 Development files for docky linux/armv7hl
doclifter-2.13-2.fc19 Translates documents written in troff macros to DocBook linux/noarch
dogtag-pki-10.0.7-1.fc19 Dogtag Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Suite linux/noarch
dogtag-pki-console-theme-10.0.7-1.fc19 Certificate System - PKI Console User Interface linux/noarch
dogtag-pki-server-theme-10.0.7-1.fc19 Certificate System - PKI Server Framework User Interface linux/noarch
dogtail-0.8.2-1.fc19 GUI test tool and automation framework linux/noarch
dokuwiki-0-0.21.20131208.fc19 Standards compliant simple to use wiki linux/noarch
dokuwiki-selinux-0-0.21.20131208.fc19 SElinux support for dokuwiki linux/noarch
dolphin-plugins-4.11.5-1.fc19 Dolphin plugins for revision control systems linux/armv7hl
dolphin-plugins-debuginfo-4.11.5-1.fc19 Debug information for package dolphin-plugins linux/armv7hl
dosfstools-3.0.22-3.fc19 Utilities for making and checking MS-DOS FAT filesystems on Linux linux/armv7hl
dosfstools-debuginfo-3.0.22-3.fc19 Debug information for package dosfstools linux/armv7hl
dotconf-1.3-6.fc19 Libraries to parse configuration files linux/armv7hl
dotconf-debuginfo-1.3-6.fc19 Debug information for package dotconf linux/armv7hl
dotconf-devel-1.3-6.fc19 Development files for dotconf linux/armv7hl
double-conversion-2.0.1-1.fc19 Library providing binary-decimal and decimal-binary routines for IEEE doubles linux/armv7hl
double-conversion-debuginfo-2.0.1-1.fc19 Debug information for package double-conversion linux/armv7hl
double-conversion-devel-2.0.1-1.fc19 Library providing binary-decimal and decimal-binary routines for IEEE doubles linux/armv7hl
double-conversion-static-2.0.1-1.fc19 Library providing binary-decimal and decimal-binary routines for IEEE doubles linux/armv7hl
dovecot-2.2.13-1.fc19 Secure imap and pop3 server linux/armv7hl
dovecot-debuginfo-2.2.13-1.fc19 Debug information for package dovecot linux/armv7hl
dovecot-devel-2.2.13-1.fc19 Development files for dovecot linux/armv7hl
dovecot-mysql-2.2.13-1.fc19 MySQL back end for dovecot linux/armv7hl
dovecot-pgsql-2.2.13-1.fc19 Postgres SQL back end for dovecot linux/armv7hl
dovecot-pigeonhole-2.2.13-1.fc19 Sieve and managesieve plug-in for dovecot linux/armv7hl
dpkg-1.16.12-1.fc19 Package maintenance system for Debian Linux linux/armv7hl
dpkg-debuginfo-1.16.12-1.fc19 Debug information for package dpkg linux/armv7hl
dpkg-dev-1.16.12-1.fc19 Debian package development tools linux/noarch
dpkg-devel-1.16.12-1.fc19 Debian package management static library linux/armv7hl
dpkg-perl-1.16.12-1.fc19 Dpkg perl modules linux/noarch
dpm-1.8.8-4.fc19 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) client linux/armv7hl
dpm-copy-server-mysql-1.8.8-4.fc19 DPM copy server with MySQL database back-end linux/armv7hl
dpm-devel-1.8.8-4.fc19 DPM development libraries and header files linux/armv7hl
dpm-dsi-1.9.3-1.fc19 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) plugin for the Globus GridFTP server linux/armv7hl
dpm-dsi-debuginfo-1.9.3-1.fc19 Debug information for package dpm-dsi linux/armv7hl
dpm-libs-1.8.8-4.fc19 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) libraries linux/armv7hl
dpm-name-server-mysql-1.8.8-4.fc19 DPM name server with MySQL database back-end linux/armv7hl
dpm-perl-1.8.8-4.fc19 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) perl bindings linux/armv7hl
dpm-python-1.8.8-4.fc19 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) python bindings linux/armv7hl
dpm-python3-1.8.8-4.fc19 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) python bindings linux/armv7hl
dpm-rfio-server-1.8.8-4.fc19 DPM RFIO server linux/armv7hl
dpm-server-mysql-1.8.8-4.fc19 Disk Pool Manager (DPM) server with MySQL database back-end linux/armv7hl
dpm-srm-server-mysql-1.8.8-4.fc19 DPM SRM server with MySQL database back-end linux/armv7hl
dpm-xrootd-3.3.5-1.fc19 XROOT interface to the Disk Pool Manager (DPM) linux/armv7hl
dpm-xrootd-debuginfo-3.3.5-1.fc19 Debug information for package dpm-xrootd linux/armv7hl
dpm-xrootd-devel-3.3.5-1.fc19 Development libraries and headers for the DPM XROOT interface linux/armv7hl
dracut-029-2.fc19 Initramfs generator using udev linux/armv7hl
dracut-caps-029-2.fc19 dracut modules to build a dracut initramfs which drops capabilities linux/armv7hl
dracut-debuginfo-029-2.fc19 Debug information for package dracut linux/armv7hl
dracut-fips-029-2.fc19 dracut modules to build a dracut initramfs with an integrity check linux/armv7hl
dracut-fips-aesni-029-2.fc19 dracut modules to build a dracut initramfs with an integrity check with aesni-intel linux/armv7hl
dracut-modules-growroot-0.20-2.fc19 Automatically resize the root partition on first boot linux/noarch
dracut-network-029-2.fc19 dracut modules to build a dracut initramfs with network support linux/armv7hl
dracut-nohostonly-029-2.fc19 dracut configuration to turn off hostonly image generation linux/armv7hl
dracut-norescue-029-2.fc19 dracut configuration to turn off rescue image generation linux/armv7hl
dracut-tools-029-2.fc19 dracut tools to build the local initramfs linux/armv7hl
dragon-4.11.5-1.fc19 Media player linux/armv7hl
dragon-debuginfo-4.11.5-1.fc19 Debug information for package dragon linux/armv7hl
drbd-8.4.3-1.fc19 DRBD driver for Linux linux/armv7hl
drbd-bash-completion-8.4.3-1.fc19 Programmable bash completion support for drbdadm linux/armv7hl
drbd-debuginfo-8.4.3-1.fc19 Debug information for package drbd linux/armv7hl
drbd-pacemaker-8.4.3-1.fc19 Pacemaker resource agent for DRBD linux/armv7hl
drbd-udev-8.4.3-1.fc19 udev integration scripts for DRBD linux/armv7hl
drbd-utils-8.4.3-1.fc19 Management utilities for DRBD linux/armv7hl
drbdlinks-1.26-1.fc19 A program for managing links into a DRBD shared partition linux/noarch
drm-utils-2.4.49-2.fc19 Direct Rendering Manager utilities linux/armv7hl
dropbear-2014.63-1.fc19 A lightweight SSH server and client linux/armv7hl
dropbear-debuginfo-2014.63-1.fc19 Debug information for package dropbear linux/armv7hl
drpmsync-3.6-1.fc19 Sync a file tree with deltarpms linux/armv7hl
drumkv1-0.3.5-2.fc19 An old-school drum-kit sampler linux/armv7hl
drumkv1-debuginfo-0.3.5-2.fc19 Debug information for package drumkv1 linux/armv7hl
drupal6-6.31-1.fc19 An open-source content-management platform linux/noarch
drupal6-backup_migrate-2.8-1.fc19 Database backup, restore, and migrate module for Drupal 6 linux/noarch
drupal6-context-3.3-1.fc19 Context Module for Drupal6 linux/noarch
drupal6-ctools-1.11-1.fc19 This suite is primarily a set of APIs and tools linux/noarch
drupal6-devel-1.28-1.fc19 Various blocks, pages, and functions for developers linux/noarch
drupal6-filefield-3.12-1.fc19 Defines a file field type linux/noarch
drupal6-fivestar-1.21-1.fc19 Enables fivestar ratings on content, users, etc linux/noarch
drupal6-image_resize_filter-1.14-1.fc19 Filter to automatically scale images to their height and width dimensions linux/noarch
drupal6-imageapi-1.10-4.fc19 ImageAPI supporting multiple toolkits linux/noarch
drupal6-imagecache-2.0-6.rc1.fc19 Dynamic image manipulator and cache linux/noarch
drupal6-imagecache_profiles-1.4-0.2.rc1.fc19 Utilizes image styles for user profile pictures linux/noarch
drupal6-imagefield-3.11-1.fc19 Image Field Module for Drupal 6 linux/noarch
drupal6-link-2.11-1.fc19 Defines simple link field types linux/noarch
drupal6-rules-1.5-1.fc19 It allows site administrators to define conditionally executed actions linux/noarch
drupal6-service_links-2.2-1.fc19 Enables admins to add links to a number of sites linux/noarch
drupal6-strongarm-2.2-1.fc19 Strongarm gives a way to override the default variable values linux/noarch
drupal6-user_badges-2.0-1.fc19 Enables assignment of graphical badges to users and roles linux/noarch
drupal6-views_bulk_operations-1.16-1.fc19 This module augments Views by allowing bulk operations to be executed linux/noarch
drupal7-7.28-1.fc19 An open-source content-management platform linux/noarch Displays administration pages in preferred language linux/noarch
drupal7-advanced_help-1.1-1.fc19 Allows module developers to store their help outside the module system in html linux/noarch
drupal7-backup_migrate-2.8-1.fc19 Database backup, restore, and migrate module for Drupal 7 linux/noarch
drupal7-boxes-1.1-2.fc19 Provides exports for custom blocks and spaces integration linux/noarch
drupal7-cck-3.0-0.1.alpha3.fc19 Miscellaneous field functions not handled by core linux/noarch
drupal7-chosen-2.0-0.5.beta4.fc19 Uses the Chosen jQuery plugin to make your elements more user-friendly linux/noarch
drupal7-ckeditor-1.14-1.fc19 Replace textarea fields with the CKEditor - a visual HTML editor linux/noarch
drupal7-context-3.2-1.fc19 Allows contextual conditions and reactions management linux/noarch
drupal7-crumbs-2.0-0.6.beta13.fc19 The ultimate breadcrumbs module linux/noarch
drupal7-cs_adaptive_image-1.0-2.fc19 Client-side adaptive image linux/noarch
drupal7-ctools-1.4-1.fc19 This suite is primarily a set of APIs and tools for other Drupal modules linux/noarch
drupal7-date-2.7-1.fc19 This package contains both the Date module and a Date API module linux/noarch
drupal7-date_ical-3.1-1.fc19 Allows creation of an iCal feed in Views linux/noarch
drupal7-diff-3.2-1.fc19 Show differences between content revisions linux/noarch
drupal7-domain-3.11-1.fc19 A domain-based access control system linux/noarch
drupal7-domain_locale-1.0-0.4.beta4.fc19 Adds language handling functionality per domain basis linux/noarch
drupal7-domain_views-1.5-2.fc19 Provides Views integration for Domain Access linux/noarch
drupal7-drush_language-1.2-2.fc19 Drush language commands linux/noarch
drupal7-ds-2.6-1.fc19 Extend the display options for every entity type linux/noarch
drupal7-entity-1.5-1.fc19 Extends the entity API to provide a unified way to deal with entities linux/noarch
drupal7-entity_translation-1.0-0.4.beta3.fc19 Allows entities to be translated into different languages linux/noarch
drupal7-features-2.0-6.fc19 Provides feature management for Drupal linux/noarch
drupal7-features_extra-1.0-0.3.beta1.fc19 Provides faux exportables of several site-building components linux/noarch
drupal7-fences-1.0-2.fc19 Configurable field wrappers linux/noarch
drupal7-file_entity-2.0-0.2.unstable7.fc19 File entity (fieldable files) linux/noarch
drupal7-file_entity_inline-1.0-0.2.beta1.fc19 Makes field entities editable within other entities linux/noarch
drupal7-fivestar-2.1-1.fc19 Enables fivestar ratings on content, users, etc linux/noarch
drupal7-i18n-1.11-1.fc19 Collection of modules to extend Drupal core multilingual capabilities linux/noarch
drupal7-i18n_boxes-1.0-2.fc19 Provides the ability to localize Boxes blocks linux/noarch Translate views using Internationalization linux/noarch
drupal7-jquery_update-2.4-1.fc19 Upgrades the version of jQuery in Drupal core to a newer version of jQuery linux/noarch
drupal7-l10n_client-1.3-1.fc19 Provides on-page localization linux/noarch
drupal7-l10n_pconfig-1.2-2.fc19 Plural formula configurator linux/noarch Localization server linux/noarch
drupal7-l10n_update-1.0-1.fc19 Provides automatic downloads and updates for translations linux/noarch
drupal7-lang_dropdown-2.5-1.fc19 Provides a dropdown select to switch between available languages linux/noarch
drupal7-language_cookie-1.8-1.fc19 Allows usage of cookies to remember the user's last language linux/noarch
drupal7-language_switcher-1.0-0.2.beta2.fc19 Language switcher linux/noarch
drupal7-languageicons-1.0-2.fc19 Adds icons to language links linux/noarch
drupal7-libraries-2.2-1.fc19 Allows version-dependent and shared usage of external libraries linux/noarch
drupal7-link-1.2-1.fc19 Defines simple link field types linux/noarch
drupal7-locale_auto_import-1.0-2.fc19 Locale automatic import linux/noarch
drupal7-login_destination-1.1-1.fc19 Customize the destination that the user is redirected to after login linux/noarch
drupal7-markdown-1.2-1.fc19 Provides Markdown filter integration for Drupal input formats. linux/noarch
drupal7-mediawiki_api-1.0-0.8.beta3.fc19 Provides a MediaWiki syntax to html conversion input filter linux/noarch
drupal7-menu_token-1.0-0.4.beta5.fc19 Menu Token module provides tokens, that could be used in title or path linux/noarch
drupal7-metatag-1.0-0.4.beta9.fc19 Adds support and an API to implement meta tags linux/noarch
drupal7-migrate-2.6-0.1.rc1.fc19 The migrate module provides a flexible framework for migrating content linux/noarch
drupal7-path_breadcrumbs-3.0-0.8.rc2.fc19 Allows creation of custom breadcrumbs for any page using contexts linux/noarch
drupal7-potx-1.0-2.fc19 Translation template extractor linux/noarch
drupal7-profiler-2.0-0.4.beta2.fc19 Allows an install profile to be defined as a Drupal .info file linux/noarch
drupal7-rpmbuild-7.28-1.fc19 Rpmbuild files for drupal7 linux/noarch
drupal7-rules-2.7-1.fc19 It allows site administrators to define conditionally executed actions linux/noarch
drupal7-stringoverrides-1.8-2.fc19 Provides a quick and easy way of replacing text linux/noarch
drupal7-strongarm-2.0-3.fc19 Strongarm gives a way to override the default variable values linux/noarch
drupal7-taxonomy_access_fix-2.0-1.fc19 Fixes the crooked access checks for Taxonomy pages linux/noarch
drupal7-theme-zen-5.4-1.fc19 Zen is a powerful, yet simple, HTML5 starting theme linux/noarch
drupal7-title-1.0-0.2.alpha7.fc19 Replaces entity legacy fields with regular fields linux/noarch
drupal7-tmgmt-1.0-0.6.rc1.fc19 Translation Management Tool linux/noarch
drupal7-translation_helpers-1.0-3.fc19 Provides methods for other modules to use with translated content linux/noarch
drupal7-translation_overview-2.0-0.2.beta1.fc19 Provides an overview of the translation status of site's content linux/noarch
drupal7-translation_table-1.0-0.2.beta1.fc19 UI for quick translation of dynamic strings linux/noarch
drupal7-transliteration-3.2-1.fc19 Converts non-Latin text to US-ASCII and sanitizes file names linux/noarch
drupal7-variable-2.5-1.fc19 Provides a registry for meta-data about Drupal variables linux/noarch
drupal7-views_bulk_operations-3.2-1.fc19 This module augments Views by allowing bulk operations to be executed linux/noarch
drupal7-views_rss-2.0-0.1.rc3.fc19 Provides a views plugin that allows fields in RSS feeds linux/noarch
drupal7-webform-4.0-0.3.beta3.fc19 Webform is the module for making surveys in Drupal linux/noarch
dselect-1.16.12-1.fc19 Debian package management front-end linux/armv7hl
dsniff-2.4-0.17.b1.fc19 Tools for network auditing and penetration testing linux/armv7hl
dsniff-debuginfo-2.4-0.17.b1.fc19 Debug information for package dsniff linux/armv7hl
dstat-0.7.2-12.fc19 Versatile resource statistics tool linux/noarch
dtc-1.4.0-1.fc19 Device Tree Compiler linux/armv7hl
dtc-debuginfo-1.4.0-1.fc19 Debug information for package dtc linux/armv7hl
dtdparser-1.21-10.fc19 A Java DTD Parser linux/noarch
dtdparser-javadoc-1.21-10.fc19 Javadoc for dtdparser linux/noarch
dtv-scan-tables-0-5.20140309git177b522.fc19 Digital TV scan tables linux/noarch
duplicity-0.6.24-2.fc19 Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using rsync algorithm linux/armv7hl
duplicity-debuginfo-0.6.24-2.fc19 Debug information for package duplicity linux/armv7hl
duply-1.6.0-1.fc19 Wrapper for duplicity linux/noarch
dvb-apps-1.1.2-6.1488.f3a70b206f0f.fc19 Utility, demo and test applications using the Linux DVB API linux/armv7hl
dvb-apps-debuginfo-1.1.2-6.1488.f3a70b206f0f.fc19 Debug information for package dvb-apps linux/armv7hl
dvd+rw-tools-7.1-13.fc19 Toolchain to master DVD+RW/+R media linux/armv7hl
dvd+rw-tools-debuginfo-7.1-13.fc19 Debug information for package dvd+rw-tools linux/armv7hl
dvdbackup-0.4.2-1.fc19 Command line tool for ripping video DVDs linux/armv7hl
dvdbackup-debuginfo-0.4.2-1.fc19 Debug information for package dvdbackup linux/armv7hl
dvtm-0.10-1.fc19 Tiling window management for the console linux/armv7hl
dvtm-debuginfo-0.10-1.fc19 Debug information for package dvtm linux/armv7hl
dwdiff-2.0.5-2.fc19 Front end to diff for comparing on a per word basis linux/armv7hl
dwdiff-debuginfo-2.0.5-2.fc19 Debug information for package dwdiff linux/armv7hl
dwm-6.0-8.fc19 Dynamic window manager for X linux/armv7hl
dwm-debuginfo-6.0-8.fc19 Debug information for package dwm linux/armv7hl
dwm-user-6.0-8.fc19 Dynamic window manager sources and tools for user configuration linux/armv7hl
dwz-0.11-1.fc19 DWARF optimization and duplicate removal tool linux/armv7hl
dwz-debuginfo-0.11-1.fc19 Debug information for package dwz linux/armv7hl

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